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Xiaomi Mix 2 8+128GB white


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Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 Dual Sim

Smartphone with a full screen display, perfect for światowÄ scale. Designed by Philippe Stracka-designer of world renown

Full screen display

With Me MIX 2 to experience an more technology full display. Edges in Me MIX 2 are about 12% narrower than its predecessor,
so its gnęliśmy the aspect ratio of the screen 18:9-is a result of our relentless pursuit of innovation in technology.

Less "material", closer to the man

"Be minimalistÄ to get rid of all the superficial things.
The less 'materiału ' the closer the man. "

World renowned designer and designer I MIX, Philippe Starck

Large display 5.99 "

I MIX 2 has a display with a snack 300th 5.99 ", and is located in a less than typical smartphones with display 5.5".
Innovative technology based on narrow edges, less the front camera and a hidden sensor approach makes
I MIX 2 fits perfectly into the Palm of your hand.

Conceal technology

CA for full screen display

Curved from the four corners of the ceramic housing

I MIX packs look demos with curved ceramic body and 18-carat decorative circle around the lens.
There is also a unique initially durable with a frame made of aluminum alloy. Fits perfectly in the Palm of your hand and is particularly exceptionally light and thin.

The Snapdragon 835 + 6 GB RAM

I MIX 2 is powered by a Snapdragon processor 835 and uses the latest UFS storage technologies 2.1.

Excellent image quality

4-axis optical image stabilizer (OIS)

I MIX 2 has IMX386 image sensor, large pixels 1.25 μm and 4-axis image stabilization system, OIS, which help You in creating the perfect photos in every situation.

Global network bands, ideal for professionals

I MIX 2 supports most global LTE bands, ideal for business.

Czteroantenowego LTE technology

About 100% faster 4 g service


Clean and clear recording even from a distance

All-in-one printer

Supports read/write card emulation and P2P

Device specification


Full screen display

Display 5.99 ", the aspect ratio of the 18:9

Ceramic casing

Air aluminum alloy frame

The Snapdragon 835

Flagship Qualcomm


Dual channel LPDDR4x

128 GB of internal memory

UFS 2.1

Global network

43, bandwidth 6 network modes

4-axis OIS

Big pixels 1.25 μm

Dual ADC recording HD

Clean and clear recording even from a distance

Shipping from:China
The ability to returnNo
Additional information. deliveryThe product card shall give the expected realization date. In some cases, this deadline may be up to 60 days. Once you have exceeded it, you are entitled to a full refund.
CertificatesDevice certified for Asian markets, does not have CE certification. Not allowed to import into the EU.
The length of the implementation of the free repair12 MTHS on manufacturer/supplier
Delivery time from12
The time of delivery to25
Processing time for warranty service from4 weeks
Processing time for warranty repair to12 weeks
Dual SimYes
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