OPPO Reno 12 Pro 12GB+256GB Silver

SKU oppo-reno-12-pro-12g
Location: Asia
Possibility to return: Yes, within 14 days to warehouse in USA / UK or EU
Length of warranty 12 months
Warranty Extension: At promotional terms, up to 24 months (during checkout)
Dual Sim Yes
Water resistance Yes
5G Yes
Rom: Original China Multilanguage (possible Google Apps)
Processing time for warranty service from 6 weeks
Processing time for warranty repair to 12 weeks
$ 595.99
+ possible tax
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12 +12 Months Warranty

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100% Genuine

Only Original, *not* refurbished Products

Reno12 Pro

OPPO Reno12 Pro
Give it some silver and take a look

Super beautiful small straight screen
Super trendy, super versatile

Live photos
My photos are windy

Tianji Star Speed, Super Master
Dimensity 9200+ Star Speed Edition flagship chip
AI images,
one-click rescue of waste films
AI closes your eyes to fix AI and removes

AI cutouts
Super beautiful, small straight screen
, super fashionable, super versatile
The metallic silver of the first "quicksilver glass" process
presents a three-dimensional flowing texture every time it is illuminated, as if holding a flowing Milky Way in the palm of your hand.
The classic color ebony black meets the luxury-grade stitching design, quiet and luxurious.
The soft and warm metallic tones of champagne are matched with the luxurious temperament stitching design, which is quiet and not sweet.
Silver Purple
Ebony black
Champagne Gold
Sweet and cool babes style
Quiet luxury
Four-curved soft edge straight screen design
Give you the comfortable feel of the curved screen, and bring the precise touch of the straight screen.
Equipped with a new anti-mistouch intelligent algorithm, enjoy silky smooth operation.
Lightweight body with a lot of energy
Thin to1
Light to
Battery capacity2
Super shiny
silver wings with small straight edges

Corning Gorilla Glass3
Super drop
resistant diamond structure4
The era of
Android Live was started by OPPO
Live PhotosMy
photos are windy,
record life photos
The first Android phone to be able to post Live Photos, with full focal length beauty filters.
With the blessing of the beautification algorithm, it looks better when moving.
Capture the atmosphere of the moment.
New AI inspiration,
new trends, new demonstrations
50-megapixel DSLR-grade portrait camera
47mm gold portrait focal length
2x optical zoom|5x ultra-light and shadow zoom
112° ultra-wide camera5
Sony sensors
16mm equivalent focal length
Low distortion ultra-wide field of view
50 million ultra-sensitive cat-eye lenses
ƒ/2.0 wide aperture
AF autofocus
wide-angle main camera
Sony's flagship sensor IMX890
24mm equivalent focal length
Supports OIS optical image stabilization
Full-range SLR-level
portrait triple camera
Full body to half body, one shot
0.6 times the integration of people and scenery
1x atmospheric portrait
2 times bust
5x facial close-up
AI Imagery Rescue Waste Artifact
AI closes eyes for repair6
Take a group photo without regrets, restore the best moment
with one click, restore bright eyes, not afraid to close your eyes for a group photo, support up to 20 people to repair the group photo, and save the irreproducible life photos.
AI elimination
One-click easy elimination, everything can be eliminated
, support passers-by, objects and other types of element recognition, one-click intelligent elimination, AI large model accurate brain filling screen, no trace to save waste films.
AI cutout
Free creation, one-click extraction of
multi-subject pictures with brainstorming. Accurately identify, and support copying, saving, sharing, and secondary creation.
More portrait blockbusters
AI learning
Portable scanner, the all-round conversion king
Take photos of documents, generate high-definition scans with one click for free and save them in Word, PDF, pictures and other formats, and also support complex formula extraction, test papers to handwrite, and say goodbye to heavy review materials.
Intelligent information refinement, worry-free and brainless
Whether it's a classroom focus or an important meeting, you can generate a recording summary with one click, key information at a glance, and add to-do items with one click.
Listening, speaking, reading and writing, exclusive personal training
One-on-one AI professional English teachers provide you with oral sparring, vocabulary explanation, writing assistant, translation conversion and other functions to help you improve your English ability in the whole link.
Portable scanner, the all-round conversion king
Take photos of documents, generate high-definition scans with one click for free and save them in Word, PDF, pictures and other formats, and also support complex formula extraction, test papers to handwrite, and say goodbye to heavy review materials.
AI Recording Summary
Xiaobu English teacher
AI document scanning
Xiaobu Travel Assistant
Heartbeat travel,
one-click start one-stop generation of your customized travel itinerary, travel guide no longer need multiple APP to jump repeatedly, saving time and worry.
The flagship chip
of the Dimensity 9200+ Star Speed Edition

has a strong star speed, and it is not hot when it is black
The output is calmer and the frame rate is more stable.
1.62 million7
Flagship running score
Star speed engine
Stable frame rate and
up to 20% power saving8
OPPO x Dimensity
In-depth joint debugging
Honor of Kings 120 frames
Calm at full speed, long-lasting smooth
60 frames against the water cold
Play smoothly for a long time, and don't get hot for a long time
Glory of Kings
Against the cold
Dimensity Star Speed
Super Master
Up to 16GB+512GB
ultra-fast memory
Memory cups, smoothness doubled.
Memory expansion up to 12GB9
RAM space
Storage compression, free up to 50GB10
ROM space
Apply the second install
LPDDR5X + UFS 3.1 ultra-fast flash combo
The 120Hz ultra-light and shadow eye protection screen
is immersive at a glance and smooth to touch
120Hz refresh rate
3 levels of adaptive dynamic refresh rate11
ProXDR display
Photonic matrix display technology
More than 1 billion colors
HDR10+ is supported
Professional certification, good eye protection
Professional certification of the National Eye Center12
✅ Hardware-level low blue light
Effectively improve the problem of harmful blue light damaging the retina
✅ Melatonin protection
Effectively improve the problem of screen luminescence affecting sleep quality
✅2160Hz high-frequency PWM dimming
Effectively improve the problem of eye fatigue caused by low flicker
✅ Bright visible, low light eye protection
Effectively improve the problem of unclear vision in strong light and dazzling in dark light
The rain touches
the wet hands without missing the hand, and the
critical moment is more calm
Self-developed rain touch algorithm, touch success rate up to 95%.13
Dustproof and waterproof
Four-year ultra-durable large battery14
Light and long-lived, healthy and worry-free
Extremely fast blood return, durable and super durable.
Four years
Durable as new
Super flash charge15
Chat without an internet connection16
No network can call, peace of mind will not lose contact
Super Wi-Fi 2.0
Extremely fast and stable, lock in the win
NFC free swipe
The angle is free, and the cheka is not felt
Universal infrared remote control
Appliances at home, easily connected to your phone
X-axis linear motor
4D vibration, immersive experience
Official accessories peripherals17
Play around with a variety of styles and unlock trendy combinations
The magnetic protective case is paired with a fun back card to play with a variety of styles. Compact and multi-energy magnetic bracket for stable support from multiple angles. The chain strap frees your hands, and the mobile phone becomes a trendy product in seconds.
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OPPO Reno12 Pro

Network access model: PJW110

OPPO Reno12 Pro

Champagne Gold | Ebony black | Silver Purple

Dimensions & Weight¹


Approx. 161.4 mm


Approx. 74.8 mm


Approx. 7.55 mm (Champagne Gold, Ebony Black)
Approx. 7.60 mm (Silver Purple)


Approx. 183 g (Champagne Gold, Ebony Black)
approx. 184 g (Silver Purple)


RAM capacity + ROM capacity

12GB + 256GB,16GB + 256GB,16GB + 512GB

RAM specifications


ROM specifications

UFS 3.1

Expand storage

Not supported

OTG Data Transfer




6.70 inches (diagonal)


2412 × 1080 pixels, 394 PPI


1.07 billion colors, support wide color gamut (P3)


600 nits (manual maximum brightness)
1200 nits (up to sunlight)


AMOLED (soft) contour quad supports
up to 120Hz refresh rate
and up to 240Hz touch sampling rate



50 million DSLR-level wide-angle main camera: ƒ/1.8, 24mm-equivalent focal length, six-element lens, AF-enabled, OIS
supported 50-million-DSLR-level portrait lens: ƒ/2.0, 47mm-equivalent focal length, five-element lens, AF
support 112-degree ultra-wide-angle lens: ƒ/2.2, 16mm-equivalent focal length, FOV 112°, five-element lens
Photo capture support up to 2 Hybrid optical zoom, up to 20x digital zoom
Support: Professional, Video, Photo, Portrait, Night Scene, High Resolution, Panorama, Movie, Slow Motion, Time Lapse, Multi-Scene Video, Cute Shot, AI ID Photo, Document
Photo Format: JPG, HEIF


50 million ultra-sensitive cat-eye lenses: ƒ/2.0, five-lens lens, support AF, use open-loop focusing motor
Support: video, photo, portrait, night scene, panorama, time-lapse, multi-view video, cute shot, AI ID photo
Photo format: JPG, HEIF

Video shooting


4K video shooting: 60fps, 30fps
1080P Video shooting: 60fps, 30fps
720P Video shooting: 30fps
Slow motion video shooting: 1080P (240fps), 720P (240fps, 480fps)
Support video stabilization shooting
Support video zoom shooting
Support movie mode shooting,
support time-lapse shooting,
support multi-view video shooting


4K video shooting: 60fps, 30fps
1080P video shooting: 60fps, 30fps
720P video shooting: 30fps
Support video stabilization shooting
Support video zoom shooting



Dimensity 9200+ Star Edition, octa-core processor, up to 3.35GHz


Battery capacity

Rated capacity: 4880mAh
Typical capacity: 5000mAh

Fast charging

80W Super Flash Charging. Compatible with 67W Super Flash Charge, 65W Super Flash Charge, 50W Super Flash Charge, 33W Super Flash Charge, 33W UFCS Fusion Fast Charge, PD (9V/1.5A)



Support under-screen fingerprint recognition, facial recognition


Geomagnetic induction, front color temperature sensor, proximity sensor, under-display light sensor, acceleration sensor, gravity sensor, gyroscope, support pedometer function, infrared remote control

Cellular networks

SIM card type³

Nano-SIM card, support dual SIM

Network Frequency Bands

5G NR: Bands n1, n3, n5, n8, n28A, n41, n77, n78
4G LTE FDD: Bands 1, 3, 4, 5, 8, 18, 19, 26, 28A
4G LTE TDD: Bands 34, 38, 39, 40, 41
3G WCDMA: Bands 1, 4, 5, 8
2G GSM: Bands 850, 900, 1800MHz
2G CDMA: Band 850 1x

Data features

Wi-Fi functionality

Support Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax), Wi-Fi 5 (802.11ac), 802.11a/b/g/n
Support WLAN 2.4G, WLAN 5G
Support WLAN Display, WLAN network sharing
Support network overlay: Wi-Fi 2.4GHz 2×2 + Wi-Fi 5GHz 2×2 concurrency
Support Wi-Fi 5GHz 160MHz
support 2×2 MIMO, 8 Spatial-stream sounding MU-MIMO


Bluetooth 5.4

Bluetooth audio specifications⁴

Support SBC, AAC, aptX, aptX HD, LDAC, LHDC

Data interface

USB Type-C

Headphone jack

USB Type-C


Support eSE, HCE, NFC-SIM
now supports subway buses in 300+ cities across the country, supports citizen network electronic identity identification (eID) function, access control card and OPPO Pay. With a single touch, convenient passage and secure payment.

operating system

ColorOS 14.1

Location features

Satellite positioning

Support Beidou, GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, QZSS


Support A-GPS assisted positioning, support wireless LAN, cellular network positioning

Packing list

Main Unit × 1
Cable × 1
Charger × 1
SIM Cartoon Pin × 1
Case × 1
Quick Start Guide × 1
Warranty Card × 1

After-sales service

From the date of purchase (subject to the purchase invoice), if there is a quality problem or failure, with the quality inspection certificate of the manufacturer's maintenance center or special maintenance point, you can enjoy the return within 7 days, the replacement within 30 days, and the free warranty during the warranty period.

*Note: Users who purchase mobile phone accessories separately should keep the outer packaging of the accessories and the original invoice, if you cannot provide the above certificates, you will not be able to enjoy the three-pack service. The content of the three guarantees of service is subject to national regulations.


1. The size may vary depending on the configuration, manufacturing process, and measurement method;
2. The actual usable capacity will be reduced and vary due to a number of factors: the actual usable space is less than the identified memory capacity due to the operation of the operating system occupying part of the memory (RAM); Since the installed operating system and pre-installed programs occupy part of the flash memory (ROM), the actual available storage space is less than the identified flash memory capacity.
3. The full Netcom mobile card can be used with China Unicom card and telecom card at will, the main and auxiliary cards all support 5G, and any card can be used as a network card. When two telecom cards are inserted, the non-network card must enable VoLTE service and enable VoLTE HD calling, and the carrier's network needs to support 4G VoLTE service to use dual telecom cards, otherwise, the two telecom cards cannot be used at the same time.
4. LHDC needs to be used
with OPPO Enco X series and OnePlus Buds Pro series earbuds *In order to make the front vision of the phone more concise, we have hidden the light sensor hole at the top of the screen. Color, dark color and other films with poor light transmittance may block the photosensitive hole and affect the normal use of the mobile phone.

1. The thickness and weight of the fuselage are based on OPPO lab data, and the actual size of the fuselage may vary depending on the manufacturing process and measurement method. The ebony black and champagne gold version weighs about 183g and is about 7.55mm thick, and the silver purple version weighs about 184g and is about 7.60mm thick.
2. The OPPO Reno12 Pro uses a single-cell battery with a rated capacity of 4880mAh and a typical capacity of 5000mAh. This model supports high-current super flash charging, and the battery has been specially encrypted to ensure the safety of users. If a non-original battery is used, it will affect the normal use of this product, including but not limited to slow charging. If you need to repair and replace the battery, please be sure to go to the OPPO official authorized service experience center to repair and replace the original battery.
3. The data comes from OPPO Laboratory, as a precision electronic product, there is still a risk of damage from scratches, please pay attention to avoid falling and colliding.
4. The data comes from OPPO Lab, as a precision electronic product, mobile phones still have the risk of damage when dropped, please pay attention to avoid falling and colliding.
5. After cropping by the ultra-wide-angle anti-distortion algorithm, the actual angle of view of the photo is 107°.
6. AI Closed Eyes Repair will only take effect when 3 or more people take a group photo, with up to 10 people on the front and up to 20 people on the back. There is a certain probability of success of closed eye repair, please refer to the actual experience.
7. AnTuTu benchmark data comes from OPPO labs, please refer to the actual experience.
8. The data is calculated based on OPPO Labs, and the actual data may vary depending on the game version, usage method, environment, etc.
9. RAM+ memory expansion technology compresses background cache applications into the phone's storage through software means to increase the number of background cache applications and release more running memory space, improving system smoothness, rather than hardware-level expansion of running memory.
10. Storage-related test data is based on OPPO Lab's calculations, and the 512GB version can save up to 50GB of memory space.
11. Users can choose different levels of refresh rate in the settings, up to 120Hz; The screen comes from different suppliers, and the screen function parameters are the same, all of which can reach a refresh rate of up to 120Hz, and the final display effect will be slightly different due to the difference in technical solutions.
12. OPPO Reno12 Pro has passed the ECAP test of the National Engineering Research Center for Ophthalmic Diagnosis and Treatment, which protects your eyes from the dimensions of hardware low blue light filtering, eye protection technology, and ambient light management.
13. The touch data and performance of the mobile phone are calculated based on the official laboratory, and the experience may vary due to different factors such as personal usage habits.
14. According to OPPO's battery lab test data, based on the probability of the user charging once a day, the mobile phone still has a battery capacity retention rate of more than 80% after 4 cycles. Charging time data from OPPO Labs. Test environment: Initial battery temperature 25±1°C, ambient temperature 25±1°C. Test conditions: When the phone battery is 1%, turn off other phone functions and services except calls, turn off the display, and charge with the standard power adapter. Actual charging speed may vary depending on device usage, charging conditions, and other factors.
15. 80W Super Flash Charging means that the maximum charging power supported by the mobile phone is 80W, and the actual power may vary depending on the environment. Charging time data from OPPO Labs. Test environment: Initial battery temperature 25±1°C, ambient temperature 25±1°C. Test conditions: When the phone battery is 1%, turn off other phone functions and services except calls, turn off the display, and charge with the standard power adapter. Actual charging speed may vary depending on device usage, charging conditions, and other factors.
16. The working frequency and power of this function comply with the relevant regulations of the national radio administration. Please comply with the relevant regulations of the Civil Aviation Authority, which prohibits the use of this function on board the aircraft. The call effect and network stability of the mobile phone are related to the complexity of the environment, please refer to the actual experience.
17. The pictures of accessories and products are for reference only, please refer to the actual product. The appearance of the product after wearing may vary due to the color and model of the mobile phone, please refer to the actual product.
18. The interface content (including but not limited to UI and background) of the AI product functions shown on the above page is for function display only, and each function belongs to different software versions, and the launch time and region of different software versions are different, please refer to the actual version functions and interfaces. AI-related capabilities may vary depending on factors such as the environment, network environment, and personal usage habits.
19. Unless otherwise specified, the data shown on the above page are OPPO lab data and are for reference only. The actual data will be slightly different due to factors such as the use environment, equipment condition, software version, etc., please refer to the actual data.
20. The product pictures are for reference only, please refer to the actual product. Some specifications and descriptions of the product may change due to supplier changes and other reasons, please refer to the actual product. The data involved here are all from OPPO's design specifications, laboratory and supplier test data, and the actual situation will vary slightly depending on the test software version, specific test environment, and specific version.
21. "Super Beautiful Small Straight Screen" refers to the OPPO Reno12 series with a four-curved soft edge straight screen design. The screen is surrounded by delicately curved glass, and the glass cover above the display and touch areas is almost completely straight, making the whole device feel light and slim. The display has beautifully rounded corners, with four rounded corners within a standard rectangle. When measured as a standard rectangle, the diagonal length of the screen is 6.7 inches. The actual viewable area is smaller.
This product has passed China RoHS conformity assessment
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