Privacy policy

This privacy policy sets out rules for the processing and use of personal information obtained from the customers of the, at (hereinafter the website) by Bludiode's European Transactions LTD located in London, United Kingdom - it's administrator. If you would like to delete data submitted to Please contact us to permanently delete it. makes every effort to ensure respect for your privacy and protection of personal information provided when you use the site and making purchases in the store, and to this end, all necessary action.

What data processes automatically during your use of the site?

The does not process automatically any data except the data contained in the cookies during the use of the site. Cookies are small text files sent by the and stored on your computer containing certain information associated with your use of the site and Used by the cookies can be temporary or permanent. Temporary cookies are deleted once you close your browser, while persistent cookies are stored also after your use of the site and are used to store information such as your password or login, what quick and easy to use of the site.

In any case, you can prevent installation of cookies or remove permanent cookies, using appropriate options on your browser. If you have any problems, we advise you to use the browser's help instructions or contact the manufacturer of the browser you are using.

In addition to cookies can also process the data normally collected by Web administrators. log files or log files. The information contained in the logs may include Your IP address, the type of platform and the Web browser, Internet service provider and the address of the website from which you entered the site. Some pages on the website, and other means of communication with you can contain. "web beacons" (electronic images). Web beacons allow to receive information such as e.g. IP address of the computer on which was loaded a page where a web beacon has been posted, the number of the URL of the page the page load time, browser type, as well as the information contained in cookies in order to assess the effectiveness of our ads. These data will be archived and used for statistical analysis and evaluation of the global movement of site users. These data will not be combined with the State of personal information.

Information that is used by the cookies used by our core concern shop store and data provided to Google in order to analyze traffic on the site, you can learn more here:

What data processes during registration and purchases?

The will be collecting the following personal data through the site and other forms of communication, in case of making purchases and registration process on the site:

1) surname and given name,

2) mailing address

3) e-mail address

4) phone number

5) delivery address - street, postal code, city, state, country

6) invoice address (only if customer will choose to)- street, postal code, city, state, country, company name, company tax ID (VAT, EIN, CNPJ etc.)

Provide these data is voluntary but necessary for purchase on the website. Enter the above data is optional and requires your consent and is only necessary for the realization of the purposes outlined above. We emphasize that you do not need to provide this data, if you do not wish to use the above possibilities.

You have the right to access their personal data and the right to correct them. In order to carry out this permission please use the settings within your account on our website or contact us via the contact form included in the "contact us"

Share information - visitor only

If you are only visitor of our website, and you do not make purchase your data maybe shared with following companies.

Marketing purpose data collection

  • Google inc.
  • Facebook inc.

If you are only visitor of our website, and you used social login option built-in into our website:

  • Google inc.
  • Facebook inc.
  • Twitter
  • Instagram (Facebook inc.)

(we are using data provided at these portals, to create account of your at our store)

Information Sharing - buyer and visitor

If you are both buyer and visitor of our webpage we can share your data of visitor to the companies mentioned above. Additionally we can share your address data in order to accomplish the order. Please mention, that address data is shared only to the following companies, not for mentioned above marketing and on-line chat companies:

Courier (only in order to carry out the delivery of your order)

  • UPS 
  • DHL
  • Fedex
  • TNT
  • Post office at country of the origin of the device

Payment intermediaries (as long as you use their services)

  • Amazon Payments, Inc
  • SeQura Worldwide, S.A
  • Mollie B.V.
  • Viva Payments

In such cases, the amount of data transferred is limited to the minimum necessary. In addition, the information may be made available to the competent public authorities, if required by the applicable law. 

Technical measures makes every possible effort to secure your data and protect them from the actions of third parties. We take every necessary security for servers, connections, and the site in order to protect your data, in particular SSL certificate, the current version of the site, the not collecting of confidential data. All connections associated with the performance by the State electronic payments, if you choose this option, will be followed by via a secure encrypted connection

Taken by us actions may prove to be insufficient, if we do not keep safety rules yourself. In particular, you must maintain the confidentiality of the login and password to the site and not to make them available to third parties. In order to prevent the use of any unauthorized account, please log out when you are finished using the site.

How you can make use of your rights?

You have the preview and edit your data, at any time, when you sign in using the email address and password. When you forget your password or any other problems with logging in, please contact us through the contact form included in the "contact us". You have the right to request information about the content of the stored data about you, as well as the right to request changes, block or delete the data, and the right to rectify errors, additions or edit your data.

Responsibility for data and access to them by the administering

The shop is not liable for damages resulting from the access to your data by not-authorized persons from your side.

Risk Payments admits that for some payment type, it may require proof of the identity of the buyer. If you don't agree with to share copy of your ID please choose a payment type that don't requires that kind of verification ex. bank wire transfer. Alternatively you can delete provided files after verification is made by sending us request through the contact form

Other websites

As part of the Site may from time to time links to other Web sites. Such websites are independent from the site and are not in any way supervised by the These sites may have their own privacy policy, which we recommend you read. The is not responsible for the use of the data within these pages.

Questions and reservations

Questions and concerns regarding this privacy policy can be inquired by the Contact Form