Realme GT Neo 6 16GB+512GB Green

SKU realme-gt-neo-6-16gb
Location: Asia
Possibility to return: Yes, within 14 days to warehouse in USA / UK or EU
Length of warranty 12 months
Warranty Extension: At promotional terms, up to 24 months (during checkout)
Dual Sim Yes
5G Yes
Rom: Chinese (English + Chinese languages, possible Google Apps)
Processing time for warranty service from 6 weeks
Processing time for warranty repair to 12 weeks
+ possible tax
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Product description

The high-powered master of war is fully evolved
3rd Gen Snapdragon ®8s Flagship Core / 6000nit No Dual Screen / 5500mAh+120W Long Battery Life / 16GB+1TB Large Memory
High-energy gaming flagship
Note: The local peak brightness of the screen is 6000nit, and the data comes from the realme lab, please refer to the actual product. Comprehensive evolution refers to the product in terms of flash charging, performance, memory and comprehensive experience compared with the same series of Neo6 SE has been improved to a certain extent, and the specific parameters are shown in the official data.
The third generation of 8s chip ® The third generation of 8s chip
Performance hardcore is inherently powerful
6000nit without dual screen
Global SGS certified 5A screen brightness
120W+5500mAh super large battery + LTPO screen
Endurance King Fried Challenge the peak of mid-range battery life
The third-generation Snapdragon ®8S flagship chip
Extra-large battery¹
No dual screen²
Charge in seconds at the speed of light⁵
Ice core three-dimensional heat dissipation system³
Titanium Sky Mirror design
Dual-frequency GPS+ Three-frequency Beidou positioning
1TB of full-tier storage⁴
Sony 50MP
OIS main camera
The new Snapdragon ® 3rd generation 8s chip
Performance hardcore is inherently powerful
The third-generation 8 Gen3 has the same architecture and the same flagship-level 4nm process, and is called the "Little 8 Gen3". The new flagship is coming, and the performance is exploding.
Process technology
Extra-large cores
CPU Lead⁶
GPU Lead⁶
"Little 8 Gen3"
Ice-sealed three-dimensional cooling system³
Super 10,000-level heat dissipation, cold attack
9-layer heat dissipation architecture, super 10,000-level heat dissipation VC, three-dimensional double-layer heat dissipation structure, body middle frame heat dissipation design, hardware + design, double blessing gaming heat dissipation combination. Seeing the subtlety, it is cold to the end.
double deck
VC heat dissipation structure
VC heat dissipation area³
Area Increase⁷
Flagship-level thermal design
Dual three-dimensional heat dissipation design, dual-channel heat dissipation. The heat dissipation efficiency is higher and the heat dissipation speed is faster.

Frozen structure in the middle frame⁸
Side low temperature feeling, up to 2 degrees Celsius drop.
Powerful frame painting Extraordinary performance
Stabilize the frame and enjoy the high picture
2 hours of intense fighting
Super HDR mode for games, brightness boost, light and shadow immersion.
Rich audio layering, the voice of teammates, the footsteps of enemies, do not disturb each other, improve the clarity.
The underlying channel + computing power optimization, the game is followed by hands, and the super painting is reproduced, which is immersive.
Haptic optimization, automatic full-frame performance.
Gaming Super HDR
Holographic audio
Reverse Water Cold Light Tracing 2.0⁹
AI Burn Mode
Full-band gaming antenna matrix 2.0
Surging signal, unimpeded
Professional gaming-grade antenna design + signal enhancement technology tuning, hardware-level signal enhancement. Unimpeded, help to win five kills. Subway, corridor, continue to enjoy the hearty.
Low-radiation antenna technology
Industry-leading low SAR technology to reduce human absorption, Lower radiation and less impact at the same signal
Antenna technology enhanced by weak network communications
5G 2dB technology improves the speed of 5G weak network scenarios by up to 60%. Open the dark and worry-free location, and the signal is still surging¹⁰.
6000nit without dual screen
Global SGS certification
5A gaming screen
Immersion size²
Refresh rate²
Contrast ratio²
Extremely narrow bezel²
Screen-to-body ratio²
Dynamic High Brush²
Global excitation brightness²
Local peak brightness²
6000nit challenges the industry's pinnacle brightness²
Innovative use of advanced luminescent materials in the industry, and the light perception is upgraded. Breaking a new record for brightness, the game world is still hearty under the sun. 6000nit Local peak brightness² 1600nit Global excitation brightness² 1000nit Manual peak brightness²
Transparent light and shadow, frame the world
Up to 8 times brightness increase², intelligently analyze picture content, and clearly restore light and dark details. The picture is more realistic and the look is more transparent.
flagship-level refresh configuration, A good screen must have LTPO
Flagship-level screen refresh technology brings double benefits to the look and feel. Silky refresh, no fear of ghosting stuttering.
Up to 20% less power than LTPS screens¹¹
Magic Touch
System + hardware-level fast response¹²
Accurately follow the hand to carry the whole picture
The selection of flagship-level materials for e-sports and the calibration of realme's e-sports lab¹² for many years have greatly improved the handiness, accuracy and recognition.
Magic Touch
The high-frequency touch area is followed by the hand, and the response is fast
Wet hand touch¹³
No fear of the environment, quick to use
AI Protective Film Touch
Intelligent recognition, fast interaction
2500Hz instantaneous touch sampling rate
Agile instantaneous, one step ahead¹²
Intelligent anti-mistouch
Recognize hand shapes to reduce false touches
Green AI eye care
Leading a new era of active eye care
Global eye protection, system-level adjustment, a new benchmark for active eye protection.
Human state perception
Blink frequency detection High-frequency detection during eye protection periods Low-frequency detection during other periods
Fatigue identification
Active eye care accommodation
AI Game Night Mode
Intelligently monitor visual fatigue and scientifically adjust the screen display to reduce visual fatigue¹⁴.
Dual intelligent surveillance
Monitor with eye strain
Playtime monitoring
Advanced dimming scheme
Medium and high brightness DC dimming, low brightness and high frequency PWM dimming. Dual dimming for more eye protection¹⁴.
2160Hz high frequency
PWM dimming
Medium to high brightness
DC dimming
Paper-like display
The ink screen display can be adjusted to meet different viewing scenarios. The vision is like reading a book on paper. Eye protection shows more relaxation¹⁴.
120W light-speed second charging
Immediate recovery and immediate expedition
Full-link GaN charging technology, flash recovery. Power protection charging, protect the battery, and delay the degradation of battery life.
10 minutes
Charge to 50%⁵
1600 times
Full discharge cycle The effective battery capacity is not less than 80%¹⁵
Large 5500mAh battery¹
Thin, lightweight, high-energy battery, lighter weight and smaller size¹⁶, high-energy is coming, enjoy the hearty.
38 hour
Long calls¹
24 hour
Chat freely¹
21 hour
Video Enjoyment¹
8 hour
MOBA games at their best¹
Mid-range battery life Challenge the peak of mid-range battery life
Long battery life Up to 2 days¹⁷
In DOU mode, it has a battery life of 1.92 days¹⁷.
Full-link power management chips
Extra-large battery
LTPO screen
20%¹¹ year-over-year LTPS energy consumption
8s Gen3
Optimization of the underlying energy consumption
AI intelligence
Power-saving engine
16GB+1TB of full-tier storage⁴
Start, one step ahead
Storage, goodbye to worries
Large memory⁴
PC-level large memory is supported by Cyclone Memory Engine 3.0, which is LPDDR5X combined with UFS4.0 storage. In-depth optimization, startup speed jumps again. Go online in seconds, one step faster.
Cyclone Memory Engine 3.0
Memory system-level optimization, game starts in no time
The memory management subsystem is supported by AI, the underlying system is optimized, and the intelligent keep-alive, intelligent background update, and software acceleration start-up.
Bandwidth Instantaneous Technology 2.0
Instantaneous data throughput is greatly improved, and APP launch is silky smooth.
Intelligent pre-loading system
The Al large model predicts user habits and loads commonly used apps in advance.
App breakpoint resuming technology
The app stays away and returns without reloading, switching apps freely.
The Titanium Sky Mirror design pays homage to the future¹⁹
Nano-mirror, elegant and high-end
Titanium air design, futuristic texture
Nano-mirror coating process
The material is fine to the nanometer level, Integrate the future into the material, ultra-high specular reflectivity, Super smooth feel, Salute to science and technology, salute to the future.
Misty AG process
Diffuse reflection brings a psychedelic visual sense of luxury, AG particles bring a silky tactile enjoyment, This time, I really can't put it down.
Lingxi purple
Phantom color, elegant and mysterious, looking for the sky and exploring the abyss. Purple Qi Nine Heavens Destiny debuts
Quicksilver Knight
Liquid quicksilver, fingertip flow. Like a knight going out on an expedition, elegant and measured, the texture is unparalleled.
Wild hacker
Fantasy wilderness, mysterious and restrained, set off and start this adventure together.
AIGC Elimination¹⁸
Gently circle to save the waste tablets
AI Call Summary¹⁸
Key matters, one-click generation
AI Article Summary¹⁸
Core content, one-click generation
AI gesture control¹⁸
Interaction in the air, magic control
New Cloth Assistant¹⁸
Smarter, more powerful, more intimate
Xiaobu Citywalk route recommendation
The world is so big, Xiaobu will walk with you Hot tourist attraction recommendation, Popular restaurant food recommendations, Intelligently generate multiple tourist routes, a one-stop overview of delicious and beautiful food.
Sony 50-megapixel OIS main camera
Real light and shadow are instantaneous
50 million pixel IMX882 main camera, native OIS image stabilization, with super light and shadow engine. Freeze the clear blockbuster in an instant, and the real light and shadow can be shot immediately.
Super Light and Shadow Engine
A new generation of RAW domain light and shadow calculation, flagship light and shadow algorithms, every place is smoothed and excessive, and the real light and shadow are restored.
SuperOIS Optical Image Stabilization
The upgraded OIS optical image stabilization and four-axis displacement compensation algorithm can capture the image at all times and the movement is also stable
50MP HD mode
Ultra-clear image engine, details are preserved losslessly, and the film is produced one after another
Night mode
Prolight2.0 ultra-sensitive night scene algorithm accurately captures the details of night scenes and captures the beauty of more nights.
Dual-frequency GPS+ Three-frequency Beidou positioning
The positioning is more accurate, and the forward movement is more worry-free
realme UI 5.0¹⁸
Wisdom, convenience, and integration
Fluid clouds
Instant information, one-click reach
Flash cutout
Finely cut out images and create as you like
Multi-app volume adjustment
Volume adjustment, "sound" due to use
File relay
Global collection and cross-terminal circulation
Vehicle-machine interconnection
The car and machine are integrated, in one step
Click here to learn more about UI 5.0
More flagship experiences
X-axis linear motor
The game has been upgraded
IP65 water and dust resistant²⁰
Rest assured to accompany you to see the mountains and the sea
Stereo dual speakers
ORealityAudio sound Hi-Res Sound Quality Certified
All-round induction enhanced NFC ²²
Efficient identification, efficiency and speed
Smart IR remote control²¹
Universal remote control, the whole family mobile phone control
The third-generation Snapdragon ® 8S flagship chip
Performance hardcore is inherently powerful
6000nit without dual screen
Global SGS certified 5A screen
16GB+1TB full-level storage
Extra-large 5500mAh battery
120W light-speed second charging
Lingxi purple
Quicksilver Knight
Wild hacker


The third-generation Snapdragon ® 8S flagship chip
CPU: TSMC 4nm process, octa-core processor, new 1+4+3 architecture, 3GHz maximum frequency
GPU:Adreno™ 735 @1.1GHz
AI: Hexagon Tensor Processor has powerful comprehensive computing power

Memory vs. capacity

Up to 16GB+1TB of max-level storage
ROM:256GB/512GB/1TB UFS 4.0


6000nit without dual screen
Screen size: 6.78 inches
Main screen material: AMOLED
Resolution: 2780*1264
Screen-to-body ratio: 94.20%
Refresh rate: Up to 120Hz
Pixel density: 450PPI
Touch sampling rate: 360Hz
Instantaneous touch sampling rate: 2500Hz
Global maximum brightness: 1600nit
Local peak brightness: 6000nit
Contrast ratio: 5,000,000:1
Color: 1.07 billion colors in 10bit
Color Saturation: DCI-P3 100%
Encapsulation process: COP
Narrow left and right bezels: 1.36mm
TÜV Rheinland Smart Eye Care 3.0 certified
SGS 5A gaming screen

Charging with batteries

Extra-large 5500mAh battery
2*2750mAh equivalent to 5500mAh (typical)
2*2680mAh equivalent to 5360mAh (rated)
120W light-speed second charging
An 11V/11A (MAX) adapter is standard
USB Type-C port


Flagship dual camera
Rear camera
IMX882 50MP OIS main camera
Pixels: 50 million
Equivalent focal length: 25.56mm
Aperture: f/1.88
Number of lenses: 5P
Phase focus is supported
Sensor size: 1/1.953 inch
IMX355 112° ultra-wide-angle lens
Pixels: 8 million
Equivalent focal length: 15.91 mm
Aperture: f/2.2
Lens combination: 5P
Sensor size: 1/4 inch
Rear Functions:
Photo, Portrait, Night Scene, High Resolution, Panorama, Long Exposure, Pro Mode, Street Photography, Super Text, Video, Movie, Multi-View Video, Time Lapse, AI ID Photo, Slo-mo, Filter, Beautify
Recording Specifications:
4K@60fps/30fps、1080P @60fps/30fps、720P@60fps/30fps;
Video image stabilization supports EIS/OIS, 1080P @60fps;
Movie mode supports 4K@30fps;
Video slow motion support 1080P@120fps, 720P@240fps;
Time-lapse photography supports 4K@30fps, 1080P@30fps
Take a front-facing photo
Front-facing camera
Ultra-clear front-facing camera
Pixels: 32 million
Sensor: IMX615
Aperture: f/2.45
Sensor size: 1/2.74 inch
Front camera function:
Photo, Portrait, Night Scene, Panorama, Video, Multi-view Video, Time-Lapse Photography, AI ID Photo
Front-facing photo mode:
Touch screen, volume keys, gestures to take photos
Supported resolutions and frame rates for front-facing videos:
Up to 4K30fps, default 1080p30fps, 720p30fps (beautify by default)
Support video stabilization 1080P 30fps

Networks & Connectivity

Support dual SIM and dual 5G
Network Frequency Bands
GSM: 850/900/1800MHz
WCDMA: Bands 1/5/8
LTE FDD: Bands 1/3/5/7/8/28A
LTE TDD:Bands 34/38/39/40/41
5G NR:
SA: n1/n3/n5/n8/n28A/n41/n77/n78
NSA: n41/n77/n78
Wireless frequency bands
Support 2.4GHz/5.1GHz/5.8GHz Wi-Fi frequency bands
Supports IEEE802.11 a/b/g/n/ac/ax (WiFi 4, WiFi 5, WiFi 6)
Support WLAN Display; Wi-Fi network sharing
Support Wi-Fi 5GHz 160MHz;
Supports 2×2 MIMO; 8 Spatial-stream sounding MU-MIMO
Support Bluetooth BT5.4
Support SBC, AAC, aptX HD, LHDC, LDAC Bluetooth audio codec

Remote control and connection

NFC capability
Support infrared remote control
Support NFC card emulation, card reading function

Positioning & Navigation

Dual-frequency GPS
Support Beidou/GPS/Glonass/Galileo/QZSS/NavlC
Beidou: B1I + B1C + B2a

Audio playback

Hi-Res Audio Certified
OReality Audio

Exterior dimensions

Length: 162 mm
Width: 75.1 mm
Thickness: 8.65 mm*
Weight ≈ 191g*
* The above data is realme lab test data, actual thickness, weight and other results may fluctuate slightly due to different test environments or measurement methods.

Buttons and interfaces

Dual Nano SIM card slots
Type-C interface
Dual microphones
Dual speakers
Power button
Volume adjustment key


Geomagnetic induction, light sensing (front and rear dual light sensor), front and rear color temperature, under-screen proximity sensor, acceleration sensor, gravity sensor, gyroscope


realme UI 5.0
Android 14

Packing list

cell phone
120W charger
Data cable
SIM card pin
Protective case
Quick Start Guide (with warranty card)
1. The battery life data comes from the realme lab, and the popular App is used for testing, and the actual test data may be different due to different test environments or calculation methods, please refer to the actual experience.
2. 6000nit is the local peak brightness of the screen, other data of the screen comes from the real me laboratory, the actual test data may be different due to different test environments or calculation methods, please refer to the actual experience.
3.VC heat dissipation area and capacity are from the real me laboratory, please refer to the actual experience.
4. The configuration is the highest version, which is 16GB memory version, and the actual test data may vary due to different test environments or calculation methods.
5. The data comes from the real me lab, the charging data starts from 1% of the mobile phone battery, the actual test data may be different due to different test environments or calculation methods, please refer to the actual experience.
6. The data of the third-generation Snapdragon ®️ 8s Gen3 comes from Qualcomm's official website, compared with the Snapdragon ®️ 8 Gen 1 chip, please refer to the actual situation.
7. The heat dissipation area comparison object is realme GT Neo 5 SE, please refer to the actual situation.
8. Adopt thermal insulation design, the data comes from the real me laboratory, please refer to the actual experience.
9. Some functions of Ray Tracing 2.0 need to be upgraded OTA after the product is launched.
10. The data comes from the signal test experiment of the real me laboratory, and the actual test data may be different due to different test environments or calculation methods, please refer to the actual experience.
11. The data comes from the real me laboratory, and the actual test data may be different due to different test environments or calculation methods, please refer to the actual experience.
12. The data comes from the realme laboratory, and the instantaneous sampling rate needs to be adapted to the game manufacturer.
13. Some functions of wet hand touch need to be OTA updated after the product is launched.
14. The technology and data are from the real-me lab, and the actual experience may vary from person to person.
15. The battery capacity comes from a third-party authoritative laboratory, and the actual test data may be different due to different test environments or calculation methods.
16. The data is from Realme Laboratory, and the comparison object is Realme GT Neo 5 SE, please refer to the actual situation.
17. The battery life data comes from the realme laboratory, and the popular App is used for testing, and the actual test data of popular imitators may be different due to different test environments or calculation methods, please refer to the actual experience.
18. OTA upgrades will be carried out after the launch of products such as AIGC elimination, new Xiaobu Assistant, AI gesture control, realme UI 5.0 and some AI functions.
19. The product


preposition: of, from, out of, with, off
conjunction: than
adverb: since

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