OPPO Reno 7 Pro 8GB+256GB Gold

SKU oppo-reno-7-pro-256gb-gold
Location: Asia
Possibility to return: Yes, within 14 days to warehouse in USA / UK or EU
Length of warranty 12 months
Warranty Extension: At promotional terms, up to 24 months (during checkout)
Dual Sim Yes
5G Yes
Rom: Original China Multilanguage (possible Google Apps)
Processing time for warranty service from 6 weeks
Processing time for warranty repair to 12 weeks
$ 435.99
+ possible tax
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Portrait Video Master
Learn more about the image


Portrait Video Master

Learn more about design information


High-value strength faction

Learn more about performance


High frame smooth lightning start

Learn more about the new ColorOS 12

New ColorOS 12

Freedom without boundaries

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Front and rear dual flagship
portrait lenses
OPPO × Sony World Premiere
IMX709 Super Sensitive Cat Eye Lens
IMX709 Super Sensitive Cat Eye Lens
32 million high-definition pixelsFlagship 22nm process sensorOPPO self-developed RGBW image fusion unitFront hardware level DOL-HDRFront wide-angle smart switch
OPPO × Sony World Premiere
IMX709 Super Sensitive Cat Eye Lens
OPPO × Sony joint development
IMX766 outsole flagship main camera
OPPO × Sony joint development
IMX766 outsole flagship main camera
Sony outsole flagship main camera
50 million high-definition pixels1/1.56" flagship outsoleHardware level DOL-HDRFull pixel omnidirectional focus
60 % Improved light sensitivity
and brighter picture
35 % Reduced noise
and clearer picture quality
Flagship 22nm process sensor
Reno7 Pro first released the IMX709 super-sensitive cat-eye lens jointly designed by OPPO and Sony, upgrading the sensor process from the traditional 40nm to the top 22nm, and integrating OPPO's self-developed RGBW image fusion unit into the sensor, bringing hardware-level images The effect is improved.
OPPO self-developed RGBW image fusion unit
The super-sensitive cat eye lens upgrades the traditional RGB three-primary color pixel matrix to a new RGBW four-primary color pixel matrix, and uses OPPO's self-developed RGBW image fusion unit for pixel fusion to further improve color reproduction and low-light shooting capabilities. Like the eyes of a cat, they can see everything in the dark.
Front hardware level DOL-HDR
The super-sensitive cat-eye lens also has an excellent dynamic range performance, even in a backlit scene, it can shoot bright, transparent portraits, and clearly record the beauty of you and the environment.
The rear of the Reno7 Pro is equipped with the flagship Sony IMX766 main camera, which brings brighter and clearer picture quality with a larger photosensitive area and pixel size. No fear of light and shadow, easy to shoot beautiful people.
Master portrait effect optimization
Master night portrait
There are details in the dark part, the more exciting the night
AI recognizes ambient light | Moonlight night scene algorithm | 3D-LUT film-level color toning technology
In the dark environment, AI can intelligently recognize the ambient light, and automatically match the moonlight night scene algorithm, deeply restore the skin color of the face in the dark light environment, and brighten the background, making the night scene portrait video more clear and natural. With the addition of 3D-LUT film-level color toning technology, the portrait and screen colors are more realistic and textured.
Front wide-angle smart switch
Friends and you are super photogenic
Multi-scene recording
One story, two perspectives
Mood filter
Use color to render emotions
AI Radiant Beauty
Put on makeup in one second, free without makeup
AI Rejuvenating Beauty 2.0
Naturally clear and textured
Video super anti-shake
Good time, steady record
One-click smart filming
Intelligent picking, one-click to form a film
photo master
Light spot portrait
Dim light selfie
Wide-angle selfie
AI Radiant Beauty
AI Rejuvenating Beauty 2.0
Super clear night scene
Ultra wide angle
Ultra-clear image quality
Flash capture
Descend to explore design

High-value strength faction

Vientiane Skyline 2
Beauty is natural and self-contained
From Reno5’s "Starry River into a Dream", to Reno6’s "Summer Sunny Sea", and then to Reno7’s "Star Rain Wish", OPPO draws inspiration from the natural imagery of the Milky Way, the sea and meteor showers, and continues to upgrade its appearance and craftsmanship to bring the wonderful nature The image is concretized into a tangible and perceptible entity.
Star rain wish
The space-level star rain lithography process gathers millions of meteors in the palm of the hand; the streamer magic color process brings a 360° color change, which is as brilliant as the stars.
Starry night black
The sparkling star diamond craftsmanship blends in the starry night, perfectly combined with the deep and restrained black; the collision of shining and calm makes the dark night extraordinary.
Mu Xuejin
Snow crystal diamond craftsmanship brings a delicate skin-like feel; the color of the warm sun of ice and snow, like the sun in the evening sun on the crystal snow, feel the warmth of winter.
Innovative visual technology,
technological aesthetics, and outstanding
Aerospace-grade star rain lithography process
millions of meteors, crafted with ingenuity
8 microns
Lithography accuracy 3
1.2 million channels
Star rain
Innovative use of the lithography process in the aerospace field to achieve precision engraving on the surface of the star diamond glass, which gathers 1.2 million 8 micron precision star rain light marks, which has both a three-dimensional and delicate touch and a dynamically changing look and feel, just like in a gorgeous The light and shadow of millions of meteors are left in the galaxy.
The star ring breathing light
flashes smartly, communicating with the heart
Hidden design
Uniform and no breakpoints
Using the industry's first optical fiber bending process, the innovative design of a hidden breathing light in a very narrow space of 1mm is achieved. The light is delicate and flexible, 360° uniform and without breakpoints, just like the gathering of countless stars. Cover multiple scenarios such as call reminders and message notifications. When TA's care comes as scheduled, the star ring breathing light will also light up.
Ceramic color-plated mirror ring is
elegant and moist without losing its toughness
10 times
Ordinary metal hardness
1.5 times
Glass hardness
The lens ring is made of high-density ceramic material, which not only has a high-level texture, but also has 10 times the hardness of ordinary metal. The industry's first ceramic color plating process further improves the scratch resistance and wear resistance of the lens, and gives the ceramic a smart and brilliant mirror effect. Whether it is placed on a desktop or in a pocket, it can better protect the lens, which is good-looking and easy to use.
Aerospace aluminum straight-edge metal middle frame is
simple and tough, with a comfortable grip
Metal sanding process
The new upgrade
Positive and negative 2.5D
Micro arc design
The middle frame is made of aviation-grade metal material, with high-quality texture, strong and drop-resistant. The newly upgraded metal sanding process has a delicate touch and does not stick to fingerprints. Front and back 2.5D micro-arc design, symmetrical coordination, non-slip grip.
Lightweight, long battery life, small body, big energy
Reno7 Pro achieves a breakthrough in lightness and thinness, becoming the Reno with the thinnest body and largest battery in history. 7.45mm thin body + 4500mAh large battery combination, not tiring hands, enough power, easy to play the machine all day.
7.45 mm
Ultra-thin body 4
4500 mAh
Big battery 5
Descend to explore performance

High frame smooth lightning start

The recommended machine for the 2021 League of Legends Mobile Game Professional Qualification Tournament National Competition Track
passed the League of Legends mobile game event machine test certification
Super Lightning Start 2.0 7
Lightning start, one step faster
90fps extreme stabilization 6
High frame smooth, stable output
Up to 12GB + 7GB dynamic game of memory on 8
Game pre-update 2.0 technology 9
The new upgrade of Super Lightning Start, up to 12GB + 7GB of dynamic game storage allows you to bid farewell to tedious loading, lightning start anytime, anywhere, one-click black! The game pre-update 2.0 technology that integrates background updates will adapt to more game update scenarios. Turn on black without waiting, and you will be online the fastest.
*The screen has been authorized for use by "League of Legends Mobile Games" and is optimized for reference only.
Real-time frame rate detection
AI frequency conversion technology
Steady-state temperature prediction
Reno7 Pro is equipped with OPPO’s self-developed extreme frame stabilization technology. With the support of real-time frame rate detection, steady-state temperature prediction, and AI frequency conversion technology, the game’s frame rate changes from a rough cliff to a gentle gradual change. Enhance the smoothness of the picture. In most games that support high frame rate mode, it can also achieve the ultimate frame stabilization effect of up to 90fps, so that it can be truly durable and smooth without frame dropping.
Dimensity 1200-MAX flagship chip 10
MAX performance accelerates victory
Up to 12GB+7GB dynamic game storage, one-click blackout anytime, anywhere, and game work can be switched at will.
In a weak network environment such as elevators and subways, the ability to intelligently enhance the 5G signal to achieve the overall network experience without dropping the line.
Picture quality MAX
Through AI video color enhancement technology, the HDR effect of ordinary video quality is enhanced, making the picture colors more vivid, contrasting more distinct, and details clearer.
  • 6nm Flagship process technology
  • A78 Ultra-large nuclear flagship architecture
  • 12GB+256GB Highest memory combination
  • UFS 3.1 Flash memory
  • 65W Super Flash Charge 11
Flash back to blood, instantly turn black
Custom VCU intelligent control chip
Full circuit voltage control, flow control and temperature control, providing all-round protection
Chip-level five-fold security protection
VCU intelligent control chip, adapter, charging cable, charging interface,
battery and other charging nodes are fully guarded by security guards.
4500mAh large battery 5
Resurrect with black blood, bid farewell to recharge anxiety
3D Constant Cooling Central Cooling System 12
Calm enough to win steadily
Super Density Graphite Sheet
The thermal
conductivity of high-performance heat dissipation materials is increased by 30% ↑The
heat dissipation area is 6506mm²
Superconducting vacuum VC liquid cooling
Upgraded heat dissipation area The
heat dissipation area is increased by 34% ↑The
heat dissipation area is 2538mm²
Central heat conduction structure
Innovative middle frame heat insulation technology to
improve the heating problem of the hand grip area
Super immersive gaming experience
Every time the duel is on the scene
  • 90Hz High-sensitivity gaming screen14
  • 1000Hz Extreme touch response15
  • 6.55" OLED flexible direct screen16
  • 1.55mm Very narrow frame technology17
HDR10+ certification

Stereo dual speakers

  • Real Original Sound Technology 3.0 See13
  • 90Hz high-sensitivity gaming screen
  • 1.55mm extremely narrow frame technology
  • Vibrate X axis linear motor
  • 4D vibration adjustment 18
  • Full scene network optimization
  • Communication all-rounder in the palm of your hand

360° horizontal antenna
Focused on optimizing the 5G and Wi-Fi performance in the horizontal grip of the game, making the signal ubiquitous.

Wi-Fi & Bluetooth independent channel design 19
The game network delay is reduced by up to 80%, which solves the problem of game network delay caused by wearing Bluetooth headsets in Wi-Fi scenarios.

5G network intelligent optimization 20
The network search speed is increased by up to 30%, which greatly optimizes the problems of network stalls and disconnections in weak network environments such as subways, high-speed rails, and elevators.

Wi-Fi 6 high-speed network
The new generation of Wi-Fi technology, fast network speed, low latency, five people will not get lost in the dark.
Descend to explore

New ColorOS 12

Freedom without boundaries

36 months of smooth twin engines
AI self-fluid engine 2.0 
According to different users' computer habits, prioritize applications, clean up the background processes that are least concerned, and allocate resources as needed.
Quantum Animation Engine 3.0
Optimize 300+ animation details, the overall experience is more in line with the cognition and habits of the human brain, making each slide more real and smooth, and more in line with your intuition.
Thiel 36-month anti-aging evaluation 21

30 % Reduced memory footprint
20 % Reduced background power consumption
12 % Average mobile phone battery life increased
Efficient and easy to use
Smart sidebar 2.0
Added scene recognition capabilities, when you are watching short videos, participating in video conferences, scrolling dramas, or watching news, intelligently recommend the gadgets you need most at the moment.
Cross-screen interconnection 22
Fast collaboration between dual screens, PC management and editing of mobile phone files, so that productivity is doubled. Support the mainstream PC brands on the market, opening a new era of technology office.

Large files up to 45MB/s flash transfer | seamless synchronization of information across screens,
compatible with multiple brands
  • Listen to songs
  • Smart subtitles
  • Drama mode
  • Read the article aloud
  • Omoji video call
Security and privacy
Notice against peeping
When the mobile phone recognizes that someone other than the owner is viewing the screen, it will automatically hide the content of the notification, and you will no longer be afraid of privacy being spied on in the subway and elevator.
Industry Authority Privacy Protection 8 Re-certification 23
Industry-leading data encryption technology, secure and airtight.
Borderless design
Acrylic icon
The brand-new acrylic sheet style creates a near-future visual language combining virtual and real, with just the right light and shadow and details, with richer details and layering.
Noise reduction design
Redefine the interface framework, reduce the information density, distinguish primary and secondary information by color, so that users can focus more on the core content and let you browse the page content comfortably.
icons-row1-1-1e9421.png.webp icons-row1-2-c1d0d6.png.webp icons-row1-3-035f58.png.webp icons-row1-4-e3f1ff.png.webp icons-row1-5-f954be.png.webp icons-row1-6-7a83cb.png.webp
icons-row2-1-990f82.png.webp icons-row2-2-b2642b.png.webp icons-row2-3-356527.png.webp icons-row2-4-d08f3b.png.webp icons-row2-5-2aa6dd.png.webp icons-row2-6-6c6d91.png.webp
icons-row3-1-1ea35c.png.webp icons-row3-2-254796.png.webp icons-row3-3-cf15d5.png.webp icons-row3-4-70a713.png.webp
icons-row4-1-c55463.png.webp icons-row4-2-e9e244.png.webp icons-row4-3-533c59.png.webp icons-row4-4-5698a7.png.webp

OPPO Reno7 Pro 5G

  • Ultra-sensitive cat eye lens
  • Sony outsole flagship main camera
  • Aerospace-grade star rain lithography process
  • 65W super flash charge
  • up to 12GB + 256GB large memory
  • Dimensity 1200-MAX flagship chip

Mu Xuejin | Starry Night Black | Star Rain Wish

Dimensions and weight


Approximately 158.2mm


Approximately 73.2mm


Approximately 7.45mm


About 180g

*Remarks: Dimensions may vary due to different configurations, manufacturing processes, and measurement methods


RAM capacity + ROM capacity

8GB + 256GB | 12GB + 256GB

RAM specifications


ROM specification


storage card

not support

OTG data transmission


*The actual usable capacity will be reduced and different due to many factors: because the operating system occupies part of the memory (RAM), the actual usable space is less than the identified memory capacity; because the operating system and pre-installed programs occupy part of the flash memory (ROM) ), the actual available storage space is less than the marked flash memory capacity.



6.55 inches

Screen-to-body ratio



2400 × 1080

Refresh rate

Up to 90Hz

Touch sampling rate

Default 180Hz

Color gamut

Vivid mode 97.60% NTSC, 99.94% DCI-P3
soft mode 72% NTSC, 100% sRGB


16.7 million colors

Pixel density

402 PPI


Typical value:
Up to
800nit under 500nit sunlight (typical value) When displaying HDR and HDR10+ content, the maximum support is 920nits

Panel material

AMOLED (soft)

Cover material

Corning® Gorilla® Glass 5



Main camera:
Sony IMX766 sensor
50 million pixels, 1/1.56" photosensitive area, 1.0 μm single pixel size
f/1.8 aperture, 7p lens number, FOV 86°, support AF

wide angle:
8 million pixels, f/2.2 aperture, 5p lens Number, FOV 118.9°, fixed focus

2 million pixels, f/2.4 aperture, FOV 88.8°, fixed focus


Sony IMX709 sensor,
32 million pixels, 1/2.74" photosensitive area, 0.8 μm single pixel size,
f/2.4 aperture, FOV 90°, 5P lens

Shooting mode

Rear shooting modes: photo, video, night scene, professional, panoramic, portrait, time-lapse photography, multi-scene video, slow motion, super text, ultra-clear image quality, macro, movie, cute shooting, scan, AI ID Photo, instant recording template.
Pre-shooting mode: photo, video, panorama, portrait, night scene, multi-scene video, time-lapse photography, cute shooting, AI ID photo

Video shooting


The rear supports up to 4K (30 frames per second) 1080P @60fps/30fps, 720P @60fps/30fps;
video slow motion supports 1080P @120fps, 720P @240fps;
video anti-shake supports EIS, 1080P @60fps;
video zoom shooting supports 1080P @30fps/60fps, 720P @30fps/60fps, 4K @30fps


The front supports 1080P/720P@30fps, and the default is 1080P @30fps (beauty is turned on by default). The
front supports video anti-shake 1080P @30fps

Processing platform

Dimensity 1200-MAX


Eight cores, the highest frequency 3.0GHz




battery capacity

2×2200mAh/17.02Wh (rated value)
2×2250mAh/17.41Wh (typical value)

fast charging

Super flash charging 65W, flash charging, PD/QC

*Double battery cells are connected in series, equivalent to a single battery cell 4500mAh (typical value) / 4400mAh (rated value)



Support fingerprint unlocking under the screen, WeChat payment, Alipay payment, etc.

face recognition

Support face unlock


Geomagnetic induction, color temperature sensor, proximity sensor, light sensor, acceleration sensor, gravity sensor, gyroscope, support step function

Cellular network

Whether to support dual cards


SIM card type

Nano-SIM card

Network frequency band

SIM card 1
2G: GSM 850/900/1800/1900MHz
2G: CDMA BC0 (800MHz)
3G: CDMA2000 BC0 (800MHz)
3G: UMTS (WCDMA) bands 1/2/4/5/6/8/19
4G: TD -LTE bands 34/38/39/40/41
4G: LTE FDD bands 1/2/3/4/5/7/8/28A
5G: n1/41/28A//77/78

SIM card 2
2G: GSM 850/900/1800/1900MHz
2G: CDMA BC0 (800MHz)
3G: WCDMA bands 1/2/4/5/6/8/19
4G: TD-LTE bands 34/38/39/40/41
4G: LTE FDD bands 1/2/3/4/5/7/8/28A
5G: n1/41/28A//77/78

*Instructions for dual-card use: Mobile cards can be used in combination with Unicom cards and telecom cards, and any card can be used as a network card. When two telecommunications cards are inserted, the non-network card must enable VoLTE service and enable VoLTE high-definition calls. At the same time, the operator's network must support 4G VoLTE services to use dual telecommunications cards. Otherwise, the two telecommunications cards cannot be used at the same time.


Data function

WLAN function

Support Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax), Wi-Fi 5 (802.11ac), 802.11a/b/g/n/; WLAN 2.4G/WLAN 5.1G/WLAN 5.8G;
support WLAN Display; WLAN network sharing;
support 2×2 MIMO; support MU-MIMO


Bluetooth 5.2

Bluetooth audio specifications

Support SBC, AAC, support aptX, aptX HD, LDAC, LHDC

Data interface

USB Type-C

Headphone jack



Full-featured NFC
support reading and writing NFC cards (13.56MHz NFC cards)
support AndroidBeam point-to-point mode
support NFC-SIM (only support SIM1 card slot)
support eSE (support 300+ city subway bus rides, support OPPO Pay, access card, car Many functions such as keys. One touch, convenient access and safe payment.)


operating system

ColorOS 12 developed based on Android 11

*View more pre-installed apps



Satellite positioning


Dual frequency dual antenna positioning

Support GPS: L1+L5, GALILEO: E1+E5a, Beidou: B1l+B2a, QZSS: L1+L5


Support AGPS assisted positioning; support wireless local area network, cellular network positioning; support electronic compass


Map software

Support third-party map navigation such as AutoNavi Maps, Baidu Maps, Tencent Maps, etc.


packing list

Data cable×1
SIM cartoon pin×1
Protective cover×1
Quick start guide×1
Warranty card×1



In order to make the front view of the mobile phone more concise, we made a hidden process for the light-sensitive hole on the top of the screen.
Color, dark, and other poorly transparent films may block the photosensitive aperture and affect the normal use of the phone.
The official protective shell and film design reference drawing: click to download (click the link to download the protective shell & film design drawing)



*Users who purchase mobile phone accessories products separately, please keep the accessories packaging and original invoices in good condition. If you cannot provide the above certificates, you will not be able to enjoy the three guarantees service. The content of the Three Guarantees service is subject to national regulations.

1. The data of "60% light sensitivity improvement" and "35% noise reduction" are the comparison results of the front sensors of Reno7 Pro and Reno6 Pro. The data comes from the OPPO laboratory. Please refer to the actual experience for the shooting effect.
2. OPPO Reno7 Pro "Star Rain Wish" color matching adopts aerospace-grade star rain lithography process, star diamond process, and streamer magic color process; "Twilight Snow Gold" color matching adopts snowflake crystal diamond technology; "Starry Night Black" color matching adopts star diamond technology. There may be individual differences in the final effect of the product, resulting in different colors and details. The pictures are for reference only, please refer to the actual product.
3.8 microns is the lithography depth of the star rain light trace. This data is OPPO laboratory data. The actual size of the body may vary due to manufacturing processes and measurement methods.
4. The thickness of the fuselage is based on OPPO laboratory data. The actual size of the fuselage may vary due to manufacturing processes and measurement methods.
5. OPPO Reno7 Pro uses a series-connected dual-cell battery with an equivalent battery capacity of about 4500mAh (typical value) / 4400mAh (rated value). This model supports high-current super flash charging. To ensure user safety, the battery has been specially encrypted. If you use non-original batteries, it will affect the normal use of this product, including but not limited to slow charging. If there is a need for battery repair and replacement, please go to the official OPPO customer service center to repair and replace the genuine battery.
6.90fps extreme frame stabilization refers to the use of integrated technologies such as software and hardware to optimize the experience of the product during the game. This function is also compatible with different frame rate modes of 60fps and 90fps for some games. The 90fps limit stabilization does not mean that there is absolutely no freeze. The actual experience may be different due to different factors such as network environment and personal usage habits. The limit stabilization function is currently adapted to "After Tomorrow", "The Original God", "Breakdown", "Glory of the King", "Peace Elite", and "League of Legends Mobile Games".
7. Super Lightning Start 2.0 requires the game to exit to the background and then reopen. Due to different factors such as adaptation, network environment, mobile phone status, and personal usage habits, the actual optimization effect may vary, please refer to the actual experience.
8. Up to 12GB +7GB dynamic game storage, which means that in addition to the optional maximum 12GB storage, the background cache applications are compressed into the phone storage through software means to increase the number of background cache applications and release more running memory Space, improve the fluency of the system, rather than expand the running memory at the hardware level.
9. Game pre-update 2.0 technology includes game background update and game pre-update functions. The game background update function is currently adapted to "Call of Duty Mobile Game" and "Naruto"; "League of Legends Mobile Game" will be updated in subsequent versions. The pre-update function of the game is currently adapted to "QQ Speed", "Peace Elite" (official server + experience server), "Vision of Mountains and Seas", "Devil May Cry-Battle of the Peak", "Nationwide Miracle 2", "One Sword", "Qin Shi Mingyue World", pre-update and pre-download will update the download game apk and resource pack. To use the game pre-update function, you need to turn on the "Enable WLAN automatic update function" switch in the software store or the "Automatically update game resources under WLAN" switch in the game center. (The following conditions must be met at the same time to trigger this function: 1) The screen is off; 2) Wi-Fi is connected; 3) When it is charging; 4) The application store has been manually reviewed and has been put on the shelf).
10. MediaTek Dimensity 1200-MAX flagship chip performance data comes from MediaTek official information, the actual use effect may be different due to the environment and personal usage habits.
11. OPPO Reno7 Pro supports a maximum charging power of 65W. It needs to be used with original chargers and original wires that support the SUPERVOOC charging protocol. The actual charging power will dynamically change according to the actual charging scenario. Please refer to the actual usage.
In the 12.3D constant cold central cooling system, the thermal conductivity of the ultra-density graphite sheet is increased by 30%. The comparison object is the test conclusion of the conventional graphite sheet of Reno6 Pro; the superconducting vacuum VC liquid cooling heat dissipation area is increased by 34%, which is compared with the previous generation Reno6 Pro VC heat sink Comparing the area (1892 mm²), the test environment is an OPPO laboratory, and the actual use effect may vary due to the environment.
13. OPPO Reno7 Pro’s screens come from different suppliers, the screen function parameters are the same, and they can reach a refresh rate of up to 90Hz. Due to the difference in technical solutions, the final display effect will be slightly different.
14. The user can select 90Hz or 60Hz mode screen refresh rate in the settings.
15.1000Hz extreme touch response function, currently suitable for "Honor of Kings", "Peace Elite", "League of Legends Mobile Games"; triggering is divided into the following two situations: 1) After the user enters a supported game, if a specific scene is triggered, And if the user does not touch the screen at this time, the touch sampling rate will be increased to 1000Hz to improve the response speed and follow the hand when the user touches the screen for the first time; 2) After the user enters a supported game, if a specific scene is triggered, and If the user is touching the screen, the screen touch sampling rate will not change; the test environment is the OPPO laboratory, and the actual use effect may vary due to the environment and personal usage habits.
16. The screen size is the length of the diagonal of the screen when the four rounded corners of the display are stretched to a right angle (the actual viewing area is small).
The 17.1.55mm ultra-narrow border data is the width of the left and right borders of the screen. This data is OPPO laboratory data. The actual size of the body may vary due to manufacturing processes and measurement methods.
18. The game's 4D vibration function is currently adapted to "Peace Elite" and "King of Glory"; "League of Legends Mobile Game" will be updated in subsequent versions.
19. Wi-Fi & Bluetooth independent channel design, compared with the mainstream solutions in the industry, the Wi-Fi delay is reduced by up to 80% (the delay is reduced by more than 100ms), the test comparison object is the Reno6 series, the test environment is the OPPO laboratory, and the actual use The effect may vary depending on the environment and personal usage habits.
The 20.5G network is intelligently optimized, and the search speed is increased by up to 30%. The test comparison object is the Reno6 series, and the test environment is the OPPO laboratory. The actual use effect may be different due to the environment and personal usage habits.
21. "Tel Labs 36-month System Anti-aging Professional Evaluation" means that through comprehensive technical optimization of software and hardware, OPPO Reno7 Pro has passed the 36-month five-level anti-aging professional under the professional test environment of the Tyre Terminal Laboratory. Evaluation: 36 months of fluency does not mean absolutely no freezes. The actual experience may vary due to different factors such as network environment and personal usage habits.
22. The computer to experience cross-screen interconnection needs to install Windows 10 64-bit operating system v1903 (18362) or higher, configure Intel i3 2.4G and above processor, and a wireless network card that supports Wi-Fi Direct. It is recommended to use 8GB And above the memory, the close connection function requires the computer to support Bluetooth 4.1 and above.
23. The ColorOS 12 system adopts strict security encryption technology to realize user data storage encryption, transmission encryption, sensitive data de-identification, etc.; through ePrivacy, TRUSTe, ISO27001 information security management system and ISO27701 privacy information management system, a total of 8 authoritative international security And privacy certification, implement product privacy protection based on industry best practices.
24. Relevant settings for users to access the 5G network: a. Enable 5G: Settings> SIM card and traffic management>>Enable 5G b. Enable SA: Settings> SIM card and traffic management>Advanced settings> 5G network mode selection>Select network Modes: 1) NSA mode 2) SA mode 3) NSA mode + SA mode c. If the above path cannot be found, it is the latest software version and SA is turned on by default, and there is no need to select
the game screen involved in 25. OPPO Reno7 Pro All come from "League of Legends Mobile Games".
26. Product pictures are for reference only, please refer to the actual product. Some product specifications and descriptions may change due to supplier replacement and other reasons. Please refer to the actual product. The data involved here are all derived from our company's design technical parameters, laboratory and supplier test data. The actual situation will be slightly different due to different test software versions, specific test environments, and specific versions.
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