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Possibility to return: Yes, within 14 days to warehouse in USA / UK or EU
Length of warranty 12 months
Warranty Extension: At promotional terms, up to 24 months (during checkout)
Rom: Original China Multilanguage (possible Google Apps)
Processing time for warranty service from 6 weeks
Processing time for warranty repair to 12 weeks
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Product description

Powerful and lightweight.

The vivo Pad has built-in capabilities that change the way you work, study and play on the go, and we want it to go wherever you go. Through the aviation aluminum integrated fuselage design and precision craftsmanship stacking, it debuts in a lightweight body.

Thin and light body

Easy to use, use it wherever you

The thin and light body is designed for mobile scenes, as thin as 6.55mm and as light as 489g,Easy to hold in hand. The 11-inch gold size, taking into account the large screen and convenience, allows you to carry it with you without any burden.

  • 6.55mm _


  • 489g _


Aviation aluminum integrated fuselage

Simple and elegant, it
can be found in every corner.

Derived from a single piece of aviation aluminum alloy, it is produced by 11 processes such as CNC, grinding, polishing, anodizing, and laser engraving. The innovative resonant cavity antenna design cleverly hides the antenna under the fuselage, bringing a more simple and pure texture.


A portable work assistant,
full of efficiency skills.

The content in the mobile phone can be transferred to the tablet with one touch. Simple touch gestures can easily deal with complex affairs of multiple apps. Plug in the Smart Touch keyboard and sit back and focus on getting the job done. The processed files support wired high-speed transmission and wireless convenient sharing.

NFC one-touch transfer*

With a single touch,
cross-screen collaboration.

This tablet has a built-in NFC "portal", which allows you to transfer files from your phone to the tablet by simply tapping the upper right corner with your phone. Even the mobile phone interface can be mirrored to the tablet, which is convenient and efficient.

  •  One-touch file transfer
  •  "Insert" the phone into the tablet

The tablet displays the phone screen in real time. You can use the tablet to open the phone document in full screen, reply to the message with the keyboard, and drag and drop files between the tablet and the phone.

Cross-screen task relay*

Big things, big things, side by side.

Through innovative cross-screen data management technology, not only mobile phone calls can be answered by the tablet, but also mobile phone tasks can be relayed to the tablet to continue processing.


task can also be relayed

Atomic notes and emails that are being edited on the mobile phone are handed over to the tablet for subsequent processing.

Sync content across screens*

Tablet and mobile phone, heart-to-heart.

The personal hotspot sent by the mobile phone and the tablet can be connected with one key without password. SMS verification codes are also seamlessly synced,
and phone files can be viewed and accessed on the tablet.

Tablet view and access mobile phone files

On the tablet, you can view and access mobile phone files or photo albums across screens, and
content synchronization and access are more convenient and efficient.

Quantum Kit*

PC also joins the
circle of friends of the tablet.

The super easy-to-use quantum kit has landed on PC, you can
enjoy atomic notes, atomic reading and calendar anywhere on tablet, mobile phone and PC, data can be seamlessly transferred between
various terminals, and can also be viewed and accessed on PC Flat photo album.

Apply multi-window*

One App,
double-window efficient browsing.

Turn the tablet horizontally and watch thousands of popular apps "transform" gorgeously, with dual-window display on the horizontal screen. In the office app, you can browse unread information while dealing with to-do items to maximize efficiency.


Adapted to mainstream applications

Smart Split Screen*

Multiple apps,
multitasking is easy to handle.

With a few swipes, you can use multiple apps on a split screen. Moreover, the parallel tasks can be closely cooperated, making it easier to use.

Easily split screen

  • Swipe up with three fingers in the app to create a split-screen desktop.

  • Intelligently recommend another app you want to use at the same time.

  • Add shortcut icons for split-screen app combinations on the desktop, and you can reach them with a single touch the next time you use them.

  • Pictures in photo albums and file management can be dragged and dropped into documents edited in parallel, and processed documents can also be dragged and dropped to WeChat to send to friends.

  • When you want to run more tasks, simply drag the app from the app bar to display it in a small window. App widgets can also be moved around, or suspended as icons.

Efficient document processing and
convenient file sharing.

Smart Touch Keyboard*

Typesetting, precise and neat.

This magnetic keyboard is ready to use without the hassle of pairing. The 0-155° stepless adjustment provides a comfortable angle, and the
1.3mm key travel creates a good typing feel. There is also an oversized touchpad for easy click and swipe control.

  • adaptive cursor
  • Smart Touch Gestures
  • Independent ESC key
  • Rich shortcut keys

There are not only shortcuts optimized for tablets, such as return and application switching, but also familiar operations such as copy, paste, and recall. Get ready, your fingertips fly.


High-speed file sharing

Whether wired or wireless,
high-speed and convenient.

Through the full-featured USB-C interface, two-way high-speed transmission of large files,
or cast to a large screen to share. If you want to experience wireless office, you can use a tablet to
transfer or print to each other with one click.

USB 3.1 high-speed transfer

An external hard disk or camera manages files, with a theoretical bandwidth of up to 5.0Gbps, which is
ten times the speed of USB 2.0, and can transfer files of 1GB in size in a few seconds.

DP HD projection

It supports up to 4K/60Hz output, and connects to a large screen to display works, and
more details are more eye-catching.

One-click wireless communication

Share files between vivo devices with one click, and also support computers and other brands of
devices, and file flash transfer can be done in one step.

One-click wireless printing

Support wireless connection to the printer, processed files do not need to be transferred
to the computer, one-click printing is one step faster.

All-weather long battery life,
support you all day.

Strong battery life

8040mAh power, 44W
fast flash charge.

The ultra-large-capacity battery combined with excellent power management, the surging power supports you from morning to night, and can also reverse the OTG power supply to the mobile phone in an emergency. There is also a 44W flash charge to quickly replenish the power and maintain full power.

  • 15 hours*

    Continuous mobile office

  • 11 hours*

    Continuous online learning

  • 2.5 hours*

    15 minutes of charging for continuous work


Learning the artifact is in hand, and it
goes smoothly.

All-round portable notes with a stylus, free to write circles. It is very convenient to take notes in class or to mark courseware. Intelligent extraction of pictures and
texts , taking pictures on the blackboard and converting them into documents with one click, browsing documents and reading translations at will, helping you learn efficiently.


Almighty to take notes with you, and
writing with a pen is more free.

vivo Pad Stylus*

Write naturally and freely.

There is no need for pairing when using, and it is as natural as writing on paper. 4096 levels of pressure sensitivity and side-edge writing, so that the handwriting changes with the
strength and inclination of the pen. Built-in smart keys, you can freely switch between erasing and writing tools, and it is natural and easy to use.

Learn more about vivo Pad stylus >

free writing

You can write with a pen.

Tap the locked screen to quickly wake up Atomic Notes and
scribble in notes.

Screen off shorthand*

Tap the screen with the stylus
to quickly wake up notes from the lock screen . Inspiration flashes, record it for the first time

write at random

in the input field or atomic noteWhen writing in the app, the
handwriting can be converted into text, even if Chinese and English are mixed,
and when deleting, just lightly cross out the text.

free writing

Write more freely.

Not only can you control the thickness and color of handwriting,
but you can also draw standard graphics with one stroke

Rich brushes optional

Supports pens, pencils, watercolor pens, and markers,
and you define the thickness, opacity, and color of each brush.

Smart Graphics Drawing

Draw with a single stroke and then pause for a while, automatically identify and generate standard
graphics, and easily make neat graphic notes.

free writing

Easily extract and organize.

Screenshots of key content are quickly saved to notes,
and inspirations you write down can be found with just a click of a search.

Quick Screenshot Marker

When you see the key content when flipping through the learning materials, you can quickly save the screenshots to the
Notes App.

handwriting search

Intelligently recognize handwritten content and manage notes easily. Whether it is a note made in class or
an occasional inspiration, you can quickly find it when you want to read it.

All-round portable notes,
voice shorthand is more convenient.

Smart Voice Shorthand

The notes are vivid.

Add audio recordings to your notes, add time-stamped
voice notes, and make your notes more vivid.

Real-time transcription of recordings

Audio recordings can be added to the notes, and the voice can also be transcribed
synchronously , which is suitable for meeting and classroom records.

Recording associated notes

Recordings can be time stamped, associated with the note being edited.
When recording in class, you can jot down the main content. When you listen to the recording after class
, you can quickly find the part you need to listen to through the content of the notes.

All-round portable notes,
more intelligent document editing.

vivo Documentation

It 's easy to see the document and make changes .

Easily view files in up to 42 formats. It supports powerful editing functions, making document annotations, adjusting data tables, and improving presentations.

Handy Translator*

If you don't understand the words,
check the translation at any time.

Use the browser to search for information, use Atomic Notes to read foreign language documents, and you can directly look up
unfamiliar words. He is proficient in many foreign languages ​​such as English, French, Japanese and Korean.

AI subtitles*

Online classes, you can also watch subtitles in real time.

Your subtitles are online, and the subtitles will be displayed in real time when the video is inconvenient for external playback. Multiplayer meetings or team games can also turn conversations into subtitles.

One-click document transcription, and efficient arrangement of
courseware writing on the blackboard .

One-click document transcription

The courseware is organized on the blackboard,
saving effort and worry.

AI image to document:The recorded PPT courseware or blackboard content can be converted into Word, Excel or PPT format files with one click, which is convenient for organizing and sharing.

Great satisfaction for video game players .

Flagship-level processor platform, bursting with powerful game performance. These contents are presented on an ultra-clear, high-brush screen, and four ultra-linear speakers allow you to hear the visual shock and create an immersive video game experience in all directions.

Game competition, let you run wild.

Flagship-level powerful performance

Performance, memory and network,
all-round leap forward.

  • Snapdragon 870 flagship chip
  • 8+128/256 GB
  • WiFi 6/Dual WiFi Acceleration
  • Large heat dissipation area

3.2GHz ultra-large core design, 7nm advanced process, CPU and GPU performance are both increased by 10%*, both high performance and low power consumption.
Tackle complex tasks and play 3D masterpieces with ease.

The combination of super-large memory and memory fusion 2.0 technology can be expanded up to an equivalent 12 GB storage experience. You can use the massive space
to start the game faster.

The new generation WiFi standard, 2.4GHz/5GHz dual connection, the peak rate is up to 1487.8 Mbps, which greatly speeds up the network.

The double-layer equivalent 13626.6mm 2 graphite heat sink*, combined with the high thermal conductivity aviation aluminum integrated body, quickly dissipates heat, allowing the powerful
performance fully demonstrated.


Cinema-level audio-visual, full sensory experience.

The 11-inch 16:10 full-screen display combines a wide field of view with a compact body. 2.5K ultra-clear resolution, fine details;
120Hz high refresh rate, silky and smooth to the end; P3 wide color gamut plus HDR, full of movie feeling.

  • 2.5K resolution

    Retina-level ultra-clear display

  • 120Hz

    Free high frame rate

  • P3 wide color gamut

    Cinematic wide color gamut

  • Dolby Vision

    Mobile Cinema Quality Experience

  • HDR10

    high dynamic range display

  • 1 billion true color display

    Delicate and natural color

  • Hardware-level anti-blue light

    Eye protection is not yellowish

  • Adaptive color temperature adjustment

    Comfortable visual experience

Four-channel super linear speakers

shocks from all directions.


Adaptive Dolby Atmos:Dolby professional tuning, intelligently identify whether the tablet is being used vertically or horizontally, and automatically
adjust the left and right stereo output, bringing you a cinema-level immersive sound field experience

Mainstream video game adaptation

High-standard video and game masterpieces can be enjoyed at any time.

Video platform adaptation:Together with popular video platforms, it is adapted to high-standard film and television works such as high frame rate, Dolby Vision, Dolby Atmos, etc., allowing you to enjoy a cinema-level audio-visual feast anytime, anywhere.

Passing the Frame Sharing Ultra HD certification, it brings a 120-frame content column, supports ultra-high-definition technologies such as high
-resolution , HDR, and surround sound, and enjoys a super-
stunning audio-visual experience.

Frame Qi movie area, suitable for 120 frames, 4K resolution, Dolby
sound and other audio and video specifications, enjoy ultra-high-definition audio-visual feast

The color audio-visual area is suitable for audio
and video specifications such as 120 frames, HDR and surround sound, and the audio-visual experience is fully upgraded

Compatible with 120fps, 4K resolution, Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos
for a stunning audiovisual experience

Popular game adaptation:90/120Hz high frame rate game adaptation, each frame is smoother and smoother, and the game experience is fully upgraded

Multi-device relay:The video you are watching on your mobile phone can also be relayed to the
vivo Pad in the Atomic Auditorium.

Children's education and care,
comprehensive and all-round protection.

At the beginning of the design, this tablet has fully considered the children's learning scene. Therefore, from hardware definition to software functions, targeted optimization is carried out based on children, providing comprehensive and comprehensive health protection.

Exclusive study space,
remote health care.

Children's independent space

Exclusive facial recognition,
pure learning space.

Create an independent account and space for children, and enter the exclusive system space through
facial recognition.

There is also a well-built "Kids Mode" app with built-in
20,000 minutes of learning content from preschool to sixth grade.

Remote management for parents

Children's usage trends are
always clear to their hearts.

Parents can easily and remotely manage their children's tablet accounts by binding their mobile phones
, so that they can clearly understand the
learning situation without constantly taking care of their children.

  • Statistics of usage time

    See how much time your child has been
    using different apps today and in the last 7 days.

  • App permission management

    Set which apps your child is allowed to use,
    how long and when they are available.

  • Learning focus monitoring

    Check how long your child is focused on the screen during online lessons or independent

  • remote location

    See your child's location in real time.

Comprehensive eye protection,
protect children's vision health.

Rheinland Global Eye Care Certification 2.0

Rheinland's highest level of certification*,
comprehensive health eye protection.

Through 14 tests including screen display quality, ambient light management, eye protection technology and health and comfort guidelines, it comprehensively protects children's healthy eyes.

AI eye care reminder

Improper use,
timely and intimate reminder.

The AI ​​eye protection reminder function has been comprehensively created for children. When the use environment,
viewing distance is wrong, it will remind and correct it in time to help children develop good
eye protection habits.

  • Prolonged use reminder

    Reminder to take a 10-minute break when using it continuously for a period of time

  • light reminder

    The environment is too bright or too dark, reminding to use it under
    normal light

  • Vibration environment reminder

    When used in a shaking environment for a long
    time, a reminder is issued

  • Use distance reminders

    Alert when you are too close to the screen

  • Use Posture Reminders

    Alerts when lying flat or on your side looking at the screen

  • Bad posture reminder

    Send a reminder when looking at the screen in an improper sitting posture such as tilting your head or bowing your head


  • The tablet mentioned in the page is vivo Pad, and the mobile phone is an adapted vivo model.
  • NFC one-touch mutual transmission, mobile phone screen projection, cross-screen task relay, cross-screen content synchronization function The first batch supports X Fold, X Note, X70 Pro+, X70 Pro, X60t, S10 Pro, iQOO 9 Pro, iQOO 9, iQOO 8, iQOO Neo6, iQOO Neo5S, iQOO Neo5 Vitality Edition, S10 (does not support NFC one-touch transfer), iQOO Z5 (does not support NFC one-touch transfer), please upgrade the mobile phone system to the latest version. More models will be supported through OTA push upgrades one after another. For specific information, please consult the official customer service.
  • This product has a built-in NFC tag, which can be used to transfer files and screen with a mobile phone that supports the NFC function. When using, the two devices need to keep WiFi and Bluetooth turned on, related functions have been turned on, and the mobile phone has NFC turned on, and the NFC card reading and quick sharing switches are turned on, and the screen is on.
  • One touch inserts the file into the document being edited on the tablet, and supports use in the tablet's atomic note and mail applications.
  • The cross-screen task relay function needs to be used with a suitable vivo model. When using the two devices, you need to log in to the same vivo account, keep Bluetooth and WiFi turned on (the same WiFi must be connected to the relay for incoming calls), and have related functions turned on.
  • The cross-screen content synchronization function needs to be used with an adapted vivo model. When using the two devices, you need to log in to the same vivo account, keep Bluetooth and WiFi turned on (mobile phone file management needs to be connected to the same WiFi), and have related functions turned on.
  • The verification code synchronization only supports the Jovi input method preset in the system, and needs to be used on the on-screen virtual keyboard.
  • The quantum kit needs to be downloaded from the PC client, or used through the web version. The corresponding download and login website is:
  • The multi-window app has been adapted to thousands of mainstream apps, but there may still be apps that are not adapted to the horizontal screen. Please refer to the actual use.
  • Application split screen and small window functions are not supported by all apps, please refer to the actual use.
  • Inter-application collaboration supports photo album/file management (sending side) and Atomic Notes/vivo documents (receiving side). Third-party applications are subject to the drag-and-drop situation of each application's adaptation of files.
  • The vivo smart touch keyboard is not a standard product and needs to be purchased separately.
  • The theoretical rate of the USB 3.1 interface is 5.0Gbps, which can reach ten times that of the USB 2.0 interface (480Mbps). Calculated at 5.0 Gbps, it takes about 1.6s to transfer a 1GB file, and the actual speed may vary due to memory, data cable, file format, etc.
  • DP screen projection supports up to 4K/60Hz output, which requires a converter or adapter cable. Actual projection image quality may vary due to monitors, projection cable specifications, etc.
  • To share files wirelessly with computers and other brand devices, you need to install a mutual transfer app on the corresponding platform.
  • Wireless printing needs to be used with a suitable printer, and the tablet and the printer need to be connected to the same local area network.
  • The battery life and charging data are obtained from the vivo laboratory environment test, and may actually vary due to factors such as test environment, software version, user habits, user charging scenarios, different initial temperature of tablet charging, and long-term battery wear and tear.
  • The test conditions for 15 hours of continuous mobile office: the screen is set to 200 nits of brightness, 60Hz refresh rate, the volume is set to 63dB, connected to a WiFi network, and the touch keyboard is used to process vivo documents in a fully charged state.
  • The test conditions for 11 hours of continuous online online course learning: the screen is set to 200 nits of brightness, 60Hz refresh rate, the volume is set to 63dB, connected to a WiFi network, and watched Tencent Classroom online courses online in a fully charged state.
  • Test conditions for 15 minutes of charging and 2.5 hours of office work: the tablet is completely drained, the ambient and tablet temperature is 25°C±1°C, services and functions are turned off, and the screen is off using the standard charger and data cable to charge for 15 minutes, then Remove the charger and test in mobile office conditions as described on this page.
  • The vivo Pad stylus is not a standard product and needs to be purchased separately.
  • The screen-off shorthand function is disabled by default. You need to manually turn on this function in Atomic Notes -> My -> Quick Start Notes.
  • The convenient translator can be used in the built-in browser and vivo documents, and supports Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean, French, Spanish, Russian, Thai, Indonesian, and Hindi.
  • The AI ​​subtitle function can be turned on through the Jovi voice assistant.
  • The CPU and GPU performance improvement data comes from the comparison with Qualcomm Snapdragon 865.
  • i The "Movie Pass" content in the video is exclusive to the mobile terminal, and this part of the video does not support relaying to the tablet for playback.
  • As of the release of this product, the Rheinland Global Eye Protection Certification 2.0 is TÜV Rheinland's highest certification standard in the display field.
  • The equivalent area data of graphite heat sink comes from vivo laboratory.
  • Through memory fusion technology, 4GB of storage can be supported to expand memory.
  • Since the tablet system and pre-installed programs occupy part of the storage space and storage space, the actual storage space and available storage space will be smaller than the marked value.
  • The screen color gamut coverage is 95% DCI-P3.
  • The display has rounded corners and measures 10.95 inches diagonally when measured as a standard rectangle.
  • Learning concentration monitoring is to monitor the length of time a child stares at the screen through a camera. If the child takes notes during the online class, and the concentration time is shorter than the class time, it does not mean that he is not attentive.
  • Remote management for parents, set in "Settings-Healthy Use Devices-Child Guardian" on the tablet, support Android and iOS device binding.
  • It takes about 95 minutes to fully charge the tablet, and the data is obtained from vivo laboratory environmental tests. Test environment: ambient and tablet temperature 25°C ± 1°C, test conditions: when the tablet power is 1%, turn off services and functions, and use the product's official standard charger + data cable to charge when the screen is off. Actual differences may exist due to different test environments, different user charging scenarios, different initial tablet charging temperatures, and long-term battery wear and tear.
  • The product appearance diagram and UI interface on the page are for reference only. The UI interface may vary slightly with the system version upgrade, please refer to the actual use.
  • Unless otherwise specified, all data and parameters on the page are the test results under the standard environment of vivo laboratory, which may vary slightly due to different test environments, test software, etc., please refer to the actual usage.
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