OPPO Watch Free Black

SKU oppo-watch-free-blac
Location: Asia
Possibility to return: No
Length of warranty 12 months
Warranty Extension: No
Water resistance Yes
Rom: ColorOS
Processing time for warranty service from 6 weeks
Processing time for warranty repair to 12 weeks
$ 79.99
+ possible tax

This is ColorOS version of the watch. You may find most up-to-date connection app link in QR code in manual attached to the watch. You may also try to use following link:

  • you may not be able to use esim and nfc functions
  • menus will be in English only
  • in exchange you'll receive significantly longer battery life - up to 4 times longer than wearOS version
  • rest of the functions of the watch should work correctly outside China

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OPPO Watch Free


OSleep full scene sleep monitoring

Continuous SpO2 monitoring for snoring risk assessment

AI wear dial

Gaming mode

14 days long battery life
33g ultra-light design
1.64-inch AMOLED light and large screen
Healthy sleep , easy to start
Osleep full scene sleep monitoring
Just put on OPPO Watch Free, and the watch will monitor your sleep status throughout the process. Fully protect your sleep from before, during and after sleep.
before going to sleep
Sleep reminder, stay up late reminder
Monitoring sleep status, second-level real-time blood oxygen monitoring, heart rate variability monitoring
after waking up
Generate dedicated sleep reports

*Tsinghua University xOPPO established the Future Terminal Technology Center to carry out cooperation on a number of subjects in the field of sleep to deeply optimize sleep monitoring capabilities.

Difficulty falling asleep, the
watch can help you find the reason
OPPO Watch Free can record the usage of the mobile phone before going to bed and generate a report1 , and track the change trend of the mobile phone usage time and sleep quality for a long time, and the impact of the mobile phone on sleep is clear at a glance. Provide improvement gadgets to help you reduce the interruption of your mobile phone to sleep and fall asleep quickly.

*The mobile phone usage time function supports Android 6.0 and above, and does not support IOS devices.
Sleep Mode
Stay away from interruptions and sleep well
The watch can be linked with the mobile phone to enter sleep mode 2 to help you turn on the message do not disturb, and at the same time make the mobile phone interface gray, actively reduce your desire to play with the mobile phone, and with warm reminders, help you put down the mobile phone and sleep peacefully.

*Sleep mode supports Android 10 and above, not IOS devices.
Not only blood oxygen
and , but also more accurate snoring
Snoring is not a sound sleep, OPPO Watch Free has added a snoring risk assessment3 . On the basis of continuous monitoring of blood oxygen and heart rate variability in sleep, the mobile phone is linked to monitor snoring sound data, which can more accurately monitor and locate sleep breathing problems and comprehensively understand sleep breathing conditions.
Second-level real-time blood oxygen monitoring
Heart rate variability monitoring
snore monitoring

Wear light, see better
light enough and comfortable enough
33g ultra-light design, with leather texture strap, comfortable to touch, dry and breathable, more comfortable to wear when sleeping.

Lightweight and large screen
The 1.64-inch light-weight large screen presents 16.7 million colors, and exciting content comes alive on the screen. With 2.5D curved scratch-resistant glass, it takes into account both texture and durability.
AMOLED light and large screen
DCI-P3 100%
display color
pixel density
wear on hand
Just take a photo of today's outfit, and AI can generate a customized dial for you, and wear it in fashion.
Light - painted dials
inspire your creativity4
With the touch of a fingertip, inspiration bursts out, and nearly a hundred kinds of light-painting brushstrokes can be selected flexibly.
*The light-painted dial supports Android 9.0 and above, and other models are supported one after another.
Over 100 smart
dials , all of them are satisfactory
Three two one , move
Let go and practice,
It can automatically identify the four sports states of running, walking, rowing machine and elliptical machine, and record every drop
of your sweat.
elliptical machine
Hundreds of sports,
easy to practice
Support more than 100 sports modes, no matter what kind of sports you like, the watch can accurately track your
every movement.
Support 5ATM waterproof 5
Not only has excellent waterproof performance, but also records your number of times and pace in the pool.
Science Sports
Professional and Effective

exercise heart rate zone
The five heart rate zones are displayed in real time, and the exercise intensity can be known by raising the wrist.

Heart rate warning
The watch will automatically alert you when your heart rate is too high or too low.

running class
There are four built-in running courses: easy running, fat burning running, endurance running, and interval running.
Lightweight and smart all-rounder
a little , Xiaobu helps you 6
It supports Xiaobu voice assistant and offline voice commands. Whether it is connected to a mobile phone or not
, you can use commands to control the watch by raising your wrist at any time. For example, "start to lose fat and run", "open WeChat payment", raise your hand to brighten the screen, and you can reach it in one sentence.
*Breeno online voice assistant is only supported when connected to the phone via Bluetooth.
(Only supports Android 6.0 and above, not IOS devices)
Raise your wrist to pay for
easy travel
Support WeChat, Alipay dual platform payment, offline shopping can be done with a watch. Equipped with NFC
function , it supports multi - city bus cards, subway travel, unlocking access control, and swiping to go .
bus card
WeChat Pay
pay by AliPay
Access Card
Real-time multi-
screen car navigation can work8
Whether it’s calling a car on a mobile phone or navigating a ride, the watch can display key information in real time, allowing you to deal with it
easily .
map navigation
Take a taxi
*Only some travel navigation and taxi-hailing software are currently supported; the supported models are OPPO phones with ColorOS 11.1 and above. When using,
please make sure that the "flashback button" function of the OPPO phone is turned on.
E-sports mode is
even more powerful 9
Supernatural moments can not be distracted, message push, mobile phone call reminders are all transferred to the watch, as well as resurrection
reminders and game heart rate records.
Resurrection reminder
real-time heart rate
*The gaming mode supports OPPO Find X3 series and Reno6 series, and requires the mobile phone system to be ColorOS 11.2 and above, and other OPPO models will be supported one after another.
*For the game resurrection/takeoff reminder, make sure that the "flashback button" function of the mobile phone is turned on.
14-day long battery life,
5 minutes of charging, enough for a whole day10
Typical usage scenarios can reach 14 days of long battery life, saying goodbye to battery anxiety. Forgot to charge? It doesn't matter, just charge it for 5 minutes
before going and it will last all day.
Long battery life
*14 days for typical scenarios, 10 days for severe scenarios, and 5 days for continuous blood oxygen monitoring.
Intimate little functions, not
a single one is missed
OPPO Watch Free
  • OSleep full scene sleep monitoring
  • 1.64" AMOLED light and large screen
  • 33g ultra-light design
  • Gaming mode
  • 100+ sports mode
  • 14 days long battery life
watch-free-1440.pngQuicksand Gold/Silent Night Black
Main body size: 46.0*29.7*10.6mm (including heart rate boss 11.4mm)

Case Material:
Screen: 2.5D Glass
Middle Frame: PC Fiber
Rear Case: PA Fiber

Strap Material: Silicone
Strap Width: 19mm
Strap Adjustable Range / Recommended Wrist Circumference: 130-205mm
Weight: 20.9g (without wrist strap) 32.6 (whole machine)
Screen Type: AMOLED
Screen Size: 1.64 inches
Resolution : 280*456
Screen Colors: 16.7M
battery life
Battery capacity: 230mAh
Adapter power requirements: 5V 500mA or more
Charging method: about 75 minutes of magnetic charging (under standard indoor conditions of 25 degrees Celsius)
Theoretical battery life: 14 days (mild battery life model)
System support: Android 6.0 and above
Bluetooth : BLE 5.0
Sensors: six-axis motion sensor, optical heart rate sensor, optical blood oxygen sensor, ambient light sensor
Health management: continuous blood oxygen, snoring monitoring, sleep disturbance analysis, 24-hour heart rate, Daily activity, sedentary reminder
Waterproof : 5ATM
NFC: Not supported

Payment : Alipay WeChat offline dual payment

Sports function:
100+ sports modes
Running courses: Easy running / fat burning running / endurance running / interval running four courses
Automatic sports recognition:

Other functions: AI dial 2.0; ;Alarm clock setting;Weather push;Music control;Bracelet to find mobile phone and other functions
Watch Body X1
Silicone Wristband X1
Charging Dock X1
Quick Guide & Safety Guide X1
1. The mobile phone usage time function supports Android 6.0 and above, and does not support IOS devices.
2. Sleep mode supports Android 10 and above, not IOS devices.
3.1 This product is not a medical device, and the monitoring data and results are for reference only, not for diagnostic and medical purposes. This function needs to be manually turned on "real-time blood oxygen", and the battery life is about 5 days after being turned on.
3.2 Snoring monitoring: Except for abnormal snoring clips, other audio information is not stored, and abnormal snoring clips also support manual deletion by the user.
3.3 Except for OPPO, other third-party Android phones and IOS phones do not support the snoring monitoring function, but only support continuous blood oxygen monitoring during sleep.
4. The light-painted dial supports Android 9.0 and above, and other models are supported one after another.
5. OPPO Watch Free can be used for water activities in shallow water such as swimming pools or beach games. Not valid for snorkeling, hot showers, hot springs, saunas (steam rooms), diving, scuba diving, water skiing, other wading activities in high-speed currents, or deep water activities. Water resistance is not permanent and may diminish over time. The following conditions may affect the waterproof performance of this product and should be avoided (1) Wearing it in the above inappropriate scenarios. (2) The product has fallen from a height or been impacted. (3) The product comes into contact with alkaline substances, such as soap or soapy water and other detergents in the shower or shower. (4) The product comes into contact with perfumes, solvents, detergents, acids or acidic substances, pesticides, lotions, sunscreens, body oils or hair dyes. (5) Charge the product in a wet state.
6. The Breeno online voice assistant is only supported when connected to the phone via Bluetooth.
7. The NFC access control card function supports the simulation of unencrypted access control cards with a frequency of 13.56MHz on the market. Bank cards, savings cards and bus cards with access control function are not supported. The NFC bus card now supports 300+ urban subway buses across the country. The specific supported routes, bus cards and bus discounts are subject to local operating companies.
8. Currently only some travel navigation and taxi software are supported; OPPO mobile phones with ColorOS 11.1 and above are supported. Please make sure that the "flashback button" function of the OPPO mobile phone is turned on when using it.
9.1 The gaming mode supports OPPO Find X3 series and Reno6 series, and requires the mobile phone system to be ColorOS 11.2 and above, and other OPPO models are supported one after another.
9.2 For the game resurrection/takeoff reminder, make sure that the "flashback key" function of the mobile phone is turned on.
10.1 The battery life of the model with light use is 14 days, the model with moderate use is 10 days, and the model with heavy use is 5 days.
Light usage model: Factory default settings, screen on 200 times per day, 50 notifications per day, 2 incoming calls, start APP to sync data twice a day, exercise one hour per week, turn off continuous blood oxygen and heart rate monitoring, use default sleep monitoring set up.
Moderate usage model: screen on 400 times a day, 100 notifications a day, start APP twice a day to sync data, exercise two hours a week, 6 calls, turn off continuous blood oxygen and heart rate monitoring, turn on sleep monitoring, turn on six-minute intervals Sleep blood oxygen test, open six-minute interval heart rate test.
Heavy usage model: 400 screen brights per day, 100 notifications per day, 35 incoming calls. Start the APP to synchronize data twice a day, exercise for two hours a week, turn on sleep monitoring, turn on continuous sleep blood oxygen test, and turn on continuous 24-hour heart rate test.
10.2 Charge for five minutes and use it for a whole day, corresponding to the light use model. You need to use a power adapter with a rated output of 5V⎓500mA and above and 3C certification, and use it with the official OPPO Watch Free charging base.
10.3 The battery life and fully charged time data of the OPPO Watch Free series are from the typical environment of the OPPO laboratory. Based on the data measured by the above power consumption model, the actual use time and charging time may fluctuate due to the specific use conditions and individual differences of the watch. Low temperature environment, battery performance degradation and other factors.
11. "Health APP" can be downloaded from the OPPO software store, and third-party Android brand mobile phones can be downloaded by searching for "Huantai Health" in major app stores. Quick pairing only supports OPPO phones with ColorOS 7.1 and above, other phones need to be connected manually.
12. Product pictures are for reference only, please refer to the actual product. Some specifications and descriptions of products may be adjusted due to supplier replacement and other reasons, please refer to the actual product. Please refer to the actual situation for the product software interface.
13. The data involved in the above are all from our company's design technical parameters, laboratory and supplier test data, and the actual situation will be slightly different due to software version, specific test environment, and individual product characteristics.
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