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HTC U11 Dual Sim 128GB 6GB RAM Silver


New product


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Introducing Edge Sense, a revolutionary way to interact.

We are the leader, and like you, we are always looking for, learn and develop our passions. We wanted to go beyond schema, and therefore we have created a revolutionary new, intuitive way to interact with your phone-Edge Sense. Usual hug opens up a whole new world.

And this is just the beginning
Tek. OlśniewajÄ , a three-dimensional design, inspired by the element of water, the camera, which has won the highest score so far in the DxOMarkandever reached bully • Smartphone, a new Ultra-fast Autofocus, the clearest audio from funkcjÄ Active noise reduction, all in a beautiful, waterproof package. Along with the HTC a new era comes U11 smartphones.



Manifests You

Crystalline surface reflects light in motion, England
(c) the beautiful reflections. The colors of many layers of glass łÄ parts and odbijajÄ the light from any angle TEM. We have created this new range of olśniewajÄ , extremely vivid colors.


Symmetrically slim under each arm

New, unique look
(d) HTC U11 has been reached rough sleeping strategy ' with the formation of glass under extreme conditions of high pressure and temperature. Is a complex process, but thanks to him, we have obtained a perfect balance symmetry, which makes the phone is slim and naturally zaokrÄ algae on the corners. 3D glass at the front and rear, better protects and looks da add!


Authentic colors. Clean, clear picture.

HTC U11 has 5.5 ' 3D glass screen, designed to faithfully reflect the image. With our best display and an authentic representation of the colors, we provide pure religion
a pleasure to watch Denmark. The screen does not clip or distort the image on the edges.


A new way to interact.

There is no more universal things than keeping the phone in your hand. And here was our idea. Edge Sense changes the basic gesture into something completely new, revolutionary. Introduces an innovative way to interact with your phone.

Thanks to Edge Sense freely you have everything what you like. Simply ścisnÄ
the phone to take a picture, open the message, or you can run your favorite applications. Previously, this required more time, now just one move. With bold ideas, we begin a new era of interacting with your phone.

You have the power to change. Change starts with you.

Edge Sense constantly expands the functionality in your phone. You have pełnÄ
control of configuration start and access to the application. One embrace you open Facebook, Twitter or pinterest or start voice Assistant, Google, which is waiting for your commands! All in your hands. Just one simple gesture, and HTC U11 is ready to accompany you.

Created for the photos.

Use the camera has never been so easy. No more clumsy search for button. Lift, squeeze the phone and smile. Finally, take a picture comes naturally and is extremely easy.
The camera
Google Assistant

Photos without restrictions. Under water

and on cold days.
Waterproof HTC U11 with technology
Edge Sense makes you are doing fantastic photos whatever the weather! (iii) Even if the water will prevent You using screen, Edge Sense one hug you catch every shot.

During the winter, the cold months Edge Sense will ensure that your hands are not cold. You can use your phone, ściskajÄ (c) it dłoniÄ without ściÄ Prevention of gloves.


The most technologically advanced handset on your Smartphone.

Immerse yourself in pure sound. HTC U11 has included latest
version of the HTC headset USonic with aktywnÄ redukcjÄ noise reduction and adaptive audio. Headphones skupiajÄ rather only on sound quality, pomijajÄ (c) what is most important-everyone hears otherwise. HTC USonic use (c) the sonar technology-sound pulse, analyzes your inner ear and adapts the music profile to your anatomy. This is the most unique, personalized musical experience.


Hear the sound with an active noise reduction.

Silence the noise. Hear the sound. HTC USonic introduces AktywnÄ
Noise reduction that reduces distortion and background noise, so you can focus wyłÄ only on the music. Active noise reduction continuously monitors the volume and automatically mutes the sounds in the background. You focus wyłÄ only for music, games and video.

More powerful to use these features on the top and bottom.

We've improved our speakers use these features, Hi-Fi. We've designed it so that the sound was louder and clearer. The upper, tweeter speaker has akustycznÄ
the Chamber, which makes the low and medium tones are richer. While lower, tweeter provides clearer and deeper bass. Therefore, the sound is extremely accurate in every detail.


The best rated Smartphone camera!

The camera in the HTC U11 obtained amazing results in the DxOMark 90. The best rated Smartphone camera in the history of the DxOMarkiv.

Award-winning contests camera in the HTC U11 with each photo impressing more and more. Optical, electronic, multi image stabilization and super-fast autofocus, działajÄ
in any light sprawiÄ photos będÄ up to hardcore, and video. We have modernized our camera and video camera to increase the exposure range. With HDR Boost we have zapewnionÄ noise reduction, liquidity, improving balance and zachowanÄ attention to every detail.

Enjoyed the (c) the camera HTC U11, with each shot you will be under even more impressed.


Powerful photo studio in the Palm of your hand.

Auto HDR Boost photos będÄ
clearer, without delay. Jazz combination (c) a few photos, HTC U11 measures the darkest and lightest points, to get the best shot. HTC U11 improves texture and colors, increases the visibility of detail to any photo look could be great. The temporary noise reduction automatically uses all of the information, so as to delete the niepożÄ the sounds and data provide the clearest video.


Fast and precise as the human eye.

Great news for photographers. HTC U11 has this same
pełnÄ sensorowÄ auto-focus technology, which is located in the best DSLR cameras. Usually only a few sensors is used to set the focus, but by using our new ultraviolet autofocus auto focus used are all the pixels. By połÄ switch on the advanced hardware and software, HTC U11 can focus on the object quickly and accurately, regardless of its location. Just as the human eye. Both poruszajÄ the following objects, live recordings, and in low-light conditions.


A reliable camera, so that you won't miss any time.

A unique optical and electronic stability system HTC U11 will provide stability and sharpness of the images, even when the shakes you.


Look ...

you give great in every shot. Day and night.
The new front-facing camera łÄ
whether in a resolution 16MP and the sensitivity of the UltraPixel day and night. Uses the same powerful reinforcement of HDR and noise reduction, which main camera. Take a selfie new camera HTC U11.


Play back your memories with sound 360 °.

Four multi-directional microphones with Acoustic Zoom for
the consistency of the image with sound. MICS equipment device współpracujÄ with you to record the sound from all directions, so that by bringing video, you can enhance specific sounds in a particular place. With HTC U11 you best the recording quality in 3D.


Experience our most vibrant and explicit video quality.

We are proud that after many years of work we can provide Temporal Noise Reduction technology, which will provide some of the clearest videos. AnalizujÄ
(c) all information, HTC U11 removes unwanted electronic noise, for najdoskonalszÄ the quality of the image.


Your intelligent, digital assistant.

The inner
out of each HTC U11 visitor can find intelligent assistant, which is mendrzejszy than ever beforev. HTC Sense Companion to Your daily habits to offer you lepszÄ help and convenience every day.

Not caught by surprise.

Sometimes żyjÄ
(c) in a hurry does not check battery level. HTC Sense Companian comes from using , they recall (c) you would enjoy • with you the charger or power bank.
Battery-saving function
Improving the efficiency of
Fitness Buddy
Interesting places
Recommended restaurants


Our fastest speed so far.

HTC U11 is powered by mobilnÄ
platform game Qualcomm ® Snapdragon ™ 835vi and offers the first processor made in 10 nanometrowym process. This translates into breathtaking help coming stunning graphics, unique tkowÄ responsiveness, doskonałÄ performance and dłuższÄ the life of the battery. You gain up to 25% płynniejszÄ graphics, about 35% more efficiently played video or about 3 hours dłuższÄ the work of the battery. The processor allows a 30% increase in time playing music, and even 43% longer time Gallery Dish Network through łÄ comparsion LTE technologyvii. Each HTC U11 has this same performance regardless of technology łÄ links, mobile data or operator.


Inspired by nature

We looked at closer to the wonders of nature and we have developed a color palette so well-known outfit
and nieprzewidywalnÄ . Take a look at yourself and select a color that enhances the visitor accesses your unique tkowość, inspires Your glow.

and based on Dxomark reviews:

(ii) availability and application Amazon Alexa varies by region. You should consult with a local operator.

(iii) HTC U11 has degree of protection IP67 and is dust-proof, splash-proof, and water to a depth of 1 metre, up to 30 minutes, testing was conducted in controlled laboratory conditions. During daily use water resistance may diminish. Do not attempt to charge or otherwise use USB port type C if you had contact with water . Instructions regarding the CE and tips regarding CE to maintain water resistance can be found in the operating instructions, in the support section on the website or in the help application in the device . Damage caused by the flooding may not be covered by the gwarancjÄ .

(iv) based on Dxomark reviews:

(v) the availability and functionality of HTC Sense Companion różniÄ Depending on the region. You should consult with a local operator.

vi Qualcomm Snapdragon is a product of Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. Qualcomm and Snapdragon are trademarks of Qualcomm Incorporated, registered in the U.S. and other countries. Used by permission of the .

vii performance tests are carried out in the laboratories of HTC using the specified equipment HTC devices. Battery life varies depending on use and settings. Usage, environmental conditions, łÄ network and connectivity, and other factors may be different in reality.

  • Size1

    153.9 x 75.9 x 7.9; 169 g

  • Android Platform2

    Android ™ 7.1 with HTC Sense ™

  • The camera

    • 12 MP (HTC UltraPixel ™ 3 with 1.4 μm)
    • Autofocus UltraSpeed
    • BSI Sensor
    • Optical image stabilisation (OIS)
    • IRIS ƒ/1.7
    • A Russian LED flash
    • Self-timer to 10 s
    • Face detection
    • Pro mode with manual control, exposure to 32 s and RAW support
    • HDR Mode Boost
    • Panoramic photos
    • Hyperlapse
    • Filming in slow motion (1080 p at 120 FPS)
    • Movies in 4 k resolution with surround sound, high resolution audio, focusing acoustic
    • Photos from the movies
  • GPS

    • GPS, A-GPS, GLONASS, Beidou
  • Improved audio quality

    • HTC USonic with funkcjÄ
    • the active elimination of noise
    • HTC BoomSound ™ Hi-Fi
    • Surround sound recording, four microphones
    • High resolution stereo audio recording
    • Certificate Of Hi-res Audio
    • Always włÄ
    • on voice commands
    • Starting with the touch screen
    • Sensor Hub to monitor physical activity
    • Htc Connect
    • Mute the ringing tone after lifting
    • Pocket mode
    • Mute using
    • rotate the
  • IP67

  • Screen

    • 5.5 inch Quad HD (2560 x 1440 pixels)
    • Super LCD 5
    • 3D Corning® Gorilla® Glass 5
    • Personalization color display
  • The type of SIM card

    Nano SIM/Two nano SIM card

    • 16mp
    • BSI
    • IRIS ƒ/2.0
    • Makeup live
    • Automatic self portraits (when it detects a smile, at a constant image)
    • A self-portrait triggered by voice
    • Self-timer to 10 s
    • HDR Mode Boost
    • Panoramic self-portrait
    • Movies in Full HD 1080 p
  • Sensors

    • Light sensor
    • Proximity sensor
    • Motion sensor Motion G
    • Compass
    • A gyroscope
    • Magnetic sensor
    • Fingerprint sensor
    • Sensor Hub
    • Edge sensor
  • Faucet5

    • Capacity: 3000 mAh
    • Talk time on 3 g/4 g: up to 24.5 hours.
    • Standby time in 3 g/4 g networks: up to 14 days
    • Power saving mode
    • Advanced power saving mode
    • Quick Charge technology 3.0
  • Multimedia

    Supported audio formats:
    Playback: .3GP, .MP4, .m4a, .AAC, .TS, .FLAC, .MP3, .mid, .ogg, .mkv, .wav
    Recording: .3GP, .AAC, .FLAC

    Video formats supported:
    Playback: .3GP, .MP4, ts, webm, mkv
    Recording: .3GP, .MP4, .mkv

  • HTC Edge Sense

    Pinch the phone runs the functions and not only

  • CPU frequency

    Qualcomm Snapdragon ™ ™ 835, octa-core, 64-bit, to 2.45 Ghz

  • Memory3

    • ROM: 128 GB, RAM: 6 GB
    • Extended memory: microSD ™ up to 2 TB (it takes a socket SIM2)
    • Support For Flex Storage
  • Network support4

    • 2 g/2.5 G GSM/GPRS/EDGE
    • 3 g UMTS
    • 4 g LTE (up to 800 Mb/s, depending on the service)
    • from agregacjÄ
    • the frequency bands 2CA, 3CA und 3Cs, 4CA
    • Volte, połÄ
    • Wi-Fi connection
    • Equipment
    • device obsługujÄ CE Cat 15 LTE data download speed to 800 Mb/s, the speed of sending data to 75 Mb/s
  • ŁÄ

    and connectivity
    • Dual Sim
    • The NFC
    • Bluetooth® 4.2
    • Wi-Fi®: 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac (2.4 and 5 GHz)
    • Stream media from your phone to a compatible device
    • obsługujÄ devices the following standards Chromecast, DLNA ™, AirPlay ™ and Miracast ™
    • USB 3.1 Gen 1, type C
    • Touch buttons
    • DisplayPort
  • Htc Sense Companion

    Suggestions based on your actions

  1. The physical dimensions of the can a little change in the tolerance range.

  2. The platform may change after a software update.

  3. Available memory is less due to the software of the phone. Accessible capacity may change as a result of the phone software update and the application.
    Extended memory is limited wielkościÄ the available microSD card.

  4. Network bands in regions can be different, depending on the mobile operator and your location. 4 g LTE network is only available in some countries. Upload and download speed also depends on the operator.

  5. Battery operating times may vary depending on the cellular network, location, signal strength, feature configuration, usage, and many other factors. Actual results may be different.

Note: specifications may
subject to change after a software update or subject to change without prior notice.

Shipping from:hong-kong
The ability to returnNo
Additional information. deliveryProduct data sheet gives the expected due date. In some cases, this time limit may be as high as 45 days. After crossing, you have the right to a full refund.
The length of the implementation of the free repair12 MTHS on manufacturer/supplier
Delivery time from10
The time of delivery to20
Processing time for warranty service from6 weeks
Processing time for warranty repair to12 weeks
The Amount Of ROM8 GB
Dual SimYes
Water resistanceSo
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