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Google Pixel 4 – who want iPhone android?
Jacek Bludiode Blog Home
Google Pixel 4 – who want iPhone android?

Yes, it’s rather hard to not see visible Google inspiration by Apple’s iPhone when they wanted to have their own smartphones line. And they did succeed, Google Pixel series are known from fastest on the market OS updates, great camera capabilities (they were first to introduce night mode) and… and, well, huge price, bigger than competition. 

Pixel in fact got similiar specs as worth 1/3 of it’s price Xiaomi Mi 9, but Xiaomi got bigger battery and third camera lens. Ouh, we forgot that pixel got fancy face ID cameras, that are much more secure than 2D cameras on the most on the smartphones, when it comes to the security.

So from where’s high price of Pixel devices? Design, branding, it comes straight from google.

So, if you are not an Android developer, you’ll probably wont’ need it

Anyway, you can already buy newest Pixel 4 at our platform:

Google Pixel 4 at

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