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Smartphone evolution, are you ready for it? Galaxy Fold
Jacek Bludiode Blog Home
Smartphone evolution, are you ready for it? Galaxy Fold

Unchanged form of smartphone keeps it’s way since around 15 years (this could be discussion issue though). But as precursor of modern smartphones we choose HTC Magician released in 2004. Since then smartphones went through long way, and nowadays, most of you, visit our webpage through smartphone (over 60% of you). Computers with “Big” Windows system are going to be forgotten? Well, till now it were no chance for that, at least when you were considering more complex tasks as video editing, work in excel, or programming - these were needing big screens. Devices like Galaxy Fold can change it though. Big screen, folded into the form of typical smartphone form. That sounds nice. Every year faster processors being capable to beat in performance mid-range laptops. More memory, better cameras, better batteries. We will not describe new Galaxy Fold in this article, as you may already know it. It’s just Samsung’s S10/Note 10 hardware with new form-factor folding screen device. So we have in it Snapdragon 855 chip, 12GB of RAM, Triple main camera setup (12mpix wide+ 12mpix ultra-wide and 12mpix portrait one) supported by another 3 selfie cameras. We got 4380mah battery closed in aluminum frame housing. Ouh, and yes, 2 screens – one outside, to answer the phone, make quick notes, and bigger, tablet-size 7.3". For this new form you need to pay a lot, unfortunately not adequate to what you are receiving – another conventional biggest Samsung Galaxy device is currently Note 10+ and with his 6,8” he cost less than 40% than Galaxy Fold that have only 0,5" bigger screen. You really need to have Galaxy Fold to buy at this moment. Don’t forget that is also much more fragile than conventional smartphones. Well, but as always, newest technology cost expensive. With time, price suppose fall a little. GALAXY FOLD AT BLUDIODE.COM

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