Bludiode as a idea started in 2008, as a small local e-store in Poland. We wanted to deliver cheap, rare technological devices (mostly mobile phones and tablets) into a wider clientele than it’s producers planned. We offered devices which weren’t available at local market, but had better specs, ex. more ram or dual sim support. in its current version exist since 2014. Our mission is to deliver cheapest technological devices (even 40% cheaper) than these available at local markets. We’d like to continue delivering you also rare models which aren’t available locally. We also make possible to have for most of our devices up to 24 months warranty (need to add product into the cart and make 2 comments within 7 days since you’ll receive it).

Our competitors are angry at us, they can’t beat up our prices. Every year happens that we receive some false report about us. We have ton of reviews on Trustpilot from persons we never spoke with and they were not our customers. In same tim our competitors there have standardized, repetitive reviews, with same phrases that we never saw from our real customers in our 10-year history. So, we just quit that platform, to not participate in false reviews theatre anymore. Instead of Trustpilot, you may check our real internal reviews checked by our staff for their authenticy (yes, we do allow real, negative comments as well).

As mentioned, in 2024 we celebrate 10 years anniversary, so we think we are mature business.

Yes, you may wait a bit longer for a product ordered at us, but isn’t it worth up to 40% better price? So please remember, as you are buying so cheap, don’t expect delivery courier next day with your device at your door, but this happen to in case of some local stock devices.

We’d like to continue our mission, making you able to buy mid end device, in price of the low-end device, and high end device, in price of mid end device. But we need your understanding. Please don’t require Ryanair price, and service of Business Class of Qatar Airways. From other side, if you want champagne from Qatar Airways, we can get you some (rare luxury smartphones or smartphones), but please just wait for it.

We would like things happen faster, but as you already knew, we need to deal with false accusations of our competitors all the time, and this eat our a bit of our resources. So please just order your item, and wait for it calmly, it'll arrive to you for sure :)

Who sells / ships the product to me?

From May 2019 we are operating as marketplace - we are offering insured purchases from sellers of mobile devices all over the world together with warranty. It means when you make purchase at our store, order is sent to the supplier who handles your product, it's customisations (ex. global rom installation) and ships product to you.

Who'll handle warranty of the product? How long it is?

Supplier also handles your's product warranty. For all of our products in our store, warranty is handled in the China or Hong-Kong. Some of the products like ex. Apple or Asus devices can be handled in nearest producer's warranty centre.

In case you need to accomplish warranty in the country of the origin of the product, gives you all necessary data to ship your product, and handles warranty process for you. To check details how warranty is handled, please check link "How to file a claim?".

Warranty for the most products at our website is provided for 12 months from the delivery of the product. There's also free 24 months warranty extension programme available for the most of the products, you can check it's details in the product page. To check length of the initial product warranty, please also head to each product page.

If I want to return my product, where I should ship it back? handles product returns after you received the product. We currently have 3 product return locations - for UK - Warrington, for USA - Tualatin, OR, for EU countries - Berlin, Germany. To check details about our returns and refunds policy please check our Returns and Refunds policy link in the website footer

If I have problem with my purchase, who's responsible.

Bludiode guarantees security of your transaction, and execution of the order until it's shipped out to you. It's very important to you be fulfilling your part of the security of the transaction, by ex. checking contents of the delivery upon collection. You can check details in our "Returns and Refunds" policy available in our website footer and our "Terms and Conditions".

If you have more questions, please go to the "Help Center" located at the bottom of the page or contact us by below form:

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Please use following contact form to reach us, most of the questions we answer within 48H working hours. For product specific questions, please use button "Ask a question" on the product page. Please also do verify if response for your question wasn't asked by another customer, answers you can see on the product page.

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