Huawei Nova 11 Pro 8GB + 512GB Green

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Product description

HUAWEI nova 11 Pro 

HUAWEI nova 11 Pro
HUAWEI nova 11 Pro
Be inspired, Be nova
60 MP Front Ultra Portrait Dual Camera⁠1 | Durable Kunlun Glass | 100 W HUAWEI SuperCharge Turbo⁠2

HUAWEI nova 11 Pro product highlights
HUAWEI nova 11 Pro product highlights
HUAWEI nova 11 Pro product highlights
HUAWEI nova 11 Pro product highlights
HUAWEI nova 11 Pro product highlights
60 MP Front Ultra Portrait
Dual Camera⁠1
  • 50 MP Ultra Vision Photography⁠3
  • Durable Kunlun Glass
  • 100 W HUAWEI
  • SuperCharge Turbo⁠2
  • 120 Hz Flawless OLED
  • Curved Display⁠4
  • EMUI 13, Seamless AI Life
HUAWEI nova 11 Pro nova monogram vegan leather design
nova Monogram Vegan Leather Design
Introducing the industry's first debossing process for vegan leather, HUAWEI nova 11 Pro offers a refreshed, moderately luxurious feel with a delicate, soft texture that's comfortable to the touch. The eye-catching Super Star Orbit Ring adds a touch of brilliance.
HUAWEI nova 11 Pro Black
HUAWEI nova 11 Pro Green
Wow! What a Look!
Featuring Huawei's first Display Turbo technology, the 6.78-inch⁠5 Flawless OLED Curved Display delivers exceptional performance. With support for HDR photo display and AI-enhanced ultra-HD image quality, every detail is brought to life. The P3 wide colour gamut and 1440 Hz high-frequency PWM dimming⁠6 ensure pleasant viewing that's easy on the eyes.
HUAWEI nova 11 Pro 120Hz OLED Curved Display
  • 120 Hz High Refresh Rate⁠4
  • 2652 × 1200 Resolution
  • 1440 Hz High-Frequency
  • PWM Dimming⁠6
  • P3 Wide Colour
  • Gamut Display
  • 120 Hz
nova Meets Kunlun Glass
Packed with HUAWEI Kunlun Glass that has received the five-star glass drop-resistance certification from Switzerland's SGS, the phone now boasts a 10x increase in overall drop resistance.⁠7
HUAWEI nova 11 Pro durable Kunlun Glass
HUAWEI nova 11 Pro durable Kunlun Glass
Dare to Capture Moments
HUAWEI nova 11 Pro 60MP Front Ultra Portrait Dual Camera
60 MP Ultra-Wide
Autofocus Front Camera
4K Image Quality⁠8Full-Pixel Precise Focus100° Ultra-Wide Angle⁠9
HUAWEI nova 11 Pro 60MP Front Ultra Portrait Dual Camera
8 MP Close-Up
Portrait Front Camera
2x Optical Zoom5x Digital Zoom
HUAWEI nova 11 Pro 60MP Front Ultra Portrait Dual Camera
HUAWEI nova 11 Pro 0.7x–5x Zoom
HUAWEI nova 11 Pro 0.7x–5x Zoom
HUAWEI nova 11 Pro 0.7x–5x Zoom
0.7x–5x Zoom
The 60 MP Dual Autofocus Front Camera⁠1 features a 50 mm focal length, ideal for taking portraits. With a full zoom range from 0.7x to 5x, this camera captures captivating group selfies and close-ups that highlight each subject's beauty.
HUAWEI nova 11 Pro front bokeh portrait
Outstanding Beauty of Portraits
Thanks to the XD Portrait algorithm, the background is naturally blurred, making portrait shots even more stunning and bringing your subject into sharper focus.
HUAWEI nova 11 Pro front Ultra-Wide group selfies
Groupfies Made Fun and Easy
Take flawless group selfies with our 100° ultra-wide angle lens,⁠9 which ensures every face to be captured in exquisite detail.
HUAWEI nova 11 Pro 50MP Ultra Vision Camera
8 MP Ultra-Wide
Macro Camera
112° Ultra-Wide Angle⁠92 cm Macro Shooting⁠10
HUAWEI nova 11 Pro 50MP Ultra Vision Camera
50 MP Ultra Vision Camera
RYYB Colour Filter ArrayQPD Full-Pixel Precise Focus
HUAWEI nova 11 Pro 50MP Ultra Vision Camera
Laser Focus Sensor
HUAWEI nova 11 Pro 50MP Ultra Vision Camera
10-Channel Colour
Temperature Sensor
HUAWEI nova 11 Pro 50MP Ultra Vision Camera
Portraits that Shine at Night
Thanks to the 50 MP capability, RYYB Colour Filter Array and the XD Portrait algorithm, your portraits will stand out with sharpness and vividness even at night.
HUAWEI nova 11 Pro low light portrait
Natural Bokeh, Spectacular Portraits
Capture expressive night portraits that radiate with refined subject clarity and natural background blur.
HUAWEI nova 11 Pro street scene bokeh portrait
Capture Fast
Action Shots
AI Snapshot helps you capture dynamic moments with precision and speed, owing to the advanced Laser Focus, QPD Full-Pixel Precise Focus, and zero-delay shutter technology.
HUAWEI nova 11 Pro AI Snapshot
Wonder in Wide
Angle Macro
Delve into the fascinating world of macro photography with our macro camera that features a 112° ultra-wide angle⁠11 and a shooting distance of as close as 2 cm.⁠10
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