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Samsung Galaxy A8 (2018) A530FD Dual Sim 64GB LTE (Gold)


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Samsung Galaxy A8 A530F Gold

Meet symetrycznÄ elegance black Samsung Galaxy A8 A530F 2018. ZaokrÄ glone edges and slim profile sprawiajÄ that Smartphone naturally in your hand. The metal back of the pleasant to the touch and texture glass front use it a luxurious feel. Smartphone offer unique tkowÄ the power of the 8-core CPU and zachwycajÄ the CE screen colors Infinity Full HD + with sensor Super AMOLED. Galaxy A8 also features the first smartphones Samsung dual front camera, which will allow you to discover the charms of portrait photography.

The Infinity Display

Large black screen Samsung Galaxy A8 has an aspect ratio of 18.5:9, ograniczajÄ anything that could distract You. As a result, the image displayed by a matrix Super AMOLED display allows more immersed in the image. Although the display has a 5.6 "is the Smartphone remained slim, ułatwiajÄ (c) the same support for one rękÄ .

Do more, faster

Black Samsung Galaxy A8 A530F 2018 may more than you expect. The OCTA-core processor provides unique tkowÄ power and a smooth multitasking performance, regardless of what the challenge his plan. Galaxy A8 does not run out of RAM, because it has its up to 4 GB. What's more, the 32 GB of memory for data, you can zoom in, instalujÄ (c) the microSD card and get additional 265 GB for your videos, photos, music, and applications.

Discover new

the perspective of the

Meet the first dual front camera on your Smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy A8. For its using you perform a perfect portrait photos with real bokeh. Dynamically adjust the depth of focus, both before and after photographs. Discover the richness of detail that provides camera 16 Mpix and wide field of view lens with sensor 8 Mpix.

Photos clear in any light

Unique initial Smartphone deserves a unique initial engine, so the black Samsung Galaxy A8 A530F 2018 has sensor 16 Mpix with a lens f/1.7. In addition, enhanced language Tetra technologies-cell, łÄ whether the four are siadujÄ CE marking pixels to get większÄ sensitivity and, in effect, bring out more light on photos. Thanks to photo done in a dark room will be rich in detail and without noise.

Waterproof Galaxy A8 A530F

Going over water? Black Samsung Galaxy A8 you choose with you . Its design meets the requirements for normÄ IP68. This means that builds water and dust. You don't have to worry about getting wet a Smartphone, because this can withstand immersion depth 1, 5 m for 30 minutes. Not only that, the Galaxy A8 automatically stops charging the device to dry completely device to protect the components against damage.

Quick and intuitive unlock

Unlock the black Samsung Galaxy A8 A530F 2018 is as simple as making selfies. Just look on your Smartphone-black Galaxy A8 will recognize the visitor accesses your the face and the unlock menu. If you prefer traditional security methods, you'll be glad the presence of rapid fingerprint reader. For its using You can also authorize access to a secure folder działajÄ in based on KNOX. Keep it confidential data without worry.




TNA screen and connectivity links
Samsung Exynos 7885 (2 cores, 2.2 GHz, 1.6 GHz, cores and 6 the A73, A53)
The layout of the
Mali G71
Memory (RAM)
4 GB
Built-in memory
32 GB
Screen type
Touch, Super AMOLED Display
5.6 "
Screen resolution
2220 x 1080
4 g (LTE)
A Bluetooth
Satellite navigation system
USB type-C-1 PCs.
Memory card reader-1 PCs.
Nano slot-2 PCs.
Headphone/speaker-1 PC.
Lithium ion 3000 mAh
The installed operating system
Android 7.1 Nougat
Camera resolution
16.0 Mp-back
16.0 + 8.0 Mpix-front
Aperture of the lens
f/1.9 front lens
f/1.7-rear lens
The Flash
The built-in
Dual SIM
Dual SIM-dual SIM cards
The thickness of the
8.4 mm
The width of the
70.6 mm
The height of the
149 mm
The weight of the
172 g
The color of the
Additional information
Dust-and waterproof (IP68)
A gyroscope
The barometer
Light sensor
The approximation sensor
Hall Sensor
Fingerprint reader
Quick charge Quick Charge
Shipping from:hong-kong
The ability to returnNo
Additional information. deliveryProduct data sheet gives the expected due date. In some cases, this time limit may be as high as 45 days. After crossing, you have the right to a full refund.
The length of the implementation of the free repair12 MTHS on manufacturer/supplier
Delivery time from10
The time of delivery to20
Processing time for warranty service from6 weeks
Processing time for warranty repair to12 weeks
The Amount Of ROM64 GB
Dual SimYes
Water resistanceSo
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