IQOO Pad 8GB+256GB Black

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Rom:Original China Multilanguage (possible Google Apps)
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Processing time for warranty repair to12 weeks
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Product description

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* The battery capacity is a typical value, please refer to the parameter information on the official website.

The performance of the giant screen, the video and game sound and painting are very satisfying

  •  12.1-inch cinema-quality

    giant screen


  •  Audio-Technica, performance unleashed

    Dimensity 9000+ flagship chip | LPDDR5 + UFS3.1 | 14442mm² large heat dissipation area


  •  10000mAh super large battery

    Power bank level high energy


  •  Self-developed Liuyang super audio system

    Mobile cinema-grade configuration


The learning experience is simple and efficient

  • Efficient cross-screen collaboration

    One-touch pass | PC collaboration

  • Super portable note-taking tool

    Smart Stylus | Touch keyboard

  • Efficient large-screen customization system

    OriginOS 3 tablet custom system

  • Metal integrated body

    6.59mm slim grip

12.1 inches1 Cinema-level super-sensory giant screen

The eyes were wide open

12.1 inches

7:5 Golden Ratio

27.3% larger display area than an 11-inch 16:10 flat panel and 5.2% larger display area than a flat panel of the same size2。 Whether it is a vertical or horizontal screen, it is more efficient and comfortable.

Traditional Pad (12.1-inch 16:10 screen)

iQOO Pad (12.1-inch 7:5 screen)

Traditional Pad (11-inch 16:10 screen)

  • 360° full-frame visual stunning

  • Play the game

    The viewing experience of a large screen and a large picture

  • Handwritten notes

    Both horizontal and vertical screens are comfortable to write

  • Browse the web

    Documents, single screenMore

  • Read comics

    More suitable for A4/B4 paper drawing ratio

  • Multi-window task collaboration

    More natural and efficient

2.8K 144Hz Super Sensitive Display

Shadow tour enters the country at a glance

Retina-grade 2.8K ultra-high-resolution display with ultra-large size and many advanced display features, vivid and sharp text or images,
and gaming-grade 144Hz ultra-high refresh rate3, the smooth display surpasses the perception of the human eye and realizes the wonderful frame by frame.

* Image from "Pinnacle Tank"

600nit HDR10 ultra-dynamic display

Vivid image quality, highlighted

iQOO Pad has excellent hardware technology and self-developed HDR remapping technology, which can easily display standard HDR content.
In addition, we further debugged the HDR effect for the head film and television platform, and realized the customization and optimization of HDR video display.

  • 600nit

    Peak brightness

  • P3 wide color gamut

    Cinematic wide color gamut

  • HDR 10

    High dynamic range display

  • 1.07 billion colors true color display

    The colors are delicate and natural

Chip-level light control

All-round triple natural eye protection

  • Chip-level intelligent anti-blue light

    Breakthrough chip-level blue light control on the tablet, frame by frame recognition of screen content, harmful blue light reduction without color display effect.

  • Class natural brightness adjustment

    The self-developed brightness adjustment method combining ambient light + time dimension can simulate the subtle dynamic changes of natural light and give soft care to the eyes.

  • Comfortable natural color temperature adjustment

    It supports sleep mode to gradually adjust the color temperature according to the time of day at night, and the built-in color temperature sensor adaptively adjusts the color temperature according to the ambient light.

Large-screen depth adaptation

The landscape experience has been upgraded

The new OriginOS 3 tablet customization system, self-developed UI adaptive engine, and the display efficiency of the new large screen are fully utilized,
so that more self-delivered or third-party applications can get an efficient browsing experience beyond the past.

Before the UI is adaptive

After the UI is adaptive

  • 100%

    Built-in application screen adaptation

  • 4000+

    Multi-window display adaptation for third-party applications

  • UI Adaptive Engine4

    Some unsuitable landscape applications are supported for efficient presentation

Dimensity 9000+ flagship chip

The performance of more than one million running points is released

A flagship processor with a 4nm process that can burst out of more than one million running points, taking into account the balance of performance and power consumption. Large-scale games can be easily driven, and complex tasks can be handled with great agility.

  • TSMC


    Process technology

  • Ultra-core triple plex flagship CPU architecture


    Extra-large cores

  • 10 cores

    Mali-G710 GPU

  • PC-grade

    Caching design

Flagship experience Audio-Technica

The performance is released calmly, and the speed is soaring

  • Dimensity 9000+ flagship chip

    Over a million

    Antutu's comprehensive performance score is as high as high5

  • LPDDR5 + UFS3.1
    + VMET function

    Get one step ahead with cache enhancements and streamlined
    memory access processes.


    The response speed of memory access is improved5

  • Large heat dissipation area

    When you can unleash your passion for the game, you don't need to worry about the heat, and you can stay calm and deal with it easily.


    Double-layer equivalent graphite heat sink6

10000mAh large battery capacity

The power is long-lasting, and it is available around the clock

The large battery capacity comparable to that of a power bank can easily support you from morning to night, playing games, watching dramas or dealing with learning things, etc., which is wonderful and calm. In case of emergency, you can also charge your phone in reverse. At the same time, the 44W flash charge can quickly replenish the power and say goodbye to battery life anxiety.

  • 14 hour

    Continuous local video playback for up to7

  • hour

    Continuous play is long7

  • 17 hour

    Continuous learning for a long time7

  • 60 sky

    Standby battery life7

Six Yang super sound system

The video and audio are satisfying, and the game is more immersive

* Picture from "QQ Speed"

  • 10.2cc extra-large chamber
    surging bass

    10 times the sound cavity of a normal mobile phone8, watching a blockbuster with a strong sound and a full sense of atmosphere.

  • The high-bass crossover design
    is ultra-clear

    Customized 4 full range + 2 high frequency units, surging low frequency, medium and high frequency transparent.

  • Super Audio's
    ultra-wide sound field and enhanced sound effects

    Dynamic volume enhancement, dynamic stereo expansion, and dynamic bass enhancement are realized, making watching movies feel like being in a theater, and the game is more immersive. Customize the game's sounds9, more able to listen to the sound and distinguish the position, and take the initiative to attack.

Fill a large cup

Up to 12+8 + 512GB RAM

Memory Fusion 3.0 technology supports up to 8GB of RAM expansion, enabling up to 26 apps to stay alive in the background10With up to 512GB of storage, you can watch and play videos and games seamlessly.

The movie game gene awakens heartily

  • iQOO Monster mode

    One-click transformation, full firepower.

  • Somatosensory control

    Support mapping multiple postures to game buttons, and
    trigger corresponding actions through posture shortcuts.

  • Keyboard and mouse mapping

    Use keymap technology to customize the trigger position on
    the iQOO Smart Keyboard for a PC-level gaming experience.

  • The video call of the game scene enters the small window

    When the video call is connected, you can directly enter the small window interface, which will not affect the
    game in progress.

  • Unfair scheduling

    System resources are prioritized to the foreground, making the
    operation smoother.

  • Respawn mechanics in place

    After the background app is cleaned by the system, the restart state is seamless with the
    previous one.

144Hz ultra-high frame rate gaming11

Compatible with many popular games, it provides a silky smooth experience with ultra-high frame rates of 90Hz, 120Hz, and even up to 144Hz.

23 paragraphs

High frame adaptation has been reached

Atomic Screening Room12

The viewing information of different video apps is all gathered in one place, and you can quickly watch and catch up with one click, providing a seamless viewing experience on multiple devices and platforms. The new "Film and Television Blind Box" function can also randomly recommend good movies for you according to your preferences when you are short of dramas.

Sound and picture enhancement on film and television platforms13

It supports high-specification video resources such as ultra-high resolution, ultra-high frame rate, HDR and surround sound from bilibili, Youku, Tencent Video and iQIYI's popular video platforms, providing you with a fully upgraded immersive audio and video experience.

Take your learning tools with you

Lightweight, efficient, and a good hand

Tablet and mobile phone interconnection14

  • One-touch passing

  • Mobile phone communication is interconnected

  • Mobile phone task relay

  • Multi-screen file management for mobile phones

    View and access photos and files on your phone's cross-screen in your tablet's photo album and file management.

The tablet is connected to the computer16

  • vivo remote control PC

  • Keyboard and mouse synergy

  • Super Clipboard

    The content copied on the tablet can be directly pasted on the computer, and the content can be synchronized smoothly and conveniently across screens.

iQOO Pencil

Writing and drawing are very competent

Soft and hard nib
notes are good for drawing

It supports 26° wide angle side writing, and provides both soft and hard nibs for writing and drawing.

It is suitable for writing, soft and high elasticity, and the damping is natural and real.

It is suitable for painting, with moderate elasticity, smooth and wear-resistant and durable.

Simulated haptic feedback
is natural and realistic

The built-in linear motor, with a 4096-level pressure sensor, and a new self-developed handwriting prediction algorithm, provide ultra-low latency and realistic writing experience.

Chinese handwriting beautification17
Write a good hand

Self-developed Chinese handwriting beautification algorithm, adaptive smooth lines, enhanced pen edge, easy to write a good hand.

The magnetic wireless fast charging
can be used to lift the pen

Support magnetic charging, charge at any time. Pick it up and write it with your hand, and convert text input in the input field.

PPT Speech Control18
It's easy to get to the pace

When presenting PPT, you can control the PPT page turning by sliding the pen body, and press and hold it as an on-screen indicator when projecting the screen.

There is no limit to the low-latency adaptation of three-party notes and
ultra-low latency

iQOO Pad opens the stylus SDK and invites more third-party notes to join the low-latency adaptation family, allowing for unlimited writing.

Think as you like, write it down

Added handwritten notes19, support free graffiti, make a variety of beautiful handwritten notes, and
more atomic note-taking skills to help learn or create many scenes, interesting and free.

iQOO Smart Touch Keyboard

Precise touch, efficient input


A variety of touch gestures
are in full control

The 6531mm² large touchpad supports rich touch gestures such as swiping, tapping, and zooming, and can be controlled with high precision.

The professional 64-key design
is efficient and feels great

Large 1.3mm key travel, 18mm large key pitch, and 15×15mm large keycaps provide a comfortable feel. The ESC key is specially retained, and it is convenient to cancel and reverse globally with one click.

Intelligent fast connection
150° stepless support

Magnetic Bluetooth automatic pairing, ready to use. 0-150° stepless support adjustment. It supports a variety of support modes such as studying, watching movies, taking notes, and drawing.

Dual system shortcut keys
are flexible and efficient to operate

Windows/Mac two sets of system shortcuts, switch as you like, as much as possible to match the PC usage habits.

Efficient large-screen customization system

Add a buff to your studies

Efficient learning with text extraction

  • Instant text

  • The test paper is scanned to handwriting

    Use the Jovi Scan-Exam Paper De-Handwriting function to erase the handwriting and annotation traces of the test paper, restore the new test paper content, and use Pencil to do questions quickly and paperlessly.

New multitasking
for better handling

  • Super small window multitasking20

  • WPS documents are open

    Open multiple documents at the same time through split screen and small window, and view and edit Word, Excel, and PPT in parallel.

Convenient meeting online class
video recording and note-taking

  • AI subtitles22

  • Full-featured high-speed USB-C23

  • Real-time annotation of screen recording

  • Multi-microphone AI noise reduction pickup

    The 800W front-facing HD camera, multi-microphone assistance, and AI noise reduction pickup algorithm provide high-definition access to meetings and online classes anytime, anywhere. It supports noise reduction in meeting or online class recording, and can also convert text records while recording, doubling the efficiency.

Metal integrated body

The large screen has a good field of vision, and it is light and thin

It realizes an integrated seamless metal body, taking into account the large screen and thin design, which is lightweight and portable, and can enjoy the pleasure of large-screen movie games anytime and anywhere.

So it's easy to hold and portable

  • 6.59mm

    Thin thickness of the fuselage (approx.)

  • 585g

    Light weight of the fuselage (approx.)


Lightweight, portable, yet durable

Aviation aluminum integrated fuselage, taking into account strength and lightness.

Simple elegance in
every corner

Innovative resonant cavity antenna design, no injection molding antenna belt, integrated seamless,
bright appearance.

More handy

The smooth and easy-to-use OriginOS 3 tablet customization system is based on the upper, middle and lower three-layer framework to achieve unprecedented silky lightness and long-lasting smoothness. Unfair scheduling realizes the priority scheduling of system resources to the foreground, memory fusion +8GB, the number of background applications can be kept alive up to 26, multitasking is not easy to freeze, and there are many easy-to-use functions such as super small window multitasking, so that the tablet can achieve an efficient experience and be more handy.

Learn more

Technical Specifications:


  • size

  • weight

  • match colors

  • 266.03 × 191.60 × 6.59mm

  • Approx. 585g

  • Star Grey / Starry Voyage / Silver Wing

  • Note: Plate size and weight may vary slightly due to changes in process, material supplier, etc.

Chip platform

  • Dimensity 9000+

  • Process: 4nm

  • CPU cores: 8 cores

  • CPU architecture: 1 x Cortex-X2 + 3 x A710 + 4 x A510

  • CPU frequency: 1 × 3.2GHz + 3 × 2.85GHz + 4 × 1.8GHz × 4

  • GPU frequency: 955MHz

Memory capacity

  • Running Memory (RAM)

  • Body Storage (ROM)

  • 8GB/12GB, LPDDR5 high-speed memory

  • 128GB/256GB/512GB, UFS 3.1 high-speed storage

  • Note: Since the tablet system and pre-installed programs occupy part of the storage space and storage space, the actual storage space and available storage space will be less than the identified value.

On-screen display

  • 12.1-inch 2.8K 144Hz Super Sensing Giant Screen

  • Size: 12.1-inch LCD

  • Resolution: 2800 × 1968,284 PPI

  • Refresh rate: Up to 144Hz

  • Touch sampling rate: 120Hz/144Hz/180Hz

  • Screen color: P3 wide color gamut, 1.07 billion colors true color display (8bit+2bit)

  • Peak brightness: 600nit

  • HDR Technology: HDR 10

  • Auto-adjust: Adaptive ambient color temperature

  • Eye protection: chip-level intelligent anti-blue light, Rheinland low blue light certification

  • Quasi-natural light brightness adjustment, soothing natural color temperature adjustment

  • Note: The display has rounded corners and is 12.05 inches diagonally when measured as a standard rectangle.

Imaging system

  • 13-megapixel main camera

  • 1.12μm pixel size, f/2.2 wide aperture, 5P lens

  • 4K video shooting

  • 2-megapixel macro camera

  • Equivalent 21mm focal length

  • 4cm macro focus

  • The unit pixel size is 1.75μm, and the f/2.4 aperture is large

  • Front-facing 8-megapixel camera

  • The unit pixel size is 1.12μm, and the f/2.0 aperture is large

  • 1080P video shooting

Video Audio

  • Six Yang super sound system

  • Audio formats: AAC, WAV, M4A, MP3, MP2, MP1, MIDI, OGG, APE, FLAC

  • Video formats: MP4, 3GP, AVI, FLV, MKV, WEBM, TS, ASF

Endurance charging

  • Battery capacity

  • Fast charging specifications

  • 10000mAh (typical)

  • 44W flash charging

  • Type-C charging port

Data connection

  • NFC Tag

  • Full-featured high-speed USB-C

  • NFC One-touch Transfer (Mobile Screen Projection / File Transfer / Task Transfer)

  • USB 3.2 Gen1 high-speed transmission with a maximum transfer bandwidth of 5.0Gbps

  • DP HD Projection (4K 60Hz MAX)

  • OTG Reverse Charging (5V/1A MAX)

  • Wi-Fi 6

  • WLAN protocol: 802.11a/b/g/n/ac/ax

  • WLAN frequency: 2.4G Wi-Fi, 5G Wi-Fi

  • Bluetooth

  • Bluetooth 5.3


  • Gravity sensor, light sensor, electronic compass, gyroscope, color temperature sensor, Hall sensor


  • Touch keyboard Pogo Pin with contact points

  • Handwritten wireless charging magnetic strip

operating system

  • OriginOS 3 Tablet Customization System (based on Android 13.0)


  • The display has rounded corners, and when measured in a standard rectangle, the screen is 12.05 inches diagonally long.
  • The iQOO Pad screen has a resolution of 2800 x 1968 and an aspect ratio of about 7:5. The 12.1-inch 7:5 screen has 5.2% more display area than the 12.1-inch 16:10 screen.
  • The screen supports up to 144Hz refresh rate, and the 144Hz refresh rate only works in some supported game scenarios.
  • The UI adaptive engine needs to be adapted for the application, only some applications support it, select the setting and use in "Settings - Display and Brightness - Application Display Layout", please consult the official customer service for adaptation details.
  • The benchmark data comes from the actual measurement of our laboratory, using the Antutu V9 version, and the test equipment is the iQOO Pad 12GB+512GB version. The increase in LPDDR5 speed is compared to LPDDR4. The data is for reference only, and there may be differences in the performance scores of different memory versions and different test environments.
  • The equivalent area data of graphite heat sink comes from our laboratory.
  • The battery life and charging data are obtained from the environmental test of our laboratory, under experimental conditions, video: 150cd brightness /1080P/60Hz/63dB/ network off, game: 150cd brightness/"Honor of Kings"/60Hz/63dB/Wi-Fi network, learning: WPS/150cd brightness/60Hz/Wi-Fi network, standby: airplane mode, not connected to keyboard, stylus and other peripherals. In fact, there may be differences due to factors such as the test environment, software version and device, user habits, user charging scenarios, different initial temperature of tablet charging, and long-term battery wear and tear.
  • The total volume of the four sound chambers of the iQOO Pad is 10.2cc, which is about 10 times that of the general mobile phone sound chamber (0.8~1.0cc).
  • The custom game sound effect is now adapted to many mainstream games such as "Honor of Kings", "Peace Elite", "League of Legends Mobile Game", and "Genshin Impact".
  • Since the tablet system and pre-installed programs occupy part of the storage space and storage space, the actual storage space and available storage space will be less than the indicated value. The keep-alive data comes from our laboratory, and the test model is the iQOO Pad 12GB+512GB version, with memory fusion technology turned on.
  • At present, 144Hz high-frame games are supported, including "Ace Warrior", "God of War Ruins", "Peak Tank", "Minecraft" and many other games. There are three adaptations for high-frame games: 90Hz, 120Hz, or 144Hz, depending on the actual game experience or contact official customer service.
  • The atomic screening hall supports Tencent Video, Youku, iQIYI and i Video, of which I Video and iQIYI support the film and television blind box function.
  • There are differences in the specifications of the adapted audio and video on each platform, and some high-standard videos need to be opened as a member to view, please consult the official customer service for support details.
  • Tablet and mobile phone interconnection requires a deeply adapted vivo or iQOO model. For details of the cross-screen collaborative adaptation of the model, please refer to: wk230522dc6c980e.
  • Captcha synchronization only supports the preset Jovi input method and needs to be used on the on-screen virtual keyboard.
  • Super Clipboard, Keyboard & Mouse Collaboration, and vivo Remote PC need to be used with a computer with X86 architecture Win10 and above. Among them, the vivo remote control PC needs to be used with the vivo office suite. vivo Office Suite needs to download the PC client, and the corresponding download and login URL is: The current supported models of vivo remote control PC are iQOO Pad, vivo Pad2, and vivo X Fold2.
  • Chinese handwriting beautification takes effect only when using the Pen tool for atomic notes or global annotations.
  • The PPT page turning function is turned off by default, and you can go to the path: Settings - Stylus & Keyboard - Stylus - Screen Projection Presentation - Slide Page Turn, to turn it on. The on-screen indicator function is turned off by default, and you can go to the path: Settings - Stylus & Keyboard - Stylus - Screen Casting Presentation - Screen Mirroring Indicator to turn it on.
  • The global annotation function needs to be set and used in the tablet "Settings - Stylus and Keyboard - Stylus - Swipe Inward in the upper right corner of the screen".
  • Not all apps can support the split-screen and small window functions, please refer to the actual use.
  • Collaboration between apps supports photo albums/file management (sender) and atomic notes/vivo documents (receiver), and third-party apps are subject to the drag and drop of files adapted by each app.
  • The AI subtitle feature can be turned on through the Jovi voice assistant.
  • The theoretical rate of the USB 3.2 interface is 5.0Gbps, which is ten times that of the USB 2.0 interface (480Mbps). At 5.0 Gbps, it takes about 1.6s to transfer a 1GB file, and the actual speed may vary depending on memory, data cable, file format, etc. DP projection supports up to 4K/60Hz output, and requires an adapter or adapter cable. The actual projection image quality may vary depending on the display and the specifications of the projection cable.
  • The tablet mentioned on the page is the iQOO Pad, and the mobile phone is the compatible iQOO model and vivo model.
  • iQOO Pencil is not standard and must be purchased separately.
  • The iQOO Smart Touch Keyboard is not standard and must be purchased separately.
  • All UI interfaces on the page are for illustrative purposes only, and there are differences between them and the actual user experience.
  • Plate weight dimensions may vary slightly due to changes in process, material supplier, etc.
  • The product appearance diagram and UI interface on the page are for reference only, and the UI interface may be slightly different with the system version upgrade, please refer to the actual use.
  • Unless otherwise specified, all data and parameters on the page are the test results of our laboratory standard environment, and may be slightly different due to different test environments and test software, please refer to the actual usage. The test results in the standard laboratory environment may be slightly different depending on the test environment and test software, please refer to the actual usage.
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