Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra 14.6 X900 16GB RAM 512GB 5G (Graphite)

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Location: Hong-Kong
Possibility to return: Yes, within 14 days to warehouse in USA / UK or EU
Length of warranty 12 months
Warranty Extension: At promotional terms, up to 24 months (during checkout)
5G Yes
Processing time for warranty service from 6 weeks
Processing time for warranty repair to 12 weeks
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Product description

Galaxy Tab S8 | S8+ | S8 Ultra

A close-up of Galaxy Tab S8 Series with a planet in space onscreen to emphasize the ultra wide screen. S Pen is touching the ultra wide screen to show that it comes included in Galaxy Tab S8 Series. Then, there is a dramatic zoom into the planet in space.

Space for limitless possibilities

A close-up of the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra, Galaxy Tab S8+, and Galaxy Tab S8, with colorful background on each screen.

Tab S8 Ultra


Tab S8+


Tab S8


Available in three different tablet models so you can find the perfect fit for you



Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra

The new
epic standard for tablets

More than just space. The largest Samsung Galaxy Tab S is designed so you can create like a pro. Shoot with our first ultra wide front camera in a tablet and edit on the largest screen in the Samsung Galaxy Tab S. Get it all in a graphite finish that goes with everything.3

  • 14.6"
    Super AMOLED
    Display 1
  • 5G
  • nm
  • 11,200 mAh
    (typical) Battery 2
  • 12 MP
    Dual Front Camera
    (Ultra Wide + Wide)
  • On-screen
    Fingerprint Scanner

Galaxy Tab S8+

Extra space to see the bigger picture

That plus really adds up to something. You get everything on the Galaxy Tab S8, plus a bigger 12.4" sAMOLED screen2. A bigger battery. And an on-screen fingerprint scanner. Graphite, the color for your bold artistic taste.3

  • 12.4"
    Super AMOLED Display 1
  • 5G
  • nm
  • 10,090 mAh
    (typical) Battery 2
  • 12 MP
    Ultra Wide Front Camera
  • On-screen Fingerprint Scanner

Galaxy Tab S8

The power to take you anywhere

Built to take fun on the go. This 11" LCD screen has a ton to offer.2 From 5G to a huge battery, and a 12MP Ultra Wide Front Camera. And of course, the S Pen is included. Take on your next adventure with style in Graphite, or Pink Gold.3

  • 11"
    Display 1
  • 5G
  • nm
  • 8,000 mAh
    (typical) Battery 2
  • 12 MP
    Ultra Wide Front Camera
  • Fingerprint Scanner on Power Key

S Pen

S Pe snaps right into place to charge

S Pen clips out from back of Galaxy Tab S8 Series and snaps back magnetically. A close-up of the fine pen point is then shown.

No matter which tablet size you select, the brand new S Pen comes included and magnetically snaps to the back of Galaxy Tab S8 Series to charge.

Write, sketch, doodle or draw all your wildest ideas into reality with S Pen with ultra-low latency. A thousand tools in one, the new S Pen gives you impressive levels of control.


It's tough, so creativity comes easy

The Armor Aluminum casing guards against all sorts of bumps and drops. 4 It's our thinnest, biggest, toughest Samsung Galaxy Tab S yet, and it balances impressive durability with a super lightweight, slim design.

Armor Aluminum frame cased on Galaxy Tab S8 Series in Pink Gold, and Graphite. All slide in side-by-side to show durability in slim design.

Space tocreate

A woman with a tiara drawn on her head with S Pen. There are scribbles playfully written next to her head and on the right bottom corner.

Samsung Notes

Ready for anything noteworthy

Samsung Notes is the quickest way to jot down all your brilliant million dollar ideas in an instant. It can do it all: memos, sketches, drawings — it can even turn handwriting into text to keep your ideas flowing.

Clip Studio

Clip Studio Paint brings out your inner artist

Love to draw or paint? Clip Studio Paint5 was created just for creative people like you. With a natural brush feel you can bring life to your most imaginative creations.

Galaxy Tab S8 Series and the Galaxy S22 Series6 work like an epic canvas with an epic palette. Choose brushes on your phone while keeping your canvas clear.

Video Editing

S Pen turns you into
a precision editor

A series of shots of three friends posing at the camera. S Pen comes in to draw a white line in between the shots to make a frame.

Ready to create your frame-perfect masterpiece? S Pen and LumaFusion are here to help. 7 Edit videos faster and more accurately thanks to the biggest leap in S Pen responsiveness. 8 LumaFusion provides various editing tools to get the cinematic edit you want.
*Image simulated for illustrative purposes.
Actual UI may be different.
**LumaFusion for Android will be available at the Galaxy Store in 2022 with Android OS version 11 or higher. LumaFusion App purchase is required.

Quick Share

Share your creative
ideas across the Galaxy
in a flash

With Quick Share, you can move your masterpieces in a tap. 9 Transfer huge photos and video files to your phone or PC with ease.

Space tokeep in touch

Three friends are video calling each other — a friend on one screen and two other friends on the other screen. There is an "End Call" button on the bottom of the screen. Each screen shows a small screen of the another talking.

4K Video Recording

Be the center of attention, wherever you are

The Dual Front Camera (Ultra Wide + Wide) boasts an impressive field of view that provides optimal 4K video recording.


The camera focuses on the dancer using Auto Framing during a dance video shoot. The yellow frames show that the focus is on the dancer, even though she is moving.

Auto Framing gives the spotlight the speaker deserves. So you can record a dance lesson and the camera will automatically zoom in to keep focus on you and your moves as you give instruction.1011

The spotlight continues on video calls. When new friends join the call, the Dual Front Camera (Ultra Wide + Wide) even knows to automatically zoom out to include them, making it feel like you are talking to them in person.

Google Duo

Get the gang
with Google Duo

Four friends are shown video calling each other using Google Duo on the ultra wide screen of Galaxy Tab S8 Series. The Book Cover Keyboard is clipped to the Galaxy Tab S8 Series.

Ring up your bestie or up to 31 of your closest friends with the high quality video calling app available. The three Mic noise reduction technology makes sure you focus just on the call. You can even team up and collaborate creatively with Jamboard — Google's interactive whiteboard.12

Share your screen and experience it together with Google Duo. Watch videos and talk about them in real-time together.1314

*Image simulated for illustrative purposes.
Actual UI may be different.

Space todo more

Two Galaxy Tab S8 Series showing two different women posing at different places.


Divide your screen.
Conquer your day

Size. Position. And number of windows. You're in charge with Multi Window15. That means you can research decor inspirations, sketch out architectural plans, and video chat with your friend — all at once.

The ultra wide screen of the Galaxy Tab S8 Series shows a woman on a video call. Then the screen zooms out and splits into three windows. The first window on the top left shows an architectural sketch and the bottom shows three decor inspirations. The right side of the screen shows a man on a small screen taking a video call with the woman mentioned before.

*Image simulated for illustrative purposes.
Actual UI may be different.

Space toplay

A woman touching her long braids shown on the ultra wide screen of the Galaxy Tab S8 Series. Another screen on the right shows the same woman posing.

Live streaming

Lightweight but
packed with fun

Stream all your favorite shows or movies from the comfort of your — well, wherever you want really. The vibrant display and enhanced bass create an immersive experience. If film isn't your jam, steam your favorite music and videos uninterrupted with a 4 month trial of YouTube Premium included with your purchase. 1617

A YouTube clip of a man walking alone in the desert is streamed on the ultra wide screen of Galaxy Tab S8 Series.

*Availability of YouTube Premium may vary by country or region.
Users must subscribe to a YouTube Premium account to enjoy all its benefits.


Ditch your gaming chair,
keep the performance

Get console quality performance on the massive screen anywhere you want. And with the 120Hz display, everything runs smoothly for you to be on the leaderboard in no time.


5G keeps you
streaming on the go

HyperFast 5G delivers the power to keep you streaming whatever you want — music, movies or content.18 Stream wherever — even outdoors and on the go.

Book Cover Keyboard

Add a keyboard
with a snap

When it's time to get to work, the advanced 2-in-1 Book Cover Keyboard provides an upright experience that makes switching to work mode a snap.1920

The Galaxy Tab S8 Series and Book Cover Keyboard are in space and the Book Cover Keyboard spins to click to the Galaxy Tab S8 Series, showing the back view.

Once you're done, unwind using the kickstand to watch movies in various viewing angles.

*Book Cover Keyboard sold separately.

Better together

Book Cover Keyboard

Ready for anything


The fastest chip ever on
Samsung Galaxy

Experience lightning fast speeds on your various action-packed games and editing software with the 4nm mobile processor — the Snapdragon® 8 Gen 1 Mobile Platform. 2122

*When compared to Galaxy Tab S7+.

  • 52%
    faster GPU*
  • 24%
    faster CPU*

Wi-Fi 6E Network

Fast connect to productivity

Galaxy Tab S8 Series has Wi-Fi 6E. You've got the fastest Wi-Fi connection in our tablet to boost your productivity. Share files between your Galaxy devices with speeds of up to 2.4Gbps.23


Supercharge your charging

The big and intelligent battery2 lets you do movie marathons with ease and the 45W Super Fast Charger gets you charged up in a flash.24

Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra
45W Super Fast Charging
Galaxy Tab S8+
45W Super Fast Charging
Galaxy Tab S8
45W Super Fast Charging

Power Share

Share power to last together

Galaxy Tab S8 Series has a great deal of battery power to share.
Just have a Type-C cable ready and charge your Galaxy Smartphones on the go with up to 15W Fast Charging Power.2930313233

Amazing alone.
Better together

Enjoy a continuous experience across all your Galaxy devices. One UI 4.1 allows you to access all the same apps between your Galaxy S22 Series and Galaxy Tab S8 Series. Even jamming out to music is easy with Auto Switch with Galaxy Buds. 25 Your Galaxy Buds will automatically pair from your Galaxy Tab S8 Series to your Galaxy S22 Series to switch devices without missing a beat.

*Image simulated for illustrative purposes.
Actual UI may be different.

**Galaxy Buds2 sold separately.

***Exterior design may vary by country.

Smart Switch

Transfer important data from other Galaxy devices to Galaxy Tab S8 Series to access it on all your devices.2627

Second Screen

Double the productivity. The Galaxy Tab S8 Series as a second screen.28

Amazing alone. Better together

Galaxy Tab S8 | S8+ | S8 Ultra seamlessly work with Galaxy S22 | S22+ | S22 Ultra

  1. Measured diagonally, Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra's screen size is 14.6" in the full rectangle and 14.5", accounting for the rounded corners. Galaxy Tab S8+'s screen size is 12.4" in the full rectangle and 12.4" accounting for the rounded corners. Galaxy Tab S8's screen size is 11" in the full rectangle and 10.9" accounting for the rounded corners. Actual viewable area is less due to the rounded corners and the camera hole.
  2. Typical value tested under third-party laboratory condition. Typical value is the estimated average value considering the deviation in battery capacity among the battery samples tested under IEC 61960 standard. Rated (minimum) capacity is 10,880 mAh for Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra, 9,800 mAh for Galaxy Tab S8+, and 7,760 mAh for Galaxy Tab S8. Actual battery life may vary depending on network environment, usage patterns and other factors.
  3. Color or model availability may vary depending on country, region, and carrier.
  4. Armor Aluminum is cased on all metal components, excluding the display, side keys, and the SIM tray.
  5. Clip Studio Paint membership required. Preload supported in select markets. Clip Studio Paint can be downloaded from the Galaxy store and comes with 6 free months for first-time users. Terms of service may vary by country and region.
  6. Availability may vary by model.
  7. LumaFusion is currently not available on Android. LumaFusion for Android will be available at the Galaxy Store in 2022 with Android OS version 11 or higher. LumaFusion App purchase is required. Service availability and supported languages may vary by country. Actual UI may be different.
  8. When compared to previous Tab S series.
  9. Available on devices with One Ui 2.1 or later versions installed, and requires the MDE Service Framework and Quick Share apps updates. Bluetooth Low Energy and Wi-Fi connection are required for Quick Share use. Certain applications may not support Quick Share.
  10. Certain resolutions and ratios may not be supported. Certain functions may not be available when Auto framing is on. Only people can be recognized, and there is a limit to how many people may be recognized.
  11. Auto Framing is only available on Ultra Wide Front Camera.
  12. Jamboard requires to be downloaded separately and additional functions may require purchase.
  13. Google Duo is a trademark of Google LLC. UX/UI subject to change. Google Duo App availability may vary by country and region.
  14. Requires optimal connection. Actual speed may vary depending on country, carrier and user environment.
  15. Certain applications may not support multi-tasking.
  16. YouTube is a trademark of Google LLC.UX/UI subject to change.
  17. YouTube provides 4 month free subscription for new subscribers. Terms of service of YouTube Premium may vary by country or region. Users must subscribe to a YouTube Premium account to enjoy all its benefits.
  18. 5G services are only supported in 5G network enabled locations in 5G-ready countries. Requires optimal connection. Actual speed may vary depending on country, carrier and user environment.
  19. The new 2-in-1 Book Cover Keyboard available for Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra, Galaxy Tab S8+, and Galaxy Tab S8. Book Cover Keyboard Slim available for Galaxy Tab S8+ and Galaxy Tab S8.
  20. Book Cover Keyboard product design may vary by model. Availability may vary depending on country, region, and carrier.
  21. Snapdragon is a product of Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. and/or its subsidiaries.
  22. Snapdragon is a trademark of Qualcomm Incorporated, registered in the United States and other countries.
  23. Wi-Fi 6E not available upon release and requires an OS update. Wi-Fi 6E availability will vary due to OS version, country, location, network conditions, and other factors. Wi-Fi 6E wireless network routers are required and sold separately. (Wi-Fi 6E is currently not available for Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra | S8+ | S8 sold in Hong Kong.)
  24. 45W Super Fast charger required and sold separately.
  25. Auto Switch feature only available on Galaxy smartphones and tablets with One UI 3.1 or later. Certain devices and applications may not support Auto Switch. Galaxy devices must be logged in to Samsung Account to enable Auto Switch.
  26. Wired transfers require at least Android™ 4.3, iOS 5, or Windows Mobile OS8.1 or OS 10 on your old device. Devices with an older OS must use wireless transfer options. If you do not have the required USB cable/connector for a wired transfer to Galaxy, you can also use wireless transfer options. Open Smart Switch Mobile in "Settings" on your new Galaxy phone or download Smart Switch for PC/Mac.
  27. Data and content available for transfer may vary by OS. For more information, please Contact Samsung HELP.
  28. WiDi(Wireless Display)-capable Windows 10 PC models and Windows 10 v.2004 or later are required for this feature.
  29. 15W Fast Charging is supported when the Galaxy Tab S8 Series display is turned off and the battery level is at least 30%.
  30. 15W Fast Charging from Galaxy Tab S8 Series is limited to Galaxy S22 Series, Galaxy A53, Galaxy A33 and Galaxy Tab S8 Series, using a Type-C cable. The power source is determined on a random basis when sharing battery power between Galaxy Tab S8 Series.
  31. Charging speed may vary depending on charging conditions and other factors.
  32. Type-C Cable may be sold separately. Using the original Samsung data cable is recommended.
  33. Galaxy Smartphone sold separately.

key features

  • Ultra Wide Front Camera
  • Display
  • S Pen
  • Battery


  • RAM Size (GB)
  • ROM Size (GB)
  • Display
  • Weight (g)

Specifications Detail


  • CPU Speed
    2.99GHz, 2.4GHz, 1.7GHz
  • CPU Type


  • Size (Main Display)
    14.6" (369.9mm)
  • Resolution (Main Display)
    2960 x 1848 (WQXGA+)
  • Technology (Main Display)
    Super AMOLED
  • Color Depth (Main Display)

S Pen Support

  • Yes (Gesture/Remote Control)


  • Rear Camera - Resolution
    13.0 MP + 6.0 MP
  • Rear Camera - Auto Focus
  • Front Camera - Resolution
    12.0 MP + 12.0 MP
  • Rear Camera - Flash
  • Video Recording Resolution
    UHD 4K (3840 x 2160)@30fps


  • 2G GSM
    GSM850, GSM900, DCS1800, PCS1900
  • 3G UMTS
    B1(2100), B2(1900), B4(AWS), B5(850), B8(900)
  • 4G FDD LTE
    B1(2100), B2(1900), B3(1800), B4(AWS), B5(850), B7(2600), B8(900), B12(700), B13(700), B17(700), B20(800), B25(1900), B26(850), B28(700), B32(1500), B66(AWS-3)
  • 4G TDD LTE
    B38(2600), B40(2300), B41(2500)
  • 5G FDD Sub6^^^^
    N1(2100), N3(1800), N5(850), N7(2600), N8(900), N20(800), N28(700), N66(AWS-3)
  • 5G TDD Sub6^^^^
    N38(2600), N40(2300), N41(2500), N77(3700), N78(3500)


  • USB Version
    USB 3.2 Gen 1
  • Location Technology
    GPS, Glonass, Beidou, Galileo, QZSS
  • MHL
  • Wi-Fi
    802.11 a/b/g/n/ac/ax 2.4G+5GHz+6GHz, HE160, MIMO, 1024-QAM
  • Wi-Fi Direct
  • Bluetooth Version
    Bluetooth v5.2
  • NFC
  • Bluetooth Profiles
  • PC Sync.
    Smart Switch (PC version)


  • Android

General Information

  • Color
  • Form Factor


  • Accelerometer, Fingerprint Sensor, Gyro Sensor, Geomagnetic Sensor, Hall Sensor, Light Sensor

Physical specification

  • Dimension (HxWxD, mm)
    208.6 x 326.4 x 5.5
  • Weight (g)


  • Battery Capacity (mAh, Typical)
  • Removable

Audio and Video

  • Video Playing Format
    MP4, M4V, 3GP, 3G2, AVI, FLV, MKV, WEBM
  • Video Playing Resolution
    UHD 8K (7680 x 4320) @60fps
  • Audio Playing Format

Services and Applications

  • Gear Support
    Galaxy Buds Pro, Galaxy Buds Live, Galaxy Buds+, Galaxy Buds2, Galaxy Buds, Gear IconX (2018)
  • Mobile TV

Each of the following remarks is only applicable to the corresponding product features or specifications which are related to such remark on this page.

^ Subject to local network, data and messaging services.

^^ Support 4G Network in HK: FDD-LTE and TD-LTE; 4G Network in China: TD-LTE; 4G TD-LTE B39 will be supported in China only.

^^^ 3G Network in HK: WCDMA; 3G Network in China: TD-SCDMA and WCDMA. Subject to local network, data and messaging services.

^^^^ The support and availability of 5G Network Standard may vary depending on device. Please click here to refer to the 5G Network Standard supported by Samsung Hong Kong 5G devices.

** This function is only subject to call forwarding service subscription. Network providers may charge additional service fee.

*** Performance of the battery is subject to the network, signal strength, function, selection and profile. Battery time is based on our own laboratory measurements, and may vary depending on factors such as device settings, usage patterns and operating conditions.

△ GPS/AGPS connection is subject to local network and data services and network providers may charge additional service fees. Additionally, connection times can be affected by external factors, such as surrounding environment, weather, etc

# Stereo Bluetooth is only applicable to specific headsets.

▲ Actual available memory for end user usage may vary due to pre-configuration of phones / tablets / cameras / PCs. The pre-configuration includes preloaded operating system and applications.

▼ IP6X: No ingress of dust. Complete protection against entry of dust. IPX7: Protection against temporary immersion(at depth of 1 meter for 30 minutes)

+ For reference only, please check with our staff for details.

ˇ Actual feature may differ depending on the OS version.

- Network band : The bandwidths supported by the device may vary depending on the region or service provider.

- Features and specifications are subject to change without prior notification.

- MicroSD is sold separately.

- MicroSD card and SIM card cannot be placed in MicroSD card tray at the same time. Only either of them fit into the tray.

- When one of the SIM slots supports 4G or 3G networks, the other SIM slot supports only the 2G networks.

- Google+, Google, the Google logo, Google Search, Google Maps, Gmail, YouTube, Android, Google Play and Messenger is the trademark of Google Inc. All other products and services mentioned may belong to their respective trademark owners.

- Images are for reference only.

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