Reviews should drive our purchase decisions to the brands that serve their customers well. Should we trust then reviews that we see on the internet? Famous review collection website is advertising that in 2020 deleted 2 mln of fake reviews bought by companies. How much there are left? Does it is easy to business get a positive review?

Various analysis shows that customers with a bad experience at the store are twice to three times more likely to write a negative review than customers who had a positive experience are to leave a 5-star review.

Read Customer Service Reviews, but check them twice!

At our website you can read reviews from the customers who really went through whole purchase process – from the beginning till the end. We understand that you can be unhappy with our service, so we are not deleting negative comments, but we are not posting these which are offensive or not telling truth about our service (ex. scam offences).

You are welcomed to write your own review about Bludiode in here, everybody who bought at us, and want to share with the others is welcomed to!

We are trying our best to improve our service, so every constructive comment will eventually help us to become better.

Opinions matters, so matter yours! So come, rate your purchase experience at Bludiode and leave us a review!

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