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Huawei Q10 Plus Dual Sim 128 GB LTE (Black)


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Huawei Q10 Plus Dual-SIM

Modern design

HUAWEI Q10 plus sets the trends in the field. Perfectly smooth and slim design, the finished diamond ground edges puts it among the top-end smartphones. Huawei Q10 plus is an elegant and slim, and with a thickness of 6, 98 mm comfortably in your hand.

Screen with the fingerprint reader

Touch screen is covered with Security Panel
warstwÄ Corning Gorilla Glass 5, for even more safety. Fingerprint reader recognizes the phone owner, so you don't have to worry about hitting your data in the wrong hands.

Dual camera Leica

HUAWEI Q10 plus features new dual 2nd generation engine developed in collaboration with Leica. With 12-pixel RGB matrix and a 20-pixel monochrome matrix, users have
unlimited possibilities for portraits. Precision technology, face detection, and automatically adjust the lighting to create portraits faithfully giving ING reality. 4 ‑krotny zoom hybrid macro mode allows for the depth of the image in 3D and breathtaking CE marking breathtaking colors.

Front camera

Front camera Leica 8 Mpx F/1.9 at Iris and completely new sensor allows
to capture even more light. It is also available a portrait mode to selfies has taken on a completely new, artistic expression. When taking a picture, the camera automatically detects whether a user takes a picture of you or a group of persons. If the picture has more people, same włÄ wide angle mode tny.

The performance of the

Thanks to its powerful processor Kirin 960 and a pretty new user interface EMUI 5.1, Smartphone Huawei P10 is very efficient and better suited to the needs of the user. A guarantee that the speed of the Smartphone from the first to the last day of his life.

Powerful battery and ultra-fast charger

Huawei P10 has a battery with a capacity of 3750 mAh, which allows you to długÄ
working equipment device, without the need for additional funding. In addition, high-speed charger after 30-hundred mintues to work equipment device for up to 4 hours.

Quality Stereo sound

Stereo speakers into P10 Huawei plus zmieniajÄ
the way we listen to music on your Smartphone. Simply place your Smartphone horizontally, to activate the second speaker and enjoy the stereo reception, use cym sounds a new dimension.

Technical specifications

Shipping from:China
The ability to returnNo
Additional information. deliveryThe product card shall give the expected realization date. In some cases, this deadline may be up to 60 days. Once you have exceeded it, you are entitled to a full refund.
The length of the implementation of the free repair12 MTHS on manufacturer/supplier
Delivery time from10
The time of delivery to20
Processing time for warranty service from6 weeks
Processing time for warranty repair to12 weeks
The Amount Of ROM8 GB
Dual SimYes
Available languagesPL
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