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Phones and Smartphones

If you are looking for a Smartphone for you is the right place! Bludiode has in its offer selected, prepared to act in Europe mobile devices. Our shop offers the latest smart phones from leading manufacturers as well as those from less well known. Only with us you can purchase smartphones Xiaomi, Samsung, Meizu, Huawei, HTC , and less well known brands, such as Ulefone, Blackview, Leagoo, Cubot, iNew. The latter are particularly interesting if you are looking for the best price-quality ratio. Remember that all of the devices in our offer have Polish menu, manufacturer's warranty for at least 12 months and are prepared to act on the rynu eurpejskim! We help in the selection of your Smartphone and fly through each order! We invite you to purchase!

We have the ideal Smartphone for you! Check our Bludiode now

A wide range of GSM phones in the store Bludiode will allow you to choose a solution beneficial to each user. The wide price range will allow the selection of a Smartphone for every budget. In our shop you will find the latest models of touch smartphones created with the best quality materials. Detailed descriptions of the included next to each product will allow you to choose your phone as your needs. Individual models differ, inter alia, a type of software and the resolution of the display. Recommend smart phones dual sim, that allow you to use two SIM cards. Modern phones available in our shop allows free browsing on the Internet, take pictures and movie shooting in high-definition. We guarantee that well-chosen Smartphone successfully in a number of activities will replace the desktop computer! Do you have a problem with choosing the perfect gsm phone? Our employees can use your help! Will contact you and find the perfect phone for you.


  • 5G
  • Apple

    Apple is North-American company located in Cupertino, California founded by Steve Jobs in 1976. Apple get accustomed for shows the paths in industry. It remains like this till today. Apple iPhones are from generation to generation packed with newest technologies, always crafted perfectly. Apple from years uses it’s own system – iOS.

  • ASUS
  • Honor
  • IQOO
  • Huawei
  • Lenovo/Motorola
  • Meizu

    Smartphone Meizu is a real hit on the market. Products of the well-known Chinese manufacturer can make a big impression on each user. Mobile Meizu is distinguished by the use of high quality components, great specs and pleasing to the eye design. A great advantage of Smartphone Meizu are extremely attractive prices. Smartphones this fall from the competition very well while enjoying at the same time a few hundred dollars less. Bludiode shop offers a wide product catalog Meizu at the best prices. We invite you to shop and get acquainted with the specification of particular products Meizu in our store.

    Meizu is the brilliant, beautiful design in a very affordable price

    Smartphone Meizu is of very good quality phones available for very little money. If someone dreams of your Smartphone with good parameters at a low price that Meizu is a bull's-eye. Chinese manufacturer creating their products very tried. Strong components will satisfy even the most demanding user, and aesthetic enclosure enjoy eye each cultivated. In addition to photography fans breathless did camera available in smartphones Meizu. Thanks to perform precise, sharp and rich beautiful colors photos is a snap. It is no wonder that Meizu has to his credit great sales results only in the first half of the year 2015 noted the purchase of nearly 9 million. It is proof that the smart phones of this brand has earned a heart already. In our store for each product Meizu you can read a detailed description of the possibilities of your Smartphone. Shop Bludiode can help in the selection of the perfect smart phone, welcome to contact us!

  • Nubia
  • Oneplus
  • Oppo
  • Realme
  • Samsung
  • Sony
  • Xiaomi

    Xiaomi's Chinese manufacturer very modern smartphones. Dynamic development of the company, ranks third largest manufactured products in the world. Hit phone sales Xiaomi is caused by the introduction of the Chinese giant cheap smartphones with very good parameters. Shop Bludiode going against its clients offers a full catalogue of smartphones Xiaomi. Chinese phones manufacturer competitors fall out very favourably.  We invite you to familiarize yourself with Xiaomi in our store. We guarantee fast shipping and satisfaction with the use of products Xiaomi.

    Xiaomi is a real hit deal!

    Xiaomi is a brand which guarantees very good components and aesthetics. Xiaomi is top notch, and however, the attractive prices. The success of Xiaomi allows it to successfully compete with brands such as Samsung and Huawei.  The use of high-quality components, good display resolution and the camera make it Xiaomi often ahead of the most famous brands. Smart phones Chinese producer available in Bludiode are a few hundred dollars cheaper than the phones offered by famous brands. We invite you to familiarize yourself with the rich descriptions appearing on products Xiaomi in our shop. We offer a wide catalog of phones: Xiaomi Redi, Xiaomi Redi 2, Xiaomi Redmi Note 2 and many others. Offer your help with choosing the right Smartphone! Bet on a modern Smartphone Xiaomi and enjoy high-quality device at a very low price.

  • Vivo
  • Others
  • Gaming Phones

    Gaming phones becoming more popular. As modern phones can reach performance level of previous generation of console, you can experience fairly good graphics in modern smartphones. Producers saw this and started to produce gaming phones. They have higher screen refresh rates to provide more smooth gaming experience. Producers are adding to them also more advanced cooling system with heat pipes or even active ventilators (fan). You can find with them additional buttons like L1, L2 known from consoles. You can buy for them additionall accesories that will provide even analog pad joystick. In some versions these accesories are included in the box.

  • For Business

    Smartphones are great business tools from couple years. You can edit with them office documents such as word (doc) excel (xls) or even adobe (pdf). High resolution screen allows you seen couple applications at once, and high amount of ram allows to keep couple aplications open. Multitasking is not a problem for modern smartphones. Keep eye at the currency rates, stock rates, check your plane flighs schedule or record audit in company branch.

  • Foldable smartphones

    Future of the mobile devices it's mobility. When you want to as much productive with the possibily smallest device, pickup the one wchich folds, expands. You have device of one size, then if necessary, you unfold it or expand and have bigger workng area. Foldable screens are made from elastic AMOLED panels, that can bend many times. First foldable device was Samsung Galaxy fold presented in 2019

  • All Dual SIM

    Smart phones are most frequently chosen by the users of the solution in the field of mobile telephony. Deserve special attention, however, Dual SIM phones. Is a feature that allows the free use of two SIM cards in one Smartphone. Shop Bludiode offers hundreds of models of smart phones Dual SIM version. Thanks to this you can choose a solution tailored to your needs. We invite you to familiarize yourself with the parameters to individual smartphones provided for each product. Only with us smart phones Dual SIM from the best manufacturers at the most affordable prices.

    Dual SIM phones and use two numbers without a problem!

    Dual SIM solution is unusual making it easier for people who use two numbers at a time e.g. business and private. When you buy Dual Sim Smartphone, we can forget about having to wear two smartphones. This facility allows you to enjoy two numbers in one modern Smartphone. Dual SIM is a good solution for users using one card to make calls, and the other to use the high-speed Internet. In our offer you will find Dual SIM phones from many vendors. Samsung or Huawei. Many years of presence on the market has allowed us to offer the most favourable pricesdual SIM smartphones on the market. Their prices are comparable to the cost of buying a Smartphone, standard one SIM card. We invite you to shop. Offer your help finding your Smartphone with parameters corresponding to your needs!

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