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Personalized noise reduction, every moment is beautiful
  • Personalized noise reduction
  • Bluetooth 5.2
    low-latency dual transmission
  • Up to 30 hours
    of music playback
  • Three grains
    call noise reduction
  • The depth of noise reduction
    up to 42dB
  • IP54
    dustproof and waterproof
  • Transparency mode
  • Personalized
    sense of hearing
  • OPPO × Tanner
    joint tuning
  • Double tap to shoot remotely
Clarity Sextet
Personalized noise reduction
Next-generation noise reduction technology , customized for your ears
Thousands of worlds, thousands of people and thousands of ears, a single noise reduction solution cannot suit everyone. It took OPPO two years to develop personalized noise reduction 1 technology to eliminate noise reduction deviations caused by differences in human ears. On OPPO Enco Free2, it will perform high-speed measurement according to your ears, and customize the noise reduction curve according to your ears, completely refreshing your noise reduction experience.
Noise reduction depth up to 42dB
Continue to dive and feel the quietness of the deep sea
We have equipped the Free2 with a new three-core noise reduction chip, which greatly improves the noise reduction computing power and achieves a more seamless noise reduction effect. Through the combination of personalized noise reduction and triple-core chips, the maximum noise reduction depth of Free2 can go down to 42dB 2 . Whether you are working, studying or traveling, you can be in peace in the complicated world.
  • music
  • noise
OPPO × Dynaudio joint tuning
Emotions, communicated in music
Born in 1977, the Nordic Hi-Fi brand Dynaudio and OPPO teamed up to adjust the natural original sound for Free2, just to restore the true tone of each key and the touching melody of every pluck, so that everyone who wears Free2 , can really feel the emotions and stories in the music.
Personalized Hearing
Listening to customization, wake up the music
The hearing sensitivity of the human ear gradually decreases with age. Through OPPO's newly developed personalized listening technology 3 , you can customize an exclusive sound compensation scheme for you, allowing you to listen to familiar songs and regain the emotion you heard for the first time.
Transparency mode
Wear headphones and don't miss the bells and whistles
Want to listen to music without missing out on the sounds around you? You don't need to take off the earphones, long press to switch to transparent mode, and you can hear the greetings of friends, the sound of vehicles on the road, and the arrival reminder of the subway.
Three-mic call noise reduction
Every word you say can be clearly conveyed
The worst fear is that the words spoken out will be scattered in the air by the wind. Free2 new upgrade algorithm wind noise, microphone and match three auxiliary call noise reduction, so that call quality has been further improved, even if the wind blew around 4 , end of the line are also clear as surface.
Almighty is more than one side
Bluetooth 5.2 low latency dual transmission
Eyes and ears, no jet lag
Supports Bluetooth 5.2 low-latency dual-transmission technology, and cooperates with system-level delay optimization to significantly improve the use of mid-voice and picture asynchrony, game freezes, interference and disconnection. Whether it is online drama or even a microphone to open the black, the sound is always stable and smooth.
  • Compatible with Android/iOS
    Bluetooth low latency dual transmission 5
  • 47ms
    Lowest headphone latency
  • 94ms
    Full link latency minimum 6
  • Single/Binaural Use
The masters of design are all limited to small sections
  • Shu is uncomfortable, the ear has the most say
    The low-pressure streamline design allows each curved surface to fit gently with the ear. A single ear is as light as 4.4 grams 7 , and even picky ears will be amazed by wearing it.
  • Touch, just right
  • The radian fades out, and it opens with a push
Up to 30 hours of music playback
Easy and easy, endurance marathon
Life fully upgraded, headphone longest music playback up to 6.5 hours, the longest charging the headset with up to 30 hours music playback box 8 , enough to indulge in circulation in a single song.
  • 4 hours

    In noise reduction on mode

    Earphones for longest music playback

  • 6.5 hours

    In noise reduction off mode

    Earphones for longest music playback

  • 30 hours

    In noise reduction off mode

    The longest music playback of the whole machine

IP54 dust and waterproof
Professional protection, by your side
Free2 is professionally designed and certified to IP54 dust and water resistance 9 . Whether you sweat like rain or travel through mountains and rivers, it can protect the earphones and let you listen to songs with peace of mind.
Convenient triple tap
  • touch operation
    Double click, remote control mobile phone to shoot 10
    Just double-click the headset, you can remotely record Vlogs, take big group photos, and there is a new way to take selfies.
    * The picture is only for advertising creative, not shot by OPPO Reno6.
  • Wear induction
    When you pick it up, the music stops with you
    When listening to a song, take off the headset, the music will automatically pause, and then put on the headset, the music will continue automatically.
Open cover flash link 11
Once turned on, the headset is ready
Open the cover, no cumbersome operations, the headset has been automatically connected.
  • Product number

    Headphone ETI71

  • Product color

    Galaxy white, polar night black

  • Product Model-Charging Box


  • sound unit

    10mm moving coil

  • Speaker sensitivity

    103 ±3dB @ 1kHZ

  • Frequency Response Range

    20Hz ~ 20kHz

  • Microphone sensitivity

    -38 dBV/Pa

  • Bluetooth codec


  • Bluetooth version

    BT 5.2

  • Bluetooth effective distance


  • Battery Type

    Rechargeable Li-Ion Battery

  • battery capacity

    41mAh (headphone) /

    480 mAh (charging case)

  • music play time

    (50% volume)

    Noise reduction on:

    4h (headphone) /

    20h (whole machine)

    Noise reduction off:

    6.5h (headphone) /

    30h (whole machine)

  • Charging time*

    1.5h (whole machine)

  • charging port

    USB Type-C

  • Dust and Waterproof Rating - Headphones


  • Net weight - whole machine


  • Personalized noise reduction needs to be enabled on the mobile phone. For some OPPO mobile phones of ColorOS 11.0 and above, you can click "OPPO Enco Free2 > Headphone Function" on the Bluetooth interface of the mobile phone to set. For other Android 6.0 and above models and iOS models, you can download and install the "Huanlu" app and set it up.
  • 42dB is the maximum noise reduction depth after the personalized noise reduction is turned on. The noise reduction data is based on the real test and comes from the OPPO laboratory.
  • Personalized listening needs to be tested on the mobile phone before it can be used. For some OPPO mobile phones of ColorOS 11.0 and above, you can click "OPPO Enco Free2 > Headphone Function" on the Bluetooth interface of the mobile phone to set. For other Android 6.0 and above models and iOS models, you can download and install the "Huanlu" app and set it up.
  • Howling winds mean clear calls at a wind speed of up to 25km/h. The data comes from the OPPO laboratory.
  • Bluetooth low-latency dual transmission is a headset-side technology that is not limited by the chip platform.
  • The 94ms full-link low-latency data comes from the test data when OPPO Enco Free2 is used with OPPO Reno6 in the OPPO laboratory environment. Among them, 94ms is the time from clicking the button on the mobile phone screen to the time when the headset receives the sound, and 47ms is the delay of only the headset end under the same test conditions.
  • The weight of a single earphone is from the OPPO laboratory and may vary depending on the measurement method.
  • The charging and battery life test data are measured using OPPO standard chargers at room temperature (25°C) in the OPPO laboratory. Actual charging and battery life will vary due to different usage environments and individual differences in chargers.
  • The earphone body is suitable for IP54 dustproof and waterproof. It is recommended to avoid using it during strenuous exercise to prevent damage caused by sweat infiltration.
  • Double-click remote shooting supports OPPO Reno6 series, other models, please pay attention to the follow-up OTA upgrade.
  • The pop-up window supports ColorOS 11.0 and above models, and some models need to update "OPPO Wireless Devices" to 3.7.80 and above in the software store (Reno4 SE, Reno2 Z, R15, A series are not supported).
  • The above product materials, product data, etc. are for reference only. Some specifications and descriptions of the products may be changed due to the replacement of suppliers. Please refer to the actual product.

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OPPO Enco Free 2 Negro

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