VIVO Pad 3 Pro 8GB+128GB Blue

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Location: Asia
Possibility to return: Yes, within 14 days to warehouse in USA / UK or EU
Length of warranty 12 months
Warranty Extension: At promotional terms, up to 24 months (during checkout)
Dual Sim Yes
Rom: Original China Multilanguage (possible Google Apps)
Processing time for warranty service from 6 weeks
Processing time for warranty repair to 12 weeks
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vivo Pad3 Pro

Textured design, exquisite feel

  • All-in-one metal body
  • Delicate matte touch
  • Moire ring ring
  • Classic and elegant color scheme

Cinema audio-visual, immersive audio-visual

  • 3.1K 144Hz super-sensitive primary color display
  • 13-inch 3:2 efficiency screen2
  • HDR Twin Engine
  • 8 Yang panoramic acoustic system

Flagship performance, cool e-sports

  • Azurite × Dimensity 9300 flagship chip
  • A new performance audio-technica
  • Three-dimensional heat dissipation system
  • The game is ultra-clear engine15

Super power, long-lasting battery life

  • 11500mAh super power supply19
  • 66W flash charging
  • Hardware and software power consumption optimization
  • 70 days of ultra-long standby19

Efficient production, unleashing inspiration

  • Large model of blue hearts
  • OriginOS 4 tablet custom system
  • Communication Sharing25
  • vivo Office Suite

The three colors of heaven and earth are considerable.

The 6.64mm slim and simple one-piece metal body has an elegant design, delicate touch, and a large screen
field of vision.

3.1K 144Hz super-sensitive primary color displaySuper sensory screen,
look conquers eyes

vivo Pad3 Pro is packed with advanced display features,
excellent resolution and brightness, ultra-smooth refresh rate and cinematic
colors, and a super retina smooth look.

Ultra-high resolution

3096 × 2064

True color display is natural and delicate

1.07 billion colors

Up to instantaneous touch sampling rate1


Maximum screen brightness


Cinematic wide color gamut


Super resolution touch


Professional-grade color calibration


Esports-grade refresh rate


The picture is real and vivid


Highest touch sampling rate1

HDR Twin EngineBrilliant colors
and transparent light and shadow, take it
to the next level.
SDR2HDRSDR image quality has been upgraded to HDR, and the
picture is more detailed

The self-developed color gamut expansion algorithm enhances the SDR video to a playback effect close to
HDR10, with more vivid colors and more distinct levels of light and dark.

Adaptive HDR10HDR is upscaled for better viewing and
more detailed images

Using a full-dimensional brightness perception processing module, the display screen is still full of color, transparent and clear whether it is in strong light or
when the screen is low.




13 inches 2 3:2 efficiency screenShocking giant screen,
clear magnificence

The 13-inch giant screen has advanced the display area again. 3:2 golden ratio, 89%
ultra-high screen-to-body ratio,Display more images in portrait orientation3。 Watching movies, office and learning, a wide field of vision
, and the details are in sight.

Health and eye care specialist 4Frame by frame eye protection,
real-time protection.
Night cat sleep eye care system

MediaTek has partnered with MediaTek to develop chip-level eye care and support adaptive adjustment of brightness and color temperature
in combination with the professional
retinal brightness comfort human factors model. Even in low-light environments, it is clear and comfortable.


TÜV Rheinland hardware-level
low blue light certification

Ambient sensing

Light sensor
color temperature sensor

Screen adjustments

MTK chip-level frame-by-frame display adjusts
color temperature and adaptively adjusts

Human Factors Design

Retinal brightness comfort human factors model
, color temperature comfort human factors experiment

Chip-level intelligent anti-blue light 2.0

Detects and filters harmful blue light frame by frame, protecting your eyes while maintaining a natural and realistic color

Elder color mode

In-depth research and development by vivo Health Vision Lab, age-appropriate display, real and
comfortable colors.

Anti-fatigue brightness adjustment 2.0

The light on the screen changes dynamically and imperceptibly, relieving visual fatigue.

8 Yang panoramic acoustic systemCinema-level sound field,
full aura.

Four ultra-linear woofers and four tweeters are lined up, with a large sound
cavity volume, which promotes the cinema-like audio-visual effect, and the audio-visual is shocking, as if it were immersive.

High-bass crossover speakers

8 pcs

Extra-large cavity volume5

10.48 cc

Super Audio 5.0

Spatial sound,

The Super Audio 5.0 computational sound created by vivo Golden Ear Acoustics team for tablets
is equipped with 3D panoramic audio
using a sound field widening algorithm, which
can get a spatial audio experience without headphones.

3D panoramic audio6

AI vocal enhancement

Dynamic bass boost

Dynamic volume enhancement

Aquamarine × Dimensity 9300All-large core architecture,
all-round performance climbing.

Equipped with the Dimensity 9300 flagship chip and the support of the blue crystal
chip technology stack, vivo and MTK jointly
explore the performance potential of the 4+4 all-large core architecture. Exclusive tuning of 6 major
brings users a stronger user experience.

blue crystal chip
technology stack


Unfair Scheduling 2.0
is a new generation of Turbo Write7
Deep Defragmentation 4.07


vivo device-cloud collaboration model7
Offline text summarization7
Paint offline7 


Chip-level intelligent blue light
reduction HDR dual-engine
night cat sleeps and protects eyes


Energy Efficiency Core 2.0
Ray Tracing


Wi-Fi E-Save system


Xtra Range 2.0 through-the-wall mode

TSMC third generation


Flagship process technology


2.13 million+

Super high running score8

7th generation AI processor APU 790

Peak performance improvements9

200% ↑

Reduced power consumption9

45% ↓

4+4 all-big-core CPU

Peak performance improvements9

40% ↑

Reduced power consumption9

33% ↓

Immortalis-G720 GPU

Peak performance improvements9

46% ↑

Reduced power consumption9

40% ↓

New performance Audio-Technica
Azulite × Dimensity 9300




Performance Audio-Technica Fast as the wind,
fast as addictive.

On the basis of the Azulite × Dimensity 9300 flagship processor, there is also a combination of LPDDR5X and UFS 4.0 powerful
memory, which makes the task processing power go beyond the next level, and the experience
is smooth to the end.

UFS 4.0 is
blazing-fast flash memory 11

Read/write data and data can be called quickly.

Sequential read speed increased11

100% ↑

Finish copying the 2GB large file12

Powerful storage

Theoretical transmission rate


At most, open PPT continuously without stuttering14

190 pcs

Improved over LPDDR513

17.2% ↑
Cool gaming experience A new experience of large-screen games, attracting people to enter the country.

On top of the flagship performance, it is equipped with many technologies such as the ultra-clear engine for games, ray tracing for games
, and the visual effects and smooth experience are doubled.

The game is ultra-clear engine 15

Shocking visual effects that surpass the original picture quality, you can only play well when
you see clearly. It is not only suitable for FPS national-level mobile games,
but also supports the dual opening of the native file "90FPS+HDR image
quality", bringing a leapfrog gaming experience.

Game ray tracing technology

The tablet debuted "Dark Zone Breakout" PC-level real-time ray
tracing, realistic light and shadow simulation, and teleportation battlefield.

Ultra-high frame rate game adaptation

144Hz high brush screen + 144Hz ultra-high frame game
, adapted to 35 mainstream games, smooth to the end.

Three-dimensional heat dissipation systemThe heat source is in place, and the
high energy is released calmly.

Design a three-dimensional heat dissipation structure, improve the heat dissipation capacity of the core heat source area, and lay out a larger heat dissipation area
. In heavy-duty scenarios such as large-scale games, it can also stay cool for a long time and unleash surging performance.


Three-dimensional heat dissipation structure

Efficient heat dissipation path

High thermal conductivity

Copper cooling matrix

Fixed-point suppression of the core heat source


High-power graphite heat dissipation16

Signal Enhancement SystemIncrease the network speed,
always online, one step faster.
Wi-Fi through-the-wall mode 17

Weak network nemesis, the combination of software and hardware enhances the network, the signal is stronger, the coverage
is wider, and the connection is more stable.

Xtra Range 2.0

A new transmission protocol jointly developed by vivo MTK

Vivo self-developed

Through-the-wall algorithm

and floating multi-mode antenna enhancement technology


Honor of Kings high latency number improved17


Highest penetration of walls17


The number of live broadcasts on Douyin has improved17

Wi-Fi 7 18

Say goodbye to the trouble of
disconnection and slow network in multi-person network scenarios such as offices, schools, and shopping malls, and even family gatherings and multiplayer games.

Dual Wi-Fi connectivity technology

「2*2 2.4G + 2*2 5G DBDC/MLO」


The theoretical peak rate of transmission is increased18

7 times

Bandwidth utilization is increased up to18


The average latency of the interference environment is reduced to a high level18

11500mAh super power supplyHard-core durable power,
70 days of ultra-long standby 19

The vivo Pad3 Pro is equipped with a 11,500mAh ultra-high-capacity
battery and many energy-reducing technologies to achieve an ultra-long
standby time of 70 days, bringing an ultra-long-lasting battery life.

Once fully charged, it will be online for a long time

11500mAh ultra-large capacity battery, super long-lasting power, office and entertainment from morning to night.

Ultra-large capacity dual-cell battery


Flash charging


Watch movies offline20


Conference calls20

High energy consumption and slimming, full of security
Lightweight system

Pure background and smart sleep are optimized
to reduce power consumption.

Wi-Fi E-Save

Reduce power consumption in all scenarios of Wi-Fi data upload,
download, and standby.

Chip-level consumption reduction

In-depth optimization at the chip level,
comprehensively and deeply penetrating all links.

Save screens

The backlight high wear system technology achieves
low consumption under the premise of high light.

Super Search

Native pictures, documents, schedules, atomic notes, native features,
and more can be easily found21

Super Q&A

Support document summary Q&A, massive knowledge Q&A, logical
Q&A, and system function Q&A. The content on web pages, documents and
links can be easily answered by looking at the content, logical relationships and system

Super creations

Generate a structured mind map with one-sentence instructions, which can help complete
creation content such as daily work reports, work summaries, and text polishing, and generate social circle of friends copywriting according to the map.
Wensheng diagrams, diagrams, a sentence or a picture, you can
create high-quality pictures; AI eliminates passers-by, the travel
souvenir screen is broken into by strangers, and the passer-by is eliminated with one click.

Hyper Management

Now, you can set up and operate various
functions in the system through Super Management, such as lowering the screen brightness, and
the system will automatically adjust the operation when you receive the request.

Super interactions

One-click screen recognition, recognize the text on the screen, extract effective
information, and meet various processing needs.
Support voice, text, file drag-and-drop and other methods, interactive
multi-dimensional and easy.

Blue Heart Little V 22Big screen and big wisdom,
a match made in heaven.

Complete state upgrade,
global flexible assistance.

4 major application forms

Full screen, large screen presentation; Split-screen state, reading and writing at the same time; Small
window state, flexible movement; Suspended state, global resident.

3 major call entrances
AI note creation 22Large-screen smart notes,
easy to create.
Smart text generation,
easy co-creation of high-quality notes.

The intelligent capabilities of the Blue Heart model can be directly invoked in Atomic Note to
perform AI text creation, polishing, and rewriting, without the need to
repeatedly jump to different applications,
so as to achieve a more efficient and high-quality text content generation and creation experience.

originostitle.png.webpSilky smooth, faster than you think.

Equipped with the new OriginOS 4 tablet customization system, smooth iron triangle, game office, multitasking
, silky smooth operation response.


Virtual graphics card23


Unfair Scheduling 2.0


Memory Fusion 4.0

(Up to 16GB+16GB)23


Multi-screen collaboration is the same for

Tablets, mobile phones, and computers are multi-screen and cross-terminal interconnected, and the productivity experience
has leaped forward.

Communication sharing, 5G tablet in seconds25
When the tablet is close to the phone, it will automatically connect without feeling. Share phone
calls, text messages, and cellular network capabilities on the mobile phone. Communication sharing consumes less power than mobile phone hotspot
connection26, travel more calmly.


Mobile phone connection, efficiency relay27
Unlock more ways to connect and collaborate with phablets, which is convenient and efficient, and greatly
improves productivity.

In addition to Windows, it also supports Mac
remote control, and the tablet can remotely control the computer to complete document editing, application operations, computer
shutdown and restart28
At the same time, it supports two-way file transfer between tablet and Windows computer, so that files
can be retrieved at any time29

PC co-working30
Log in to the same vivo account on the vivo office suite, connect to
the same network, and automatically connect to nearby devices logged in with the same account to achieve seamless connection under the
near-field network of the device.


Note editing, powerful and efficient
Editable content is more diverse, and supports
adding video and audio in the form of cards;
Efficient file management, support up to 3 levels of folder management, and
quickly switch to subfolders in the notes list.


Handwritten notes, write inspiration at any time
Support handwritten notes, and a variety of convenient creative
functions, create as you like, record inspiration.

Efficient processing of 4 tasks Up
to 2 split screens and 2 small windows, four tasks run
at the same time, unleashing the advantages of large screens, whether it is online class notes, literature
study, exam preparation and brushing, it is not a problem.


Widget card list When
multiple app widgets are suspended in the background, click on the side to make the
widget appear in the form of a zoomed-out preview image, and the shortcut operation is invoked.


Single application and multiple windows
support WPS, WeChat, vivo documents, a single application opens multiple
pages to view, reduce repeated horizontal jump operations, and office chats are

vivo Smart Touch Keyboard 3 Pro6 rows of 79 keys
Professional key design

1.5mm key travel, 19mm key pitch, 16.2mm × 15.3mm
keycaps, both feel and efficiency; Support Windows & Mac
dual system shortcuts, and add shortcuts for common functions, so that
habits can create efficiency.

6527mm² Extra-Large Touchpad
Freedom of control, double the efficiency.

It supports a variety of gestures and controls it easily.

140° stepless support,
easy to cope with multiple scenarios.

It supports multi-level arbitrary adjustment, whether it is office, movie viewing,
or gaming, a variety of scenes are easily accessible.

Pogo pin is connected in seconds, say goodbye to delay
and follow it more.

Magnetic automatic pairing, ready to use, at the same time, the new
Pogo pin communication, say goodbye to Bluetooth delay, make
it faster.

vivo Pencil2Add a
new touch to creativity.
Learn more about >
Magnetic wireless second charging,
you can write with a pen.

Support magnetic charging, charge at any time. Pick it up and write it with your hand
, and convert text input in the input field.

Soft and hard nib,
good for notes and drawing.

It supports 26° wide angle side writing, and provides
both soft and hard nibs for writing and drawing.

Simulate haptic feedback 32,
written naturally and authenticall

For the first time, a linear motor is added, paired with a 4096-class pressure sensor
, providing a realistic writing experience.

Product color
 Spring tide blue
 Thin purple
 Cold Star Gray
Physical Specifications
Height: 289.56mm
Width: 198.32mm
Thickness: 6.64mm
Weight: 678.9g 
Chip platform
CPU model
Dimensity 9300
CPU cores
Octa-core processor
CPU process
GPU frequency
Memory capacity
Running Memory (RAM)
8GB/12GB/16GB (less than 8GB/12GB/16GB due to the tablet system and pre-installed programs taking up part of the storage space)
Body Storage (ROM)
128GB/256GB/512GB (less than 128GB/256GB/512GB of available storage space due to the tablet system and pre-installed programs taking up part of the storage space)
RAM type
LPDDR5X Four-channel
ROM type
UFS 3.1 (128GB support)
UFS 4.0 (256GB/512GB support)
Endurance charging
Battery capacity
Typical: 11500mAh
Minimum: 11280mAh
Charging specifications
66W flash charging
Charging port
Size (inches)
13 inches (the display has rounded corners, and the diagonal length of the screen is 12.95 inches when measured according to a standard rectangle)
Screen ratio
Refresh rate
Up to 144Hz (144/120/90/60/48/30Hz)
Touch sampling rate
HDR technology
In the tank
1500:1 typ
Screen Material
LCD screen
Screen color
P3 wide color gamut, 1.07 billion colors true color display
Camera system
Shooting mode
8 million pixels
13-megapixel main camera
Front: portrait, photo, video, dynamic photo;
Rear: Night Scene, Ultra-HD Document, Portrait, Photo, Video, Slow Motion, Time Lapse, Professional, Jovi Scan, Motion Photo.
Video Audio
8-bay panoramic acoustic system
Audio format
Video format

Data connection
WLAN 2.4G、WLAN 5G、WLAN 5.8G、WLAN Display
Bluetooth transmission
In the tank
Headphone jack standard
In the tank

Gravity sensor, light sensor, gyroscope, Hall sensor, color temperature sensor

operating system
OriginOS 4 tablet custom system


  1. The system frame rate of 90Hz/120Hz/144Hz corresponds to the touch sampling rate of 240Hz/120Hz/144Hz, and the instantaneous touch sampling rate is 720Hz/480Hz/288Hz.
  2. The display has rounded corners and measures 12.95 inches diagonally when measured in a standard rectangular shape.
  3. Data courtesy of vivo labs. 89% The screen-to-body ratio is calculated from the screen display area on the front panel of the whole machine. More display means that a 13-inch 3:2 ratio screen displays more height in portrait orientation than a 16:10 ratio screen of the same size.
  4. This product is not a medical device and does not have the function of treating diseases. Eye care refers to the use of multi-dimensional technology to alleviate eye fatigue and reduce eye discomfort.
  5. The vivo Pad3 Pro has a total volume of 10.48 cc.
  6. 3D panoramic audio only supports long video applications such as iQiyi, Youku, Tencent, and Bilibili.
  7. "Next-Generation Turbo Write" and "Deep Defragmentation 4.0" are only supported by vivo Pad3 Pro 256GB/512GB versions. "Offline Text Summary" and "Offline Painting" in the device-side large model are only supported in the 12GB+256GB/16GB+512GB versions. After the product is launched, this function will be pushed OTA, and you can experience it with the appropriate model that upgrades to the latest software version in the future.
  8. The benchmark data comes from the actual measurement of vivo lab, using the Antutu V10 version, and the test equipment is the vivo Pad3 Pro 16GB+512G version. The data is for reference only, and there may be differences in the performance scores of different memory versions and different test environments. Up to 224W under laboratory test conditions.
  9. CPU, GPU, APU enhancement data from MediaTek's official website.
  10. With memory fusion technology, up to 16GB of storage can be called up to for extended storage. Since the tablet system and pre-installed programs occupy part of the storage space and storage space, the actual storage space and available storage space will be less than the indicated value.
  11. UFS 4.0 is only supported in the 256GB, 512GB versions, and the 128GB version uses UFS 3.1. The UFS 4.0 read and write data comes from Samsung's official website, which is a theoretical increase in speed compared to the previous generation UFS 3.1 overclocked version.
  12. The 2GB file copy data is from vivo labs and is tested using the vivo Pad3 Pro 16GB+512GB version. The time it takes to copy a 2G zip file from one directory to another on a tablet in File Management.
  13. LPDDR5X data is a comparison to the previous generation LPDDR5.
  14. The continuous open PPT data comes from vivo labs and is tested with vivo Pad3 Pro 16GB+512GB version.
  15. The ultra-clear engine needs to be turned on manually, and it has different effects with different frame rate image quality gears, and only some games are supported at present, which is subject to the actual experience of the game.
  16. Data from vivo labs is the sum of the area of 6 layers of graphite sheets.
  17. Through-the-wall mode requires a router that supports the Xtra Range 2.0 protocol. The data comes from vivo labs, and the actual use may be slightly different due to individual product differences, software versions, usage conditions, environmental factors, etc. The high latency of King Glory and the number of times of Douyin live broadcast lag are the measured data of 4 conventional walls of the vivo test team, and the comparison object is vivo Pad2.
  18. Some Wi-Fi 7 features require a router that supports the Wi-Fi 7 protocol. The theoretical peak rate increase is based on vivo pad2; The data of bandwidth utilization improvement and average delay reduction are from our laboratory, and the comparison model is vivo pad2, which is the measured data in a specific co-channel interference environment, and the actual user effect may be slightly deviated due to different test environments.
  19. Data courtesy of vivo labs. In actual use, it may vary slightly due to individual product differences, software versions, usage conditions, environmental factors, etc. 70-day test conditions are airplane mode + no background operation. This product adopts a dual-cell parallel design, with a typical capacity of 11500mAh (3.91V) and a rated capacity of 11280mAh (3.91V).
  20. Data courtesy of vivo labs. In actual use, it may vary slightly due to individual product differences, software versions, usage conditions, environmental factors, etc. Offline viewing test conditions: 150nit brightness, continuous playback of local 1080P videos offline, fully charged; Conference call test conditions: 150nit brightness, Wi-Fi network, 64dB, continuous use of Tencent Meeting under full charge.
  21. [Super Search-Local Picture], this function will be pushed OTA after the product is launched, and you can experience it with the appropriate model upgraded to the latest software version in the future. [Super Search - Information], this function needs to be enabled for communication sharing at the same time.
  22. Blueheart V-related functions and AI note-creation related functions will be pushed OTA after the product is launched, and then please use it with an adapted model upgraded to the latest software version to experience it.
  23. Virtual graphics card, this function will be pushed OTA after the product is launched, and then please upgrade to the latest software version of the adapted model, you can experience it. Memory Fusion 4.0: The data comes from vivo labs, and the memory fusion technology will dynamically change according to the differences in the running memory of different models.
  24. At present, the [multi-device interconnection] of the tablet only supports cross-terminal connection management of vivo and iQOO mobile phones, and you need to upgrade the tablet and mobile phone to OriginOS 4 at the same time. Devices that need to turn on Bluetooth, connect to the same Wi-Fi, and log in to your vivo account. Manual connection is required for the first use. For compatible models with multi-device connectivity, please visit
  25. Communication sharing is based on the connection between the tablet and the mobile phone, and the device logs in to the same vivo account and turns on Bluetooth and Wi-Fi at the same time. For the first time, you need to scan nearby mobile devices through [Multi-device Interconnection] to manually connect. You can turn on [Automatic Connection Communication Sharing] to achieve an automatic connection experience when the device is close to it. Dual 5G online communication sharing requires mobile phone device support, please visit for specific model ranges.
  26. The energy consumption is from vivo labs, and the test machines are vivo Pad3 Pro and vivo X Fold3 Pro. There may be differences between different memory versions and different test environments, please refer to the actual user experience.
  27. Functions such as one-touch transfer, fast screen projection, and cross-screen file management on mobile phones need to be used with deeply adapted vivo or iQOO mobile phones, and the specific model range is subject to the actual experience.
  28. Two-way file transfer is only supported on Windows computers.
  29. The vivo remote PC needs to be used with the vivo office suite. vivo Office Suite needs to download the PC client, and the corresponding download and login URL is: Support control macOS and Windows 10 and above computers.
  30. Mac computers, mobile phones, and tablets can be automatically connected to the same Wi-Fi network when they log in to the same account. Windows computers, phones, and tablets can be automatically connected by logging in to the same account and turning on Bluetooth or Wi-Fi to connect to the same network.
  31. Some functions of Super Window Multitasking are not supported by all apps, please refer to the actual use.
  32. Haptic feedback needs to be set and used in the tablet "Settings - Stylus & Keyboard - Stylus - Haptic Feedback - Writing Feedback"; PPT page turning needs to be set up and used in the tablet "Settings - Stylus and Keyboard - Stylus - Screen Projection Presentation and Page Turning - Slide Page Turning"; The on-screen indicator needs to be set and used in the tablet "Settings - Stylus & Keyboard - Stylus - Projection Presentation & Page Flipping - Projection Indicator".
  33. The vivo Smart Touch Keyboard 3 Pro is not standard and sold separately.
  34. The vivo Pencil2 is not standard and sold separately.
  35. The product appearance diagram and UI interface on the page are for reference only, and the UI interface may be slightly different with the system version upgrade, please refer to the actual use.
  36. Plate weight dimensions may vary slightly due to changes in process, material supplier, etc.
  37. Unless otherwise specified, all data and parameters on this page are test results in the standard environment of vivo labs, and may be slightly different due to different test environments and test software.
  38. The Learning Center is an online protection software for minors. Create a safe and healthy space for parents to learn and grow their children, and provide content and apps suitable for children of different ages. The Learning Center is pre-installed in the vivo Pad. Learning Center is an uninstallable app that can be downloaded and installed through the vivo app store.
  39. Kid Guardian is a software for minors to protect the internet. Provide parents with the ability to remotely protect their children's learning, health and safety, and help children establish healthy habits of using machines. OriginOS 1.0 and later models support the child guardian function, which can be downloaded and installed through the vivo app store.
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