Xiaomi Buds 4 Pro noise cancelling Black

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Product description

Xiaomi Buds 4 Pro


Intelligent Dynamic Noise Cancellation
4000Hz ultra-wideband noise reduction
Independent Spatial Audio
Hi-Fi sound quality
11mm dual magnetic super dynamic unit
Long battery life
Charge for 5 minutes
and listen to music for 3 hours
open magnetic absorber
12nm flagship chip
bone voice print call noise reduction
AI anti-wind noise
HD Audio Certification
Fall in love with the beauty of technology at first sight
design process
Open magnetic design for
easy storage
The shape of the earphones is exquisite and smart. In the "space capsule" type earphone box, there are built-in multiple magnets for adsorption and fixation. When you
open it, you will see the whole picture, and it will automatically return to its place when you put it away.
Just the right amount of comfort
The lightweight design of the earphones, a single earphone is as light as about 5g. Liquid silicone earplugs are soft and not easy to fall off.
There are three sizes of large/medium/small, which can fit the ear canal size of different people.
With the intelligent fit detection*, it helps you find the most suitable earplugs for you and enjoy the music .
* The fit detection function is located on the Bluetooth settings page of the compatible model (see the bottom of the page for the specific compatible model),
or download the Android Mi Headphones App to operate.
High fidelity sound quality

High level without loss of pitch
11mm dual magnetic super dynamic unit
, surging Hi-Fi sound quality
Xiaomi customized the second-generation ultra-dynamic dual magnetic moving coil, which brings high-quality low frequency,
ultra-linear and low distortion, and optimizes the design of the centering support, bringing the original sound experience like being on the spot.

LHDC 4.0 High Fidelity Low Latency
Hi-Res Audio Wireless Certification
The headset supports the LHDC 4.0 ultra-clear transmission protocol and supports 96kHz high-definition audio*.
Passed the Hi-Res Audio Wireless certification, guaranteeing higher sound quality,
making every piece of music seem to be played for you.
* Models that support the 96kHz option in LHDC 4.0:
Xiaomi MIX Fold 2, Xiaomi 12S Ultra, Xiaomi 12 Pro,
Xiaomi 12S Pro, Xiaomi 12. Other models are gradually being adapted.
flagship noise reduction
Screen out the noise
and only listen to the wonderful sound
Passed the test of China Metrology Institute
48dB deep noise reduction
4000Hz ultra-wideband noise reduction
The maximum noise reduction depth of the earphones can reach 48dB*, and can reduce background noise by up to 99.6%.
The noise reduction bandwidth can reach up to 4000Hz*, and the noise reduction range covers a wider range of noises.
Wear it, even if you are in a noisy city, subway, airport, you can make your world instantly quiet.
* Noise reduction strength achieved by Active Noise Cancellation technology. The maximum 48dB noise reduction depth and 4000Hz ultra-wideband noise reduction test data come from
the China Metrology Institute. The actual effect will vary depending on the user's ear size, selected earplugs, ear canal structure, wearing posture, chewing or not,
exercise and other conditions.
mild noise reduction
Balanced noise reduction
Deep Noise Reduction
Intelligent dynamic noise reduction
and quiet
The earphones can intelligently identify different noise environments, and automatically switch between 3 different noise reduction
gears*. In addition, the headset can also intelligently identify and suppress environmental wind noise.
There is also a 6-speed manual noise reduction*, which can be customized and adjusted to the most comfortable gear for you.
* The 3-speed automatic noise reduction function and the 6-speed manual noise reduction function need to be turned on on the Bluetooth settings page of the
compatible model (see the bottom of the page for specific compatible models), or in the Android Mi Headphones App, and the
3-speed automatic noise reduction function Requires Adaptive Noise Reduction to be turned on.
3-stop transparent mode*
Immersive music, chatting is also possible
Transparency mode allows you to enjoy music without missing the surrounding voices
or ambient sounds that need attention. In addition to "Standard Transparency" and "Voice Enhancement",
the "Environment Enhancement" transparency mode is added.
* 3 levels of transparent mode, the default is "standard transparent", other modes need to be used in the Bluetooth settings page of the
 compatible model (see the bottom of the page for specific compatible models), or download the Android Xiaomi headset App.

  • Bone voiceprint sensor
  • FB MIC
  • FF MIC
Bone voiceprint call noise reduction
enhanced level*AI anti-wind noise
3Mic+bone voiceprint sensor, combined with Xiaomi's self-developed AI noise reduction algorithm,
optimizes the ability to extract the wearer's voice, realizes efficient call noise reduction, and
allows the other party to hear you more clearly, chatting without interruption.

The unique earphone air duct structure design, combined with Xiaomi's self-developed AI algorithm,
can resist 32.4km/h wind noise* (about level 5 wind), making calls clear.
Spatial surround sense of hearing
Independent Spatial Audio*
Free Immersion
Multi-device, cross-platform
experience 360° shocking sound effects
Xiaomi's innovative "Independent Spatial Audio"* has added independent computing capabilities for headphones,
so that the calculation of spatial audio perception no longer depends solely on mobile phones. Headphones can be connected to
TVs, game consoles, tablets, computers and other devices to achieve spatial
audio listening.
* Spatial
audio . Currently supported models for spatial audio: Xiaomi MIX Fold 2,
Xiaomi 12S Ultra. Other models are gradually being adapted.
* To turn on independent spatial audio, you need to adapt to the Xiaomi mobile phone on the Bluetooth setting page or
download the Mi Headphones App. Currently, the Mi Headphones App only supports Android
phones, and the Mi Headphones App does not currently support iOS.
The sound moves with the head, as if at the scene
Through the built-in six-axis sensor, the headset intelligently recognizes and dynamically tracks the direction of the head,
supports horizontal 360° rotation positioning, and brings an immersive experience of three-dimensional surround.
Performance and battery life
but more powerful
12nm flagship chip
powerful intelligence center
Xiaomi Buds 4 Pro adopts advanced process chips, multi-core cooperation, and uses
the most suitable cores for different scenarios to improve computing efficiency, reduce power consumption, and
bring more powerful performance and longer battery life.
Super long battery life*
super fast charging
The battery life of the earphones is up to 9 hours, and when used with the charging box, the battery life can reach 38 hours.
out of battery? It doesn't matter! The earphones can be fully charged* in 30 minutes in the box. Charge for 5 minutes and listen to music continuously for
3 hours. The earphone box supports Qi wireless charging*, compatible with charging a variety of devices. Long-lasting battery life and fast charging,
bid farewell to battery anxiety!
* Battery life is music playback time. The test conditions are: Bluetooth AAC connection, 50% volume, active noise reduction is off, and
other functions are in the default state.
* In the fast charging function of earphones in the box, the power of the earphone box needs to be above 35%.
* The wireless charging device needs to be purchased separately. It is recommended to use a horizontal wireless charging device that supports the Qi standard.
* The battery life data of the earphones comes from Xiaomi Lab, and the actual data will be affected by the volume and environment.
single battery life
Battery life with charging box
Charging in the box for 5 minutes to listen to music
Convenient control
Technological evolution
simplifies operation
Open the cover and connect*
Quick pairing
When pairing, just open the charging box* near the phone, and a connection and pairing interface will
pop up, click to pair. At the same time, you can check the power on the pop-up interface.
A variety of mobile phones, tablets, and notebooks under Xiaomi can realize instant connection* after opening the cover.
* Open the cover does not support all mobile phone models, please refer to the note below for details of the supported models.
*The recommended connection distance should not exceed 30cm.
Pressure-sensitive operation is
so handy
The earphone handle supports pressure-sensitive operation, and the pressure-sensitive feedback is fast and real.
It can realize the switching of noise reduction mode, music and incoming call control, etc.
Long press on left/right ear
Noise Cancellation Mode/Transparency Mode
Left/right ear short press 1 time
Music play/pause
call answer/hang up
Continuous short press 2 times
music next song
reject call
Continuous short press 3 times
previous music
Intelligent Voice Control*
Only one sentence is needed to switch songs
After the voice control function is turned on, various controls can be realized by speaking while wearing the headset.
Supported hot words include: previous song, next song, previous song, next song,
volume up, volume down, continue playing, pause playing.
* It needs to be used on the Bluetooth settings page of the compatible model (see the bottom of the page for specific compatible models), or download the Android Mi Headphones App.
Intelligent multi-device interconnection*
listening to all directions
Support multiple devices to connect at the same time. While watching videos on a tablet or notebook,
you can also answer incoming calls on your mobile phone.
* This function is disabled by default, and it needs to be operated on the Bluetooth setting page
of the compatible model (see the bottom of the page for the specific compatible model), or download the Android Mi Headphones App.
IP54 dustproof and waterproof*
No fear of wind and rain, reliable companionship
The dustproof and waterproof rating of the earphones and earphone box has reached IP54,
so you can enjoy it without any worries in daily use.

millet headphones
Scan the code to download and experience it immediately
Xiaomi Headphones App*
more personalized settings
Download the Mi Headphones App, and you can turn on "Smart Free Pick-Up", which will automatically turn on the transparent mode when the wearer's voice is detected to facilitate conversations; or you can set the earphone control gestures you are used to; a lot of rich functions are waiting for you to experience!
*The Mi Headphones App currently only supports Android 6.0 or above mobile phones, and does not support iOS mobile phones for the time being.
Basic parameters
Product Form: True Wireless In-Ear
Product Color: Xingyao Gold / Moon Shadow Black
Product Model: M2126E1
Frequency Response Range: 20Hz-40kHz
12nm multi-core chip
Battery type: Rechargeable lithium-ion battery
Battery capacity: Headphones: 53mAh Charging box: 565mAh  
Wireless charging: Support Qi wireless charging protocol
Charging port: Type-C
Headphone input parameters: 5V ⎓ 280mA
Charging box Input parameters: 5V ⎓ 2.3A
charging box Output parameters: 5V ⎓ 560mA
battery life
Music Playtime
- Noise Cancellation Off: 9 Hours
- Deep Noise Cancellation: 5 Hours

Charging Time
5 minutes of charging in the charging case gives approximately 3 hours of listening time

*The battery life test conditions are: Bluetooth AAC connection, 50% volume, and other functions in default state.
Wireless connection: Bluetooth Low EnergyTM 5.3
Bluetooth protocol: Bluetooth 
® Low Energy/HFP/A2DP/AVRCP
Bluetooth codec: SBC/AAC/LHDC 4.0
Working distance: 10m (barrier-free open environment)
degree of protection
IP54 (earphones and charging case)
packing list
Xiaomi Buds 4 Pro × 1 pair
Charging box × 1
Type-C charging cable × 1
Quick Guide ×1
Ear caps × 3 pairs
(M size is pre-installed)
Dimensions and Weight
Weight per ear: 5.0g (±0.2g)
Dimensions per ear: 30.74mm * 21.23mm * 23.67mm (headphone with M size ear cap)
Charging box weight: 39.5g (±1g)
Charging box size: 46.58mm * 59.28mm * 26.79mm
Machine weight: 49.5g (±1g)
The function diagram of the headset on the page is a schematic diagram. The product parameters are for reference only. Some parameters of the product may change due to chang
1. The "enhanced" anti-wind noise performance of calls is certified by Shenzhen Innovation Institute of China Metrology Institute, and the certificate number is 202200120002. The wind speed data comes from the test of the China Institute of Metrology, and the actual effect will vary due to the user's ear size, selected earplugs, ear canal structure, wearing posture, exercise and other conditions.
2. The MIUI Connect function already supports mobile phones, tablets, and notebooks:
mobile phones: Xiaomi MIX Fold 2, Xiaomi 12S Ultra, Xiaomi 12 Pro, Xiaomi 12S Pro, Xiaomi 12, Xiaomi 12X, Xiaomi MIX 4, Xiaomi 11 Ultra, Xiaomi 11 Pro, Xiaomi 11, Redmi K40 Pro,
Xiaomi MIX FOLD, Redmi K40, Xiaomi 10 Extreme Edition, Xiaomi 10 Pro, Xiaomi 10, Xiaomi 10S, Redmi K30S Extreme Edition, Redmi K30 Pro, Redmi K50, Redmi K50 Pro, Redmi K50G,
Redmi Note 11T Pro, Redmi Note 11T Pro+, Xiaomi Civi, Xiaomi 11 Youth Vitality Edition, Xiaomi 11 Youth Edition, Redmi K30 Extreme Commemorative Edition, Redmi Note 10 Pro, Redmi K40 Gaming Enhanced Edition, Redmi Note 10 5G,
Redmi Note 9 Pro, Redmi Note 9, Redmi K30. Other models are gradually being adapted.
Supported tablet: Mi Pad 5 Pro;
Supported notebook: implemented by Xiaomi Miaoxiang, recommended to use Xiaomi notebook Xiaomi Book Pro 14 OLED 2022, Xiaomi Book Pro 16 OLED 2022. More mobile phones and notebooks are being adapted one after another.
Xiaomi Miaoxiang function introduction can be found on the official website: https://home.miui.com/
3. The IP54 protection level is suitable for the earphone body and the earphone box. Be careful not to prevent hot water, do not wear it in the bath. It is recommended to avoid strenuous exercise to prevent damage due to the penetration of sweat. Splash resistance, water resistance, and dust resistance are not permanent, and
protection performance may decrease due to daily wear and tear. Damage caused by immersion in liquid is not covered by the warranty. (Report number: H202207132545-01-G1)
4. On the Bluetooth setting page, you need to upgrade your mobile phone to the latest MIUI version, and update the Bluetooth version to the latest version in "Settings-Bluetooth". The supported models are as follows:
Xiaomi MIX Fold 2, Xiaomi 12S Ultra, Xiaomi 12 Pro, Xiaomi 12S Pro, Xiaomi 12, Xiaomi 12X, Xiaomi MIX 4, Xiaomi 11 Ultra, Xiaomi 11 Pro, Xiaomi 11, Redmi K40 Pro, Redmi K40,
Xiaomi 10 Ultra, Xiaomi 10 Pro, Xiaomi 10, Redmi K30S Extreme Commemorative Edition, Redmi K30 Pro, Redmi Note 11T Pro, Redmi Note 11T Pro+. Other models are gradually being adapted.

The function diagram of the headset on the page is a schematic diagram. The product parameters are for reference only. Some parameters of the product may change due to changes in
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