Huami Amazfit GTS (Black) Internationals Spec

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Possibility to return: Yes, within 14 days
Length of warranty 12 months


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Amazfit GTS

Light and colorful, perfect

Colorful metal watch body | Super retina screen all-weather display | AI automatically detects arrhythmia (including atrial fibrillation)
14 days long battery life *

Note: The battery life is measured under the non-screen all-weather display. For specific battery life conditions and more details, please see the following page.


Clear and delicate visual
341ppi super retina screen

Amazfit GTS breakthroughly uses the industry-leading ultra-retina-level screen, with a pixel density of up to 341ppi, bringing unprecedented clarity and delicate display. Not only that, this new 1.65-inch AMOLED screen has also brought color display to a higher level, 100% NTSC color gamut, ultra-high color saturation, real and vivid display, with transparent and smooth 2.5D curved glass So that every bright screen is as stunning as the first sight.

Stylish square screen, accommodating more information,
custom modular dial, care about what you care about

The stylish square dial brings a larger display area than the same diameter round dial and can carry more information, so we have launched an innovative modular dial that can customize the heart rate, calendar, weather and events you care about Such important information is readily available and readily available. In addition, there are more than 100 beautiful dials such as pointer type and digital type to choose from.

Modular information dial

The key information is displayed in the center, focusing on what you care about; there are 5 custom display content modules around the time display.

Modular pointer dial

Focus on the center time pointer; there are 7 custom display content modules outside, which can view other data in real time.

100 exquisite dials

For screen features side, we have designed a new dial-new 100, including a fine pointer dial, electronic machinery full sense of the dial, as well as Ali, a small pig fart TM , Luo black, save the Queen, bud bear, Liu Duck`s IP custom dial is cute and dynamic. In addition to choosing a variety of dials, it also supports custom dial backgrounds, and you can set your favorite picture as the dial background.

The screen is displayed around the clock,
convenient and beautiful

Amazfit GTS incorporates all-weather display function on the super-retinal AMOLED screen through innovative technology research and development *. No need to raise your hand to brighten the screen, the dial can display the current time, week and exercise step information anytime, anywhere, which is convenient and beautiful.

Note: Turning on the all-weather screen display will reduce the watch`s battery life, and can be turned on and off freely in the watch settings.

Colorful and light metal watch body with
luxurious materials and superb craftsmanship

Amazfit GTS comes in two versions: titanium and aluminum. The titanium version is made of titanium from the watch body to the buttons to the buckle. It is exquisite and luxurious, with a rich texture. It is comfortable and elegant with a fluororubber strap; the aluminum version has 6 A vibrant color scheme with different personalities, colorful and fashionable. The watch body is small and light, and the thickness is only 9.4mm. With the smooth transition of 2.5D curved glass, the whole is exquisite and delicate. No matter which version, you can`t put it down.

Thin and light body, also has 14 days of endurance

Amazfit GTS deeply optimizes the power consumption of the system and various components through the combination of hardware and software. It maintains a slim watch body and brings 14 days of continuous battery life, saying goodbye to frequent charging.

Note: The battery life is affected by various factors, the actual use time may be slightly different from the nominal value.

50 meters waterproof, professional swimming performance

The professional waterproof performance of 50 meters deep, not only does not fear water in daily wear, but also supports multi-scenes swimming wear. When swimming, the watch can automatically recognize the swimming style, record SWOLF value, pace, calorie consumption and other data, powerful performance, accurate analysis of each swimming.

50 meters waterproof
Apply toUnsuitable
Splashing swimming
rain and snow snorkeling
room temperature shower
Scuba diving
high-speed water sports

Note: 1. According to GB / T 30106-2013 / ISO 22810: 2010 standard, waterproof to 50 meters, Amazfit GTS passed the National Watch Quality Supervision and Inspection Center test, report number: QT1908061.
2. In order to maintain a good wearing experience, please wipe dry as soon as possible after the watch soaks in water.

12 mainstream sports modes with
built-in double-star positioning to accurately capture the movement track

Amazfit GTS supports 12 mainstream sports modes, built-in GPS + GLONASS double-star positioning system, accurately capture the movement track; in addition, with a number of professional sensors, comprehensively record body data, scientific analysis, and effectively improve the level of sports.

BioTracker TMPPG sensor
all-day heart rate and activity data monitoring

The watch is equipped with Huami`s self-developed BioTracker TMPPG bio-tracking optical sensor, which can perform 24 hours of uninterrupted high-precision heart rate monitoring, heart rate interval monitoring during exercise, and supports industry-leading automatic detection of arrhythmia (including atrial fibrillation). In-depth understanding of heart health level, early warning of potential heart problems. In addition, there are multi-dimensional health management functions such as sedentary reminder, calorie consumption, sleep analysis, etc., to improve physical health in all directions.


huami-PAI TMhealth assessment system to accurately quantify body status

On the watch, we have introduced a professional huami-PAI TMhealth assessment system. You do n’t need to pay attention to complicated data. You can understand the state of the body more intuitively at a glance, a more concise way, but you can control the health more accurately.

Learn more: What is the huami-PAI TMhealth assessment system?

huami-PAI TMis a revolutionary personal activity indicator. The heart rate value is converted into a more meaningful PAI value through an algorithm, which allows you to more intuitively control your body status.
The * HUNT Fitness Study project has proved that people who continue to keep the huami-PAITM score above 100 have a lower risk of hypertension, heart disease, and type 2 diabetes. So as long as you keep the huami-PAI TMvalue above 100, you can maintain good physical health.
* HUNT Fitness Study: This study was led by Professor Ulrik Wisloff of the Norwegian University of Science and Technology School of Medicine, which lasted 25 years and involved 45,000 participants.

Note: Huami-PAI TM health assessment system is free for a limited time.

NFC gated bus, convenient travel in 300+ cities

Powerful NFC performance, support NFC subway and bus in 300+ cities across the country, and support analog access control card function, so you can easily travel by lifting your wrist. You can also bind Alipay account, even if there is no Internet, you can use the watch to pay offline quickly.

Note: The watch supports 23 bus cards in different regions, covering 300+ cities including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Shenzhen. For details, see the transportation card and city list at the bottom of the page. More other cities will be opened one after another, and specific support routes and discounts for rides are subject to local operating companies.

Product parameters

  • Size

    43.25 X 36.25 X 9.4mm

  • Weight

    Amazfit GTS titanium 27.7g (without strap)
    Amazfit GTS aluminum alloy 24.8g (without strap)

  • Waterproof level

    5ATM, support swimming

  • Screen

    1.65 inches AMOLED, resolution 348 X 442, 341 ppi

  • Touch screen

    Corning Gorilla 3rd Generation Tempered Glass

  • Standard strap type

    Amazfit GTS titanium: quick release fluororubber strap
    Amazfit GTS aluminum alloy: quick release silicone strap

  • Strap width


  • sensor

    BioTracker TM PPG bio-tracking optical sensor
    acceleration sensor
    3-axis gyroscope
    3-axis geomagnetic sensor
    air pressure sensor
    ambient light brightness sensor

  • Positioning


  • NFC

    NFC city bus subway, access control card simulation

  • connection

    BT5.0 BLE

  • battery

    220mAh LiPo

  • charging method

    Magnetic type

  • Theoretical charging time

    About 2 hours

  • Endurance

    Daily use mode: 14 days
    heart rate normally open, sleep monitoring; 150 messages per day push bright screen display, wrist watch time 30 times, NFC swipe 4 times, other operations 5 minutes; exercise 3 times a week , turn on GPS each time to run 30 minutes.
    Basic watch mode:
    Turn off the Bluetooth connection, heart rate and other functions of the mobile phone for 46 days , raise the wrist and bright screen 100 times a day
    GPS. Continuous working time: 25 hours to
    turn on the GPS to record the movement track and turn on the heart rate monitoring.
    Battery life may vary depending on usage, settings and many other factors. Actual results may vary.

  • Body material

    Metal, polymer materials

  • supporting device

    Android5.0 and above, iOS10.0 and above

  • Accessories

    Magnetic charging base, manual

Possibility to return:Yes, within 14 days
Length of warranty12 months
Delivery time from7
The time of delivery to15
Processing time for warranty service from6 weeks
Processing time for warranty repair to12 weeks
Warranty Extension:No

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