VIVO T2S 2 Real Wireless White

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Comfortable in the ear

Small and light, as light as nothing.

Every arc and weight are carefully considered. The smooth streamline shape is outlined by the G3 curvature, which can naturally fit the ears. The compact body is as light as 4.7g, bringing a light-weight wearing experience.

Fit and breathable

Make wearing more breathable.

Three sets of soft earplugs can be chosen at will to help you get the ideal wearing effect. Innovatively designed venting system, front and rear dual adjustment air holes, help balance ear pressure, so that the in-ear style can also be so comfortable.

40dB deep noise reduction*

"Isolate" the noise with one click.

Within milliseconds, this headset can capture noise inside and outside the ears and accurately emit reverse sound waves to achieve a depth of noise reduction of up to 40dB. No matter whether the air conditioner is running or the busy traffic, it does not disturb the inner peace.

Explore the mystery of smart dynamic noise reduction

Transparent mode

Wearing headphones, you can listen to all directions.

If you want to connect with the world around you, you only need to turn on the transparent mode with one button, so that the headset becomes a "small transparent". The sound around me comes into my ears naturally, and it sounds like I'm not wearing headphones. You don’t need to take off your earphones when you talk to people, and you can be more careful when you travel to avoid missing important broadcast information.


Three-microphone call noise reduction

In a noisy environment, you can talk freely.

External dual beamforming microphones can accurately eliminate environmental noise. Built-in high-signal-to-noise ratio microphone to enhance human voice reception. There is also a new type of air duct, which improves wind noise resistance by 148%*. Even if you are in a noisy environment or you are talking while running or cycling, the voice can be clearly restored.

Built-in microphone

External dual beamforming microphone

vivo golden ear tuning

Acoustic ideals sound here.

Music is our constant love. Created by the legendary creator of mobile Hi-Fi-vivo Golden Ear Acoustics Laboratory, dozens of acoustic materials are tried, extensive user listening research, and nearly twenty rounds of sound quality tuning. Everything is meticulously crafted, just to make a good voice resonate with you.

  • Compared with the traditional Bluetooth connection, the transmission bandwidth is increased by up to 100%*

  • Compared with ordinary true wireless headsets, the amount of information is increased by up to 50%*

  • In a complex environment, the amount of information can be increased by up to 25% compared to vivo TWS Neo*

Explore the mystery of the DEEP-HD ultra-clear audio engine

Biological fiber composite diaphragm:

Light weight, good rigidity, excellent high frequency extension

New speaker magnetic circuit system:

Higher electromagnetic conversion efficiency and stronger power

DeepX 2.0 stereo effect*

"Performers" gathered.

This professional sound system is specially optimized for the in-ear acoustic environment. Built-in three different sound styles, after a lot of listening and debugging, it is like gathering different performers to interpret different styles of music for you.

Strong bass

Enhance the bass effect, as if you are in the scene of shock

Clear voice

Rich vocal details resonate, more appealing

Clear treble

Enhance the high and high pitch melody, the sound is clean and bright, delicate and long-distance

  • 7.3 hours

    The longest battery life of the headset at a time when the noise reduction mode is turned off*

  • 4.1 hours

    The longest battery life of the headset at a time when the noise reduction mode is turned off*

  • 29 hours

    The longest battery life with the charging case when the noise reduction mode is turned off*

Multi-device dual connection

Listen to whichever you want.

The magical effect of TWS 2 ANC is more than one side. It can be connected to two devices at the same time, and the sound can be switched seamlessly. When you connect to the computer to play the video at work, it will automatically be transferred to the mobile phone when you call, and the video playback will resume after the call is ended. Everything is as smooth as silk.

Pressure control

Take control with just one touch.

We redesigned and adjusted the touch area to the side of the earphone handle so that you can pinch it naturally with two fingers. The built-in precision pressure sensor can sense the deformation of the earphone handle as small as a micrometer, so that every time the fingertip is pressed, it is clean and neat.

  • Press

    Answer the call/play/pause

  • Press twice

    Incoming call rejection/music switch/ Jovi

  • slide

    volume adjustment

  • Press

    Noise reduction/transparency mode

Smart experience

Click here to see more surprises.

  • Google Fast Pair

    Newly supports Google Fast Pair, open the charging case cover and close to the vivo phone or other Android phone/tablet device, you can complete one-click pairing.

  • Bluetooth 5.2

    You can maintain a stable connection when you use it in the office or go for a jog outdoors.

  • Google Assistant

    Check the weather, make a phone call, and you can do it in one sentence.

  • Find headphones

    Let the earphone play a special sound through the mobile phone, or display the last used position of the earphone, so as to find and retrieve the lost earphone.


  • 40dB is the maximum noise reduction depth obtained by the vivo laboratory test. The noise reduction effect may vary due to the shape of the ear, the size of the earplug, the wearing state, and the environmental noise. Please refer to the actual usage.
  • The anti-wind noise performance is tested by the vivo laboratory. The comparison model is the vivo TWS Neo, which can increase by up to 148%.
  • The DEEP-HD ultra-definition audio engine needs to be used with a deeply optimized vivo phone. For specific models, please contact the official customer service.
  • The traditional Bluetooth solution refers to the A2DP Bluetooth transmission protocol. Compared with the traditional A2DP Bluetooth transmission protocol, the QHS high-bandwidth transmission technology can increase the theoretical bandwidth from 3Mbps to 6Mbps, and the increase rate can reach 100%.
  • Ordinary true wireless headphones refer to products that use the AAC/SBC codec format. Compared with AAC/SBC encoding and decoding technology, aptX Adaptive HD audio encoding and decoding technology can increase the amount of theoretically transmitted information by up to 50%.
  • Compared with vivo TWS Neo, vivo TWS 2 ANC can increase the amount of information by up to 25% in a complex environment. The data is obtained from vivo laboratory testing.
  • DeepX 2.0 stereo effects, one-key flash connection, search headset and other in-depth customization functions need to be used with an adapted vivo phone. For adapted models, please consult the official customer service. Users of other Android mobile phone brands can scan the code to install the "vivo headset" app through the user guide included in the product package to use some customized functions.
  • 4.1/7.3 hours battery life data sourced from vivo laboratory room temperature environment: when the headset power is 100%, turn on/off 40dB deep noise reduction respectively, play MP3 format music in loop (set 50% volume, AAC codec, turn off Sound effect) until the headset battery reaches 0%. The actual battery life may vary depending on the test environment, software version, and usage habits.
  • The 29-hour battery life data comes from the room temperature environment of the vivo laboratory: when the power of the headset and the charging box are both 100%, turn off the active noise reduction and transparent mode, and play MP3 format music in a loop (set 50% volume, AAC codec) , Turn off the sound effect) until the headset power is 0%; use the charging box to charge the headset to 100%, and play again according to the aforementioned conditions until the headset power is 0%; the above operations loop until the power of the headset and the charging box is exhausted. The actual battery life may vary depending on the test environment, software version, and usage habits.
  • The experience of multi-device dual connection may vary from device to device. When the mobile phone receives a call, the video played on the computer side needs to be supported by the player.
  • The connection stability is tested by the vivo laboratory. The comparison model is the vivo TWS Neo, which can be increased by up to 20%.
  • The low latency of the game needs to be used with a deeply optimized vivo phone. The minimum latency performance will vary slightly depending on the model, audio codec, etc. For specific adaptation, please contact the official customer service.
  • The 88ms low latency data comes from the vivo laboratory environment and is tested by WALT timer under the aptX Adaptive codec technology. It includes the delay time of the mobile phone system (45ms) + headset (43ms), but does not include the delay time of the App itself such as games. It will vary slightly depending on the model, App, and wireless environment. Please refer to the actual usage. For specific models, please consult the official customer service.
  • Google Fast Pair is suitable for Android phones/tablets with OS version higher than 6.0.
  • The earphone body supports IP54 waterproof. It is recommended to avoid using it during strenuous exercise or in an overly humid environment to prevent damage caused by perspiration.
  • The product appearance diagram and product effect on the page are for reference only, please refer to the actual product.
  • All the data and parameters on the page are the test results under the standard laboratory environment. The actual situation of the data and parameters will vary slightly due to the test environment and test software. Please refer to the actual usage.
  • As some specifications, parameters, and parts of the product may change due to supplier replacement or production batches, vivo will update the description on the page immediately according to the adjustment. Please check it carefully.
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