Realme GT Neo 5 150W 12GB+256GB Black

SKU realme-gt-neo-5-150w
Location: Asia
Possibility to return: Yes, within 14 days to warehouse in USA / UK or EU
Length of warranty 12 months
Warranty Extension: At promotional terms, up to 24 months (during checkout)
Dual Sim Yes
5G Yes
Rom: Global (Multilanguage + Google Apps) applied over original Original China Multilanguage (possible Google Apps)
Processing time for warranty service from 4 weeks 6 weeks
Processing time for warranty repair to 12 weeks
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12 +12 Months Warranty

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100% Genuine

Only Original, *not* refurbished Products

  • 240W full level second charge
  • Break through the industry ceiling
  • Definition of the Esports Five-Star Guidelines
  • Create the Awakening Halo System
  • Create a new era of flagship e-sports

240W full level second charge
Charge for 30 seconds and talk time for 2 hours¹
Hardcore dual-core, fairy combination
Word of mouth god U, leapfrog debut
Awakening Aura System
Transparent window, 25-color RGB
144Hz 1.5K flagship straight screen
Silky control, thunder response
Sony IMX890 OIS main camera
HyperShot 2.0 image
architecture, a qualitative leap
GT Mode 4.0
Surging performance, dripping release
Smart IR remote control
360° NFC
Smart living, one touch away
Up to 16 GB + 1 TB
Cyclone memory engine, memory refactoring,
long-lasting smooth
Flash charge leapfrogging! Reach the top!
GT Neo2
65W Smart Flash Charging
GT Neo3
80W overspeed second charge
GT Neo3 150W
150W light-speed second charge
GT Neo5 240W
240W full level second charge 
Phone flash charge, enter
The era of counting seconds
Realme 240W full level second charge,
240W is the highest charging power supported by the current Type-C protocol.
Equipped for the pinnacle experience
3 full-level second-charge chips, high-energy dual GaN chargers, fast 12A data cable, full-level configuration,

bringing full-level speed.
Charge for 30 seconds and talk for 2 hours.
Mobile phone flash charging "8 times leapfrog in 10 years"
Charge for 30 seconds
Talk for 2 hours¹
Video watching 1 hour¹
Listening to music for 3 hours¹
Self-developed hybrid algorithm, game scene, play while charging, 17 minutes,

full battery resurrection. ¹
Charge to 80% in 20 seconds¹Charge to 4% ¹ in 50 minutes9 and a half minutes to 100% ¹

60 heavy copper walls and iron walls,
no worries.
240W high power TÜV Rheinland Safe Fast Charge certification

Longevity version 240W, durable,
more than four years!
A new generation of 10C ultra-thin electrode battery, 1600 complete charge and discharge, the effective capacity of the battery is not less than 80%².
Awakening Aura System
Transparent Windows | 25-color RGB
Tide play interactive system, with its own halo.
In a breath, the audience paid attention.
Every moment is highlighted, and it is extraordinary.
Awaken the aura system and awaken the soul of esports.
You are the center of attention.
Comes with "Halo", you can play around!
Transparent double-membrane zero irritable point process makes
the halo shine more shiny³.
One-piece metal decoration,
premium texture.
54.2 degrees platinum curvature,
comfortable grip.
Purple Domain: Fantasy
A new generation of diffuse reflection AG glass technology, matte texture and silky feel complement each other,
exquisite and exquisite.
Purple light and shadow mingle, inheriting the GT Neo track double stripe speed gene,
once again,
stirring up endless fantasy.
Other Realm White
The flawless temperament
at a glance is like being in a pure white holy realm.
The night is dark
Purity and secrecy mingle here,
like a lone hero roaming the dark night to
the end of the universe.
Realme defines the five-star esports rule
Partnered with Thiel Labs to define a new standard for gaming mobile phones

Strong performance flagship dual core

Controls a cool 1500Hz gaming engine

Fast heat dissipation Ice core double-phase change heat dissipation

Network stability Full speed antenna matrix 2.0

Long battery life 4600mAh large battery⁴

Hardcore dual-core Immortal Combo
Snapdragon ® 8+ 5G flagship core
Word of mouth god "U", leapfrog the stage
Advanced TSMC 4nm process technology, top-notch performance,

ultra-low power consumption.
AI energy efficiency improvement⁵
Reduced GPU power consumption⁵
GPU performance improvement⁵
Superframe Discrete Graphics Chip Plus
Beyond native, the frame rate is full
High-frame games refuse to get hot and stutter, and
the experience is outstanding.
Cyclone memory engine
Memory refactoring, lasting and smooth
With up to 16GB of memory and
up to 45¹ backstage keep-alive apps, it
sets a new benchmark for smoothness.

Bandwidth Instantaneous technology⁶
Data throughput increases instantaneously, continuously
optimizing memory utilization.

Smart preload technology
Predict user habits in advance and
load frequently used apps in advance.

Asynchronous memory
management technology
Rewrite the underlying architecture, optimize memory allocation,

and keep the app online.

APP Breakpoint
Continuation technology
Support 50+ application resumption, when the user opens the APP,
quickly restore to the state when
GT Mode 4.0
Surging performance, dripping release
One-button GT, refresh rate, touch rate and handiness are fully full,

helping to superpower.

GT adaptive engine⁶
According to different user habits,
intelligently match the frame rate and temperature.

GPU heterogeneity
Reconstructing the underlying graphics processing framework, the
image quality is improved and the power consumption is reduced.

AI Frame Stabilization Technology 2.0
Intelligent performance scheduling, durable frame stability.
144Hz 1.5K flagship straight screen
Silky handling, thunder response
SGS sensitive touch certified screen, 144Hz 1.5K flagship straight screen,

144Hz 1.5K
E-sports screen
Esports control engine
144Hz 1.5K flagship straight screen
1.5K flagship straight screen, 2772*1240 ultra-high resolution, 450 pixels displayed on every inch of screen, with 7 intelligent adaptive refresh rates,

clear and power saving⁸. 
Ultra-clear resolution
7 gears
Adaptive refresh rate⁸
144Hz 1.5K flagship straight screen
Industry-leading T7+ luminescent material with
2160Hz high-frequency PWM dimming,
bright and eye-protecting.
high frequency PWM dimming
local peak brightness¹
10 billion colors
Rich colors
ultra-narrow chin
1500Hz gaming control engine
Stay one step ahead and get ahead of the curve
1500Hz instantaneous touch sampling rate⁹
Racing start, open-shot shooting, MOBA team battle game scene, Dramatically improve screen response times.
LSTouch low-latency steady-state touch
In gaming scenarios, the standard response latency is reduced by more than 8ms¹.
Hyper anti-false touch system
20% more anti-false touch area and recognition of up to 11 grip techniques, Covers almost all user scenarios.
Osync Overclocking Response 3.0
Refresh the page ahead of time with Osync overclocking response, Reduced touch time.

240W full-level second charge + 4600mAh large battery*
Sufficient power, sweep away anxiety
*True Me GT Neo5 series has 2 versions,
The 240W charging power version is equipped with a 4600mAh battery,
The 150W charging power version is equipped with a 5000mAh battery.
AI lossless energy saving technology
Self-developed computing power model, precise scheduling of platform resources. Realize low power consumption operation and prolong battery life.






Ice core dual-phase change heat dissipation system Max
Burn the battlefield high, calmly attack
Industry to large graphene micro-nano cavity phase change materials, Maximized 3D tempered VC in two-pronged ways, Fast cooling, accurate temperature control, and sustained high-performance output.
8 layers
Ice-sealed heat dissipation structure
6580 mm²
Industry to large graphene micro-nano cavity phase change materials 
4500 mm²
Realme area up to large 3D tempered VC
Full-speed antenna matrix system 2.0
The road to the upper division is unimpeded
Dual waist gaming antennas
Reduces the impact of both hands on the signal, reducing
gaming latency by 18%¹.
Dual 5G dual-pass
Dual-SIM 5G parallel transceiver technology,
incoming calls do not affect playing games. 
Smart esports network
Intelligent pre-loaded data network to
greatly reduce game dropouts.
Game Turbo
acceleration engine
Data concurrency and priority forwarding technology
effectively reduce game latency.
240W Full Level Second Charge + 4600mAh Big Battery*
Plenty of power to sweep away anxiety
*The Realme GT Neo5 series is available in 2 versions, the
240W charging power version with a 4600mAh battery and
the 150W charging power version with a 5000mAh battery.
AI lossless energy-saving technology
Self-developed computing power model to accurately schedule platform resources. Achieve low-power operation and extended battery life.

Ice core dual-phase cooling system Max
High-burning battlefield, calmly attack
The industry's largest graphene micro-nano cavity phase change material and the largest 3D tempered VC are two-pronged, with fast cooling, accurate temperature control, and continuous high-performance output.

8 floors
Ice cooling structure

6580 mm²
The industry's largest graphene micro-nano cavity phase change material

4500 mm²
True Self Area Max 3D Tempered VC

Ultra-clear wide-angle triple camera
Sony IMX890 OIS flagship main camera
New algorithm, pry the hardcore main camera,

qualitative leap.
Hypershot 2.0 image architecture
The fully upgraded HyperShot 2.0 image architecture brings
disruptive improvements in imaging speed, image quality, stabilization, and color.

Speed engine

Image quality engine

Anti-shake engine

Color engine

Image quality & color engine upgraded
Sharp details, eye-catching colors
Recompile the image calculation logic with Turbo RAW technology to
preserve more highlight and shadow detail while
making color transitions more natural.
ProLight 2.0 Super Sensitive Night Scene Algorithm improves night
shooting resolution by 9% and
accurately captures dark details¹.
Stabilization engine upgrade
Big scene, steady!
Realme first released the Super Cloud Tier Anti-Shake algorithm, which expands the OIS anti-shake angle, stabilizes it, and the frame is clear.
Realme GT Neo 5 Friendly K series
Street Photography Mode 3.0
The streets are wonderful, captured in an instant
Take a shot, it's all a story.
Quickly lock onto the subject for crisp shots and a 13.6% increase in film yield compared to the previous generation¹.

New realme UI 4.0, not a taste?

Fluid and natural REAL Design
New REAL texture icons · Tide Play widget
Security and privacy
One-click coding · Privacy box
Smart living
Smart AOD, large folder
Stable and smooth
Supercomputing Platform · Quantum animation engine
Learn more

Unlock more extraordinary skills

Intelligent infrared remote control
Smart living, one touch away

All-round sensing enhanced NFC
Multi-card intelligent switching, self-developed community antenna, 360-degree "casual brush"
Yamibuy navigation and positioning system
Lane-level navigation for more precise positioning
X-axis linear motor
Crisp, neat and comfortable vibration experience.
Speed screen under heart rate fingerprint
Fast and secure
Dolby Atmos dual speakers
Surround sound, loud treble, thick midrange,
full and soft bass.
  • 240W full level second charge
  • Charge for 30 seconds and talk for 2 hours
  • Awakening Aura System
  • Transparent window, 25-color RGB
  • 144Hz 1.5K flagship straight screen
  • Silky control, thunder response
  • Snapdragon ® 8+ 5G flagship core


  • Purple Domain Fantasy
  • Holy Realm White
  • The night is dark


Snapdragon ® 8+ 5G flagship core

  • CPU: 4nm process technology, octa-core processor, three 2.5GHz A710 cores, one 3.0GHz X2 core

    GPU:Adreno GPU 730

    AI:2nd Gen HTP

Memory vs. capacity

Up to 16GB+1TB of ultra storage
  • Realme GT Neo5 240W is configured as follows:


    ROM:256GB/1TB UFS 3.1

  • The Realme GT Neo5 is configured as follows:


    ROM:256GB UFS 3.1


144Hz 1.5K flagship straight screen

  • Screen size: 6.74 inches

    Resolution: 2772*1240

    Screen ratio: 93.69%

    Refresh rate: up to 144Hz

    Sample Rate: Smart Instantaneous 1500Hz

    Contrast ratio: 5,000,000:1

    Color: 10.7 billion colors

    Color saturation: DCI-P3 100%

    Color accuracy: JNCD ≈ 0.33

    Packaging process: COP

Charge with battery

240W full level second charge

  • 2*2300mAh equivalent to 4600mAh (typical)

    2*2225mAh is equivalent to 4450mAh (nominal value);

    20V/12A(MAX) adapter is standard

    USB Type-C interface

150W light-speed second charge

  • 2*2500mAh equivalent to 5000mAh (typical)

    2*2425mAh equivalent to 4850mAh (nominal value)

    20V/8A (MAX) adapter is standard

    USB Type-C interface

*Charging data is derived from realme laboratories, actual data is subject to test environment, for reference only.


5000 million flagship three cameras

    • Rear camera

      Sony IMX 890 OIS main camera

      Pixels: 5000 million

      Equivalent focal length: 23.6mm


      Aperture: f/1.88

      Number of lenses: 6P

      Sensor size: 1/1.56 inch

    • Large 112° wide angle

      Pixels: 800 million

      Equivalent focal length: 15.8mm


      Aperture: f/2.2

      Lens combination: 5P

    • 5.5 mm microscope lens

      Pixels: 200 million

      Equivalent focal length: 20.1 mm


      Aperture: f/3.3

      Lens combination 3P

    • Rear photo function:

      Photo, Beauty, Filter, AI Scene Recognition, Street Photography, Portrait, Night Scene, 50M, Professional, Panorama, Hypertext, AI ID Photo, Microscope, Tilt Shift, Skin Quality Detection

    • Rear video features:

      Normal video, movie mode, video bokeh, slow motion, time-lapse, multi-scene video, night video, HDR video, tilt-shift time-lapse

1600 million ultra-clear selfies

  • 1600 million front-facing cameras

    Sensor: Samsung S5K3P9


    Aperture: F2.45

  • Front camera function:

    Take photos, custom beauty, filters, night scenes, portraits, panoramas, AI ID photos

  • Front photo method:

    Touch screen, volume keys, gestures to take photos

    Support 1080P/30fps video recording

    Support 720P/30fps video recording

Network & Connectivity

Support dual SIM 5G+5G

Supports dual SIM VoLTE & VoNR

  • Network band


    CDMA BC0






  • Wireless bands

    Support 2.4G/5G Wi-Fi band

    Support Bluetooth BT5.3

    Support SBC, AAC, APTX, APTX_HD, LHDC, LDAC Bluetooth audio codec

Remote control and connection

  • Support infrared remote control

    Support NFC card analog card reading function

Positioning and navigation

Dual-band GPS

  • GPS/Glonass/Beidou/Galileo/QZSS

Audio playback

  • Dolby Atmos dual speakers

    Dolby Dolby Atmos sound

    Hi-Res Audio/Dolby certification

Exterior dimensions

  • Length: 163.85 mm

    Width: 75.75 mm

  • Height≈ 8.9 mm*

    Weight ≈ 199 gram*

* The above data is realme laboratory test data, and the actual thickness, weight, etc. may fluctuate slightly depending on the test environment or measurement method.

Keys and interfaces

  • Dual Nano SIM card slots

    Type-C interface

    Dual microphones

    Dual speakers

    Power key

    Volume adjustment keys


  • Geomagnetic sensor/light sensor/distance sensor/gyroscope/accelerometer


  • realme UI 4.0

    Based on Android 13

Packing list

  • Realme GT Neo5 240W or Realme GT Neo5

    Power adapter

    USB cable

    Important information guide (with warranty card)

    Quick Start Guide

    SIM card pin

    Factory applied

    Phone case/case


1. The test data comes from realme laboratory, with the official standard charger and data cable, up to 240W full-level second charge, charging 30 seconds data test from the mobile phone power 1% calculation, 17 minutes while playing while charging data test game is the glory of the king, the actual data may vary due to different factors such as different test environments or calculation methods, please refer to the actual product.

2. The battery capacity data of the long-life version comes from a third-party authority, and the actual data may vary due to different factors such as different test environments or calculation methods, please refer to the actual product.

3. Double diaphragm lamination in the transparent double-film zero-noise process is only available for purple models.

4. 2*2300mAh dual cells, equivalent to 4600mAh (typical), 2*2225mAh dual cells, equivalent to 4450mAh (rating).

5. The relevant data of the Snapdragon ® 8+ 5G flagship core comes from Qualcomm official, please refer to the actual product.

6. The GT adaptive engine feature requires an OTA upgrade.

7. The applicable games are New God and Demon Continent, Mobile City Alpha, Peak Tank, Peak Battleship, New Smiling Rivers and Lakes, God of War Ruins, Go-Kart, Dragon Fantasy, Oracle, and New Dream Continent. Subsequent OTA upgrades are supported for some games, depending on the game's version update.

8. The screen factory supports 60Hz/72Hz/90Hz/120Hz/144Hz five-speed adaptive refresh rate, and the 40Hz/45Hz two-speed adaptive refresh rate function needs to be upgraded OTA.

9. The 1500Hz instantaneous touch sampling rate needs to be adapted to the game manufacturer, and many models have been adapted, please refer to the actual experience.

10. The battery life test data comes from realme Lab, using popular APP for testing, the actual data may vary due to different factors such as different test environments or calculation methods, please refer to the actual product.

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From Benadict Binoy | 2023-09-30 21:17:22

I have ordered this phone, my order number is xxxxxxxxx. So would the phone I receive a global edition phone (global ram ) or china edition phone?. Also when would it be shipped.


Hello, yes, this device has global rom. Delivery dates are provided on every product page, below product name. When you'll click the dates, a calendar will appear. After order is made, you can check these dates in your order details at your account or in the confirmation e-mail.

From Benadict Binoy | 2023-09-26 21:58:06

Is this a global edition phone (global ram ) or china edition phone (china ram )?


It's China version, global rom should be available for it soon.

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