New Nubia Watch 1GB+8GB Black

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Product description


eSIM independent communication | flexible screen black technology | panoramic wallpaper | DIY cool watch face | sports health testing | mobile payment


Rigid and flexible are very different.
New 4.01-inch flexible AMOLED color screen

Nubia Watch uses a new 4.01-inch AMOLED flexible screen, a new personalized appearance design, highlighting uniqueness; the flexible flexible screen can easily adapt to different users, while providing a larger viewing area, more information at a glance.


Surprisingly pick one on your wrist

High-tech density custom ceramics

Multi-material and craftsmanship fusion, rich texture, light design, exclusive custom ceramic combined with skin-friendly silicone strap, comfortable to wear.

Both soft and rigid complement each other

Mostly use high-strength aluminum alloy dials, imported 316L stainless steel, formed by high-precision powder metallurgy technology; multiple polishing; lightness and durability at the same time, and exquisite ceramics and flexible screens achieve material collision and aesthetic fusion .

Soft wrist and hard core

The nubia Watch adopts a simple and light style with a tough modern design. Social work in the workplace, life entertainment, let you show yourself to the fullest and become an urban explorer advocating personality.


Stay in touch anytime, anywhere

eSIM technology, no physical card required. You can realize independent call, SMS receiving, WeChat and other information reminders, and you can also be online at all times without missing a phone call or SMS message. Support mobile payment, mobile positioning, and travel as you like.

Geek fashion wrist technology

Tailor-made exclusive system, a variety of online applications at will. Using the upgraded Nubia Wear Watch system, you can see the time and interface when you raise your wrist. With rich wallpaper effects, you will be content with your personality.


Two-finger pinch new interaction

The nubia Watch has a 4.01-inch flexible screen, which not only has an unprecedented display effect, but also brings a new interactive experience. The screen can be turned off by pinching with two fingers, simple and efficient.


Fashionable UI design, rich wallpaper customization, personalities follow your heart

Life is not static, one dial, one mood, one temperament. Flat and stylish UI design, various styles of rich dials, support online download, and a powerful personalized AI panoramic custom mode, upload your favorite pictures and family photos, intelligently generate unique panoramic wallpapers, there is always one Suitable for your personalized match.

Cool play personality with barrage

Nubia Watch supports the cool play portable barrage function, free to choose, custom barrage mode, creative text, pictures, dynamic visual effects, full of personality.


Every moment in the battle is worth recording

Professional care for motion perception

Built-in professional health module, through advanced algorithms and high-precision sensing capabilities, real-time monitoring of heart rate, sensing sleep status, automatically stopping exercise, recording detailed exercise data, and tracking daily health.


Long-lasting performance is extraordinary

Exercise data cannot be recorded completely? Are you always worried about charging? nubia Watch has been optimized by a new system, and it can last for a long time even on a big screen, and is both durable and individual

6.5 days 36 hours

Battery-saving mode battery life daily use


Fashion interpretation, enjoy the world of music

With Bluetooth headset, one-click connection, sharing mobile phone music, falling in love with familiar music again, making every listening full of surprises, enjoying the inner world in life leisure and fashion sports.


Mobile payment unity

Enjoy life with technology on your wrist. Nubia watch supports mobile payment function, which is unparalleled convenience for life shopping or payment with friends, and smart life is more convenient. eSIM has independent data, and payment can be made without the mobile phone, with independent personality and one with your heart.

Powerful technology on the wrist

Nubia watch is powerful, supporting eSIM independent call, information reminding, mobile payment, health management and other functions. It also provides convenient weather reminders. The large screen brings unprecedented intuitive experience to information display; it also supports mobile phone search and solve Troubles in life; accurate direction guidance function, compass makes outdoor journey more worry-free; at the same time, it supports schedule synchronization function, a powerful assistant for efficient work. Nubia Watch allows you to have a calm personality in the workplace, social life, life and leisure, this watch, performance is extraordinary.


Skin-friendly fashion strap

Nubia Watch adopts a convenient and detachable strap, uses flexible and thick silicone, and selects imported Napa calfskin, which is light and skin-friendly, and avant-garde.

*The product comes standard with a flexible silicone strap, and the leather strap needs to be purchased separately.

nubia smart wear

With Nubia Watch, the wearable APP provides a more powerful collaboration and device management experience, synchronizes device status, records and detects health and exercise data, and has richer personalized custom dial settings, which can be downloaded online, which is convenient and fast.


Overall length: 125mm

Overall width: 41.5mm
Overall thickness: 14.2mmWhole machine weight: 98 grams
Typical battery capacity 420mAhMemory capacity: 1G+8G

body color


Hardware and frequency band

Hardware platformQualcomm 8909W (WEAR2100)
Frequency band
WCDMA 2100
TDD LTE:38/39/40/41
WCDMA 2100
TDD LTE:38/39/40/41


Support carrier numberdouble
China Mobile/China Unicom
B1+B3 (including B3+B1) inter-band downlink CA;
B1 in-band continuous CA, downlink CA
B3 in-band continuous CA and in-band discontinuous CA, downlink CA
B38 in-band continuous downlink CA
B39 in-band continuous downlink CA;
B40 In-band continuous downlink CA;
B41 in-band continuous downlink CA;
support B39/B40/B41 in-band uplink CA
B39+B41 (including B41+B39) inter-band downlink CA.
B41 In-band non-continuous 3GPP support,
continuous three-carrier aggregation in the newly added frequency band of mobile

Data and support

e.gSupport eSIM card independent call
GPSSupport the eighth generation version
BluetoothSupport data transmission, support Bluetooth headset
wifistand by

Main screen and MIC

size4.01 inch, bendable flexible amoled screen
Resolution/pixelFlexible 960*192, PPI:244
speciesYOU ARE
PerspectiveFull view
Quantity1 main mic

Battery and charging

Multiplexing USB interfacestand by
Charging interface typeMagnetic Bullet Pin (POP PIN)
type of batteryLithium battery
battery capacityTypical battery capacity 420mAh
Battery typeImport (ATL)
placement methodNot removable
Charger data cablewhite
Voltage input220V
Pleasantstand by

touch screen

Touch screen typecapacitance
TouchDouble point
LCD bonding methodFull fit


callHandheld/hands-free/car hands-free


Does it supportYes
Motor typeLinear motor, add linear motor


1. For eSIM services and activation procedures, please consult your local operator. Unicom`s esim business has been opened in all cities except Tibet and Xinjiang. The mobile esim business is currently opened in seven cities in Tianjin, Shanghai, Nanjing, Hangzhou, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, and Chengdu.

2. The music playback function needs to be used with mobile phones and Bluetooth headsets.

3. This product is not a medical device. The measurement results and data are for reference only and cannot be used as a medical basis.

4. Barrage editing needs to cooperate with mobile app operation.

5. The appearance of the product is subject to the actual product. The company reserves the right to improve and change the appearance and technical specifications of the product. Please refer to the actual for details.

6. Warm reminder: Please avoid the flexible screen being scratched, poked, impacted by hard objects or excessively bend the screen to cause artificial screen loss during use.

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Questions (2)

From Darryl Johnson | 2020-12-13 19:37:32

Dyed this model have blood oxygen measuring (sp02)?


I didn't found it in specification.

From Sébastien Ditte | 2020-12-03 00:11:06

Bonjour je cherche un modèle en français


C'est la version chinoise, il contient des langues anglaises et chinoises.

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