IQOO 11 Pro 16GB+512GB Green

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Length of warranty12 months
Warranty Extension:At promotional terms, up to 24 months (during checkout)
Dual SimYes
Rom:Original China Multilanguage (possible Google Apps)
Processing time for warranty service from6 weeks
Processing time for warranty repair to12 weeks
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Product description

iQOO 11 Pro
  • 200W high-performance flagship
  • 2K 144Hz E6 full sensor screen
  • The new "performance iron triangle"
  • 2nd Generation Snapdragon 8 | LPDDR5X | UFS 4.0
  • Self-developed chip V2
  • "E-sports core" | "Image core"
  • 200W ultra-fast flash charging
  • Equivalent 4700mAh 5 large batteries
  • Sony customized VCS IMX866
  • bionic imaging system
  • Second-generation ultrasonic 3D wide-area fingerprint
  • Low temperature sense intelligent cooling system


The exquisite design from the inside out, carefully polished by multiple precision processes,
brings double enjoyment of appearance and quality! No matter inside or outside the arena, the pace of exploration never stops, there are more than one side of legends!

  • Ridge middle frame

    The ridgeline middle frame is outlined and shaped at one time, smooth and sharp can be achieved at the same time!

  • CNC high gloss engraving

    The cloud-level characters are CNC high-gloss engraving, highlighting the noble metal texture!

  • Paris hobnail

    The classic Paris hobnail pattern of high-end watches interprets precision, classics and elegance!

  • Silicone Leather

    Silicone leather, creating a comfortable feel and a high-end look!


Precision and heart

The exquisite design from the inside out, carefully polished by multiple precision processes,
brings double enjoyment of appearance and quality! No matter inside or outside the arena
, the pace of exploration never stops, there are more than one side of legends!

  • Fiberglass Base

    Fiberglass substrate, thinner body and better toughness!

  • 3D innovative motherboard architecture

    3D innovative motherboard structure, more durable!

  • One-piece VC

    One-piece VC, protected like a feather armor, and better for heat dissipation!

  • track version
  • Legendary Edition
  • Isle of Man Special Edition

Set foot on the classic track and run
in pursuit of freedom in the mountains!

New Frontiers of Flagship Performance

2nd Generation Snapdragon 8

All four are new, performance leaps

From the core to the cluster architecture, from the CPU to the GPU , the performance of the four cores is collectively innovated, and the
performance is UP! Power consumption DOWN!

  • Running score 1333490 points 1
  • New 64-bit core
  • Cortex-X3 ultra-large core, more 64-bit applications run quickly.
  • New 1+4+3 structure
  • Considering both performance and power consumption, performance scheduling is more flexible and intelligent.
  • New Adreno GPU
  • GFX Manhattan 3.1 test (approximately) 264FPS.
  • TSMC 4nm process
  • High-performance release helps low power consumption and stable frame operation.
  • Brand-new performance Audio-Technica
  • speed and energy consumption optimization go further

2nd Generation Snapdragon 8


35 % CPU performance up to 1


25 %Max GPU performance boost1

storage specification iteration 2

The highest specification supported by the new core

  • 33 %

    Theoretical reading and writing speed increase

  • 8533 Mbps

    Theoretical speed

UFS 4.0 2
speed doubled

  • 100 %

    Sequential read speed boost

  • 46 %

    Energy Efficiency Ratio Improvement

2K 144Hz E6 full sensor screen

Silky control, pleasing to the eye

The high-quality screen presents unbelievably clear details in front of you, and you can
enjoy silky smoothness with a light touch, seductive and pleasing to the eye.

The details of the dark part are vivid


ultra-clear resolution


XDR display

1800 nits

local peak brightness

Both high brush and power saving


refresh rate

LTPO 4.0

Partition Dynamic Refresh

High-quality Samsung OLED
protects both eyes


High frequency PWM dimming

Professional color management system
Self- developed screen color accuracy algorithm

DeltaE≈ 0.30

Film viewing joint laboratory

HDR video display

custom optimization HDR10+ certified

Self-developed chip V2

One core, two functions, perfect for video games

Upgrade the hardware unit for the improvement of AI computing power ; differentiate the design of frame insertion technology to unlock the era of high frame rate ;
carefully select 19 core image algorithms, reshape the chip structure, and comprehensively Improve night shooting ability , truly restore what the human eye
sees , light up the night, and retain the moment.

It is a game core, but also a video core!

Through the motion estimation and motion compensation of the independent graphics chip V2, ordinary frame rate games
can enjoy a high-frame smooth experience that breaks through the native frame rate!

Compared with the original frame, the power consumption of the inserted frame is greatly reduced, the frame rate is more stable, and the game life is longer!

Experience a picture quality close to the original picture quality; game visual enhancements support more interesting and functional filter effects, making it easier to identify opponents.

Boost frame rate mode 3Reduced Power Mode 3Game quality enhancement 3

Through the motion estimation and motion compensation of the independent graphics chip V2, ordinary frame rate games can enjoy a high-frame smooth experience that breaks through the native frame rate!

Compared with the original frame, the power consumption of the inserted frame is greatly reduced, the frame rate is more stable, and the game life is longer!

Experience a picture quality close to the original picture quality; game visual enhancements support more interesting and functional
filter effects, making it easier to identify opponents.

Boost frame rate mode 3Reduced Power Mode 3Game quality enhancement 3

200W ultra-fast flash charge4

Full battery, no need for a "moment"

It adopts dual-cell, ultra-"vehicle-grade" 10C ultra-thin pole piece battery, and three-way charge pump charging
scheme. It can fully charge in 10 minutes4 , which can be charged quickly and last longer. With the gallium nitride mini charger and
1.5m long charging cable, powerful incoming calls at critical moments!

Equivalent 4700 mAh 5 large batteries

Dual cells, more efficient

Convenient Travel GaN Mini Charger

Support up to 65W PD fast charging protocol

Support 50W wireless flash charge7

10W wireless reverse charging

Support UFCS Fusion Quick Charge 6

Support fast charging power of at least 30W

Second-generation ultrasonic 3D wide-area fingerprint

Gently, sesame open the door

The unlocking environment is more tolerant, and the unlocking speed is as fast as 0.2 seconds 8 ; various common codes for going out, such as health codes, scan codes, and ride codes
, can be activated simultaneously and quickly when unlocking with fingerprints.

Low temperature sense intelligent cooling system

Efficient heat dissipation from the inside out , long-term fierce battle, wait calmly

Upgraded VC cooling plate and graphite cooling layer to improve heat dissipation efficiency; equipped with 14 shell temperature detection NTCs to detect body temperature in time and actively dissipate heat;
cooperate with high-power heat-conducting gel process re-optimization and innovative low-temperature sensing aviation aluminum middle frame design, from the inside Outside, the cooling buff superimposes powerfully.

Captures Infinite Possibilities

Sony customized VCS IMX866 bionic imaging system

Sony outsole equipped with self-developed chip V2
Experts join hands to go to a new realm of imaging

The main camera is equipped with Sony's custom VCS IMX866 sensor, and the image performance continues to leap forward. With the self-developed chip V2 and super image algorithm blessing,
the image quality of night scenes, backlight or sports scenes is even better. Dual main camera settings, enjoy the freedom of image exploration.

  • VCS Bionic
    Spectrum Outsole Main Camera
  • 50 million pixels
  • Sony custom VCS IMX866
  • OIS optical image stabilization
  • 150° fisheye super wide-angle lens9
  • 50 million pixels fisheye macro mode
  • professional portrait lens 13 million pixels
  • 50mm golden focal length

Sony custom VCS IMX866 | Bionic spectrum technology

vivid as seen

The new VCS bionic spectrum technology reduces noise and improves color reproduction capabilities, making the original information closer to the spectrum of the human eye.

natural color

More realistic and natural color settings, restore the original color.

4K super-sensing "night vision device"

Easily capture the low light and light up the "stars" of the city for you.

4K HDR video

Improve the dynamic range of the video and restore what the human eye sees. Go explore, right now.

Suspension motion capture

"Zero Latency" Suspended Motion Capture

Equipped with RawEnhance algorithm and motion-adaptive multi-frame fusion technology, noise reduction, freeze-frame ability and picture detail ability are further improved, and
"zero" delay can be quickly captured to capture the moment.

wonderful retrospective

Amazing professional-level "pre-shooting" capability, wonderful playback at any time, frame-by-frame freeze, easy to capture highlight moments.

Night scene dynamic panning

Ultra-high OIS lens tracking capability, micron-level OIS exposure hardware synchronization capability, captures translational subjects, and creates the beauty of light and shadow.

Fisheye mobile time-lapse photography

Watch the big world from a big perspective.

More handy
technology with its own temperature

OriginOS 3

pleasing to the eye, pleasing to the eye, pleasing to the eye

The brand new OriginOS 3 system, the design is based on you and then upgraded!

  • So fast

    Under the intelligent control and deployment of the intelligent computing center, the operating efficiency of the system has soared in all aspects; combined with in-depth human factors research, it brings a lighter, silky, smoother, lasting and smooth user experience.

  • easy to use

    The smooth operation is a more tidy and efficient desktop, easy switching between multi-tasking or focusing on a certain task, and even more exciting "1001 Ai conveniences"!

  • nice

    When the rational design order meets the perceptual design language, it brings a light, clear and comfortable visual experience! Help you create your own personalized experience!

Light and smooth "intelligent calculation center"

Smooth Visual 2.0

The software algorithm realizes the motion blur effect, compensates for incoherence and jerky problems in the animation process, and improves the smoothness of the motion effect of app startup and exit under the 60-frame refresh rate screen, making the visual effect more silky.

In situ resurrection mechanism

The powerful instantaneous computing loading capability enables some closed Apps to quickly recover to the state before they were closed when restarted, which is nothing more than a photographic memory.

Super small window multitasking
stable high frame "small window complete body"

Horizontal screen applications such as watching videos and playing games can be suspended in small windows. The small window can be adjusted at any time through the sidebar, and it can be closed at any time, and can be reduced to a miniature state, without interfering with the game or missing important information...

app split screen

Application widget

small window icon

sidebar widget

Split screen plus small window

A more comprehensive solution for privacy and security , always protected

background sound filter

For audio and video communication in hands-free mode, turn on the voice highlighting function, which can enhance the voice, and at the same time filter the ambient background sound to reduce the privacy risk caused by background sound leakage.

Clipboard Privacy Protection

The clipboard can be read within a 60-minute time limit; the ID number, bank card number, mobile phone number, etc. are screened and protected, and the application is read intelligently.


Product color
  • Legendary Edition
  • track version
  • Isle of Man Special Edition
Physical Specifications (V2254A)
Height:   164.76mm
Width:   75.30mm
Thickness:   Track Edition: 8.89mm
Legend Edition / Isle of Man Special Edition: 9.10mm
Weight:   Track Edition: 213g
Legend Edition / Isle of Man Special Edition: 210.5g 
CPU model
The second generation Snapdragon 8 mobile platform
Number of CPU cores
octa-core processor
CPU frequency
3.2GHz × 1 + 2.8GHz × 4 + 2.0GHz × 3 
CPU bits
64 bit
CPU process
GPU (graphics processing unit) model
Adreno 740
Running memory (RAM)
8GB/12GB/16GB (because the mobile phone system and pre-installed programs occupy part of the storage space, the actual storage space is less than 8GB/12GB/16GB) 
Body storage (ROM)
256GB/512GB (because the mobile phone system and pre-installed programs occupy part of the storage space, the available storage space is less than 256GB/512GB)
RAM type
LPDDR5X Quad Channel
ROM type
battery information
battery capacity
typical capacity: 2350mAh (7.74V), equivalent to 4700mAh (3.87V).
Typical energy: 18.18Wh
Rated capacity: 2275mAh (7.74V), equivalent to 4550mAh (3.87V).
Rated energy: 17.60Wh
Charging Specifications
200W ultra-fast flash charge, support maximum input charging specification 20V/10A, compatible with 20V/6A, 20V/4A, 20V/3.3A, 11V/6A, 11V/5A, 11V/4A, 11V/3A, 9V/2A or 5V /2A
50W wireless charging
Battery Type
lithium battery
OTG reverse charging
*This product adopts double-cell series design:
screen display
Dimensions (inches)
6.78 inches
screen ratio
screen ratio
screen color
1.07 billion colors, P3 color gamut
HDR technology
Support HDR10+ 
screen material
touch screen
Capacitive multi-touch
refresh rate
Up to 144Hz 
Front camera pixels
16 million pixels 
Front camera aperture
Number of rear cameras
Triple camera
rear camera pixels
50 million-pixel VCS IMX866 ultra-clear main camera + 50 million-pixel 150° fisheye ultra-wide-angle macro lens + 13 million-pixel portrait lens
rear camera aperture
f/1.75 (rear main camera), f/2.27 (rear fisheye), f/2.46 (rear portrait) 
rear flash
Anti-shake type
Rear: main camera supports OIS anti-shake, video anti-shake, fisheye lens supports video anti-shake
auto focus
All three rear cameras support AF
zoom mode
Rear supports 30x digital zoom 
shooting mode
Front: portrait, photo, video, micro video, dual-view video;
rear: sports, night scene, portrait, photo, video, micro video, high pixel, panorama, ultra-clear document, slow motion, time-lapse photography, slow time Door, Super Moon, Professional, Jovi Scan, Dual View Video
video recording format
video recording
The rear supports up to 8K video shooting, and the rear slow motion supports up to 1080P
Network parameters
Network Type
Dual SIM
network band
3G WCDMA: B1/B2/B4/B5/B8/B6/B19;
4G TD-LTE: B34/B38/B39/B40/B41/ B42;
4G FDD-LTE: B1/B2/B3/B4/B5/B7/B8/B12/B17/B18/B19/B20/B25/B26/B28/B66;
5G: n1/n2/n3/n5/n7 /n8/n12/n20/n28/n66/n38/n40/n41/n77/n78/n79.
SIM card type
double nano 
Dual card dual standby full Netcom
1. Card slots 1 and 2 can be switched to data cards at will;
2. Support SA/NSA dual-mode 5G;
3. If the data card is a mobile card/Unicom card/radio TV card, the non-data card supports "mobile 5G/4G/2G , China Unicom 5G/4G/3G/2G, Radio and Television 5G/4G, Telecom 5G/4G/2G";
4. If the data card is a telecom card, the non-data card supports "Mobile 5G/4G/2G, China Unicom 5G/4G/3G /2G, Radio and Television 5G/4G, Telecom 5G/4G (VoLTE service needs to be activated, if VoLTE service is not activated, the network cannot be registered).
Music and Audio
music player
Fingerprint recognition
The second-generation ultrasonic 3D wide-area fingerprint (screen fingerprint)
face recognition
Face Wake facial recognition
operating system
OriginOS 3 based on Android 13.0
Support voice, smart vision and other functions
Data Connections
Support WLAN 2.4G, WLAN 5.1G, WLAN 5.8G frequencies; support Wi-Fi 6.
Wi-Fi hotspot
bluetooth transmission
Support Bluetooth 5.3
Bluetooth Audio Specifications
SBC;AAC;aptX;aptX HD;aptX Adaptive;LDAC
Bluetooth Apt-X
USB interface type
USB version
USB 2.0
Headphone jack standard
Yes (including Beidou/GPS/GLONASS/GALILEO)
cloud service
ambient light sensor
Proximity sensor
Electronic compass
other sensors
Solid Gyroscope
Infrared remote control, anti-flicker light sensor
built-in application
social contact
Film and television music
Common tools
Built-in Application Notes
Sina Weibo
Douyin, Kuaishou, Tencent Video
App store, i music, i theme, i housekeeper, file management, game center, cloud service, mutual transfer, vivo browser
Himalaya, Toutiao, e-book
Alipay, Taobao, Dianping, Vipshop,
The above list of built-in applications is for reference only, please refer to the actual built-in applications.


  • The running score data comes from our laboratory. The test equipment is iQOO 11 16GB + 512GB version, and the AnTuTu version is V9.5.1. The data is for reference only. There may be differences in running scores under different memory versions and different test environments; CPU, GPU performance improvement system and the comparison results of the new generation of Snapdragon 8.
  • Comparison of storage specification iteration system and iQOO 3 equipped with LPDDR5 storage; LPDDR5X data system and the comparison results of the previous generation LPDDR5; UFS 4.0 sequential read and write data is the theoretical value of the 256GB version, which is compared with the theoretical speed of the previous generation UFS 3.1 overclocking version Improvement, energy efficiency ratio improvement data is compared with the Samsung UFS3.1 V6 Sovlit version used by the previous generation iQOO 10. The iQOO 11 8GB + 128GB version is UFS 3.1.
  • The game frame insertion function currently supports games such as "Glory of the King", "Onmyoji" and "Cross Fire"; God of Destruction: Immortal. The specific supported games are subject to the actual experience.
  • With the product's official standard charger + data cable, it can support up to 200W ultra-fast flash charging. The actual charging power will be dynamically adjusted as the scene changes. Please refer to the actual usage. The charging data comes from the environmental test of our laboratory. The test environment: the environment and the temperature of the mobile phone are 25℃±1℃. And when the screen is off, it is charged with the product’s official standard charger + data cable; the actual data may vary due to factors such as different test environments, different user charging scenarios, different initial temperatures of mobile phone charging, and long-term battery wear and tear.
  • This product adopts dual cell design: typical capacity 2350mAh (7.74V), equivalent to 4700mAh (3.87V); typical energy 18.18Wh. The rated capacity is 2275mAh (7.74V), which is equivalent to 4550mAh (3.87V); the rated energy is 17.60Wh.
  • UFCS needs to be supported by both the mobile phone and the charger to take effect. Both iQOO 11 and iQOO 11 Pro mobile phones support it, but the included charging head does not support UFCS fast charging for other devices.
  • With a Qi-certified wireless flash charging vertical charger, wireless flash charging up to 50W can be achieved.
  • The unlocking speed of 0.2s is the test result in the bright screen environment.
  • The fisheye ultra-wide angle is 150° (120° after distortion correction), and the pixels of different shooting modes may be different, please refer to the actual situation.
  • "Zero delay" means that the shutter response time is 0, and the delay not exceeding 30ms is the storage time.
  • The mobile phone appearance diagram, mobile phone structure diagram and product effect on the page are for reference only, please refer to the actual product.
  • The data and parameters on the above pages are the test results under the standard environment of our laboratory. The actual situation of the data and parameters may vary slightly due to different test environments and test software.
  • Since some specifications, parameters, and parts of the product may change due to supplier replacement or production batches, our company will update the description on the page in real time according to the adjustment, please check carefully.
  • The sample above has been cropped.
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