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Best Dual Sim Phones / smartphones Top 10 June 2018

Best Dual Sim Phones / smartphones Top 10 June 2018

Dual Sim has become common today, which has not become common is DSA - that is devices with 2ma GSM antennas that allow receiving 2 calls at once. Most of the devices are Dual Sim Standby, or phones with one antenna, but allowing you to redirect numbers so that you do not lose any conversation.

We present Top 10 devices for June 2018, so they are:


  1.       1. Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S Dual Sim


A refreshed version of the popular model, has the latest Snapdragon 845 processor, no notch what can enjoy and a pretty good camera scoring 97 points in the DxO ranking. Maybe there is a lack of water resistance, but there is no shortage of memory - 6 or 8GB RAM and 64 or 128GB of ROM memory. We have 2 versions - from Europe and Asia (the latter is much cheaper) - both are International

  1.       2. Huawei P20 PRO Dual Sim

               It is much more expensive than our winner, but thanks to the innovative camera it is worth paying attention to. He obtained 108 points in the DxO ranking, hence competition. Unfortunately, he does not record 4K with stabilization. It also occurs in the 256GB version, but unfortunately not available (so far) with us. He could have a faster processor - the Kirin 970 is somewhere between last year's Snapdragon 835 and this year's Snapdragon 845 (nearer the slower one, it's waterproof, it has stereo speakers.

  1.      3. Samsung Galaxy S9 + / S9 Dual Sim

Samsung ... but expensive like Apple. Camera at the level between Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S and Huawei P20 Pro. Records 4K with stabilization. It has an efficient Exynos 9780 processor, but then the memory is only 64GB or sometimes 128GB. When you want a version with 128 or 256GB of memory - you have to take the one with the processor Snapdragon 845 - a bit slower, but more energy-saving (only in S9 +). Beautiful and bright amoled screen, waterproof, has stereo speakers. Curiosity - it measures not only the pulse, but also the pressure. Check out all the variants S9 and S9 + with us, we have 64, 128 and 256GB :)

  1.       4. LG V30 + Dual Sim

The plus version has more memory and inductive charging. Although this model has last year's processor, there is no difference in everyday operation between newer models. Beautifully in your hand, thin, neat. The camera according to DxO lies, but it does not lie completely, although S8 and S9 are probably doing better photos. Catching up with the DAC codec, if you're looking for a Dual Sim smartphone and for Audio - it's one of the best choices. It has AMOLED screen and is Waterproof. Oh, the V30 + version is available only with us, only V30 64GB is officially on the Polish market.

  1.      5. OnePlus 6 Dual Sim


It is only 5th place because it is expensive, more expensive than eg Mi Mix 2S and it does not offer much more. It has an amoled screen and, unfortunately, notch, the latest Snapdragon 845, from 6 to 8GB of RAM. The camera has not yet been rated by DxO but performance is yes - and it reigns in antutu. There is no water resistance, although the housing contains seals pointing to it. Interestingly, if you take an invoice, it is more profitable to buy from us than on Oneplus.


  1.     6. Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Dual Sim

Almost a year on the market, but still on the podium, good camera, good processor (64 GB version has Exynos, 128GB and 256GB versions - Snapdragon) 6GB Ram. Powerful AMOLED screen with excellent maximum brightness. The device also has an iris scanner like the Galaxy S8 and S9. It's waterproof. We have all memory versions.

  1.      7. HTC U11 Plus

A little extended version of U11, probably the answer to the competitors of "Frames". But quite successful, good camera, stereo speakers, last year's processor - Snapdragon 835, but it's fine. The device is waterproof and, as is usually the case with HTC - very good.


  1.     8. LG G7 ThinQ

We have mixed feelings about it, mainly due to the older camera matrix, but ... it has such good optics that the first tests show that it competes boldly with S9 / S9 +. Maybe he will jump in the next ranking. It has an LCD screen with a note, a powerful processor Snapdragon 845 with 6GB RAM. It has 64GB in Poland, but we will probably sell the 128GB version. It has a DAC codec, so it has a good sound. The housing is waterproof.


  1.      9. Samsung Galaxy S8 / S8 +

Last year's telephones, but they give advice. The Exynos 8895 or Snapdragon 835 processor (if you want to have more memory - only S8 + - 128GB). A high-quality camera, an iris reader is sometimes useful. The price level of the smaller model is currently LG V30, but this one is much slimmer. If we are already comparing with the LG V30, it probably wins the quality of the photos. The housing is waterproof. We have all variants of this model -Sapapdragon, Exynos, 4GB RAM, 6GB RAM etc.

  1.     10.Blackberry KeyOne Dual Sim

Hmm, the controversial model - at this price he lacks a powerful processor, but for writing texts - it's enough. Nadszy writes great - has an irreplaceable QWERTY keyboard - yes, yes, hardware. The data protects the modified by Blackberry android - and therefore fits the korpo. Nice camera, but for a processor, not for the price ... Well, the original, we give him a chance in the statement. Oh, the keyboard is clickable and tactile, which means it also serves as a touchpad.

So that's how it looks, how you like this ranking, leave info in the comments.


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