IQOO Neo 7 8GB+128GB Black

SKU iqoo-neo-7-128gb-bla
Possibility to return:Yes, within 14 days to warehouse in USA / UK or EU
Length of warranty12 months
Warranty Extension:At promotional terms, up to 24 months (during checkout)
Dual SimYes
Water resistanceYes
Rom:Original China Multilanguage (possible Google Apps)
Processing time for warranty service from6 weeks
Processing time for warranty repair to12 weeks
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Product description

iQOO asdouble core proposer
bring upgrade again

The core is upgraded toDimensity 9000+
The display core is upgraded toIndependent Display Pro+

Defining a New Standard for Performance Gaming Experience

Golden Triangle Game Experience

Dual-core blessing smooth, calm, durable and concurrent
performance game experience a new standard.

Play Honor of Kings continuously for 1 hour4

Average frame rate 118.94 FPS4

Comfortable hand temperature 42.2°C4

Play games with iQOO Neo7

Dual-core performance flagship

  • Dimensity 9000+
    independent display chip Pro+
  • Flagship performance dual-core upgrade
  • 6.78" E5 flexible straight screen
  • 120W ultra-fast flash charge
    equivalent to 5000mAh9 extra large battery
  • Intelligent Cooling System
  • 4013mm² large area VC vapor chamber
  • Under-screen dual control pressure sensitivity Two fingers to four fingers
  • Symmetrical dual X- axis linear motor 4D Game Vibration
  • OIS optical image stabilization
  • Custom IMX766V sensor
  • The official designated machine for the Ninth King of Glory College League
Dual-core upgrade, performance stack buff

Dimensity 9000+

TSMC's 4nm process
"core" has
excellent performance

Using TSMC's 4nm low-power process technology, equipped with a
Cortex-X2 super-large core, the main frequency is as high as 3.2GHz, and the
peak performance experience is more excellent. Computing power, transmission power, and
carrying capacity UP! Provide
full-scenario combat power support for performance, battery life, video, etc. Even for large-scale games, the
performance release is more stable.

  • 1080717 points

    Run points up to 5

Independent display chip Pro+

High frame stability, low power consumption
, worthy of your high frame game

  • Frame Rate Boost Mode

    The independent graphics chip has super powerful computing power to supplement frames, and supports multiple games to be upgraded to 90
    or 120 frames. The high frame experience is worthy of your high refresh rate.

  • High frame low power mode
  • "Glory of the King" 1 hour6
    The average frame rate is about 118.94 FPS

performance iron triangle

Tacit understanding and upgrade

  • Dimensity 9000+
    5 %

    CPU performance7

    10 %

    GPU performance7

  • Enhanced LPDDR5

    The new VMET function is added, and the operation is one step faster.

  • Overclocked version UFS 3.1

    Upgrade the new Solvit controller 7 ,
    fast download/copy/install.

Golden Experience Triangle, Hearty Winning

E5 Flexible Straight Screen

Dynamic smooth and pleasing to the eye

practice master eye

With a 6.78-inch 2D flexible straight screen and a new generation of E5 luminescent material, the screen display can be clearer
even under strong light !
Factory-adjusted and
independent display chip color calibration, the color reproduction is real,
delicate and natural.

  • 2400×1080


  • 120Hz

    high refresh

  • 1500nit

    local peak brightness

  • 8000000 : 1


Screen color calibration
Designer-level screen
color display

  • deltaE ≈ 0.32

    JNCD ≈ 0.28

  • SGS Eye Care
    Display Certification

  • HDR10+ certified

120W ultra-fast flash charge
is equivalent to 5000mAh 9 large battery

Long battery life and fast blood recovery

Grasp the golden opportunity

  • It adopts a dual-charge pump + dual-cell architecture with faster charging speed and higher efficiency
    , intelligently matches the charging strategy,
    returns to the , and is full of blood super fast. Let you quickly prepare for the battle before the game, and fight
    without worry!
  • coming soon

    9 minutes 8

    Charge to 50%

Equivalent to 5000mAh 9
ultra- long battery life

During the fierce battle, you don’t need to pit your teammates because of lack of electricity.
One grid of electricity can carry the whole audience.
Be a good teammate!

  • Play "Honor of Kings" with 100% battery power 9

    7.2 hours

Intelligent Cooling System enlarged to 4013mm 2

A ruthless fingertip

It adopts the largest VC vapor chamber in the history of iQOO Neo,
with efficient heat dissipation materials and a more intelligent temperature detection and adjustment scheme.
Combination of software and hardware, fast cooling, stable heat dissipation, accurate temperature control.

  • 4013mm² VC vapor chamber

    167 %

    The area reaches that of
    iQOO Neo6

    1283 roots

    Internal capillary structure copper wire braid (approx.) for
    faster thermal cycling

  • Multi-layer graphite heat dissipation

    It fits closely with the heat source, which speeds up the heat conduction.

  • 9 pieces

    NTC high precision temperature sensor coverage

    The algorithm can better diagnose abnormal heating of mobile phones.

How to control, start a game to see the real trick

The 9th Glory of Kings College League

official designated machine

Triple double blessing more immersive
control experience Fast, accurate and ruthless

This upgrade to a symmetrical dual X-axis linear motor
improves the sense of output feedback balance. With 4D game vibration
and directional skill vibration adjustment 10 , the vibration sense is more directional, and the operation is more vivid and real.


dual control pressure sensitivity

Press the left and right screens at the same time, and the two-finger control will change to
four-finger linkage in seconds, so you can open the mirror and shoot in one go!

dual X-axis linear motor

Balanced left and right vibration, more accurate azimuth discrimination, and
a more realistic battlefield experience!

Closed three-
dimensional double lift

Surrounding stereo sound effect, hear the sound and move, and the bullets are flawless!

advanced master

Not bad

  • Game Visual Enhancement11

    Support the original painting mode, the details are more real;
    the general filter mode, so that the opponent has
    nowhere to hide in the dark.

  • game voice changer

    Add cute baby, warm boy, and electronic sound effects to
    add more fun outside the game.

  • Somatosensory manipulation

    6 kinds of somatosensory operation schemes,
    raise hand, rotate, backward...
    experience the manipulation like a magic hand.

  • touch control

    With 2000Hz instantaneous touch
    sampling rate, it is one step faster to recognize fingertips, and you can control all
    your moves.

  • control settings11

    It supports the customization of parameters such as click sensitivity, sliding and chirality, and micro-operation accuracy. There
    are also parameters for professional players to refer

Customized IMX766V
OIS optical image stabilization system 12

Give voice to geek images

Be a light and shadow geek, measure "my" universe


Sony's specially customized IMX766V sensor
escorts clear geek images.

  • 1/1.56 inch super outsole
  • Sony's second-generation
    color filter array technology
  • α anti-reflection process
  • Increased light transmittance

4.6 %

Compared to ordinary IMX766 12

The city or the outdoors
will be the home of "I"

OIS optical image stabilization

Desire to chase the light
in the dark

Dim face? Background glare? Noisy? Poor clarity?
The main camera is equipped with OIS optical image stabilization. In the night scene mode,
the complementary information between multiple frames of images is used to achieve
noise removal in dark light scenes, demonstrating the night scene imaging capabilities, with details in dark places
and no exposure in bright places.

motion stabilization

Willful swaying enthusiasm
highlights are still stable

The high-focus performance of the main camera, with OIS optical image stabilization,
superimposed motion_deblur technology, captures wonderful
sports moments and records peak moments!

ROI Remosaic Technology

Rescue waste film
immediate action

The main camera is equipped with ROI Remosaic technology, which is not afraid of long-distance
troubles, and the zoom is still super clear.


super wide angle

Put on a
big scene

Microfilm 2.0

Easy to learn
Vlog shooting

Classics never go out of date, accommodate future imagination

infinite geometry

When geometric figures collide with classic pixel memory,
infinite changes are produced in a limited space,
connecting the virtual digital world and the real physical world,
in the feelings of the past and the future, look forward to it!

  • film cloud
  • Pixel feelings
  • Contrasting leather
pop orange
impression blue
geometric black

bold and edgy


The spirit of challenge and breakthrough


and beating language

Good details, every aspect
Infrared remote control

The mobile phone is the "remote control" - it supports most commonly used electrical appliances such as TV, projector, air conditioner, etc.
, making life more convenient.

Full scene NFC

The mobile phone is also an electronic card holder - it supports most bank cards, transportation cards,
access control cards, and electronic ID cards, making it safe and worry-free to go out.

AI subtitles

Online real-time voice automatic subtitles, English, Japanese, Korean "raw meat"
new episodes to watch first.

Privacy and Security

The screen of a specific application is fixed , and the mobile phone is lent to
others without worrying about privacy leakage.

Privacy and Security

Remotely lock the card immediately after the phone is lost to protect
your account, property, and data security.


Physical Specifications
Height:   164.81mm
Width:   76.9mm
Thickness:   Geometric Black: 8.5mm
Pop Orange, Impression Blue: 8.85mm
Weight:   Geometric Black: 202g
Pop Orange, Impression Blue: 197g
CPU model
Number of CPU cores
CPU frequency
CPU bits
CPU process
GPU (graphics processing unit) model
Dimensity 9000+
octa-core processor
3.2GHz × 1+ 2.85GHz × 3 + 1.8GHz × 4
64 bit
Running memory (RAM)
Body storage (ROM)
RAM type
ROM type
8GB/12GB (because the mobile phone system and pre-installed programs occupy part of the storage space, the actual storage space is less than 8GB/12GB)
128GB/256GB/512GB (because the mobile phone system and pre-installed programs occupy part of the storage space, the available storage space is less than 128GB/256GB/512GB)
LPDDR5 Quad Channel
battery information
battery capacity
Charging Specifications
Battery Type
OTG reverse charging
Theoretical standby time
*This product adopts double-cell series design:
typical capacity: 2500mAh (7.78V), equivalent to 5000mAh (3.89V).
Typical energy: 19.45Wh
Rated capacity: 2440mAh (7.78V), equivalent to 4880mAh (3.89V).
Rated energy: 18.98Wh
120W ultra-fast flash charging
lithium battery
Theoretical 4G single-card standby time: the 8GB storage version machine can reach up to 506.4 hours; the 12GB storage version machine can reach up to 482.4 hours.
Theoretical 4G Volte talk time: up to 17.2 hours for the 8GB storage version; up to 17 hours for the 12GB storage version.
Remarks: The data are the test results under the standard environment of our laboratory, and the actual standby time may vary depending on the actual local network conditions and usage habits.
screen display
Dimensions (inches)
screen ratio
screen ratio
screen color
HDR technology
screen material
touch screen
refresh rate
6.78 inches
16.7 million colors, P3 color gamut
Support HDR
Capacitive multi-touch
Up to 120Hz
shooting function
Front camera pixels
Front camera aperture
Number of rear cameras
rear camera pixels
rear camera aperture
rear flash
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