Managing cookies

The engine of our shop uses encrypted cookies to store all user session information:

The data stored in the cookie client

The sign of the
Data_addDate and time of the cookie (in the format yyyy-MM-DD HH: MM: SS).
Id_langID of the selected language.
Id_currencyThe ID of the selected currency.
Last_categoryThe ID of the last visits of product categories.
Ajax_blockcart_displayWhether the block is "extended" or "collapsed".
To watchThe IDs of the last viewed products as a list separated by commas.
Id_wishlistThe ID of the current wish list is displayed in the wish list.
CheckedTOSThe checkbox next to "terms of service" has been selected (1 if and 0 if there is no)
Id_guestThe ID of the visitor is not logged in.
Id_sieciConnection ID of the current session.
Id_customerThe client ID of the user after logging in.
Customer_lastnameThe customer's name.
Customer_firstnameThe name of the client.
Logged onWhether the client is logged on.
PasswdMD5 hash of _COOKIE_KEY_ in config/ and password, with which the client config/ .
emailThe e-mail address that the customer has logged.
Id_cartThe ID of the current shopping cart is displayed in the shopping cart block.
ChecksumChecksum Blowfish used to determine whether the cookie has been modified by a third party. 
You will be logged out, and the cookie will be deleted, if the checksum does not match.

In addition, our online store uses cookies to provide information to the Google system that analyzes traffic on our site

More you can find out directly from Google: