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Next Generation 7.12-inch “Pearl Screen”*1
Next Generation
“pearl screen”
Over 90%
Screen-to-body Ratio
TÜV Eye Comfort Certified Smartphone*5
March into the age of Eye Care 2.0*6 with TÜV Eye Comfort Certification. Designed with optimal photobiology safety in mind, HONOR 8X Max’s display features blue light screen filtration and adaptive screen brightness capabilities to reduce damage caused to the eyes by long-term use of mobile phones.
Maximized Visual Experience with
Superb In-Hand Comfort
Unrivalled in terms of in-hand comfort and visual experience, HONOR 8X Max is ergonomically designed, with a traditional 6.3-inch screen feel*4. The sleek double-texture design creates dual light beams on the 3D curved glass back breathing a new life in smartphone aesthetics.
Make Sound Come Alive with Dolby’s
Atoms Dual Stereo Speakers
With external volume recorded at 80 dB/30cm*4, the dual stereo speakers built with a dual-amplifier structure delivers uniform sound field coverage to deliver superb audio experience. Applying Dolby Atoms technology*3, HONOR 8X Max offers 360 degrees surround-sound effect which boosts your audio experience to the next level, allowing an extraordinary entertainment experience flowing with breathtaking realism.
Dual Stereo Speakers
Dolby’s Atmos Surround-Sound
Hands-free Dual Speaker
Durable 5000mAh Smart-Saving Battery*2
A massive 5000mAh battery*2 coupled with Smart Power Saver to boost battery standby time by more than 5% *4. HONOR 8X Max’s battery has been tested to last 1.54 days*4 for heavy usage users, whereas for normal users*4, the device supports 20 hours of continuous video-streaming, 12 hours of game-playing, 72 hours of music-streaming and 15 hours of karaoke entertainment*4.
Durable 5000mAh Battery Life*2
Smart-Saving Battery
Robust Snapdragon 660 or 636 Processor
with Flexible Storage
Powered by the Snapdragon 660 or 636 eight-core processor, the HONOR 8X Max delivers an accelerated mobile gaming experience to ensure smoother and more immersive enjoyment, With 4GB RAM to enable smooth multi-tasking, the 128GB storage option can easily store more than 300 episodes*7 of the best drama shows. Featuring a triple-memory card slot you can further enlarge the storage size up to 256GB.
Snapdragon 660 Processor
Flexible Storage
Triple-Memory Card Slot
AI-Powered 16MP Dual-lens Camera
High Definition Setup
Featuring AI photography with advanced image processing and real-time recognition of 500 scenarios in 22 categories, HONOR 8X Max enables you to effortlessly capture professional-quality images with astounding clarity, detail and vibrancy.
Real-time Recognition
16MP + 2MP
Dual-lens Rear Camera
8MP AI-powered
Camera for Beautified Selfies
HONOR 8X Max Real Shot Photos
Vivid Visual Experience with Extensive Display
Enhanced video quality and superior color saturation to zoom in on details. Upon activation of the nigh light display featuring a display with minimum 2nit*4, HONOR 8X Max adjusts screen brightness for a comfortable experience in the dark.
Night Light
Sunlight Display
9V 2A Super Charging,
OTG High-Speed
Reverse Charging
Support 9V 2A Super Charging and OTG High-Speed Reverse Charging. Connected by an OTG cable*8, reverse charging conveniently doubles the power on your phone as a power bank, allowing you to enjoy additional 40 minutes*4 of talk time with every 10 minutes of reverse charging.
9V 2A Super
OTG High-Speed
Reverse Charging
Simplified Layout on
Extensive Screen for
Enhanced Visual Display
An extensive screen enables enhanced visual display with larger logos, fonts and on-screen items. Temporarily enabling Touch Lock on your Home Screen will prevent accidental touch. With automated alerts and default volume set to the highest level, you will never miss any important message or call.
More Convenient Features
  • AI Shopping – Convenient Scan-to-Shop Experience
  • AI Translator – Real-Time Speech-Text Translation
  • AI Digital Tutor – Quick Homework Solving
  • AI QR Code Reader – Immediate Barcode Recognition
  • Facial Recognition in the Dark
  • Huawei Share – Ultra-High Speed Bluetooth File Transfer
  • Dual 4G Connectivity*11-Simultaneous Game Playing and Voice Calling
  • Anti-Counterfeit Base Station Detector 3.0 – Effectively Blocking Spam and Fraud Messages
Reliable, Superior Quality
Under robust quality control procedures, HONOR 8X Max upholds the highest standards of quality in accordance to internal Device Durability Testing 3.3 benchmarks.
Examples of Device Durability Testing benchmarks:
Repeated on-off power testing (Ensures normal functioning after repeated on-off power testing)
10,000 times
Repeated activation of standby mode (Guaranteeing normal functioning of standby mode)
100,000 times
Power Button Test
200,000 times
Volume Button Test
50,000 times
USB Connector Durability Test
10,000 times
Headphone Jack Durability Test
5,000 times
Fingerprint Sensor Durability Test
200,000 times
Touch Screen Durability Test
800,000 times
Pressure Test
2000 times
Static Pressure Test
70 KG
Thermal Test
Extended Temperature and Humidity Test
Temperature: 55°C/ Humidity 95%
Extended Thermal Cycling Test
*The FullView display smartphone is an industrial concept refers to smartphones sporting a slim frame and high screen-to-body ratio.
*1 “Pearl Screen” refers to a screen with a slim frame, high screen-to-body ratio and thin notch.
*2 Battery capacity is measured in typical voltage.
*3 Dolby Atmos surround-sound technology creates a powerful cinematic experience with sound flowing with breathtaking realism.
*4 All data and benchmark results are based on results from HONOR Lab tests.
*5 Measurements exclude the use of medical instruments.
*6 Eye care 2.0 refers to smartphones with TUV Eye Comfort Certification.
*7 With measurements specific to the 128GB ROM storage size option, videos will be recorded in 355MB 720p HD. Data is based on test results from HONOR’s Laboratory and is subject to variation in storage configurations.
*8 Reverse Charging requires connecting devices with an OTG cable.
*9 Price changes may occur on the website due to system cache and page reload. If any unusual change is detected regarding product price or promotional offers, please contact us immediately for adjustments.
*10 Product and display content images shown are only for illustrative purposes. Actual product features and specifications (including but not limited to appearance, color and size), as well as actual displayed contents (including but not limited to backgrounds, interface and icons) may vary slightly, the actual product shall prevail.
*11 All performance data are theoretical values obtained from HONOR’s laboratory through tests carried out under specific conditions. (For more information on testing conditions, please refer to the aforementioned product details.) Actual performance may vary owing to differences in individual product configuration, software versions, application conditions, and environmental factors. All data is subject to actual usage.
*12 HONOR makes every effort to ensure the accuracy of product information it provides at the time of publication. Subsequent changes to text and images involving product batches, production and supply factors may be made by Huawei/HONOR to ensure that they match the performance, specifications, indexes, and components of the actual products. Due to the unpredictability of device batches and production supply, product information is subject to change without further notice.
2 $294.99 Do $10.00
3 $292.99 Do $21.00
4 $292.49 Do $30.00
5 $291.99 Do $40.00
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