Lenovo Legion Y90 12GB+256GB Grey

SKU legion-y90-12gb256gb-grey
Location: Asia
Possibility to return: Yes, within 14 days to warehouse in USA / UK or EU
Length of warranty 12 months
Warranty Extension: At promotional terms, up to 24 months (during checkout)
Dual Sim Yes
5G Yes
Rom: Chinese (English + Chinese languages, possible Google Apps)
Processing time for warranty service from 6 weeks
Processing time for warranty repair to 12 weeks
$ 549.99
No tax included
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Product description

Third-generation mid-mounted architecture

Only for a powerful gaming experience

The central design allows the grip area to effectively avoid the core heating area, while providing a good air duct to help the smooth and efficient heat dissipation.
8. Curved glass, 3.12mm down the side to ensure the ultra-thin feel of horizontal and vertical grip.


Re-interpretation of the savior design

Have you ever seen such a
powerful new generation of Snapdragon 8 mobile platform?

King of Glory 120 frames supports [high frame rate] mode

*The authorization screen is from "Honor of Kings"

Using advanced 4nm process technology, tens of billions of
transistors , new architecture.
Equipped with the new generation Cortex X2 super core,
Adreno TM 730 and the seventh generation AI engine.
Welcome to a new era of mobile performance.

+20% CPU

Performance boost*

The new generation of Snapdragon 8

Snapdragon 888

+30% GPU

Performance boost*

The new generation of Snapdragon 8

Snapdragon 888

+25% GPU

Performance boost*

The new generation of Snapdragon 8

Snapdragon 888

*CPU, GPU performance improvement data, AI computing power data, from Qualcomm official, compared to
the experimental data of Snapdragon 888, the data is for reference only

Frost Blade Cooling Mobile

The ultimate form of dual-engine air-cooled
mobile phone cooling

The Savior Y90 is equipped with dual-fan active cooling and dual-engine air cooling can provide an additional 4W of active cooling performance
on the basis of passive cooling to release a truly unlimited gaming experience

The maximum air flow in and out of the fan can reach

*The test data comes from Lenovo Lab, the data is for reference only
Frost Blade Cooling Mobile
Super super super cooling system
*The above data are from Lenovo Labs, obtained in a specific test environment. The heat dissipation specifications
are slightly different due to individual differences in products and environmental factors. Please refer to the actual use situation.

Heterogeneous storage
makes waiting no longer fail

SSD and UFS3.1 disks form RAID 0 storage, the
random write performance is improved by about 50%*

*The test data comes from Lenovo Lab, the data is for reference
only *Only 640G capacity models are equipped with this function

The same is true for the six-finger super god

Incredibly Slippery
FHD+ 144Hz 6.92-inch
AMOLED Samsung Custom Gaming Screen


Symmetrical Stereo
Hands Concert

X-axis + X-
axis linear motor

5ms instant start and stop

*The test data comes from Lenovo Lab, the data is for reference only

*The authorized screen is from "Peace Elite"

*The authorization screen is from "Devil May Cry"

68W super flash charge
5600mAh large battery for long battery life


*The battery life and charging test data are from Lenovo Labs, the data is for reference only

*Only supports any single port charging

RAW Super Night

120° super wide-angle lens

HDR 10+

RAW Super Night Scene


120° ultra wide-angle lens

smart front camera

It's okay to make a big movie

8K video shooting

Director Mode 2.0

Savior Field
Help the game play more cool and play better

Three gear mode
game enjoy tailor-made

Balance mode

Intelligently judge the game
, taking into account the outstanding frame rate and excellent temperature control

beast mode

The game frame rate is high and stable, and
the silky smooth experience

energy saving mode

Play card casual games with
low heat and long battery life

The game is in full swing, how can I be disturbed

View chat messages in the form of pop-ups, and the game will not be disturbed by pop-ups. Apply the small window to reply to the message, and quickly reply to the message without exiting the game

Game feedback is more realistic and immersive

Enable on-the-spot vibration, support independent vibration of dual X-axis linear motors,
support more games and scenes, and enjoy more realistic game feedback

*Present Vibration currently supports King of Glory, Peace Elite, and QQ Speed

Play and charge without fear of heat

Bypass charging, the charger directly supplies power to the system, reducing battery heating

Super Internet Savior Family Multi-screen Collaboration

PC Performance Dashboard*

Monitor PC performance in real time,
efficiently switch beast/balanced/quiet three modes

Seamless game switching

Seamlessly switch the game from the mobile phone to the tablet
without repeated installation

Instant synchronization of notifications

When the phone is playing the game, the notification will be delivered to the
tablet to display

File transfer across screens

Drag and drop the desired files to
quickly transfer between different devices

one horizon

Application floating window + free split screen, multitasking is handy

The main parameters

product name
Lenovo Savior Y90
Running memory (RAM)
12GB / 16GB / 18GB
On-board memory (ROM)
256GB / 512 GB / 640 GB
Titanium grey
6.92 inches
The new generation of Snapdragon 8
operating system
Android 12
Body weight

physical dimension



screen size
6.92 inches
screen refresh rate
144Hz refresh rate
screen material
E4 material (diamond arrangement)


CPU model
The new generation of Snapdragon 8
GPU (graphics processing unit) model
Adreno 730

battery information

battery capacity
charging interface
Dual Type C

imaging system

rear camera
64 million+13 million
Front camera
16 million


Running memory (RAM)
Body memory (ROM)
Maximum support extension
not support

connection and transmission

Wi-Fi protocol
802.11 a/b/g/n/ac/ax, 2*2MIMO
USB interface type
Dual Type-C


fingerprint sensor
Under the screen fingerprint
Dual X-axis linear motor
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2. The mobile phone appearance diagram, screen display content (including but not limited to background, UI, and pictures), mobile phone structure diagram and product effects on the page are for reference only, please refer to the actual product.
3. The data and parameters on the above pages are the test results under the standard environment of Lenovo Lab. The actual situation of the data and parameters may vary slightly due to the test environment and test software.
4. The size, thickness, weight, frame, volume contrast, screen color gamut, brightness, battery capacity, battery life and other data of the above pages are theoretical values, and there are reasonable errors in the actual measurement.
5. As some specifications, parameters and parts of the product may change due to supplier replacement or production batch, Lenovo will update the description on the page in real time, please check carefully.
6. The description of the display output performance of the Type-C interface only represents the output performance of the interface. It is necessary to ensure that the display device interface and wire protocol meet the requirements for actual implementation.
7. The application function and name may vary with different system versions, different software adaptations and other factors. The effect is only for illustration, please refer to the actual experience.
8. The on-site vibration function now supports Honor of Kings, Peace Elite, QQ Speed, etc. Depending on the system and game version, the support may change, please refer to the actual experience.
9. The performance kanban function will be implemented through OTA upgrade in the future. This function needs to be implemented with some rescuer game books.
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Questions (1)

From Keith Conner | 2022-10-18 23:36:06

is the Lenovo Legion Y90 global version or chinese version. when i say global is the chinese language removed or is it present.


Hi, this one will have English language and some Asian bloatware, which hopefully you can remove/deactivate. Google services are possible to install, and after initial setting this model should work similar to the ones sold locally. Asian devices will also have more aggressive battery saver, but you can also disable it for every app.

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