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Length of warranty 12 months
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Breaking 5G performance limits

New generation of Snapdragon 865 platform,new generation of LPDDR5 memory,UFS 3.0 high-speed storage,fullycompatible withWi-Fi 6,super VC, liquid cooling,50W, fast flash

Breaking through the 5G audio and video limit

100 million pixels 50x zoomAI 8K ultra clear video90Hz flow rate screensymmetrical stereo

Millet flagship of a new generation of digital
performance, network, camera, experience
a comprehensive breakthrough age limit

Breaking through visual limits

Customized high-end dual Samsung AMOLED curved screen
90Hz refresh rate + 180Hz sampling rate
to refresh the screen experience limit

Come and see Xiaomi`s strongest display ever! The 90Hz refresh rate and 180Hz sampling rate bring unprecedented
smoothness to your manipulation and browsing , and greatly enhance the sensitivity when playing games. It also has Xiaomi`s most accurate color display yet. There is no doubt that this is a tour not only
play the madman to create a gaming screen, it is a fully meet the demand for professional image creation screen.

Rheinland Low Blue Light Certification
  • 6.67 inches

    19.5: 9 scale
  • HDR10 +

    High dynamic range image display
  • 5,000,000: 1

    High contrast
  • 180Hz

    High sampling rate
  • P3

    Wide color gamut
  • 1200nit

    Peak brightness

Primary color screen 2.0
professional color standard Delta E < 1.1

With professional color standard management technology that is much higher than the industry standard, each screen is finely adjusted to bring amazing
color reproduction. When you flip through photos, browse the Web, or enjoy high-definition video, you can see all the love
will appear vivid, real as ever.

JNCD < 0.55

Color performance accuracy
Pushing the limits of audio

Symmetric stereo
Xiaomi`s best audio performance to date

In terms of audio, Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro has renewed two new standards in line with expectations: symmetrical stereo, the first 7-magnetic mobile phone speaker, making it louder and
wider, and fine-tuning the dedicated stereo field for different scenes such as music and movies. Excellent sound quality performance, with sound and potential, you can tell immediately.

DXOMARK Mobile Audio

First place overall

  • Dual 1216 super linear speakers

    1.2cc equivalent

  • Fine tuning throughout the scene

    Customized exclusive stereo field, experience sound immersive

  • 7 Magnetic sounding unit

    Maximize Amplitude

  • 15 grid fine tuning

    Maximize Amplitude

* As of 14:00 on February 13, 2020 (GMT + 8), the Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro scored 76, ranking first in the overall DXOMARK mobile audio score.

Pushing the limits of performance

A new generation of Snapdragon 865
new generation LPDDR5 memory
UFS 3.0 high-speed storage
layers of acceleration, breaking performance limits

Just like the Xiaomi digital flagships of previous generations, the Xiaomi Mi 10 series will be competent for the next generation of performance. By far the strongest Qualcomm flagship processor, a
new generation of high-speed memory and high-speed storage, layer by layer acceleration, comprehensive strength leaps forward, and energy efficiency is higher. Whether you`re passionate about image
creation, games, sports, or will file editing, its performance will be far beyond your expectations.

  • CPU up to 2.84GHz
  • GPU maximum frequency 587MHz
  • Fifth-generation AI engine AI operation processing
  • Antutu running points
  • 25% *

    Improved performance over the previous generation

  • 25% *

    Reduced power consumption compared to the previous generation

  • 100% *

    Compared with the previous generation of AI computing power

  • 602660

    38% higher than the previous generation *

* Data comes from Qualcomm`s official website. Here the previous generation refers to Snapdragon 855.
* The running score is from Antutu, which refers to Xiaomi 9 compared with the previous generation.

LPDDR5 high-speed memory

A major breakthrough in memory technology over 3 years. The APP is launched and large-scale
game loading is completed almost instantly. And it comes standard with faster UFS3.0 storage, with
100% faster read and write speeds, and global performance is even more powerful.

  • LPDDR5 up to 5500Mbps
  • LPDDR5 bandwidth up to 44GB / s
  • 129%

    From the previous generation
  • 129%

    From the previous generation


Maximum memory selectable

512GB UFS3.0

Maximum capacity selectable

* Data comes from Xiaomi Labs. The speed increase of LPDDR5 compared to the previous generation refers to LPDDR4X, and the speed increase of UFS3.0 to the previous generation refers to UFS 2.1.

Super VC liquid cooling and
cooling performance

Ultra-large area VC + graphene + graphite + thermally conductive gel + copper foil, 5-dimensional three-dimensional heat dissipation system, achieving Xiaomi`s strongest heat dissipation so far.

  • About 3000mm²

    VC cooling area

  • 10.5 ℃ *

    CPU maximum cooling

  • Intelligent temperature control

    Intelligent control of current and CPU frequency

Pushing the limits of heat dissipation-active cooling!
It`s no exaggeration to say that let the phone play more and colder.

Note: This item needs to be purchased separately. For details, see the official website of Xiaomi Mall.

$ 129

Clip ice cooling
a semiconductor wafer + large quiet fan cooling
fastest 10 minutes downhill 16 ℃

Pushing the limits of the network

SA / NSA 5G dual-mode
full support for Wi-Fi 6
exclusive MultiLink multi-network parallel
breakthrough 5G network limit

Really good 5G mobile phones do not simply support 5G networks, but can fully adapt to the network environment in the next 5 years.
The Xiaomi Mi 10 series is the first to support the new WiFi standard and is equipped with MultiLink multi-network parallel technology that accelerates all-scenario networks.
This means that whether you are in the current or the next 5 years of the network environment, you will have the best information and the best information.

First to fully support the new Wi-Fi standard: Wi-Fi 6. The throughput
is 100% higher than the previous generation *, supports OFDMA and 8-stream
MU-MIMO, and supports the simultaneous connection of a large number of smart devices, which is
smooth and free of stalls.

* Data from Xiaomi Labs compared with previous generation test results.

Xiaomi`s exclusive multi-network parallel connection technology, simultaneously connected to 2.4GHz WiFi
+ 5GHz WiFi + 5G / 4G mobile network, it is really seamless to switch, the
peak network speed throughout.

4500mAh + 50W fast flash charge

Charge up to 100% * in 45 minutes, fast and convenient.


Super Wireless Flash Charge


Fast wireless reverse charging

Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro receives
TÜV Rheinland Fast Charge 3.0 certification

* Charging data comes from Xiaomi Lab. The specific time is subject to actual use.


With fast charging head 65W standard package
compatible PD / PPS protocol, the protocol can meet the above
charge notebook computers, mobile phones and other devices.

Xiaomi GaN Charger 65W

The third-generation semiconductor material is small in size, light in weight, and high in efficiency. It is
intelligently compatible with various Type-C mobile phones, notebook computers,
game consoles and other devices. All for business and travel.

Note: This item needs to be purchased separately. For details, see the official website of Xiaomi Mall.

Pushing the limits of image

100 million pixels flagship four photo
quality, speed and experience continue to evolve
breakthrough mobile imaging limit

Xiaomi pioneered the 100-megapixel mobile phone first, and the Xiaomi Mi 10 series once again pushed mobile phone images to a whole new level. The new generation of fast image processor,
AI Pixel dynamic enhancement, and HEIF picture storage will give full play to the advantages of 100 million pixels. You will find that 100 million pixels are more powerful,
more useful and more enjoyable than ever , just wait and see the works!

DXOMARK Mobile Camera

First place overall

Super telephoto lens

  • 10X Hybrid Optical Zoom
  • OIS
  • f / 2.0 aperture
  • 1.0μm
  • 5P lens

12MP portrait lens

  • 2X optical zoom
  • 1.4μm large pixels
  • 2PD dual-core focus
  • f / 2.0 aperture
  • 6P lens

108MP Super Clear

  • 1 / 1.33 ″ large sensor
  • OIS
  • 1.6μm 4 in 1 super large pixel
  • f / 1.69 large aperture

20MP Ultra Wide Angle Lens

  • 117 ° wide angle
  • f / 2.2 aperture
  • 6P lens

* As of 14:00, February 13, 2020 (GMT + 8), the Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro mobile phone camera scored 124, ranking first in DXOMARK.

  • 8P lens

    Rare in the industry! Significantly increase the amount of collected light and
    make full use of 100 million pixels

  • AI Pixel

    Global image dynamic enhancement
    Intelligent adjustment, the picture is more vivid

  • 2 billion pixels / second

    Qualcomm`s new generation Spectra 480 ISP
    image processor

  • HEIF format

    HEIF high-quality image file format
    saves 40% of space on average *

100 megapixels to take a picture, fill your memories with more details

"Beauty Mirror" 50mm classic portrait lens blurs
the complicated world and reveals the beauty of portraits

117 ° large field of view

4 lens relay zoom brings the beauty far in the sky to your eyes

Pushing the limits of video

AI 8K ultra-clear film camera
Professional mode + stereo radio
support for professional film-making

100 million pixels revolutionized mobile phone photography, this time it will subvert the mobile phone camera! Your masterpiece will be recorded and presented in amazing 8K quality. Not only
that, the professional mode and high-definition stereo radio make it easier and easier for you to pick up your mobile phone and create professional blockbusters. Inspired place, 8K phase
machine in place, start shooting!

Shot by Xiaomi Mi 10 Series 100MP 8K Cinema Camera

Watch video

Professional Mode

Powerful professional mode, combined with 8K picture quality, reached the pinnacle of Xiaomi mobile phone shooting. The optical focus separation,
peak focus and other functions previously only available on high-end professional cameras are now in your hands. Come on, you can also do a great job with professional directors.

  • Focal separation

    Focus and metering operations separately

  • Adapt to mainstream PTZ *

    Direct control of native camera for better image stabilization

  • Professional video stabilization

    Shooting while running, still clear

  • Peak focus

    Adjust the focus manually to accurately restore the director`s thoughts

  • AI real-time voice to subtitles *

    Rotate when shooting, support post-editing

  • Real-time background blur

    Movie-like picture space

  • 2.35: 1

    Cinematic shocking format

  • 8 classic film filters

    Make your work more storytelling

  • Video portrait retention *


* The first batch of Xiaomi Mi 10 series has been adapted for Zhiyun smooth Q2 and Feiyu Vimble2s, and subsequent devices will be opened one by one.
* AI real-time voice to subtitles and video portrait retention function, can be used in ordinary video mode.

Film everyday

Want to add something to the masterpiece? Remember to recall the 8 classic film filters that come with it, and the cinematic sense of story is instantly bursting. In addition, there are
functions such as real-time background blur, portrait retention, etc. In short, as long as you have the camera, all the stories under the lens are good.

Watch video

Ask, answer more,
Xiao Ai, smart upgrade

In the past, "you asked a little love classmate to answer a question", it became more intimate to answer more you want to ask but did not ask. You can even set Xiao Ai
`s awakening words and your favorite voice to make Xiao Ai your best friend.

  • Custom wake word

    Give Xiaoai classmates an "exclusive password" and
    call them more and more smoothly and effectively.

  • Custom sound

    Read 20+ sentences aloud, the system will learn the corresponding human voice independently, and
    let your favorite voice accompany you from now on.

* Small love classmate`s custom sound function requires subsequent APP upgrades. The actual time is subject to actual conditions.

Game turbo 3.0

High energy moment

KO BOSS, Extreme Five Kills ... The highlight moments in the game can be captured and saved. Not only can you reflect on it at any time, you can also send it to friends to share these wonderful moments with everyone.

Video Toolbox

  • Image style

    Freely adjust display effects to find your favorite visual experience.

  • Image style

    Enhance the vocal and surround sound effects to give ears different enjoyment.

  • Picture quality improvement

    Enhance the outline of the image, the picture quality is more vivid.

* In the video toolbox, the support of the floating window application is subject to actual conditions.

Document shooting assistant

  • Document shooting mode

    Clear and realistic, comparable to paper documents

  • Intelligent document correction

    Intelligently correct the angle of the document,
    take a book, take a PPT, just like take a source file.

  • ID Copying Mode

    Easily generate A4 size files for easy sending and printing

Many highlights
throughout the inside and out

  • Multifunctional NFC

    Swipe your card for shopping, bus, and you can get it when you show your phone.
    It can also simulate access cards, identity cards, and car keys.

  • Transverse linear motor

    The horizontal linear motor brings a richer three-dimensional vibration experience.

  • Dual-frequency GPS

    The dual-frequency signals work together to
    effectively improve navigation accuracy in urban complex environments .

  • Infrared remote control

    Use your phone to control TVs,
    air conditioners and other smart home appliances.

  • Front and rear dual photosensitive units

    Intelligently detect the light on the front and back of the phone to find the most comfortable brightness
    for the eyes, and protect the eyes in complex light sources.




Snapdragon 865

Super flagship processor of the year

CPU architecture technology: new Kryo 585 architecture, 7nm FFP process
CPU process frequency: eight core processors, the highest frequency can reach: 2.84GHz
Qualcomm three cluster design: 1x2.84GHz super large core + 3x2.42GHz large core + 4x1. 80GHz small-core
GPU: Adreno 650 graphics processor, up to 587MHz
AIE: fifth-generation AI engine

Memory and capacity

12GB + 512GB

Highest optional

Operating memory: 8GB / 12GBLPDDR5 high-speed memory
Body storage: 256GB / 512GBUFS 3.0 high-speed storage

* The actual available capacity will be reduced and different due to many factors: because the operating system occupies part of the memory (RAM), the actual available space is less than the
marked memory capacity; because the operating system is installed and pre-installed programs occupy some flash memory (ROM ), The actual available storage space is less than the capacity of the flash memory.


6.67 inches AMOLED double curved screen
90Hz refresh rate of 180Hz sampling rate Shu
ultra-thin screen under optical fingerprint

Resolution of 2340 x 1080 FHD +
screen brightness 800nit (HBM) / 500nit (typ )
Contrast 5000000: 1 | 100% coverage DCI-P3 and sRGB gamut
support HDR10 + high dynamic range image display
Rheinland low blue authentication
Corning 5th generation gorilla glass

Rear camera

100 million pixels 丨 Four-shot
10x hybrid optical zoom 丨 50x digital zoom

  • 100 megapixel super clear main photo

    1 / 1.33 ″ large sensor, OIS optical image stabilization, 1.6μm 4-in-1 large pixel, f / 1.69 large aperture, 8P lens

  • 8 million super telephoto lens

    10X hybrid optical zoom, OIS optical image stabilization, 1.0 μm, f / 2.0 aperture

  • 12 million portrait lens

    2X optical zoom, 1.4μm large pixels, 2PD dual-core focus, f / 2.0 aperture

  • 20 million ultra wide-angle lens

    117 ° wide-angle, f / 2.2 aperture

Rear camera support

100 million super clear 丨 AI camera 丨 Super night scene 2.0 丨 Document mode 丨 Movie mode 丨 ID card copy mode (AI camera needs to be turned on) 丨 Mimoji cute shooting 丨
AI 8K video shooting 丨 4K video shooting 丨 VLOG video 丨 Speech Shooting 丨 Time-lapse Photography 丨 Video Blur 丨 Video Filters 丨 Video Beauty 丨 Video Super Image Stabilization 丨 Video Super Image Stabilization PRO * 960fps Slow Motion Recording 960fps Macro Slow Motion Recording 丨 Macro Video Recording 丨 Short Video Recording丨 Rear short video shaping slimming 丨 Portrait mode background blurring 丨 Panorama mode 丨 Professional mode 丨 Dynamic photo 丨 Countdown photo 丨 Level 丨 Continuous shooting mode 丨 Facial recognition 丨 丨 AI beauty 丨 Baby beauty 丨 AI smart slimming 丨Ultra-wide-angle edge distortion correction 丨 Group photo face correction 丨 Custom watermark 丨 Portrait blur adjustment 丨 Dynamic light spot 丨 AI studio light effect 丨 AI super-resolution photo 丨 Moon mode (requires AI camera)

Video shooting

8K video shooting30fps
4K video shooting30 / 60fps
1080p video shooting30 / 60fps
720p video shooting30fps

Slow motion shooting

720P120/240 / 960fps
1080P120/240 / 960fps

* The first batch of Xiaomi 10 Pro does not support video super anti-shake PRO for the time being, and subsequent OTA upgrades are required. The actual time will prevail.

Front camera

20 million super clear front camera

Front camera photo support

AI camera Shu Shu Mimoji voice caption Meng beat blur Shu Shu video video video filters beauty Shu Shu Shu pre-slow-motion movie mode Shu portrait mode |
3D Beauty US-Shu Shu pre panoramic camera to take pictures full-screen format Shu Shu gesture Front HDR 丨 Front screen fill light 丨 Countdown photo 丨 Fantasy eye light 丨 AI intelligent beauty |
baby beauty 丨 AI micro-shaping 丨 AI nude makeup beauty 丨 AI studio light effect

Video shooting


Slow motion shooting


Charging and battery

4500mAh (typ) / 4400mAh (min)

A high-voltage lithium-ion polymer battery is not removable
USB Type-C sided charging interface
fast charging 3.0 TÜV Rheinland authentication security
phone supports QC4 + / PD3.0 fast charge protocol
standard wired charger 65W, charging protocol compatible PD

Triple fast charge technology:

50W Fast Flash Charge, 30W Wireless Flash Charge, 10W Wireless Reverse Charge
* 30W Wireless Flash Charge .

Network and Standard

SA / NSA dual mode 丨 Dual card 丨 Full Netcom 6.0

Supports dual-card unlimited operators. The main card can use 5G and the sub-card 4G. ①

Support dual Nano-SIM card slot
Support mobile 5G / 4G + / 4G / 2G, China Unicom 5G / 4G + / 4G / 3G / 2G, telecommunication 5G / 4G + / 4G ②
Support dual-card VoLTE HD voice ③

Note①: Whether 5G is supported depends on the local operator`s network. When using two telecom cards, the subcard can only register the telecom VoLTE network.
If the subcard or the local network does not support televo VoLTE services, it cannot be used;
Note②: Not supported TD-SCDMA, CDMA, EVDO standards;
Note ③: Supports VoLTE services for mobile, China Unicom, and telecommunications. The actual usage depends on the operator`s local network and service deployment.

Supported frequency bands

5G: n1 / n3 / n41 / n78 / n79
Note: The actual network and frequency band usage depends on the local operator`s deployment. N1, n3 need to be supported by the software after the operator releases.
4G: FDD-LTE: B1 / B2 / B3 / B4 / B5 / B7 / B8 / B12 / B17
TDD-LTE: B34 / B38 / B39 / B40 / B41
Note: LTE B41 (2496-2690 194MHz)
3G: WCDMA: B1 / B2 / B4 / B5 / B8
2G: GSM: B2 / B3 / B5 / B8
supports 4 × 4 MIMO antenna technology | HPUE | HO RxD

Wireless connections

WLAN protocols: Wi-Fi 6, Wi-Fi 5, Wi-Fi 4 and 802.11a / b / g
WLAN frequency: 2.4G Wi-Fi | 5G Wi-Fi
supports 2x2 MIMO, 8x8 Sounding for MU-MIMO, Wi-Fi fi Direct, Miracast, 2.4G, 5G dual concurrent
Bluetooth: Bluetooth 5.1, Qualcomm TrueWireless ™ Stereo Plus
supports AAC / LDAC / LHDC / aptX ™ / aptX ™ HD / aptX ™ -Adaptive

Multifunctional NFC

After the Xiaomi Wallet APP is launched, you can use Xiaomi Bus, Mi Pay, Xiaomi Mi Card, eID *, Electronic Car Key * and other functions by double-clicking the power button.

· Xiaomi Wallet Bus Card: Supports more than 311 cities *, supports 18 kinds of bus cards * mobile card, supports free old card transfer to new machines, and synchronous migration of card balances.

(Please use the "Transportation Union" logo of the credit card terminal when using it. The specific available range and ride discounts are subject to the local government and operating companies` announcements.)

· Mi Pay: Supports 118 banks *, online payment, offline payment, UnionPay QR code, UnionPay card payment, and UnionPay one-touch payment.

· Xiaomi Wallet Door Card: Door card simulation, Mijia smart door lock, virtual door card, custom blank card. (It can only simulate unencrypted door cards with a frequency band of 13.56MHz. Bank cards with door card functions and door cards with stored value consumption, bus consumption and other functions cannot be simulated temporarily. Even if the simulation is successful, these cards It also does not have functions such as banking and public transport;)

· Xiaomi Wallet Smart Card: Smart switch between Xiaomi Wallet Door Card and Xiaomi Wallet Bus Card. (In the initial sales batch of mobile phones, the smart card selection function of Xiaomi Wallet is different due to technical conditions, cities, etc., the beta version is based on the product completion test time.)

* The number of supported cities, city names, banks, cards, eID partner hotels list, electronic car key partner models, etc. are subject to actual conditions.

physical dimension

Height: 162.6mm
Width: 74.8mm
Thickness: 8.96mm *
Weight: 208g

* The above data is the test data of Ingrid Lab. The actual results may vary slightly depending on the measurement methods in the industry.

Navigation and positioning

Dual-frequency GNSS:
Beidou: B1I + B2a 丨 GPS: L1 + L5 丨 Galileo: E1 + E5a 丨 GLONASS: G1 丨 QZSS: L1 + L5
AGPS assisted positioning 丨 Data network positioning 丨 Wi-Fi network positioning

Balanced stereo

Dual speaker 1216 Superlinear
bis Smart PA putting large volume
equivalent to 1.2cc x 2 super sound chamber design

Music player

Hi-Res Audio certification (high-resolution audio), Miyin sound

Video playback

supports high dynamic range display when playing HDR10 video content


Ultrasonic distance sensor | Ambient light sensor under the screen | Acceleration sensor | Gyroscope | Electronic compass 丨 Hall sensor
Linear motor | Infrared remote control | Barometer 丨 Rear light sensor 丨 Laser focus sensor

Operating system

based on Android 10

packing list

Phone Host / power adapter / USB Type-C cable / Type-C to 3.5mm headphone cable
minimalist phone case / pin / three bags of documents / Getting Started / Security Information Statement


* In terms of memory and capacity, the actual available capacity will be reduced and different due to many factors: because the operating system occupies part of the memory (RAM), the actual available space is less than the identified memory capacity; because the operating system is installed and pre-installed programs occupy For some flash memory (ROM), the actual available storage space is less than the capacity of the identified flash memory.

* In terms of charging, data such as speed and duration are all our laboratory data. Actual conditions may vary slightly depending on the test software version and the specific test environment. The actual use time shall prevail.

* The screen pictures and product description display pictures provided on this website are reference diagrams, and the actual conditions prevail.

* Product pictures, models, data, functions, performance, specifications, user interfaces and other product information are for reference only. Xiaomi may improve the above. For specific information, please refer to the actual product and product manuals. Unless otherwise specified, the data involved in this website are the internal test results of Xiaomi, and the comparisons involved are compared with Xiaomi products.

* The general mobile phones compared in this page are Xiaomi`s own mobile phones. The product station is not specially pointed out, all of our laboratory data, design technical parameters and data provided by the supplier, the actual situation of the total station data will vary slightly depending on the test software version, specific test environment, specific version. The pictures of the structure displayed at the whole station are functional diagrams, not the absolute actual structure, and the actual product shall prevail.

QuantityPriceYou Save
2 $774.99 Up to $10.00
3 $772.99 Up to $21.00
4 $772.49 Up to $30.00
5 $771.99 Up to $40.00
10 $764.99 Up to $150.00
Possibility to return:Yes, within 14 days
Length of warranty12 months
Delivery time from10
The time of delivery to25
Processing time for warranty service from6 weeks
Processing time for warranty repair to12 weeks
Dual SimYes
Rom:Global or Original (Chinese+English) - select below
Warranty Extension:At promotional terms, up to 24 months (during checkout)

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