OPPO PAD Air 6GB+128GB Grey

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Length of warranty 12 months
Warranty Extension: At promotional terms, up to 24 months (during checkout)
Rom: Original China Multilanguage (possible Google Apps)
Processing time for warranty service from 6 weeks
Processing time for warranty repair to 12 weeks
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OPPO Pad Air

thin and powerful
2K HD eye protection screen|Learning space|Enjoy audio and video
  • Ultra-thin and trendy appearance
    Sunset Dune Texture, 6.94mm Slim Metal Body
  • 2K HD eye protection screen
  • 10.36 inches, 1 billion colors, double certified strength eye protection
  • 7100mAh large battery
    With 18W fast charging, fast blood recovery and worry-free battery life
  • Smart multi-window tasks
    Two-finger split screen丨Parallel windows丨Smart sidebar
  • Dolby Sound Immersion
    Four speakers + Dolby Atmos, shocking audio and video experience
  • Learning space accompanies growth
    Remote guardianship for parents, immersive learning experience
  • Smart stylus for free writing
    Ultra-low latency, restore the real feel
  • Mobile and tablet interconnection
    Cross-screen interconnection丨Shared clipboard
    file drag and drop丨One-click mobile phone distribution network
Balancing technology and beauty
Sunset Dune Tide Design¹
When the texture of the sunset dune is combined with the streamer crystal diamond technology, the flowing fine sand seems to have life, telling the long years in the light and shadow, and slowly blooming in every square inch. The thin and light metal body hides the light and shadows, the delicate touch does not stick to fingerprints, and the precise arc fits the palm of the hand, making it more comfortable to hold.
Star Silver:
The beauty full of rationality and elegance, like the stars scattered in the sky, condensed into a dream towards the future and awakened the unknown charm.
fog grey:
With its own calm and wise attributes, it opens up a road of exploration in the imaginative world of science and technology. The future is far away but also very close.
5-layer process design
Lightweight and comfortable to hold
6.94mm thin thickness, 440g light weight², no burden to carry around.
The floating screen with 8mm ultra-narrow bezel makes the vision thinner and more flexible.
Carefully designed and polished again and again, so that the product has its own pleasant feeling.
  • 6.94mm _
    Slim thickness
  • 440g _
    light weight
Powerful performance, productivity guaranteed
Bigger vision, more exciting
2K high-definition screen, 2000x1200 high resolution, clearer picture quality and more delicate colors.
8mm ultra-narrow bezel design, 83.5% screen-to-body ratio³ , enjoy immersive entertainment audio-visual experience.


10.36 inches⁴
  • 2K
    2K HD eye protection screen
  • 2000x1200 high resolution
  • 8 mm
    8mm ultra-narrow bezel
  • 83.5 %
    83.5% screen-to-body ratio
  • 1 Billion Colors Displayed⁵
  • Eye protection double certification
  • Automatic brightness adjustment 2048 levels
Shock the panoramic sound and hear the beauty of the sound
The four speakers are symmetrically distributed, and the 0.8cc sound chamber and 1W full-range speakers allow the sound to linger freely around, creating a fluid audio-visual experience; Dolby Atmos 360° three-dimensional surround, bringing clear, full, detailed and deep sound Shocking sound.
Large-capacity battery
to meet the power required for office and entertainment
  • 7100mAh _
    Large battery⁶
  • 18W _
    Fast charging, support PD charging protocol
  • Over 15 hours of continuous video conferencing
  • Over 12 hours of movie watching⁷
Powerful performance to unlock production creativity
Qualcomm Snapdragon® 680 mobile platform, stronger performance and lower power consumption, ready for office and study, easy to deal with video and entertainment, making work, study and entertainment more calm.
ColorOS for Pad
Everything is more efficient⁸
Parallel windows,
multi-layer menus can be done in one screen⁹
It supports the simultaneous display of two-level pages in one application, and the multi-directional browsing is clearly hierarchical, which is convenient for quick reference.
Efficient split screen,
multitasking at will¹⁰
Swipe down with two fingers to instantly split the screen and open multiple applications at the same time to meet the efficient collaboration between office and instant communication scenarios.
Smart sidebar
to make office more efficient
Quickly pull out a convenient floating window in the smart sidebar at any time, and record all inspirations at any time.
Super recording,
a good helper for efficient meetings
Recordings are marked with a variety of markers to quickly locate key information when reviewing or organizing recordings. Generate/export Word documents with one click.
Cross-screen interconnection, seamless collaboration is more convenient
Connectivity across screens¹¹
The mobile phone screen can be mirrored to the tablet, supporting reverse control, text input, and efficient sharing.
shared clipboard
File drag and drop¹²
One-click mobile phone distribution network¹³
happy learning
healthy lifestyle
A healthy learning space for children¹⁴
A learning application specially designed for children aged 0-12, including core functions such as parental guardianship, health guardianship, and peer self-study, providing children with an integrated and immersive learning experience.
  • Parental Protection¹⁵
    Password setting, time management, application permission management, and support for parents to view and manage WeChat remotely.
  • One-click configuration
    Loose mode, normal mode, and self-discipline mode can be configured with one button to accompany children to study.
  • Peer study¹⁶
    Take self-study together with peers to make learning and communication more convenient and enjoyable.
  • multi-child mode
    Switch the learning materials of different children (up to 5) to synchronize their learning progress.
  • Online Inspector
    Online supervising, accompanying reading, and cultivating independent study habits.

Intelligently recognizes the child's sitting position¹⁷ , screen distance, dark light environment, etc., and reminds you in time.
Self-adaptive eye protection screen, intelligently adjusts screen brightness; 578 levels below 20nit provide a comfortable experience even in low light environments.
Health guard
German Rheinland Low Blue Light Certification + National Eye Engineering Center Evaluation, double eye protection¹⁸ .
The best partner to awaken creativity
Supports Smart Stylus¹⁹ and Smart Bluetooth Keyboard²⁰
OPPO Zhimei Life Smart Stylus
For OPPO Pad Air
OPPO Zhimei Life Smart Bluetooth Keyboard
For OPPO Pad Air
3500+ application adaptation

OPPO Pad Air

  • Ultra-thin and trendy appearance
  • 2K high-definition eye protection screen
  • 7100mAh large battery
  • Dolby sound immersion enjoyment of
  • smart multi-window tasks Free
  • learning space accompany growth
  • Smart stylus free writing
  • Mobile phone tablet interconnection
OPPO Pad Air

Fog Gray | Star Silver

size and weight


About 245.08mm


About 154.84mm


About 6.94mm (fog gray, star silver)


About 440g (fog gray, star silver)

*Remarks: Dimensions may vary due to configuration, manufacturing process, and measurement methods


RAM capacity + ROM capacity

4GB + 64GB | 4GB + 128GB | 6GB + 128GB

RAM Specifications

LPDDR4x @ 2133MHz 2×16bit

ROM specification


storage card

Support, up to 512GB

OTG data transfer


*Actual usable capacity is reduced and varies due to many factors. Since the operating system occupies part of the memory (RAM), the actual usable space is less than the indicated memory capacity, and the installed operating system and pre-installed programs occupy part of the flash memory (ROM) , the actual available storage space is less than the flash memory capacity.



10.36 inches (diagonal)

screen ratio



2000 × 1200

refresh rate


color gamut


pixel density



360nit (typ.)



8 million (f/2.0); FOV 80°; supports CAF


5 million (f/2.2); FOV 77°; FF

Shooting mode

Rear shooting mode: video, photo, portrait, panorama, time-lapse photography, super text
landscape mode does not support panorama

Front-facing shooting mode: video, photo, portrait, time-lapse photography

video shooting


video support zoom


1080P/720P@30fps, default 1080P@30fps (beauty enabled by default)

Processing platform

Qualcomm Snapdragon® 680 Mobile Platform (SDM680)


8-core, 64-bit processor, 2.4GHz


Adreno™ 610@1115MHz


battery capacity

7000mAh/27.09Wh (nominal value)
7100mAh/27.47Wh (typical value)

fast charging

Supports 18W fast charging and supports PD charging protocol


face recognition



Geomagnetic induction, light sensor, acceleration sensor, gyroscope, Hall sensor, support step counting function

Data function

WLAN function

Support Wi-Fi 5 (802.11ac), 802.11a/b/g/n/;
WLAN 2.4G/WLAN 5.1G/WLAN 5.8G;
support WLAN Display; WLAN tethering


Bluetooth V5.1, BLE

Data interface

USB Type-C

headphone jack


operating system

Based on Android 12

packing list

Host × 1
Data Cable × 1
Charger × 1
Quick Start Guide × 1
Warranty Card × 1
Pin × 1

1. On the basis of continuing the surface streamer crystal drilling process, OPPO Pad Air adopts the hot pressing process to achieve 3D texture, breaking through the 2D boundary to express the uniqueness of vision and touch; Showing the depth of the dunes in the middle of the night, "star silver" is matched with the gradient coating process to achieve the halo effect of different colors at different angles, which is the warm color of the dunes before sunset; the final effect of the product may have individual differences, bringing different Color and detail performance, the picture is for reference only, please refer to the actual product.
2. The thickness and weight of the fuselage are based on OPPO laboratory data. The actual size of the fuselage may vary due to manufacturing processes and measurement methods.
3. The screen ratio measurement data standard is: screen display area/total screen panel area of ​​the whole machine.
4. The display screen is designed with rounded corners, and the diagonal length is 10.36 inches. Please refer to the actual product.
5. 1 billion colors refers to 10bit color depth (8bit hardware specification, 2bit is software algorithm extension), the number of colors that can be displayed is 2^10 * 2^10 * 2^10, which is about 1.07 billion.
6. The equivalent capacity of the OPPO Pad Air battery is about 7100mAh (typical). This model supports 18W fast charging. In order to ensure the safety of users, the battery has been specially encrypted. If there is a need for battery repair and replacement, please be sure to go to the OPPO official customer service center to repair and replace the genuine battery.
7. The battery life data involved here are all from the OPPO laboratory and supplier test data. The actual situation may vary slightly depending on the test software version, specific test environment, and specific version.
8. OPPO Pad Air has been further optimized for horizontal screen. Through the horizontal screen adaptation of the software interface, it brings a better user experience to users, including but not limited to the following functions: large-screen games, large-screen movie viewing, large-screen finance, Custom input method. The scope of adaptation software will gradually increase through subsequent OTAs.
9. The parallel window function supports opening the secondary page of a single application on the main screen at the same time. Only some applications support this function. The specific adaptation depends on the application and will be continuously updated in the future. The function effect is for illustration only. Please refer to the actual product for application support and functional interface.
10. Through the two-finger split screen function, you can open two applications on the home screen at the same time, and support some applications to drag and drop videos and pictures in the gallery to another application. You can also drag the handle in the middle of the screen from the sidebar to adjust the proportion of the screen occupied by the apps on both sides. The range of adaptation software will gradually increase.
11. Most models of mobile phones upgraded to ColorOS12.1 or above can support the cross-screen interconnection function. The actual software version details shall prevail. Please refer to the official announcement of ColorOS for the upgrade plan.
12. Currently, the file drag and drop function is only supported in WeChat and QQ. When this function is used in other third-party applications, the dragged file will be directly transferred to the file manager.
13. This feature is not limited to OPPO phones, most Android phones support it.
14. This function needs to be used in the application of the learning space and is supported under the learning space interface.
15. This function needs to be set and enabled in the application of the learning space, supported under the learning space interface, and supports remote management in the WeChat Learning Space Assistant applet on the mobile phone, including usage time statistics and management, in the remote management application use range and Close the app.
16. This function needs to be used in the "Learning Space - Companion Self-study" function of the OPPO tablet. After the trial self-study time is used up, you need to pay for additional usage time.
17. This function is only enabled in the Learning Space app, and some health guard functions need to be manually enabled for the first use.
18. Obtained the German Rhine low blue light certification and the evaluation of the National Eye Engineering Center. They are not medical devices and have no therapeutic function.
19.1 The OPPO Zhimei Life Smart Stylus (hereinafter referred to as the Stylus) needs to be purchased separately and must be equipped with a detachable battery before use; the stylus will come with an AAAA battery when it is purchased. If the battery needs to be replaced, it needs to be purchased separately. The actual battery life of the stylus will vary due to different usage environments, removable batteries and individual differences in the stylus.
19.2 On-screen shorthand When the tablet is turned on and off-screen, tap the screen with a stylus to wake up the screen and enter the note interface. This feature needs to be pre-opened in the stylus settings.
19.3 Clear handwriting can be displayed with 5 grams of pressure. When the pressure exerted by the tip of the pen touches the tablet screen reaches 5 grams, the relevant application software interface of the tablet will display handwriting.
19.4 OPPO Zhimei Life Smart Stylus adopts the WGP protocol and is suitable for OPPO Pad Air products, but cannot be used for OPPO Pad; at the same time, OPPO Pencil cannot be used for OPPO Pad Air products.
19.5 The stylus has been combined with WPS and Yunji for handwriting status adaptation and related writing tuning. Users can control and switch erasers, brushes, etc. by clicking the buttons of the Wisdom Life stylus. More applications will be supported in the future.
20. OPPO Zhimei Life Smart Bluetooth Keyboard (hereinafter referred to as the Bluetooth keyboard) is designed and manufactured by Rapoo Technology and is suitable for OPPO Pad Air and needs to be purchased separately.
21. The above accessories (stylus and bluetooth keyboard) need to be purchased separately. If necessary, you can buy it in the OPPO official mall, offline stores or the official stores of various e-commerce platforms.
22. All models of OPPO Pad Air support external expansion TF card (MicroSD). The maximum capacity of TF card is 512GB, which needs to be purchased separately.
23. Product pictures are for reference only, please refer to the actual product. The data displayed on the entire site are all OPPO laboratory data and supplier test data. The actual situation may vary slightly depending on the test software version, specific test environment, and specific version, and is for reference only.
24. The product interface content (including but not limited to UI and background) displayed on the whole site is only for function display. Each function belongs to different software versions. The launch time and region of different software versions are different. Please use the actual version function and the interface shall prevail.
25. We will continue to work hard for product function development. Therefore, the product interface content (including but not limited to UI, background) and functional characteristics and functional data displayed on the whole site may change. OPPO official website may update all content on the site-wide display page in real time. . In the event of the above situation, we will not make any special notice. The final interpretation of the above statement content belongs to OPPO.
This product has passed China RoHS conformity assessment
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