VIVO X100 Pro 12GB+256GB White

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Product description


ZEISS full-range professional images
are natural and realistic

Precision jump: one-inch main camera, Zeiss APO super telephoto, super field of view, ultra-wide-angle camera, new 6nm self-developed image chip V3downArrow.png.webp


Azulite× Dimensity 9300
continues to be high-energy, calm and low-energy

The blue crystal chip technology stack jointly develops
the all-large core design, with 2.25 million + ultra-high running scores8
A new full-blooded performance Triangle


Blue Ocean Endurance System
Blue Technology was launched to challenge the endurance ceiling

Equivalent 5400mAh Blue Ocean battery12
100W dual-core flash charging + 50W wireless flash charging
with zero electrode fast start14
DOU up to 1.72 days15downArrow.png.webp


OriginOS 4
is smooth and easy to use

Blue Heart Large Model, Super Intelligent AI Experience
Blue Heart Small V17, your exclusive personal assistant
super creative map, super writing
virtual graphics card, unfair scheduling 2.0

Solar ring cloud scale

"Circle" classic style

There is the sun and moon in the heart, and the stars can be picked in the hand.

Stainless steel sunring cloud steps, one-piece cut 2.5D gem-like lenses,

Luxury-grade sunray technology, star rail micro-nano lithography process,

The new design of the classic leather water wave texture, the new color scheme of the sun, moon and stars is elegantly debuted.

Sunset orange

Star trail blue

It's dark in the night

White moonshine

IP68 rated for dust and water resistance1

The strength is waterproof and does not release water

Excellent dust and water resistance, ready to tackle more life challenges.


ZEISS is a professional imaging
master of optical power

Precision jumps to a one-inch main camera

OIS optical image stabilization

Ultra-field ultra-wide-angle camera

15mm focal length

ZEISS APO Super Telephoto

ZEISS floating lens group design
OIS optical image stabilization

The new ZEISS optical lenses
are a moving scene that can be easily frozen

With the blessing of ZEISS Optics, the X100 Pro has powerful
optical capabilities, allowing images to break through space limitations, restore
wonderful moments, and retain real impressions.

A new generation of ZEISS T* coatings3

The new composite multi-layer nanocrystalline coating (Multi-ALD) and
IRCF pigment spin coating not only further reduce the reflectivity of the lens,
but also have an anti-glare effect for a clearer picture. The ultra-hard AR coating makes the lens harder and more wear-resistant.

Low dispersion high transparency glass lenses

It effectively solves the problem of chromatic dispersion in general lenses, and avoids color distortion while maintaining
high contrast.

The precision jumps to a one-inch main camera
that challenges the optical ceiling

The one-inch extra-large sole is combined with vivo's self-developed precision jump system and preimage engine to reveal every detail.

Precision Transition Technology

The exclusive optical adjustment of the lens corrects the offset light in advance, optimizes the sharpness of the edges, and significantly improves the overall image quality.


Sharpened clarity4

Hold the starry sky
in your hand to record the moving moments


With the blessing of the one-inch precision jump main camera and the sky night view system, you don't need a tripod,
you can hold the starry sky in your hand.


The work-level AI night scene
is amazing when shooting "dark".

Through AI training on high-quality night scenes, you can easily control a variety of night scenes such as city
night scenes, sunsets, and sunsets. The light
under the lens is delicate and heavy, and there is no need to over-retouch, and the Zhang Zhang is all work-level.

ZEISS APO Super Telephoto

A new benchmark for telephoto image quality

ZEISS APO's excellent chromatic aberration control capabilities and the new ZEISS floating lens group
are designed with a periscope structure for clearer images and more vivid colors.

The amount of light entering the periscope coke is increased5

96% arrow.png.webp

ZEISS floating lens group design

ZEISS APO certified

TelephotoHanging sun


A moment of "beauty" day by day

With the ZEISS APO Super Telephoto and Legacy Engine, the shooting
scene has been greatly expanded, and the film can be easily produced even in the bright night or the hanging sun with the most difficult

*It is recommended to shoot the sun at sunrise and sunset, so please avoid taking direct photos of the sun for a long time in the scorching sun at noon.

Light and shade near and far, stunning everywhere


Telephoto macro
SLR-level macro blockbuster

Telephoto wide aperture at f/2.5 at night

Telephoto telephoto,
Zeiss ultra-clear zoom

The new 6nm self-developed image chip V3

Take people and scenes
to the next level

The newly upgraded 6nm self-developed image chip V3 easily realizes 4K-level movie portrait shooting under the
newly designed multi-concurrent AI-sensing ISP architecture and the second-generation

FIT interconnection system, without losing every frame.

Process technology


The energy efficiency ratio is improved6


Multi-concurrent AI perception

ISP architecture

Second generation

FIT Connected System

4K Cinematic Portrait Video, Capture Your Cinematic Sense

2.39:1 cinematic format, 4K cinematic bokeh, textured portraits, layered color LUTs, masterful focus shifts, five distinct cinematic presets, and 3DLUT import are like a movie dream factory in your pocket, so you can easily shoot cinematic blockbusters
Android's first 4K video bokeh post-shoot editing function makes creation more professional and free.

*Functional effect reference.

4K Cinematic StylePreset
Cinematic Style, Polaroid

Five distinct movie style presets: Natural Portrait, Summer Sea Breeze, Classic Movie, Retro Soft Focus, Hong Kong Style
Night. There are also blue brushed light spots with anamorphic wide lenses, and professional cinematic effects such as slow door frame extraction.

Natural portraits

Summer sea breeze

Classic movies

Retro soft focus

Hong Kong breeze at night

The 4K ultra-sensing "night vision device" allows you
to see the beauty of the polar night

In the polar night environment, accurately capture the glimmer of light, clear preview, beyond what the human eye sees.

ZEISS full-focus portrait master

Relatives are far away and close, and they all have stories

Cover more professional portrait photography golden focal lengths, whether it is street, classic portraits, or emotional
close-up creation,
the film is produced in one frame.



Street portrait

ZEISS B-speed style bokeh


Landscape portraits

Zeiss Distagon style bokeh


Classic portraits

ZEISS Biotar style bokeh



Zeiss Sonnar style bokeh



Zeiss Planar style bokeh

vivo memory color system

The three colour styles
express their unique personality

vivo textured colors

Rich, delicate and personalized, it is the emotional expression brought by vivo's texture and color, which is integrated into the unique understanding and adjustment of the vivo photography master team
, paying tribute to the
classics and condensing and moving.

vivo vibrant colors

Explore the remaining colors of memories in your mind, and use positive, vivid and bright
tones to make the beautiful scenery in front of you be vividly recorded,
beyond what you can see.

ZEISS Natural Color 2.0

vivo continues to work closely with ZEISS to achieve accurate and natural colors with a hue
shift of ΔE7 Industry-leading, combined with the professional optimization
of shadow tone, further improve color accuracy and restore what the eye sees.



flagship performance
Sustained high energy


Dimensity 9300

The all-large core flagship
achieves the performance of the leaderboard

The world's first Dimensity 9300 flagship chip, jointly exploring
the design of 4+4 all-large core architecture, joint research
and development of eight tracks, breakthrough in performance, calm and low consumption.

Joint research and development of blue crystal chip technology stack

Super high running score8

2.25 million+

TSMC third generation


Flagship chip manufacturing process

4+4 all-big-core CPU

Peak performance improvements8


Reduced power consumption8


Newly upgraded new full-blood
performance iron triangle

Dimensity 9300

Immortalis-G720 GPU

Peak performance improvements8


Reduced power consumption8


7th generation AI processor APU 790

Performance improvements8


Reduced power consumption8


2nd generation ray tracing engine

Star speed engine


Dual-core Boost gaming experience

Stable output, high energy and energy saving

Game overscore10

Through AI deep learning, it adaptively improves the clarity of image quality and provides
a visual experience that surpasses native image quality.

Game interpolation10

Motion prediction and compensation are carried out through the self-developed V-series chips to support
the reduction of power consumption11and Boost Frame Rate modes11, doubling the smoothness.

Game ray tracing10

Based on hardware-accelerated ray tracing technology, the game light and shadow
effects are optimized to enhance visual immersion.


Blue ocean battery life system
with ultra-large capacity and ultra-fast flash charging

The industry's first Blue Ocean Carbon Element restructuring technology has broken through the technical bottleneck of large capacity and fast charging, and the Blue Ocean battery is full of power at all times.

Blue Ocean Battery12

Equivalent to 5400mAh

Dual-core flash charging


+ Wireless flash charging



12.5 minutes Charge to 50%13

4S bright logo, faster access to the desktop

Zero electrode fast start14

Endurance DOU15

Up to 1.72 days


Universal Signal Amplification System

Signal, anywhere is good

Signal amplification antennas and signal AI intelligent selection realize the super signal experience in all scenarios such as subway commuting, wilderness, and tunnels.
vivo and MediaTek have jointly developed a new Wi-Fi amplification protocol to improve signal penetration capabilities. Anytime, anywhere, one step ahead of the world.


Super Retina 8T eye protection screen,
eye-catching and eye protection

Super Retina 8T eye protection screen, super bright, super silky, super eye protection, true sliding frame change, double the smoothness, combined with intelligent blue light reduction, more care for the eyes in a dark environment.

Local peak brightness16


Backplane technology


High-frequency dimming


Pixel density



2800 × 1260

Ultra-high refresh rate16


Wide color gamut



AI blue heart model


Multiple lists run to dominate the list17 | Blue Heart Little V17Smart Assistant

Super semantic search

Mobile phone photos, documents, notes, easy to find.

Super Q&A

High-quality data equivalent to 160 million books, which can summarize and answer questions on papers, web pages, etc.

Super writing

Write poems and lyrics, mind maps, activity plans, social circle copywriting, your on-the-go writing assistant.


Super Creation

Wensheng Pictures, create high-quality pictures in one sentence. Picture life, picture two creation, AI eliminates passers-by.


Super intelligent interaction

Quickly create event reminders.
Voice, text, click, drag, hover, more
diverse interactions.

Product color
  •  Sunset orange
  •  Star trail blue
  •  White moonshine
  •  It's dark in the night
Physical Specifications
Height: 164.05mm
Width: 75.28mm
Thickness: Midnight Black, Startrail Blue, White Moonlight: 8.91mm Sunset Orange: 9.05mm
Weight: Midnight Black, Star Blue, White Moonlight: 225g Sunset Orange: 221g
CPU model
Dimensity 9300
Number of CPU cores
Octa-core processor
CPU frequency
3.25GHz*1 + 2.85GHz*3 + 2.0GHz*4
Number of CPU bits
64 bits
CPU process
GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) model
Running Memory (RAM)
12GB/16GB (The actual available space is less than the memory capacity of the logo because the operation of the operating system occupies part of the memory.) ) 
Body Storage (ROM)
256GB/512GB/1TB (The actual available storage space is less than the ID storage capacity due to the installed operating system and pre-installed programs taking up part of the storage space.) )
RAM type
LPDDR5X Quad Channel (12GB+256GB, 16GB+256GB, 16GB+512GB), LPDDR5T Quad Channel (16GB+1TB) 
ROM type
Battery information
Battery capacity
2700mAh (7.78V), equivalent to 5400mAh (3.89V).
Rated Capacity: 2630mAh (7.78V), equivalent to 5260mAh (3.89V).
Rated energy: 20.47Wh
Typical Energy: 21.01Wh
Charging specifications
100W Wired Flash Charging & 50W Wireless Flash Charging
100W (Support 5V/2A, 9V/1.3A, 11V/5A, 20V/5A)
Battery type
lithium battery
OTG reverse charging
Theoretical standby time
*This product adopts a dual-cell series design: Typical capacity:

Theoretical 4G single SIM standby time: up to 17.8 days.
Theoretical 4G Volte talk time: up to 19.6 hours.
Note: The data is the test result of our laboratory in the standard environment, and the actual standby time varies according to the actual local network conditions and usage habits.
Size (inches)
6.78 inches
Screen ratio
Screen-to-body ratio
2800 × 1260
Screen color
1.07 billion colors, 100% DCI-P3 color gamut
HDR technology
Screen Material
touch screen
Capacitive multi-touch
Refresh rate
It supports up to 120Hz
Front-facing camera pixels
32 million pixels
Front camera aperture
Number of rear cameras
Three shots
Rear camera pixels
50 million pixel accuracy jumps to one inch main camera, 50 million pixel Zeiss APO super telephoto camera, 50 million pixel super field of view ultra wide-angle camera
Rear camera aperture
f/1.75 (rear precision jumps one-inch main camera), f/2.5 (Zeiss APO super telephoto camera), f/2.0 (rear ultra-wide camera)
Rear flash
Type of stabilization
The rear main camera and telephoto camera support OIS stabilization, and both the front and rear cameras support video stabilization.
Both rear cameras support AF autofocus 
Zoom mode
The rear telephoto camera supports 4.3x optical zoom, the rear main camera and telephoto camera both support 100x digital zoom, and the front and rear wide-angle support digital zoom 
Shooting mode
Front: Night Scene, Portrait, Photo, Video, Micro Film, Multi-camera, Dynamic Photo, Movie Portrait
Rear: Capture, Night Scene, Portrait, Photo, Video, Micro Film, High Pixel, Panorama, Ultra-HD Document, Slow Motion, Time-Lapse Photography, Time Slow Door, Super Moon, Starry Sky, Style & Architecture, Professional, Jovi Scanning, Food, Multi-Camera, Motion Photo, Movie Portrait 
Video recording format
Video recording
It supports up to 8K ultra-high-definition video shooting, slow motion, and up to 1080P shooting
Network parameters
The type of network
Support mobile/China Unicom/China Telecom/radio and television 5G/4G and other networks, SA/NSA dual-mode 5G, 5G dual-SIM dual-pass Note: 5G dual-SIM dual-pass
Network Frequency Bands
only supports some frequency band combinations and depends on the operator's SA and VoNR deployment, SA and VoNR support capabilities depend on the available network and software version. 
Description of the frequency band of the network
2G GSM: 850/900/1800/1900MHz;
3G WCDMA: B1/B2/B4/B5/B6/B8/B19;
4G TD-LTE: B34/B38/B39/B40/B41;
4G FDD-LTE: B1/B2/B3/B4/B5/B7/B8/B12/B17/B18/B19/B26/B28A;
5G: n1/n3/n5/n8/n28A/n38/n40/n41/n77/n78/n79
Actual network function availability depends on carrier network availability, infrastructure deployment, and handset software version.
SIM card type
Instructions for use of Dual SIM 
Double nano
1. Card slots 1 and 2 can be switched to data cards arbitrarily;2. Support SA/NSA dual-mode 5G;
3. If the data card is a mobile card/China Unicom card/radio and television card, the non-data card supports "mobile 5G/4G/2G, China Unicom 5G/4G/3G/2G, radio and television 5G/4G, telecom 5G/4G/2G";
4. If the data card is a telecom card, the non-data card supports "China Mobile 5G/4G/2G, China Unicom 5G/4G/3G/2G, Radio and Television 5G/4G, and Telecom 5G/4G (VoLTE service needs to be activated, and the network cannot be registered when the VoLTE service is not activated)".
Music & Sound
Music player
MP3 ringtones
Fingerprint recognition
On-screen fingerprint
Facial recognition
operating system
operating system
OriginOS 4 is based on Android 14
Support Jovi voice, Jovi suggestions, Jovi scanning, smart car, smart life and other functions
Data connection
Support frequency bands WLAN 2.4G, WLAN 5.1G, WLAN 5.8G; Supported functions include Wi-Fi Display, 2*2 MIMO, MU-MIMO, Wi-Fi 6, Wi-Fi 7, 2.4G&5G dual-channel
concurrencyNote: Some Wi-Fi 7 functions need to be paired with a router that supports the Wi-Fi 7 protocol, and Wi-Fi 7 related functions need to be opened after OTA upgrade, and the specific time needs to be pushed after the approval of the relevant regulatory authorities.
WLAN hotspot
Bluetooth transmission
Bluetooth 5.4 is supported
Bluetooth audio specifications
Bluetooth Apt-X
USB interface type
USB version
USB3.2 Gen1
DP projection
Headphone jack standard
Support GPS: L1+L5, Beidou: B1C+B1I+B2a+B2b, GLONASS: G1, Galileo: E1+E5a+E5b, QZSS: L1+L5, NavIC: L5
Support AGPS, cellular network positioning, wireless LAN positioning, geofencing 
Cloud services
Ambient light sensor
Proximity sensor
Electronic compass
Other sensors
Front color temperature sensor, under-display optical fingerprint sensor, laser focus sensor, infrared remote control, Flicker sensor, multispectral sensor
Built-in apps
Film and television music
Commonly used tools
Built-in app notes
Sina Weibo
Youku Video, Tencent Video
App Store, iMusic, iTheme, iManager, File Management, Game Center, Cloud Service, and Mutual Transfer
Pinduoduo, Vipshop, Alipay,, Ctrip
The above list of built-in applications is for reference only, please refer to the actual built-in applications.
Network access information
Authenticity check
This model has obtained the telecommunications equipment access license, access to the network license mark in the electronic display present, please check in the mobile phone, view method: settings - system management - about the mobile phone - legal information - certification information *
* due to the difference in the viewing path of different models, you can also search for "certification information" through the search function of the mobile phone, you can quickly query the electronic network access license mark built into the mobile phone.
Authenticity Verification of Network Access Permit Mark: You can click on the "Authenticity Query" link on the government service

1. This model is not a professional waterproof mobile phone, it can be splash-proof, water-resistant and dustproof under normal use, and its effect has been tested under controlled laboratory conditions, and its effect has reached IP68 under GB/T 4208-2017 (domestic) / IEC60529 (overseas) standards. Splash, water and dust resistance is not permanent, and protection may be degraded due to daily wear and tear. Do not charge your phone when wet, please refer to your phone's built-in instructions for cleaning and drying. Damage caused by immersion in liquids is not covered by the warranty. IP68 waterproof conditions are (1), no flowing clear water, water depth of 1.5 meters; (2), test time 30 minutes; (3) The difference between the water temperature and the product temperature is not more than 5 degrees Celsius.

2. The physical area of the sensor is 1/2", and the actual imaging area is 1/2.51".

3. T* stands for "Transmission Layer", and ZEISS T* coatings enhance visible light transmission, improve image quality and accurately reproduce the color of objects, while reducing reflectivity and mitigating negative effects such as ghosting stray light.

4. The data comes from vivo lab, and the resolution of the field of view around the near field is increased by 20%+ compared to the X90 Pro+.

5. Data from vivo labs, compared to vivo X90 Pro+ periscope telephoto lens.

6. The data of the V3 chip comes from vivo lab, and the comparison object is the self-developed image chip V2. Actual testing may vary depending on the operating environment, etc.

7. The X100 series is tuned by ZEISS and is the industry-leading smartphone manufacturer with a hue shift ΔE as of the product release date.

8. Lift data from MediaTek's official website. The 2.25 million+ benchmark score data comes from the actual measurement of vivo lab, using the Antutu V10 version, and the test equipment is the X100 Pro 16GB+1TB version. The data is for reference only, and there may be differences in the performance scores of different memory versions and different test environments.

9. LPDDR5T Only supported in the 1TB version, and the data are all model estimates.

10. Please refer to the actual experience for the list of games supported by game super-resolution, game frame insertion, and game ray tracing.

11. Different games support different frame insertion modes, please refer to the actual display and experience effect.

12. This product adopts a dual-cell series design:

Typical Capacity: 2700mAh (7.78V), equivalent to 5400mAh (3.89V)

Typical energy: 21.01Wh

Rated Capacity: 2630mAh (7.78V), equivalent to 5260mAh (3.89V)

Rated energy: 20.47Wh

13. In ultra-fast mode, charge to 50% in up to 12.5 minutes. The charging data comes from the environmental test of our laboratory, the test environment: environment and mobile phone temperature 25°C±1°C, test conditions: when the mobile phone battery is 1%, turn off other mobile phone services and functions except for calls, in ultra-fast mode and screen-off state, with the official standard charger + data cable charging of the product; the actual data may be different due to different test environments, different user charging scenarios, different initial temperature of mobile phone charging, long-term battery wear and tear and other factors.

14. After the phone is completely out of power and turned off, it can be turned on quickly by plugging in the cable to replenish the power, and the vivo logo will be lit up in 4 seconds. For phones that have been placed in the zero-battery state for more than 24 hours, the duration of the logo will depend on the specific situation.

15. The data comes from vivo lab, the test room temperature is about 25°C, the actual situation will be slightly different due to different test environment, test software, etc.

16. The screen size is the length of the right-angle diagonal of the screen measured according to a standard rectangle, and the actual viewing area is slightly smaller. The local peak brightness and refresh rate of the screen are all from vivo labs, and there may be differences between actual use and testing.

17. Blue Heart V-related function experience, please upgrade to the latest version; list source: SuperCLUE-Safety Safety Overall List / SuperCLUE-Multi-round Open Questions Ranking / SuperCLUE List / C-Eval List / CMMLU List / SuperCLUE-Top Ten Basic Ability Ranking / SuperCLUE-Chinese Large Model Security General List, data cut-off time is October 2023.

18. Unless otherwise specified, the data and parameters on the above page are the test results of our laboratory standard environment, and the actual situation of the data and parameters (e.g. aperture parameters) may vary slightly depending on the test environment, test software, supplier material batch, etc.

19. The above sample effect is for reference only, there may be differences in pixels in different shooting modes, some sample sizes have been cropped, for reference only, please refer to the actual shooting effect.

20. Since some specifications, parameters, parts, and appearance details of the product may change due to supplier changes or production batches, vivo will update the description on the page in real time according to the adjustment, please check carefully.

21. ZEISS, the ZEISS logo, is a registered trademark of Carl Zeiss.

22. RAM & ROM: The actual storage space and storage space are slightly smaller due to the fact that the phone's system and pre-installed programs take up some of the storage space.

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