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Apple iPhone 11 – price is huge, but quality is prime
Jacek Bludiode Blog Home
Apple iPhone 11 – price is huge, but quality is prime

Apple as every year released their new iPhones. 2019 version is iPhone 11. We are lacking revolutionary changes like it were 2 years ago when iPhone X were released. In fact, iPhone don’t change that much from 2 generations. 

Similar form factor, screen, security locks – FaceID. We got though faster processor – Bionic A13, the fastest mobile processor on the market, beating all competitors Snapdragon 855 and Kirin 990, and Samsung Exynos 9825, and probably… will beat also next generation of them. Yes, apple semiconductors are doing very well. We got 2 iPhone 11 Pro versions – with screen size of 5,8 and 6,5” and one 6,2” iPhone 11 “non pro”. Version Pro packs triple camera setup – wide, superwide and zoom lenses. Version “non pro” have just 2 lenses – wide and zoom. All three iPhones 11 pack same faceID that for unlock the screen uses 3D scan of your face. Because of that, on the top of the screen we got a huge notch.

There are more differences between old and new models. You can read them on the product pages, as those devices are already available to buy at!


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