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The phone arrived, carefully packed, after a long wait. But it was worth waiting. SUPER !!! Exactly ...
Apr 18, 2018
Potwierdzona Zakupem Rules and Conditions

Regulations define the way of shopping in the shopping platform


Operator -

Partner - seller of goods available on the sales platform

Regulations - these regulations

User - a natural person or a legal person purchasing on - sales platform available at

Item card - sale offer for a given product, including its specification and delivery conditions

Product - the product is advertised

Order - a purchase offer submitted to the operator's partner

Service - an external service belonging to or recommended by a partner

Chapter I

I want to order something

1) In our platform you can order goods for 24 hours, 7 days a week for 365 days a year using the "Buy Now" button.

2) Your order requires confirmation of its correctness by hand, by the store's service.

3) On our platform you will meet products sent from your country, the European Union, Europe and from outside Europe. All goods have indicative delivery dates on the item cards.

4) We try to make the price, availability and description of the presented goods as accurate as possible. If you got doubts, contact us!

5) If you have chosen payment in advance for your goods, we will start its implementation only at the moment of accounting your funds. This is valid also for an installment payment, so we will start to process your order only when the bank has successfully processed your application.

6) In the case of goods coming from outside the territory of your country, you may receive additional taxes related to the import of the product - buy only if you are aware of the amount of those taxes and if you decide you will cover them.

7) For delivery of goods after payment is the partner's responsibility, provides all necessary details of its order as well as tracking the product delivery.

8) The User is responsible for any customs clearance at the moment when the goods are sent from abroad. can help with the customs clearance regarding the documentation of the goods, but it does not do it for the user, nor does it contact the Customs Office on its behalf as the user owns the goods.

9) Exception from point 8) Chapter 1 is the situation when the user purchases a customs clearance service done by (check availability in your region)

10) If you placed an order, but you do not want us to proceed with it's accomplishment, do it before item is shipped out of the partner. Otherwise, it may happen that your product has already been sended. Canceling can be troublesome when it's on its way.

11) Devices without CE certification can not be distributed within the EU community, therefore any order with the address of delivery to the EU territory with device without CE certification will be canceled by Information about certification can be found in the product details or through the contact form on the product card.

Chapter II

Price of goods and shipping costs.

1) Due to the use of instant payments in the store - PayPal,, card payments, we inform you that all prices in contain a discount from 2.5% to 5%. If you use one of the payments included in this point, the discount is not applied

2) The full tables of fees resulting from the use of payment methods and methods of shipment can be found on our website in the "Fees and commissions" section

3) If you make a purchase in a particular currency, we are waiting for payment in the currency in which you made the purchase. If you want to change the currency please let us know - will make the necessary conversion. Payment of funds in a currency not indicated directly by, for example, you bought in PLN and you made a payment in EUR, may cause that we will receive a value other than indicated on the order. is not responsible for the currency converter or bank / payment agent fees / commissions, we start to accomplish your order only after recieving full amount stated on the order card.

4) Shipping costs to the user are shown in the fees and commissions page or in the basket.

5) The costs of customs duties, the user has to calculate on their own, it is possible to give your own customs declaration of the shipment, if it is legal in the country of receipt of the goods.

6) The price of the goods given on the product card contains;

  • The price of the goods
  • The amount of transaction handling by (about 10-15% of the total purchase amount)
  • The amount of warranty service of the goods (if any, to be checked on the product card)

Chapter III

Shipment of your goods

1) and your partner make sure that your goods are properly secured during transport - it is carefully packaged and have an insurance for the full value of the package, except if you do report your own customs value.

2) If you report a different customs value, depending on the country of delivery, it will sometimes be impossible to insure it for an amount higher than the amount of the customs declaration. If in doubt, contact in advance

3) Before you can accept product from outside your country, it may be necessary to clear customs and pay the due taxes for the goods. If you have questions about charges for your country, please contact in advance

4) The amount of customs fees is not a basis for canceling the transaction, not accepting the goods.

5) When you pick up a parcel from the courier to be sure check its condition before signing the receipt, if it has an intact outer package - if in doubt, please accept it and contact us.

6) If you have any doubts as to the status of the parcel after receiving the parcel, contact the company that provided the parcel to make a damage report. The damage report is not necessary to file a complaint, but it accelerates it significantly.

7) Delivery dates given on the website should work in most cases. Note, however, that we always describe them as approximate. This is because transport services, including those from our suppliers to us, may be delayed due to independent reasons. The time limit in justified cases may be up to 30 days, or if it is clearly described in the product page - up to 60 days.

8) Changing the delivery address during the picking process is not possible on the / Partner site, but only on your own after contacting the delivery company.

9) Not picking up a parcel or not making customs clearance or not responding to a customs agency's inquiries on time may result in returning the goods to the country of origin, which will result in the user being charged for shipping and storage. These costs depend on the courier company and / or partner.

Chapter IV

I am a consumer and I want to return my goods

1) Each time you need to check whether the supplier of the product you have selected are is accepting returns. This is described on the item card.

2) Details of the terms of returns are defined on the card of the item.

I am a legal entity and I want to return my goods.

1) Identically as in the case of consumers, the conditions of return are described on the card of the product.

Chapter V

I want to complaint my product under the warranty

1) If you have purchased a product that is available at local distribution or the product is native to your market, you can claim your product directly to the manufacturer.

2) If your product is imported or not available natively in your country, please ask for a free delivery of the manufacturer's warranty on your behalf. You can find the manual on the website -

3) The duration of the original product warranty - so-called the producer's warranty is not provided, but only carried out by does not offer rights under the manufacturer's warranty, nor is it the so-called shop warranty.

4) The warranty described on the item cards is a guarantee offered by the partners of in the country of origin of the product. Therefore, is not a guarantor of the product, but an intermediary between the customer and the partner / producer in the country of origin.

5)     In order to perform a warranty repair of your product, when you can not make it locally, please register your complaint at

6)     After registering the application, provides you the address of the partner to which you must send the shipment with the product. Details on the method of shipment can be found in the link given in point 5 Chapter V of those rules and conditions. You must send the parcel at your own expense and we recomend - with insurance. Until package is delivered to service center, responsibility for it is on the sender / company which sender did choose for deliver the package.

7)     After sending the shipment, expects you to send a confirmation of sending the parcel to our partner, at which point the description of your complaint is translated and sent to the Partner. He is waiting for your parcel then.

8)     After the Partner has repaired your product he ships device to user completely free of charge. The exception to this is the situation in when the fault were caused by your fault, i.e. it was caused by the user's fault. The list of reasons is listed in point 15) Chapter V of these Regulations, and is additionally supplemented by a description of the manufacturer's warranty conditions.

9)     If your goods are sent for warranty repair, customs fees shouldn't appear on it's return, as the goods have already been taxed. The relevant explanations must be submitted to the customs office in the country in which you are located. However, is not responsible for the occurrence or not of these fees. The supplier sends a service package with the appropriate mark of repaired item, so that these fees should not occur.

10) An exception to point 3 and 4 of Chapter V is an additional warranty (it is payable) purchased during the purchase process at This additional warranty is carried out and provided by Warranty extensions that are implemented for the customer after the original manufacturer's warranty for his product is over. For the provision of warranty extensions, terms and quality responsible is

11) Our experience shows that the deadline for complaint processing by our partners in Asia is around 6 - 12 weeks.

12) does not apply the policy of paper warranty cards, therefore confirmation of acceptance, repair statuses and any other information from the warranty system is a confirmation of the repair history of the product, it can be printed. We store such information on your website for repairs of product for 12 months from the end of the warranty protection of the product (maximum 5 years)

13) is not responsible for the speed and quality of repairs, at the same time we are working only with selected partners who ensure the security of both deliveries and repairs of your product.  

14) Your product is your property, we are not responsible for any user data stored on the memory of the electronic device and for their loss / damage. You must make a backup copy of your data yourself.

15) The manufacturer / partner of the product will service the product only if you have not damaged it yourself, so the warranty is invalid if: 
- the product shows traces of mechanical damage or liquid operation 
- the product was opened or repaired by unauthorized persons 
- the hardware software has been changed to be unoriginal or modified 
- damage was caused by use in a manner inconsistent with that described in the user's manual 
- the product has been damaged or destroyed as a result of force majeure or environmental influences

16) offers warranty extension services - by 12/24 months under the manufacturer's rules and screen and battery insurance. Both customer extensions must be purchased exclusively via the shopping cart of the online store at the time of purchase. It is not possible to buy the extension of the guarantee through sales channels other than Unfortunately, you can not purchase a warranty extension after completing your order, i.e. after the moment you receive it.

17) In case of deliberate acting to the disadvantage of, we reserve the right to terminate free warranty support.

Chapter VI

I want to complaint my product due to warranty / inability of the product

1) Sometimes our partner will get a mistake in shipping, so we will refund the cost up to $ 25 after sending the confirmation of payment for the cost of sending the wrong product in order to exchange it for the correct one. The refund will only be made if: 
- you received the goods not in accordance with the contract with the partner - this applies to the type of device, color 
- after replacing the device after a warranty repair for new ones, when the new device is also damaged

2) Electronics can be unreliable, we do not test it before shipment to you. The manufacturer / guarantor of the product do this each time during the production of product, therefore we do not refund shipping and return costs if: 
- the device is damaged immediately after being taked out from the packaging (applies to approx. 1% of total sales) DOA. 
- the device after returning from the service has an unresolved fault and it is not due to's fault

3) The rules of warranty / non-compliance of the goods with the contract, valid in the EU, apply only to partners operating in the EU, otherwise the laws in the partner's country of origin / business registration place of the partner, are applicable.

Chapter VII

We protect your personal data! They are important to us because it's your property!

1) processes your Users' Personal Data and uses it only to fulfill the order.

2) You have the right to access your personal data and to correct them - for this purpose, log in to your client account and make the appropriate edition.

3) You can also request removal of your personal data from the database, please report it via the contact form.

4) Remember that you are responsible for all personal data you provide, in particular for those that receive confidential information about the details of your order, financial data and other sensitive data. is not liable for damages resulting from access to this data by unauthorized persons on your side.

5) Full privacy policy of your data used by can be found in the "Privacy Policy" section

Chapter VII

Commercial offer and cancellation of the order

1) Product cards on may contain errors, therefore in the accordance to the Civil Code, they are not an offer, but only an invitation to submit offers to a partner of

2) Despite making every effort to ensure that the information published on the site is current, does not guarantee that the data does not contain any errors or errors. If in any doubt, please contact

3) Due to the above, placing an order at is tantamount to its acceptance. We must verify them! We can therefore refuse to accept the order, also without giving a reason within 3 working days from the date of its submission. Our silence will not be considered an acceptance of the order.

4) As we import goods from around the world for you remember that it will be difficult to cancel your order if the product has already been ordered from our partner. Why? Because it can be on the way from the US, Hong Kong or other very remote place where the transport is not cheap or you could have been deducted non-returnable payment intermediaries. Therefore, if you really want to cancel the order in this case, we must recover from you at least part of the cost. We set it in advance for 35 USD for sending the parcel and up to 5% for returning the payment.