Fees and commissions:

For purchases on our platform you can pay via the following ways of payment:

- bank wire transfer bank account (with this payment you can speed up your transaction even by 2 weeks!)

- Credit/Debit card 

- iDeal Payments

- SOFORT Payments 


- Amazon Pay Payments

Please note that some of the payments will require collection of additional processing fee, that in case of cancellation made by your cause is not refunded. You may check cost of this fee in the cart. In some cases cart might contain only part of this cost, as rest could be already included into the price. To check detailed cost of each payment method, please to to the "returns and refunds" section.

Below are the real delivery costs of the delivery for each country which is covered by our store during the purchase. Please mind in case of you return the product, we'll need to deduct this price from return total.

Delivery costs might associated with periodic promotions, you'll always find the current delivery price in your cart! 

Afganistan - Free (discounted from 79.99 USD)

Albania - Free (discounted from 79.99 USD)

Argentina - Free (discounted from 69.99 USD)                          

Austria - Free (discounted from 49.99 USD)

Azerbaijan - Free (discounted from 69.99 USD)                            

Belarus - Free (discounted from 69.99 USD)            

Belgium - Free (discounted from 49.99 USD)                          

Bolivia - Free (discounted from 69.99 USD)                        

Brazil - Free (discounted from 69.99 USD)                               

Bulgaria - Free (discounted from 59.99 USD)

Canada - Free (discounted from 49.99 USD)               

Chile - Free (discounted from 69.99 USD) 

Colombia - Free (discounted from 69.99 USD)

Costa Rica - Free (discounted from 69.99 USD)                      

Croatia - Free (discounted from 59.99 USD)                          

Cuba - Free (discounted from 69.99 USD)                   

Cyprus - Free (discounted from 59.99 USD)

Czech Republic - Free (discounted from 59.99 USD)                  

Denmark - Free (discounted from 49.99 USD)

Ecuador - Free (discounted from 59.99 USD)

El Salvador - Free (discounted from 59.99 USD)

Estonia - Free (discounted from 59.99 USD)            

Finland - Free (discounted from 49.99 USD)                  

France - Free (discounted from 49.99 USD)                        

Germany - Free (discounted from 49.99 USD)

Gibraltar - Free (discounted from 59.99 USD)                    

Greece - Free (discounted from 59.99 USD)                        

Hungary - Free (discounted from 59.99 USD)

India - Free (discounted from 59.99 USD)

Indonesia - Free (discounted from 59.99 USD)                             

Ireland - Free (discounted from 59.99 USD)                               

Italy - Free (discounted from 49.99 USD)

Japan - Free (discounted from 69.99 USD)

Kenya - Free (discounted from 59.99 USD)

Kuwait - Free (discounted from 99.99 USD)                                   

Latvia - Free (discounted from 59.99 USD)                               

Liechtenstein - Free (discounted from 59.99 USD)                     

Lithuania - Free (discounted from 59.99 USD)                           

Luxemburg - Free (discounted from 49.99 USD)

Malaysia - Free (discounted from 59.99 USD)

Malta - Free (discounted from 59.99 USD)

Mauritius - Free (discounted from 59.99 USD)

Mexico - Free (discounted from 69.99 USD)

Morocco - Free (discounted from 59.99 USD)

Netherlands - Free (discounted from 59.99 USD)

New Zealand - Free (discounted from 59.99 USD)                         

Norway - Free (discounted from 59.99 USD)

Oman - Free (discounted from 59.99 USD)                             

Panama - Free (discounted from 59.99 USD)                             

Paraguay - Free (discounted from 59.99 USD)

Peru - Free (discounted from 59.99 USD)

Philippines - Free (discounted from 59.99 USD)                           

Poland - Free (discounted from 59.99 USD)                               

Portugal - Free (discounted from 59.99 USD)   

Puerto Rico - Free (discounted from 69.99 USD)

Qatar - Free (discounted from 99.99 USD)                       

Romania - Free (discounted from 59.99 USD)   

Russian Federation - Free (discounted from 59.99 USD)                       

Slovakia - Free (discounted from 59.99 USD)                             

Slovenia - Free (discounted from 59.99 USD)                             

Spain - Free (discounted from 59.99 USD)                                 

Sweden - Free (discounted from 59.99 USD) 

Sri Lanka - Free (discounted from 59.99 USD)                           

Switzerland - Free (discounted from 49.99 USD)

Turkey - Free (discounted from 59.99 USD)                       

Ukraine - Free (discounted from 59.99 USD)

United Arab Emirates - Free (discounted from 59.99 USD)                             

United Kingdom - Free (discounted from 49.99 USD)

United States - Free (discounted from 49.99 USD)                 

Uruguay - Free (discounted from 69.99 USD)                             

Vatican City - Free (discounted from 59.99 USD)   

Please note that this might not be full. To ensure if we ship to your country, please access our shopping cart (need to put item in) and check if your country is on the list of countries. 

In addition, you may receive tax charges that depend on the country of delivery. Please check the customs fees, as the Bludiode.com platform is not responsible for paying them, nor is it possible to reimburse them for these charges.

* Rebate is working only during purchase of the product. When you return it, we need to deduct from your refund 100% of the shipping price. At the cart you are charged only 30% of the real shipping cost.