OPPO Watch 2 46mm sim card Black

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Possibility to return:No
Length of warranty12 months
Warranty Extension:No
Water resistanceYes
Processing time for warranty service from6 weeks
Processing time for warranty repair to12 weeks
$ 279.99
No tax included

This is ColorOS version of the watch. You may find most up-to-date connection app link in QR code in manual attached to the watch. You may also try to use following link:

  • you may not be able to use esim and nfc functions
  • menus will be in English only
  • in exchange you'll receive significantly longer battery life - up to 4 times longer than wearOS version
  • rest of the functions of the watch should work correctly outside China

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Product description


Standalone eSIM (China Only)
only wears a watch and goes out

Life with over 50 panoramic apps frees hands from now on

UDDE dual-engine hybrid technology has a
long battery life of 16 days

Continuous blood oxygen + snoring risk assessment to
take care of you every night
Hyperbolic 3D AMOLED Unbounded Screen
"Comfort Zone" Viton Wristband
smart life
Show your skills since then

Watch contact anytime, anywhere
Watch support independent eSIM function 1 . When you go for a run, walk your dog downstairs, or swim at the beach, you can receive information from relatives and friends, make calls, and play various apps at any time, even if you don’t bring your mobile phone.
More than 50 lifestyle apps
make this watch more useful
Social, travel, sports, entertainment... the ideal life, from now on.
Watch one second to board the plane
one step faster
Mass music library to
listen to songs online
Social expert
online contact
Navigation is
always available
Real-time translation of
diplomats on wrist
Children's Watch Edition
WeChat Pay
Tmall Elf
NetEase Cloud Music
Baidu map
Little genius
QQ Music
kuwo music
Lazy listening
Happy running circle
Beautiful pomelo
Mint health
Phoenix News
Tencent News
Sina News
Air travel aspect
Flight assistant
Same journey
Tencent Translator
Translator abroad
Perpetual calendar
Xunfei Input Method
Tick ​​list
Express 100
*More than 50 watch applications are not limited to the above list. For more applications, please refer to the watch software store. Tmall Genie and Keep will be launched on the software store soon. WeChat Pay needs to install the WeChat children's watch and then activate it.
Real-time cross-screen and
raise your hand to view key information
Called the car phone, watch to see the license plate and vehicle information reaches the hands of inconvenience can easily deal with; phone navigation is inconvenient when riding, watch real-time display route information, let you four sharp eyes, safe and always at hand 2 .
Open the door,
rest assured, hand it over to the watch
Car door, raising his hand, a watch is your car keys 3 . The watch can also remotely check the condition of the vehicle, turn on the air conditioner in advance with the car, and lock the door for you after leaving the car, so safety is at your fingertips.
Ai Chi
Changan Auchan
Special ability
Mobile phone game
watch makes you more immersed
In team battles, I am most afraid of incoming calls from mobile phones, so I will pass on my watch all the time, so I can immerse myself in the game and prevent interruptions. Resurrection time is here! Remind to return to the battlefield in time, no longer miss the call of teammates because of replying messages. God operating current, the watch recording the cardiac time, calories burned, both inside and outside the game are burning 4 .
Call forward to watch
Resurrection reminder
Monitor heart rate & consumption

Xiaobu speaks heartily in his hand 5
Ask the weather in the morning, apply the mask at a time,
and 40+ offline voice commands; you can talk to Xiaobu even if the signal is not good.
Put on your watch to
take selfies and take photos 6
Press the shutter to preview the watch, and it can also help you count down,
so that every selfie/photo is worth sharing.
can help you with housework without moving the watch 7
Turn on the air conditioner in advance so that people can do housework even when they are not at home. Tap the Tmall Genie
App, and you can control a large number of smart homes, home postures,
everything on your wrist.
*The Tmall Genie APP will be released through the watch software store later.
Strong battery life
Adequate battery is a sense of security
UDDE dual-engine hybrid technology,
full intelligence + long battery life, strong cooperation
OPPO Watch 2 is equipped with the industry's top chip "Snapdragon Wear 4100", CPU performance is increased by 85% compared to the previous generation, and jointly developed "Apollo4s" with Ambiq, the interface operation is smoother, and the independent application is more powerful! Thanks to the "UDDE dual-engine hybrid technology", the dual chips work seamlessly, flexibly adapt to different scenarios, and balance performance and battery life!
Application startup speed in milliseconds
Say goodbye to stuttering, one touch to the endicon-2-5fb370.svg
Comparable to mobile phone fluency up to 60Hz 8
"All-smart" mode 9
4 days in hand, everything is handy
"Light Smart" mode 10
16 days long battery life, not only depends on the time
Receive calls, listen to music fitness, health monitoring, as well as 50+ living
APP ...... watch at any time to meet your imagination to life, occasionally forget to
record the charge, but also out of the way.
Independent eSIM | Super 50+APP | Professional Sports and Health | Hundreds of Dials
One more battery life option, one more lifestyle. Long-distance travel open
start "intelligent light mode", up to 16 days without having to charge, in addition to watching
time, receive information, daily exercise, oximetry ... from easy to
as supination.
Information notice| Various dials| Blood oxygen| Heart rate| Exercise
*Typical scenario battery life: OPPO Watch 2 46mm: 4 days, OPPO Watch 2 42mm: 2.5 days
*Heavy use battery life: OPPO Watch 2 46mm: 2 days, OPPO Watch 2 42mm: 1.5 days
* Battery life in typical scenarios in light smart mode: OPPO Watch 2 46mm: 16 days,
OPPO Watch 2 42mm: 10 days;
Watch VOOC 2.0
flash charge for 10 minutes, enough for a whole day
Flash charge 11 before going out to satisfy a day of efficient life, a sense of power security, and always be full of 12 .
* OPPO Watch 2 42mm charges 15 minutes, which is enough for 1 day, and it takes 60 minutes to fully charge.Put on your watch

Just put on health

Continuous oximetry monitoring
snoring risk assessment 13
Snoring is one of the killers of sleep health. In severe cases, it can cause snoring and even affect cardiovascular health. When you fall asleep, the watch is equipped with a professional 6-core optical blood oxygen sensor, which can continuously measure the blood oxygen concentration every minute and every second, guarding you 20,000 times a night. With mobile phone snoring monitoring, you can wake up and find sleep breathing problems in time.
Sleeping in the whole scene with
regular work and rest is no longer a problem
Take a 30-minute nap and 8 hours a night’s sleep. The watch protects your sleep health throughout the day.
When you fall asleep, you can turn on the sleep mode, notification messages do not disturb, quietly reduce the screen brightness for you, and help you sleep well.
When you fall asleep, quietly monitor your sleep heart rate, blood oxygen concentration, deep sleep duration...
Do not let the screen light disturb your sleep.
After waking up, generate a sleep report exclusively for you. The watch knows whether you are sleeping well or not
Tsinghua University x OPPO established the "Future Terminal Technology Center" to
carry out a number of collaborations in the sleep field to deeply optimize sleep monitoring capabilities
Professional heart health management
24H irregular heart rhythm monitoring 14
The watch can care about your heart in real time when you run, ride, or lie down. Any heart rate that is too high, too low, or irregular heart rhythm occurs, the watch can warn you in time and understand your heart better than you
*Irregular heart rhythm refers to irregular heartbeat intervals. Occasionally, it may be caused by staying up late or overworked, or caused by atrial fibrillation or other heart problems. Please consult a doctor if it occurs repeatedly or if you are unwell.
*OPPO Smart Wear and Huazhong University of Science and Technology-Tongji Hospital research team collaborated on effectiveness research, and the research data recognition sensitivity reached 93.48%
pets on the wrist, self-discipline development
Raise a pet on your wrist, feed your daily activities,
and unlock more personalized themes.
Direct feedback on your physical condition, you are thin and I am thin.
Accompany you every minute and every second, and come to a fancy dance at any time.

Instant Guide to Healthy Living
Stress assessment, breathing relaxation
The pressure does not depend on guessing
and all the troubles say byebye
View blood glucose trends in real time
Access to medical-grade blood glucose equipment 17 Cooperate with the watch terminal application to
view blood glucose trends in real time, and to remind regularly
Drink water/sedentary reminder
"Drink plenty of warm water" cares about you like a partner;
sitting for a long time can easily hurt your body, and remind you to stretch your muscles and bones from time to time
Family members and friends
help at critical moments
Family care mode 18
watch protects your family
If you are in a different place, but can't take care of your family, just give your parents or children a watch! Family heart rate, daily steps, sleep quality... can be seen every day. When the elder accidentally falls, he can also call 19 with one key to get help in time.
Classroom Mode 20
is specially prepared for young people
Refusing to be interrupted when focusing, turn on the classroom mode, and use the watch to block unnecessary information interference. Intimately retain timekeeping, dictionaries and other learning tools to make focusing time more valuable. The watch can also make calls to family members at any time to keep an eye on the itinerary information so that love will not lose contact.
Six professional sensors are
backed by healthy sports
Professional sensors are all possible for healthy sports. From exercise heart rate, to real-time blood oxygen, from climbing to high altitude, and then to the trajectory of the road, OPPO Watch 2 can silently keep in mind and be your strongest real-time backing.
  • Ambient light sensor
  • Acceleration & Gyro Sensor
  • Geomagnetic sensor
  • Barometric pressure sensor
  • Optical pulse oximetry sensor
  • Capacitive sensor
Don't rush to exercise
, test first and then practice to be more effective
Want to know how athletic ability is? There is no need to go to the gym on purpose.
The Institute of Sports Science of the State General Administration of Sports exclusively cooperates with GoMore to provide professional AI motion algorithm support for watches. Under the guidance of the watch, simply complete the training action to generate an exclusive exercise report. Always test the maximum oxygen uptake of VO2max to improve the cardiorespiratory capacity, so that you can climb up stairs without breathing, let alone long-distance running.
Hundreds of sports modes have
a good idea every time you exercise
For swimming, cycling, or rowing on the spot, the watch can record up to 100 types of sports, and automatically recognize 6 indoor and outdoor sports. You don’t have to worry about half of the exercise until you find that you forget to record.
Support 5ATM waterproof 22
Online from the inside out

Hyperbolic unbounded screen
determines the ideal type at a glance

The unique hyperboloid 3D AMOLED flexible screen 23 focuses on lightness and thinness; the extremely narrow frame and the comfortable screen curvature are seamlessly integrated. Every light touch makes the journey smoothly, and feels the touch from the perspective, which is natural.

  • 3D AMOLED Hyperbolic flexible screen
  • DCI-P3 100% Display color
  • 326 PPI Pixel density

Wear your "comfort zone" at any time on a strap that can breathe

The fluorine rubber strap, which fits the skin and is well-ventilated, is specially made for sports; 100% Italian calfskin, fashionable, textured and versatile, you can use it all.

Every time you raise your wrist, it
shines brightly
Stainless steel 316L is newly upgraded, and the metal texture surrounds the middle frame. Every moment is a bright moment.

The back shell is made of nano-zirconia microcrystalline ceramics, which is wear-resistant and not afraid of corrosion. After being calcined at a high temperature of 1400℃, the sapphire lens is seamlessly embedded, and after 40 processes, it is polished and polished in one piece, with a natural feel like jade.
Viton magnetic watchband
clicks and closes the seconds
Innovative In the fluorine rubber strap, a magnetic design is added, and the watch can be worn with one hand in one second. Breathable and comfortable, with cloud touch and skin-friendly.
Over 100 smart dials
awaken a new world on the wrist

Exclusive AI to wear a dial with
personality, see you every day on your wrist

Take a picture of what you wear today. The watch smartly customizes the dial for you. The combination of styles can be infinitely possible. It is suitable for both movement and static. Just like today's match, wear the dial on your body.

Light painted dial 25
wrist self-wearing creativity

The light and shadow dial is painted on the fingertips, and the inspiration is vivid on the screen. Nearly a hundred kinds of light painting strokes can be flexibly selected.

The exclusive dial for photographers, 26
unique skills, is just on the wrist
Sunrise, sunset, golden moments suitable for shooting, everything is under control.
One-click to enter the "Photo Assistant", you are responsible for selecting the scene and focusing, and I am responsible for previewing the shutter.
The dream linkage between the classic dial 27
and modern technology
The luxury dial design has come to the full smart watch. Classic pointer styles, favorite background colors... You can freely combine up to hundreds of styles for you to match.
OPPO Watch 2 46mm (eSIM)
  • UDDE dual-engine hybrid technology
  • Fully smart 4 days/light smart 16 days battery life
  • Independent eSIM
  • over 50 life panorama apps for car - hailing
  • and navigation real-time cross-screen
  • continuous blood oxygen monitoring + snoring risk assessment
  • Hyperboloid 3D AMOLED unbounded screen
Star Blue | Platinum Black
Representation of appearance
Length: about 46.37mm
Width: about 38.51mm
Thickness: about 11.55mm
Watchband: Viton
Applicable wrist circumference: 130mm-210mm
Case: Aluminum alloy
Bottom case: LNP Special glass fiber reinforced PC
Weight: about 35g (without strap )
Screen: AMOLED flexible screen
Screen size: 1.91 inches
Screen resolution: 402*476
Cover: 3D glass cover
Screen PPI: 326PPI
Battery Type: Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery
Battery Capacity: 510mAh (Typical Value) / 502mAh (Rated Value)
Theoretical Full Intelligent Mode Typical Scene-Life Time: 4 Days
Theoretical Full Intelligent Mode-Heavy Use Life Time: 2 Days
Theoretical LTE Mode- Battery life: 2 days
Theoretical light and smart mode-battery life: 16 days
Flash charging time: 60 minutes to fully
charge Watch VOOC 2.0: 10 minutes of charging is enough for 1 day
Standalone eSIM
Support plan: independent number / one number dual terminal
Operator: China Unicom / China Telecom / China Mobile
Strong performance
Processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 4100 + Apollo 4s
Operating system: ColorOS Watch 2.0
Memory: 1GB RAM + 8GB ROM
Bluetooth: BT5.0
WLAN: WLAN 2.4G, support 802.11 b/g/n
Waterproof level: 5ATM
equipment requirements: support Pair with Android 6.0 and above devices

Sensors: three-axis acceleration sensor + gyroscope sensor + geomagnetic sensor + optical heart rate sensor + optical pulse oximetry sensor + ambient light sensor + air pressure sensor + capacitance sensor

Health management: daily activity, heart rate, sleep, Continuous blood oxygen monitoring and snoring risk assessment, stress, relaxation and other

100+ sports modes: running, fat-reducing running, outdoor walking, indoor walking, outdoor cycling, indoor cycling, pool swimming, mountain climbing, badminton, rowing , elliptical machines, free training, cross-country, marathon running and training assistant, five minutes fitness, exercise capacity assessment

eSIM: support
network band
3G UMTS (WCDMA): B1 / B5 / B8
4G LTE FDD: B1 / B3 / B5 / B8
4G TD-LTE: B34/B38/B39/B40/B41 (160M)
GPS: Support GPS+Glonass+Beidou+Galileo
NFC: Access control card, bus card
Bus card Support city: NFC bus card now supports 300+ city subway buses nationwide, specific support lines and discounts are subject to local operating companies. For cities, please follow the "OPPO Smart Life" official account for updated information.

Mobile payment: Alipay, WeChat payment
Support downloading third-party APP: yes
Voice assistant: Xiaobu assistant
Watch host (without strap) × 1
fluoro rubber strap × 1
charging base × 1
quick guide × 1
important product information and warranty card × 1
China Unicom
Independent number: The watch uses a single number independently, which can independently make and receive calls, send and receive text messages, and use the mobile network.
Opening regions and methods: Users across the country (except Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan) can independently activate through the China Unicom App, "My eSIM" WeChat official account, or go to the local business hall to activate.
*The details are subject to the official operator

One number dual terminal: The watch and the mobile phone have the same number, sharing calls and data packages, and does not support services such as SMS and international roaming.
Opening regions and methods: Users across the country (except Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan) can independently activate through the China Unicom App, "My eSIM" WeChat official account, or go to the local business hall to activate.
*The details are subject to the official operator
China Telecom
Independent number: The watch uses a single number independently, which can independently make and receive calls, send and receive text messages, and use the mobile network.
Opening area and opening method: Users across the country (except Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan) can independently activate through the Telecom Business Hall App.
*The details are subject to the official operator

One number dual terminal: The watch and the mobile phone have the same number, sharing calls and data packages, and does not support services such as SMS and international roaming.
Opening area and opening method: Users across the country (except Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan) can independently activate through the Telecom Business Hall App.
*The details are subject to the official operator
China Mobile
One number dual terminal: The watch and the mobile phone have the same number, sharing calls and data packages, and does not support services such as SMS and international roaming.
Opening regions and opening methods: Beijing, Anhui, Fujian, Guangdong, Gansu, Guangxi, Guizhou, Hunan, Hebei, Henan, Jiangsu, Jilin, Jiangxi, Liaoning, Inner Mongolia, Shandong, Shanghai, Sichuan, Tianjin, Xinjiang, Yunnan, Zhejiang ( For details , please refer to the official operator: https://hdh.10086.cn/pc/yhszd.jsp ), which can be activated independently through the Heduo App.

Remarks: The operator's tariff information and business support situation are subject to the local operator's situation in each province and city.

Remarks: Health APP does not support iOS mobile downloads for the time being, please wait for the OPPO official store notification for the specific online time

1. The texting function only supports eSIM solutions with independent numbers. For details on the supported cities and mobile phone models, please refer to the parameter page.

2. Currently supports Didi Car-hailing and Baidu Maps. You need to upgrade your phone to ColorOS 11.1 and above, and make sure that the phone's "flashback key" function is turned on.

3. The specific supported models are subject to the announcements of the respective brands of car companies' App.

4. E-sports mode currently supports King Glory, Peace Elite, QQ Speed, and Cross Fire. Currently, Find X3 series and Reno6 series are supported, and the mobile phone system is ColorOS 11.2 and above. The game resurrection/take-off reminder needs to ensure that the mobile phone's "flashback key" function is turned on.

5. How to open Xiaobu voice assistant: long press the navigation key (up button) / click the voice card of the shortcut center / click the voice assistant icon in the application list;

6. The camera assistant first supports Find X3 (software version upgrade to A.27 and above), Find X3 Pro (software version upgrade to A.26 and above), Reno 6 Pro+ (software version upgrade to A.16 and above) , More models will be supported successively.

7. For devices that can be accessed by Tmall Wizard, click "Add Device" in the "Tmall Wizard" App on the mobile phone to view the specific supported categories and device models; on the Tmall Wizard on the watch side, bind the Tmall Wizard account Then, the devices bound to the same account can be controlled by voice. Among them, Wifi network configuration devices can be directly controlled by voice, and Bluetooth network configuration devices need to be used with devices with gateway functions such as Tmall Genie or Meow Control.

8. Full smart mode screen refresh rate 60Hz.

9. Battery life in typical scenarios in full smart mode: OPPO Watch 2 46mm (eSIM) battery life for 4 days; OPPO Watch 2 42mm (eSIM) battery life for 2.5 days; factory default settings, connection to LTE network for 2 hours a day, Bluetooth connection to mobile phone for 22 hours, heart rate usage Smart monitoring mode, sleep monitoring using default settings, 90 minutes/week using App, 40 minutes/week Bluetooth call, 45 minutes/week playing music with Bluetooth headset, 100 minutes of exercise per week (GPS turned on), message notification (90 times a day Messages, 6 calls, 3 alarms), raise your wrist and turn on the screen 220 times a day. Full smart mode connection to LTE network battery life: OPPO Watch 2 46mm (eSIM) battery life for 2 days; OPPO Watch 2 42mm (eSIM) battery life for 1.5 days; factory default settings, connected to LTE network for 16 hours a day, heart rate use smart monitoring mode, sleep monitoring use Default settings, use App 90 minutes/week, LTE call 40 minutes/week, connect Bluetooth headset to play music 45 minutes/week, exercise 100 minutes per week (GPS is on), message notification (90 messages per day, 6 calls, 3 2 alarms), 220 times a day when you lift your wrist to brighten the screen. Full smart mode for heavy use. Battery life: OPPO Watch 2 46mm (eSIM) lasts for 2 days; OPPO Watch 2 42mm (eSIM) lasts for 1.5 days; factory default settings, connect to LTE network for 2 hours a day , Bluetooth connected to the mobile phone for 22 hours, heart rate use smart monitoring mode, sleep monitoring, turn on sleep blood oxygen interval monitoring, and turn on the dial dynamic engine. Use App for 200 minutes/week, call 60 minutes/week (including 30 minutes for Bluetooth loudspeaker calls, 30 minutes for LTE loudspeaker calls), connect Bluetooth headsets to play music for 45 minutes/week, exercise for 100 minutes per week (GPS on), messages Notifications (150 messages a day, 6 calls, 3 alarms), 300 times a day when you lift your wrist to brighten the screen, full smart mode, single-scene endurance (factory default settings, heart rate use smart monitoring mode): OPPO Watch 2 46mm (eSIM) outdoor sports : 24 hours; use LTE network, connect Bluetooth headset to play music: 9.

10. Light smart mode support functions: watch face, running, walking, health center, heart rate, blood oxygen, pressure, daily activity, sleep, message notification, music control, shortcut center, status center, settings and other functions. The specific functions are The actual updated version shall prevail. Battery life in typical scenarios in light smart mode: OPPO Watch 2 46mm (eSIM) lasts 16 days; OPPO Watch 2 42mm (eSIM) and OPPO Watch 2 42mm (Bluetooth) lasts 10 days; light smart mode is turned on, factory default configuration, heart rate uses smart monitoring Mode and sleep monitoring use the default settings, exercise 90 minutes a week (GPS is turned on), message notification (60 messages per day, 6 calls), and raise the wrist to brighten the screen 200 times a day.

11. OPPO Watch 2 46mm (eSIM) fast charge for 10 minutes is enough for a day, OPPO Watch 2 42mm (eSIM) and OPPO Watch 2 42mm (Bluetooth) fast charge for 15 minutes is enough for a day. One-day use model adopts [full smart mode typical scene endurance model]

12. 1) WatchVOOC usage conditions: OPPO Watch 2 46mm (eSIM) needs to use a rated output of 5V⎓2A and above, OPPO Watch 2 42mm (eSIM) and OPPO Watch 2 42mm (Bluetooth) 5V⎓1.5A and above, and get The 3C-certified power adapter is used with the exclusive charging base for OPPO watches. 2) The battery life and charging time of OPPO Watch 2 series. The above data comes from OPPO laboratory test report. The actual use time may vary due to the specific conditions of watch use and individual differences, such as high and low temperature environment, performance degradation after battery use, etc.

13. 1) This product is not a medical device, the monitoring data and results are for reference only, not for diagnosis and medical purposes. This function needs to be manually turned on "real-time blood oxygen", which can be used with mobile phone snoring monitoring (manually turned on every night before going to bed), and output the results of snoring risk assessment. 2) Snoring monitoring: Except for abnormal snoring clips, other audio information is not stored, and abnormal snoring clips can also be manually deleted by the user.

14. This product is not a medical device, the monitoring data and results are for reference only, not for diagnosis and medical purposes. The "24H Irregular Heart Rhythm Monitoring" function needs to be manually turned on before it can be used, which will have a certain impact on power consumption.

16. The health wizard will be available for download in the watch software store. Please upgrade your watch to version A47 or above.

17. Blood glucose monitoring needs to be equipped with Yijianan dynamic blood glucose meter, supporting model RGMS-III; mobile phones need to download Yijianan App to use.

18. 1) [Family Care Mode] function needs to be bound to the family Huantai account and authorized by both parties before it can be used. 2) OPPO Watch 2 series cannot detect all falls.

19. If the eSIM service is not activated, when the watch and the mobile phone maintain Bluetooth connection, you can call the 120 emergency call; when the watch activates eSIM to trigger the emergency call function, the watch will automatically send the geographic location and emergency files to the 120 emergency center. This function currently supports There are 180+ cities across the country, and the specific cities can be found in the "Health App" of the mobile phone. The emergency file needs to be set in the "Health App" of the mobile phone.

20. In Health App> Device> More Functions> Campus Use> After the classroom mode is turned on, you can customize the opening time and allowed applications. The "Find Device" function currently only supports Android (including other Android brand phones), OPPO phones must meet the mobile phone system version of ColorOS7.0 and above, and more models will be supported in the future; if you need to turn on this function, you need to pair Select "For family use". Some learning apps need to be downloaded from the watch software store before they can be used

21. The NFC bus card now supports 300+ urban subway buses nationwide. The specific supported routes, bus cards, and discounts are subject to local operating companies. For supporting cities, please follow the "OPPO Smart Life" official account to view updated information. The NFC access control card function supports the simulation of access control cards with a frequency of 13.56MHz that are not encrypted on the market, and does not support the entry of bank cards, savings cards and bus cards with access control functions.

22. OPPO Watch 2 series supports 5ATM swimming class waterproof. According to ISO22810 First edition: 2010 inspection standard, it has passed the South German certification test. It can be used in shallow water activities such as swimming pools or seaside swimming. Not applicable to snorkeling, hot showers, hot springs, saunas (steam rooms), diving, diving, water skiing, other wading activities facing high-speed water currents and deep water activities. After the watch is exposed to water, you can gently shake the watch, and then wipe it dry with a clean cloth (the watch should be rinsed with clean water after using it in sea water). The waterproof function is not permanently effective and may weaken over time. The following situations may affect the waterproof performance of the worn product and should be avoided: 1) Wear the product in the above unsuitable scenes. 2) The product falls from a height or receives other shocks. 3) The product comes into contact with alkaline substances, such as soap or soapy water and other cleaning products in the shower or bath. 4) The product comes into contact with perfume, solvents, detergents, acids or acidic substances, insecticides, lotions, sunscreens, moisturizers or hair dyes. 5) Press the button underwater or perform function operation. 6) Charge the product in a humid state.

23. "Health App" can be downloaded in the OPPO software store, and other Android brand phones can be downloaded by searching for "Huantai Health" in major app stores. Quick pairing only supports OPPO phones with ColorOS 7.1 and above. Other phones need to be manually connected to OPPO Watch.

24. OPPO Watch 42mm uses AMOLED screen.

25. The light-painted dial supports Android 9.0 and above, and other models continue to support it.

26. The shortcut key of the camera assistant on the photographer's dial, the phone model needs to support the "photo assistant" function.

27. The classic watch face supports Android 6.0 and above.

28. Product pictures are for reference only, please refer to the actual product. Some product specifications and descriptions may change due to supplier replacement and other reasons. Please refer to the actual product. Please refer to the actual situation of the product for the user interface of the product software.

29. The data involved above are all derived from our company's design technical parameters, laboratory and supplier test data. The actual situation will vary slightly depending on the test software version, specific test environment, and specific version.

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