Xiaomi Pad 6 Pro 8GB+256GB Gold

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Length of warranty12 months
Warranty Extension:At promotional terms, up to 24 months (during checkout)
Rom:Global or Original (Chinese+English) - select below
Processing time for warranty service from6 weeks
Processing time for warranty repair to12 weeks
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Product description

Xiaomi Pad 6 Pro

Powerful bursts
The powerful Snapdragon 8+ processor
provides strong power
for "productivity", and the 11-inch 2.8K ultra-high-definition screen allows you to show your strength and creativity, and the MIUI Pad 14
customised for the large screen provides you with flexible control of a variety of usage scenarios

Snapdragon 8 +
UFS 3.1
Performance golden combination
8600mAh high power
67W second charge
Xiaomi's first deep sleep mode
has a maximum standby of 47.9 days
2.8K Ultra HD screen
309PPI, 10.7 billion colors, P3 color gamut,
144Hz seven-speed variable refresh rate, full DC dimming, double eye protection authoritative certification
Multi-screen color
Professional primary color screen
full-link color management
refer to CIE 2015 color curve calibration
Meeting Tools
20MP front camera
, portrait centered
, 4mic array directional pickup
, conference translation, real-time translation
, meeting subtitle transcription
* The location of 4mic in the figure is for illustrative purposes only, please refer to the actual situation.
MIUI Pad 14
large screen custom system
Global free window
, global drag-and-drop game, fast startup
dynamic acceleration
for 48 months, smooth escort

Smart accessories
New Smart Touch Keyboard
Xiaomi Inspired Pen (2nd generation)
The flagship texture
is coming in the face
All-metal integrated body

Far Mountain Blue

5000 million ultra-clear rear main camera
200 million depth of field lens

As thin as 6.51mm
and as light as 490g
* The data comes from Xiaomi Lab, but it will vary depending on the test method and individual differences.

Powerful performance
for multi-faceted needs

The Snapdragon 8+
takes performance to new heights
The leapfrogging Snapdragon 8+ processor adopts TSMC's advanced 4nm process,
bringing a subversive experience and can be easily controlled no matter daily or heavy scenarios.
UFS 3.1
Performance Golden Combination: Snapdragon 8+ processor with LPDDR5 and UFS 3.1, powerful power, fast read and write, stronger performance,
lower power consumption.
Xiaomi Mi Tablet 5 Pro
* Data from Xiaomi Labs, actual test results may vary depending on the test environment/conditions.
average value
High frame rate original picture quality game
running picture brush monster no pressure
The Genshin game Meru Castle runs for half an hour, with
an average frame rate of 58.7fps. Play for entertainment and cope lightly.
* From Xiaomi Lab, the actual situation will vary slightly depending on the test environment, test conditions,
Average frame rate up to
MIUI Pad 14 is speeding
up across the board
* The comparison object is Xiaomi Pad 6 Pro with the above functions turned off, the data is tested according to the Xiaomi laboratory model, the actual data may differ due to the difference in the test environment.
The game starts quickly
The first Xiaomi memory freezing technology
makes the game stay in the background for a long time, greatly improving the
speed of starting again
Dynamic acceleration of performance
Common APP regular file defragmentation
, low-frequency application volume compression
liquid storage 2.0, partition storage of hot and cold data
48 months
Smooth escort
Common apps regularly defragment
low-frequency apps, volume compression
liquid storage 2.0, partition storage hot and cold data
Super large battery and second charge
online anytime, anywhere
8600mAh large power, battery life model DOU up to 2.09 days. Whether you are watching a drama at home, going out for a meeting or traveling for business,
the companionship it can give is far beyond your imagination.
* Battery life data comes from Xiaomi Lab, ambient temperature 25°C, specific data may be slightly biased due to different test environments.
* The charging data comes from Xiaomi Lab, 1% initial charge, ambient temperature 25°C, tested using the 67W charger in the package under the state of the information screen. Actual usage varies slightly depending on the environment.
62min full 100%
Xiaomi's first deep sleep mode
is ready to use, full of power
After the screen is extinguished for a period of time, the system enters a sleep state to
further improve the standby battery life, even if it is idle for a long time, it can be used immediately.
* The data is tested according to the Xiaomi laboratory model, simulating the usage scenario when accessories are not connected, and the actual data may differ due to the difference in the test environment.
* Xiaomi debut refers to the first time that Xiaomi has used the technology in its products as of April 2023, 4.
Standby battery life

The professional creation of ultra-color quasi-screen
is more brilliant

2.8K UHD screen
with 144Hz seven-speed variable refresh rate
11-inch 2.8K Ultra HD screen, 309PPI, 144Hz seven-speed variable refresh rate.
Every detail of this screen is delicate and eye-catching, making creative expression even more brilliant.

* The refresh rate matching for different scenarios is different, and it is automatically switched.
11" large scree
Dolby Vision
P3 color gamut
Dynamic compensation
* MEMC: Dynamic compensation, please refer to the actual support APP.
Strict color calibration
, ultra-high level color performance
, Xiaomi ecological multi-screen color
Each screen is calibrated with reference to the CIE 2015 color curve, and the display effect truly restores the visual experience of the human eye
. It has the same color display as the Mi 13 Ultra and the Mi TV Master 86" Mini LED, so you can get the same
stunning color experience no matter which screen you watch.
Hardware-level low blue light eye
protection DC dimming throughout the process
This screen has passed TÜV Rheinland low blue light certification and the eye protection test of the National Eye Engineering Center, and supports eye protection mode.
The whole process of DC dimming, long-term viewing does not hurt the eyes, and it is more secure to use.
Ambient color temperature sensing
Eye protection mode

Professional double eye protection certification
TÜV Rheinland hardware-grade
low blue light certification
National Eye Engineering Center
Eye Care Test
Support Dolby Atmos
quad ultra-linear speakers
for your private theater
Xiaomi 2K·120 fps content zone
Xiaomi Pad 6 Pro is ultra-high-definition certified and
combines with Youku to bring a 120-frame content zone for a stunning audiovisual experience.
* This function requires Youku membership and needs to upgrade the MIUI system to the latest version of experience.
* The content of services provided by third-party partners may change due to changes in copyright, business or technical conditions.

Productivity in office
Three-finger horizontal swipe
for quick split screen
Multitasking, just one step, quickly open the split-screen mode, office
communication is more convenient and efficient.
multiple windows and open up to four apps at the same time
Support a combination of small window and split screen, up to four windows can be opened at the same time,
allowing you to become an all-rounder.
Global drag-and-drop cross-application
information sharing
In multitasking scenarios, text, images, and files can be shared across applications, making daily work more efficient.
* Global drag and drop is only supported in some applications.
Video conferencing
Everything is efficient
2000 million pixel front camera
smart portrait centered
Matching the fill light function, photogenic meetings are energetic;
The intelligent portrait is centered, the character always stands in the C position, even if he walks back and forth, he is in the center of the picture, and someone joins or leaves the picture,
and the camera angle will expand or narrow accordingly.
* Features included in the meeting toolbox are only supported by some applications.
Multiple radio modes
are suitable for different meeting scenarios
4MIC array directional pickup system, single conference mode focus 60° in front of the screen;
Multi-person conference mode, 360° far-field radio. Concentrate and obey without being disturbed by noise.
* Features included in the meeting toolbox are only supported by some applications.
* After turning off the noise reduction function, the surrounding environment sound can be restored to a large extent.
Single player mode
60° directional radio in front of the screen

Multiplayer mode
360° far-field radio
Intelligent translation
of bilingual meetings without stress
English conference, you can generate dialogue subtitles in real time, Chinese and English comparison display,
communication is simple and easy.
* There are differences in the effect of subtitle transcription function between different models, and some functions need to be supported after upgrading the version.
Intelligent note-taking
, key content is not missed
You can distinguish participants, record conversation content, export
and extract conversation text, and facilitate meeting minutes.
All skills
in the Meeting Toolbox
Open the "Meeting Toolbox" and immediately find the key to an efficient meeting, unlocking all kinds of needs,
and making meeting and chatting easier in seconds.
* The interface is a function illustration, for reference only, please refer to the actual software version for specific information.
Achieve extraordinary things

Connect to the TV, projector
and change the screen projection artifact in seconds
Equipped with USB 3.2 Gen 1 interface, support DP HD screen projection, quickly connect with TV or projector anytime, anywhere, and quickly pair with "Xiaomi Paipai",
changing the screen projection artifact in seconds.
* USB 3.2 Gen 1 function requires a cable that supports USB 3.2 GEN 1 (sold separately).

Screen mirroring
Copy the computer interface to the tablet, and use the tablet's touch function to control the
computer interface more conveniently.
Screen extension
Turn into the second screen of your computer, drag files or windows
back and forth, and browse with double screens, double efficiency.
Keyboard and mouse sharing
Computer keyboard and mouse directly control the tablet, and support file drag and drop transfer, cross-system
operation is more convenient.
Doubles the ability to connect PCs
and dual-screen interaction
* For the specific supported models of notebooks, please refer to Xiaomi Community-Circle-PC Xiaomi Miaoxiang.
* Support notebook keyboard, trackpad and external Bluetooth device control tablet, but currently do not support tablet control notebook

Mobile phone interconnection
changes into mobile prison in seconds, and the director is full
"Director Mode", connected to mobile phone shooting, multi-camera perspective.
Put down four windows on one screen and immediately become your mobile prisoner.
* The interface is a function illustration, for reference only, please refer to the actual effect for specific effects.

Unleash productivity with a good partner
brand new
Smart touch keyboards
for productivity
With 64-key design, it brings you a comfortable typing experience;
Extra-large trackpad for full-screen touch gesture operation.
Whether it's chatting or writing articles, your productivity will increase a lot.
Large 64-key keyboard
Adaptive adjustment
110°-165° stepless adjustment
White technology nanoskin
16% Compared to the Magic Keyboard, the area is larger
Large-area smart trackpad
for effortless control
NFC one-touch second-to-second transmission
without pairing, fast file transfer
* This function is only supported on some models, and more models will be supported by self-upgrading through the app store.
* NFC function requires mobile phone and tablet to log in to the same Mi account.
Smart touch keyboard
Second generation
The Xiaomi-inspired stylus
design and functionality have been completely rewritten
With fast sensitivity and paper-like writing experience, even the first time you pick it up, it will still feel familiar.
Thanks to it, you can unleash your creativity across every pixel of your screen.
* Xiaomi Inspired Stylus (5nd generation) is available for the Xiaomi Mi Tablet 6 series and Xiaomi Pad 6 and Xiaomi Pad 6 Pro models.
* Xiaomi Pad 6 and Xiaomi Pad <> Pro do not work with the first generation of Xiaomi-inspired styluses.
Highly sensitive,
pen down
Flowing clouds and flowing water.
Ultra-low latency, 5G sensitive ink output
Soft nib,
mimicking real paper
Writing experience.
4096 levels of pressure sensitivity
150 hours of battery life for
Full of electricity.
Charge for 1 minute, you can write for 7 hours
* Charging data from Xiaomi Labs, 0% initial power test.
Write by hand
Good memory is not as good as pen head
, good ideas to record at any time
Xiaomi Inspired Stylus (2nd generation)


Snapdragon 8+ flagship processor
The first generation of Snapdragon ® 8+ mobile platform
SoC process: TSMC 4nm process
CPU main frequency: octa-core processor, the highest frequency can reach 3.2GHz
GPU: Adreno™ GPU graphics processor
AI: Qualcomm AI engine
Memory capacity
8GB+128GB/8GB+256GB/12GB+256GB/12GB+512GB Running memory: 8GB/12GB LPDDR5 high-speed memory (6400Mbps) Body storage: 128GB/256GB/512GB
UFS 3.1 high-speed storage
*Actual usable capacity decreases and varies due to a number of factors: the actual free space is less than the identified memory capacity because the operating system is running in part of the memory (RAM);
Since the installed operating system and pre-installed programs occupy part of the flash memory (ROM), the actual available storage space is less than the identified flash memory capacity.
Screen display
11-inch 2.8K Professional Primary Color Screen Screen
Type: LCD
Resolution: 2880*1800
PPI: 309
Refresh rate: up to 144Hz
Finger touch sampling rate: up to 144Hz Pen touch sampling rate: up to 240Hz
Global maximum brightness: 550nit
Contrast Ratio: 1400:1 GLASS COVER: CORNING® GORILLA
Certification and testing: TÜV Rheinland low blue light certification|National Eye Engineering Center eye protection test
Professional primary color screen|sunshine screen|10.7 billion colors|DCI-P3|classic eye protection|paper eye protection|true color display|multi-screen same color|super dynamic display|AI master picture quality engine|HDR 10丨Dolby Vision丨Hand/pen 10x touch super resolution

Imaging system
Main camera: 50MP 1/2.76" 1.28um fusion pixel
f/1.8 PDAF
secondary camera: Depth of field lens

rear video shooting frame rate
4K video shooting 30 / 60fps
1080P video shooting 30 / 60fps
720P video shooting 30fps

Short Video Recording丨Portrait Mode丨Director Mode丨Front and Back Double Scene丨Super Night Scene 2.0丨Document Mode 丨AI Watermark丨Portrait Blur丨AI Beauty丨ID Card Copy Mode|Voice Subtitle丨Video Filter丨 Video Beauty丨Video Stabilization丨Dynamic Photo丨Countdown Photo丨HDR丨Custom Watermark丨 Voice-activated photography

front 2000 million pixel ultra-wide lens
IMX596 1/3.4" 1.6um Fusion Large Pixel f/2.2

Front Video Capture Frame Rate
1080P Video Shooting 30 / 60fps
720P Video Shooting 30fps

Short Video Recording丨Portrait Mode丨Front and Back Double Scene | Voice subtitle丨Video filter丨Countdown to take pictures丨AI beauty 丨Portrait bokeh丨Dynamic photos丨Voice control photography

Battery life and charging
built-in single cell high energy density battery, non-removable
USB Type-C double-sided charging interface
67W wired second charge
support QC4+ / QC3+ / QC3.0 / QC2.0 / PD3.0 / PD2.0 fast charging protocol / MI FC1.0 Fast Charge
Battery Life: Local Video Playback Time: Approx. 18 Hours, Standby Time: Up to 47.9 Days

* The above data is laboratory data, and the actual battery life varies depending on the actual local network conditions, equipment status and usage habits
Data transmission
USB3.2 Gen1
theory up to 5Gbps
* USB3 data cable needs to be purchased separately, and the data cable in the whole color box does not support USB3 transmission
Data connection
WLAN protocol: WiFi 6 Plus, WiFi 5, WiFi 4 and 802.11a/b/g
WLAN frequency: 2.4G WiFi | 5G WiFi supports 2x2 MIMO, 8x8 Sounding for MU-MIMO, WiFi
Direct, Miracast, 2.4G, 5G dual-channel concurrent
Bluetooth 5.3
supports AAC/LDAC/LHDC5.0
and IPv6
Video audio
Hi-Res & Hi-Res Wireless Audio Certification丨Stereo four-speaker|Dolby Atmos丨Spatial Audio
WeChat/QQ call recording丨HD recording 2.0|Multi-scene pickup
MP4, MKV, WEBM, 3GP playback
HDR 10, Dolby Vision video content supports high dynamic range display
number of microphones: 4 number of
speakers: 4
Acceleration sensor|gyroscope|front ambient light (color temperature) sensor|rear ambient light sensor|Hall sensor|side fingerprint
Add-in features
Keyboard magnetic contact connection pen
operating system
Android 13
Exterior dimensions
Length: 253.95mm Width: 165.18mm Thickness: 6.51mm
Weight: 490g
*The above data is Xiaomi laboratory test data, depending on the measurement method in the industry, the actual results may vary slightly.
Packing list
Tablet/power adapter/USB Type-C data cable/three-pack card (including three-pack voucher)
*This list is only for the packaging of the whole machine, depending on the sales package, the accessory set provided outside the package of the whole machine is slightly different, subject to the user's choice at the time of purchase.
Special note: *In terms of memory and capacity, the actual usable capacity will be reduced and different due to many factors:

because the operating system occupies part of the memory (RAM), the actual free space is less than the identified memory capacity; Since the installed operating system and pre-installed programs occupy part of the flash memory (ROM), the actual available storage space is less than the identified flash memory capacity.
*The screen drawings and product description display drawings provided by this website are all reference diagrams, and the actual situation is subject to the actual product.
*Product pictures and models, data, functions, performance, specifications, user interface and other product information are for reference only, Xiaomi may improve the above content, please refer to the product and product manual for specific information. Unless otherwise specified, the data contained in this website are Xiaomi's internal test results, and the comparisons involved are compared with Xiaomi products.
*The general devices compared in the page are Xiaomi-owned devices. The product station does not specifically point out, are our laboratory data, design technical parameters and suppliers to provide data, the actual situation of the whole site data will be slightly different depending on the test software version, specific test environment, specific version. The structural pictures displayed by the whole site are functional diagrams, not absolute actual structures, and the final physical object shall prevail.
*USB3 data cable needs to be purchased separately, the data cable in the whole color box does not support USB3 transmissionMobile platforms
  • 11-inch 2.8K ultra-clear eye protection screen 144Hz 7-speed variable refresh rate
    8600mAh丨67W second charge
    MIUI Pad 14 large screen
    custom system 20MP HD front|portrait center
    4 microphone array pickup system

    Dolby Vision / Dolby Atmos
    all-metal integrated body
    Far Mountain Blue
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