Honor Magic V2 Fold 16GB + 256GB Gold

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Possibility to return:No
Length of warranty12 months
Warranty Extension:No
Dual SimYes
Rom:Asian Multilanguage version (without google apps)
Processing time for warranty service from6 weeks
Processing time for warranty repair to12 weeks
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Product description

HONOR Magic V2

HONOR Magic V2
HONOR Magic V2
HONOR Magic V2
HONOR Magic V2

*This Product is HONOR Magic V2, images are provided for reference only, please refer to the actual product.

As slim and lightweight
as typical flagship smartphone.


Foldable phones have entered the millimeter era for the FIRST TIME1

9.9mm1 in thickness when folded, 4.7mm1 in thickness when unfolded, 231g in weight2. Slimmer and lighter just like holding your bar phone.

Sufficient With Battery, Boosted All Day

The 5000mAh HONOR Silicon-Carbon Dual Battery3 can last a whole day of usage4, ultra-slim while long-lasting.


HONOR Silicon-Carbon Dual Battery3


HONOR SuperCharge5

Sufficient With Battery, Boosted All Day

Titanium Hinge,
Super-light And Reliable

The new HONOR Super-light Titanium Hinge6 is SCS certified for its reliability. This reliable structure and design bring more possibilities to be super-light.

Shaft cover strength increased by150%7

Naturally Smooth,
Fold or Unfold

The HONOR gearless design with the Super-light Titanium Hinge ensures smooth unfolding to a pure flat screen and multi-angle hovering.

Hovering Anywhere, Flawless in Every Angle

Hovering Anywhere, Flawless in Every Angle

The suspended water-drop support is both strong and flexible, seamless when folded and creaseless when unfolded.

Go Beyond for Eye Protection

Wider HorizonA win-win solution for portability and large screen.

Better VisionBe clear outdoors; be safe during navigation.

More ProfessionalProfessional full-process high-definition HDR display, making the highlights brighter and more eye-catching.

20:9 aspect ratio8

peak brightness9

3840Hz Risk-free Dimming

3840Hz Risk-free Dimming

The 3840Hz PWM Dimming10 and Dynamic Dimming Sceen11 can intelligently adjust to the brightness of the display, relieving eye fatigue. The Circadian Night Display softens the light from the screen before bed, making it comfortable and natural for the eyes.

Second-generation Nanocrystal Glass

Second-generation Nanocrystal Glass

10 times more drop-resistant12

Dual Screens, Flagship Standard
Dual Screens, Flagship Standard

Dual Screens, Flagship Standard

Dual screens with high screen-to-body ratios:

90%+ screen-to-body ratios for the dual screens8, allowing you to have more immersive viewing experience.

Super-large Dual Screens:

The 7.92-inch13 inner screen and 6.43-inch13 external screen provide an ultra-large field of view.

Extraordinary Configuration, Inside Out

Extraordinary Configuration, Inside Out120Hz LTPO14

3840Hz PWM dimming;3840Hz PWM dimming

1.07 billion colors;1.07 billion colors



Comfortable for the Hand,
Elegant for You

Silk Purple

Sophisticated from appearance to texture


Glamorous in sight, comfortable in hand

Silk Black

Extraordinary from sight to touch


Exclusive elegance for the eyes of aesthetics

Silk Purple
Silk Purple
Silk Black
HONOR Magic V2 Ultimate

Shaft cover adopts classic carved design,
fashionable and elegant.

All-new Flagship, One Chip for All
Double Signals, Swift yet Stable

All-new Flagship,
One Chip for All

The Latest version of Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 can increase the maximum main frequency to 3.36GHz. One chip for multiple tasks.

Cool Like Ice and Frost,
Slim Like Feather

HONOR Ultra-thin Bionic Cooling System features an overall heat dissipation area8 of 29000mm2, the thickness8 of VC is only 0.22mm, making the device ready for all scenarios.

Double Signals,
Swift yet Stable16

With the surrounding antenna and the HONOR C1 RF Enhanced Chipset, you can always approach the world without boundaries. 

Worry-free Efficient Safe

A Better Foldable Phone Interaction Experience

Learn More

Free Hovering17 Experience

Taking advantage of the advanced form of the foldable screen can provide a unique experience never achieved by traditional bar phones.

Security Guard, Always Trustworthy

Keep your precious data in work and life both in safe hands. Never mix work and life together.18

Folded Phone Exclusive: Dual-Screen Handwriting15

Support handwriting on both screens, stenography, professional office and record inspiration at anytime and anywhere.

Hotspot Anytime, Stable and Reliable

One click to automatically share mobile network19 with HONOR device, keep your work and entertainment always connected.

AI Privacy Call 2.020

The call volume intelligently adapts to the ambient volume, greatly reducing call sound leakage and always heard clearly.


Unfold the Magic of Image21

Unfold the Magic of ImageUnfold the Magic of Image
Unfold the Magic of Image

Ultra Wide Camera

50MPf/2.0 aperture

Wide Main Camera

50MPf/1.9 apertureOIS

Telephoto Camera

20MPf/2.4 apertureOIS

8x8 dToF Laser Focusing System

Based on real-time depth information detection, focus faster and more accurately.

Flicker Sensor + Color Temperature Sensor

Effectively suppress photo flicker, capture complex light and restore the true beauty of color.

Dual Front Camera

16MPWide Cameraf/2.2 aperture

Main Camera, Flagship Power in HandTelephoto, Shows the True AbilityTelephoto, Shows the True AbilityTelephoto, Shows the True AbilityTelephoto, Shows the True Ability

Main Camera,
Flagship Power in Hand

The 50MP main camera with OIS allows you to present a world of excitement anytime.

Shows the True Ability

The 40x telephoto camera22 will reveal every detail in a shot.

HONOR AI Motion Sensing Capture23

The free-hovering foldable screen lets you snap a masterpiece without others' help while freeing your hands. Snap a shot automatically without the shutter pressing.

HONOR Connect

HONOR Magic V2 seamlessly connects with other HONOR devices to double your efficiency.

HONOR Earbuds 3 Pro

Amazed by First Sound

HONOR MagicBook View 14

Magic at First Touch


eXtra Vision, eXtra Power

HONOR Watch GS 3

Time for a Better You


Dimensions and Weight


156.7 mm


folded: 74.0 mm

unfolded: 145.4 mm


PU Version:

folded: 9.9 mm

unfolded: 4.7 mm

Glass Version:

folded: 10.1 mm

unfolded: 4.8 mm


PU Version:

Approx. 231 g (including the battery);

Glass Version:

Approx. 237 g (including the battery)

*The actual dimensions and weight may vary depending on the configuration, manufacturing process, and measurement method.




Inner screen: 7.92 inches

External screen: 6.43 inches

*With rounded corners design on the display, the diagonal length of the inner screen and external screen is 7.92 inches and 6.43 inches when measured according to the standard rectangle (the actual viewable area is slightly smaller).

Aspect Ratio

Inner screen: 9.78:9

External screen: 20:9


1.07 billion colors, DCI-P3 wide color gamut


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