Oppo Reno 4 Pro 8GB+128GB Black

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Length of warranty12 months
Warranty Extension:At promotional terms, up to 24 months (during checkout)
Dual SimYes
Processing time for warranty service from6 weeks
Processing time for warranty repair to12 weeks
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Product description

Super night scene video shooting new night
5G video phone

Lightweight design

Ultra-thin hyperboloid screen,
good hand feel worthy of repeated weighing.

7.6mm ¹
Thin about
172g ¹
Light appointment

Look thin, hold light. Reno4 Pro is equipped with a 3D hyperboloid screen, with just the right arc design, creating a comfortable feel. With a light body of about 172g¹, there is no pressure for long-term one-handed operation.

Reno Glow crystal diamond craft, the
Milky Way is in hand.

It was shining like a galaxy in the eyes, and the fingers were smooth but smooth. The latest Reno Glow crystal diamond technology, through repeated trials and optimization of etching technology, finally changed the microstructure of AG glass, allowing millions of flash diamond crystal faces to be integrated. Does not leave fingerprints and is more durable. Delicate and flexible, people always want to take another look.

Pantone teamed up to customize
Reno4 Pro 2020 summer limited color

OPPO invited Pantone to jointly create the Reno summer color-Midsummer Fluorescent Green Glitter²,
which flashes cool green light under the Reno Glow crystal diamond craft. This summer is the only one to enjoy.

Video master
Super night scene video,
shooting new night scenes .
Sony IMX708 sensor
12 million pixel video lens
16:9 custom video frame
1.4μm super large pixel size
120° super wide viewing angle³
Moonlight night scene video algorithm
Moving colors
Strong sensitivity
Pure and no noise
The most familiar city also has the most surprising night. The professional ultra-wide-angle night scene video lens IMX708 is equipped with the moonlight night scene video algorithm developed by OPPO Research Institute for a year, and is also blessed by laser focusing technology. Whether walking through the bustling city or wandering in the late-night cafeteria, you can shoot unexpectedly bright and colorful. Take Reno4 Pro now and step into a quiet night.
Video super anti-shake 3.0,
three anti-shake, stable everywhere.
Once again, the lead comes on. Reno4 Pro`s main camera, super wide-angle, and front camera fully cover the anti-shake algorithm, and video shooting at any angle is stable.
Video without anti-shake
Video super anti-shake mode
Video super anti-shake Pro mode
Under the condition of no anti-shake, the video shooting picture is blurry and dazzling, and the shaking is severe.
The HIS hybrid anti-shake technology, which combines optical image stabilization and electronic image stabilization, provides stable and clear shooting at hand.
The ultra-wide-angle lens further enhances the stabilization effect of large-scale motions, and can shoot more stably and wider even in severe environments.
Front video anti-shake: The front camera is equipped with anti-shake algorithm, which can stably focus on the face while shooting, and share your life with real-time video.
Time-lapse video, you can also shoot while walking. Video Super Anti-Shake 3.0 supports the new mobile time-lapse video function, walks the streets and alleys, 360° circle shooting, the video quality is still stable and clear, and more fun shooting methods are available.
Live HDR video,
brighter or darker, can be shot better.
The new self-developed HDR video algorithm can accurately expose both highlights and shadows, capture and optimize the level of detail, natural light and shadow transition, more delicate portraits, and more three-dimensional contours.

Movie mode, pick up the phone to make movies.

21:9 Customized movie frame, independent shooting interface, professional parameter adjustment, everything is a Pro-level video shooting experience. Now pick up your phone, Action!

Classic movie filters,
big movies every day.

Soloop Instant Record has a variety of classic movie filters, subtitles, soundtrack, and narration are all in place, and life videos become movies in seconds.

Soloop is recorded, and
video editing is simple.

Three steps to create a sense of cinema: select materials, add templates, select music, and generate high-quality movies with one click and share them easily.

Photo debut

The ultra-clear laser focuses three shots, and
the C position is set in seconds.
  • 48-megapixel ultra-high-definition main camera (supporting OIS optical image stabilization)
  • 12-megapixel ultra-wide-angle night scene video camera
  • 13-megapixel telephoto camera ⁴

    AI ultra-clear portrait and
    ultra-clear three-camera with laser focusing assistance, focusing quickly and accurately, but not capturing A beautiful moment that meets unexpectedly.
Ultra wide angle
Main photo
AI super clear portrait
AI super clear portrait
Super clear night scene

Polar Night Mode

AI super clear night scene, freeze frame for a wonderful night. Nature creates the night, Reno4 Pro records the night. Whether it is the prosperous city or the low light of the moon night, press the shutter and the wonderful night is easily presented.

3200W front beautification for a good look. 

With 32 million ultra-high pixels, and OPPO`s as always powerful AI smart beauty, you can shoot your unique natural beauty.

Competitive performance

Smart 5G,
super easy to use.

Reno4 Pro is equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon™ 765G chip, adapts to the mainstream frequency band networks of the three major domestic operators, supports SA / NSA dual-mode 5G networks, and can go faster and more stable anywhere. The three-dimensional liquid cooling system, and the combination of up to 12GB+256GB large memory, unleash all potential and accelerate 5G.
1.6Gbps ⁵ Upstream rate up to
3.7Gbps ⁵ Up to downlink rate
5G+Wi-Fi: Wi-Fi and 5G dual network channels can be turned on at the same time, intelligently select the preferred network, and the network speed can be increased by up to 30%⁶.

65W super flash charging, unique.

65W super flash charge, charge to more than 60% in 15 minutes, and it can be fully charged in as little as 36 minutes⁷, don`t be surprised, it`s so fast-charge for 5 minutes, and play for 4 hours⁸.

Super flash charge

TÜV Rheinland safe fast charging system certification


Super power saving mode
There is also a super power saving mode, which can use WeChat text chat for 1.5 hours¹ with only 5% of the power.⁰ Once again, solve the power anxiety in the 5G era.
90Hz high-sensitivity curved
keep brushing, keep swish...
Reno4 Pro`s 90Hz high refresh rate screen can scan 90 pictures in one second. Whether you are following a drama or playing a game, it is smooth and unforgettable from your fingertips to your eyes.
6.5 inches

OLED screen¹²

Maximum refresh rate¹³
Maximum touch sampling rate¹⁴
Low blue light certification
*TÜV Rheinland is a world-renowned certification body. Reno4 Pro has obtained low blue light certification with its excellent performance in reducing blue light radiation on the screen. Click to 

HDR10+ certification

*The Reno4 Pro screen has obtained HDR10+ certification. When watching HDR video content on a video website, you can get a higher dynamic range and a more realistic visual experience of colors.

Super linear stereo dual speakers,

I love listening.

Reno4 Pro is paired with 2 sets of super linear stereo speakers, fused with Dolby Atmos, to bring more realistic near and far surround sound effects, immersive.

ColorOS 7.2

Play continuously, upgrade the tide
OPPO LAB innovative product exploration × users create a community
In OPPO LAB, you can experience the latest and most fun features for the first time, and you can also put forward your whimsical ideas and explore new product possibilities with us.
It`s you
In case of indecision, the turntable resolves.


With a swipe of your finger, create your own music.

AI repair

Time cannot go back, memory can be repaired.

AI application pre-launch

Design the pre-start function for the APP you use the most frequently, which greatly improves the start-up efficiency and reduces the opening time and jams

Icon sink

One-handed operation can be achieved by swiping side gestures, the icon sinks, and the APP can be opened by randomly hovering.


Reno4 Pro (PDNM00/PDNT00)

Super night scene video
65W Super Flash Charge (SuperVOOC 2.0)
7.6mm ultra-lightweight design
Video super anti-shake 3.090Hz high-sensitivity curved screen
Full series dual-mode 5G
Crystal Blue | Crystal Red | Dream Mirror Black | Titanium Blank | Midsummer Fluorescence *

Dimensions and weight

Length: about 159.6mmWidth: about 72.5mmThickness: about 7.6mmWeight: about 172g
* The above length, width, thickness and weight data (excluding factory film) is OPPO laboratory data, the actual data body work due to manufacturing
arts, methods of measurement may differ.

Memory combination

8GB + 128GB12GB + 256GBRAM
  • UFS2.1
Expansion card: not supported
*The actual usable capacity will be reduced and different due to many factors: because the operating system occupies part of the memory (RAM), the actual usable space is less than the identified memory capacity; because the operating system and pre-installed programs occupy part of the flash memory (ROM) ), the actual available storage space is less than the marked flash memory capacity.
Display screen

Size: 6.5 inches (calculated based on the right angle of the screen rectangle)
Type: AMOLED *Screen-to-body ratio: about 93.4% (VA) / 92.1% (AA)
Resolution: 2400x1080
Material: Corning Gorilla Glass 5
Color: 16 million colors
Color gamut: 100% DCI-P3
Pixel density: 402 PPI
Contrast ratio: 5000000:1 (typical value)
Brightness: 500 nits typical, up to 800 nits in sunlight, peak brightness 1100 nits
* The screen of the Reno4 Pro 8GB+128GB version comes from two suppliers: Samsung and BOE. Both screens have the same functional parameters and can reach a refresh rate of up to 90Hz. Due to the difference in technical solutions, the final display effect will be slightly different.

*Supplement (added on June 11): The Reno4 Pro 12+256 version will use screens provided by Samsung and BOE. Both screens have the same functional parameters and can reach a refresh rate of up to 90Hz due to differences in technical solutions. , The final display effect will be slightly different. The source of the screen is clearly marked on the outer packaging box of the product to inform consumers, please rest assured to buy.

rear camera

48MP + 12MP + 13MP ultra-clear laser focusing triple camera system
48 million pixel ultra-clear main camera
0.8μm single pixel size
1/2.0 inch photosensitive area
Viewing angle: 80° f/1.7 aperture
Number of lenses 6p
Using closed-loop focus moto
rSupport AF auto focus
Support four-in-one pixel aggregation technology
Support OIS optical image stabilization
The default image size of the main camera: 4000x3000
Ultra-clear mode image size: 8000x6000
12 million pixel super wide-angle night view video sub camera
1.4μm single pixel size
1/2.43 inch photosensitive area
Viewing angle: 120° *f/2.2 aperture
Number of lenses 6p
Support AF auto focus* 120-degree ultra-wide-angle after wide-angle correction is turned on, the viewing angle is 101 degrees (in 16:9 format).
13 million pixels * telephoto secondary camera
Viewing angle: 45°f/2.4 aperture
Number of lenses 5p
Support AF auto focus* The 13 million telephoto lens uses a 13 million pixel sensor, and the actual shooting resolution is up to 4160 x 3120.
Front camera
32 million pixelsViewing angle: 80°f/2.4 aperture
Number of lenses 5p
The maximum image size of the front main camera: 4928 x 6560
Video function
4K shooting (30 frames/sec)
1080P shooting (60 frames/sec, 30 frames/sec)
720P shooting (60 frames/sec, 30 frames/sec)
Slow motion video
1080P shooting (120 frames/sec)
720P shooting (240 frames/sec)
The main camera supports video super anti-shake
Ultra-wide-angle lens supports video super anti-shake Pro
Front:1080P/720P shooting (30 frames/sec)
Front support video anti-shake
Support light-sensitive screen fingerprint and facial recognition
Support fingerprint payment
Hardware parameters
Mobile processing platform:
Qualcomm Snapdragon™ 765G (7nm process)T
he highest CPU frequency: 2.4GHz
Number of cores: eight cores
Number of processors: 64 bits
GPU model: Adreno™ 620
Battery capacity: 2×2000mAh dual-core series connection/15.48Wh (typical value), equivalent to 4000mAh battery energy 
*Support 65W SuperVOOC super flash charge
* OPPO Reno4 Pro battery rating is 2×1955mAh dual-cell series connection/15.13Wh, which is equivalent to 3910mAh battery energy.
operating system
ColorOS 7.2 developed based on Android10Hyper Boost 3.0 acceleration engineBreeno Smart Assistant | Super Power Saving Mode | AI Application Pre-launch | OPPO LAB | Full Scene Intelligent Power Saving | AI Repair | Icon Sinking | Gravity Wallpaper | Flashback Key | Three-finger Screen Capture | All-weather Dark Mode
* View more pre-installed apps> https://www.coloros.com/presoftware/index.html
Cellular network
Full Netcom Edition
SIM1 (main card)
5G: n1/n3/n41/n77/n78/n79 (the actual network and frequency band usage depends on the deployment of local operators, n1 and n3 will be supported through software upgrades in the future)
4G+ (TD-LTE): B38C/B39C/B40C/B41C/B39A+B41A/B39A+B41C/B40D/B41D
4G+ (FDD-LTE): B1C/B2C/B3C/B7C/B1A+B3A/B3A+B41A/B1A+B5A/B1A+B8A/B3A+B5A/B3A+B8A/B8A+B41A/B1C+B3A/B1C+B5A /B1C+B8A/B1A+B3C/B3A+B41C/B1A+B3A+B5A/B1A+B3A+B8A/B3C+B5A/B3C+B8A
4G (TD-LTE): B34/B38/B39/B40/B41 (194MHz)
4G (FDD-LTE): B1/B2/B3/B4/B5/B7/B8/B12/B17/B18/B19/B20/B263G (WCDMA): B1/B2/B4/B5/B6/B8/B193G (CDMA2000): BC0 (800MHz)2G (GSM): 850/900/1800/1900MHz2G (CDMA): BC0 (800MHz)
SIM 2 (secondary card)
4G: (TD-LTE): B34/B38/B39/B40/B41 (194MHz)
4G: (FDD-LTE): B1/B2/B3/B4/B5/B7/B8/B12/B17/B18/B19/B20/B263G (WCDMA): B1/B2/B4/B5/B6/B8/B19
3G (CDMA2000): BC0 (800MHz)
2G: (GSM): 850/900/1800/1900MHz2G: (CDMA): BC0 (800MHz)
Data function
WLAN function: WLAN 2.4G/WLAN 5.1G/WLAN 5.8G/WLAN Display; support MU-MIMO
Bluetooth transmission: Bluetooth 5.1
Data interface: Type-CHeadphone jack: Type-C
Transmission protocol: USB 2.0OTG
data transmission: support
NFC: Supports Android Beam, supports eSE/HCE/UICC; now supports 300+ urban subway buses across the country, and supports citizen network electronic identification (eID) function.
Geomagnetic induction, proximity light sensor, ambient light sensor, acceleration sensor, gravity sensor, gyroscope, support step function
Satellite positioning: support Beidou, GPS, GLONASS, GALILEO, QZSSDual-frequency dual-antenna positioning: Support GPS: L1+L5, GALILEO: E1+E5a, Beidou: B1+B2a, QZSS: L1+L5
Others: support AGPS; support wireless local area network, cellular network positioning; support electronic compass
Map software: support third-party map navigation such as Gaode map, Baidu map, Tencent map, etc.
packing list
Packing box x1
Host x1
Protective sleeve x1
Quick start guide x1
Important product information and warranty card x1
SIM cartoon pin x1
Headphone x1
Data line x1
Charger x1
In order to make the front view of the phone more concise, we made a hidden process for the photosensitive hole on the top of the screen. Color, dark, and other poor light-transmitting films may block the photosensitive hole and affect the normal use of the phone.
The official protective shell and film design reference drawing:click to download
After-sales service
From the date of purchase (subject to the purchase invoice), if there is a quality problem or malfunction, you can return the product within 7 days and exchange the product within 30 days with the quality inspection certificate of the manufacturer`s repair center or special repair point, and enjoy free warranty during the warranty period Wait for three guarantees!
Note: Users who purchase mobile phone accessories products separately, please keep the accessories packaging and original invoices in good condition. If the above certificates are not provided, normal accessory warranty or replacement will not be possible.

1. The thickness and weight of the machine are based on OPPO laboratory data. The actual size and weight of the machine may vary due to manufacturing processes and measurement methods.

2. Reno4 Pro "Diamond Blue", "Diamond Red", "Titanium Blank", "Midsummer Fluorescence" color matching adopts Reno Glow crystal diamond technology, the final effect may have individual differences, resulting in different colors and details , Please refer to the actual product. "Crystal Diamond Red" is only available in 8GB+128GB versions; "Titanium Blank" and "Midsummer Fluorescence" are only available in 12GB+256GB versions.

3. 120° ultra-wide-angle After the wide-angle correction is turned on, the angle of view is 101° (in 16:9 format).

4. The Reno4 Pro telephoto camera uses a 13-megapixel sensor, and the actual shooting resolution is up to 4160×3120.

5. The chip data comes from Qualcomm official, and is affected by multiple conditions such as 5G network signals and operator policies. Please refer to the actual experience.

6. The data of 5G+Wi-Fi network speed improvement comes from OPPO laboratory testing, which is the theoretical network speed improvement data that this technology can achieve.

7. The charging data comes from the OPPO laboratory inspection report. The actual charging time may be different due to the specific conditions of mobile phone use or individual differences, such as high and low temperature environment, battery performance degradation after use, etc.; inspection environment: temperature 25±1℃, Relative humidity 25%-75%, air pressure 86kPa-106kPa; Test conditions: turn off other mobile phone services and functions except for calls when the battery power is 1%, the display screen is closed, and use the standard power adapter to charge.

8. Charge for 5 minutes and play for 4 hours: This data comes from the inspection report of the German Rhein Laboratory. In a 25°C constant temperature environment, when the battery level of the mobile phone is 1%, use the standard power adapter to charge. In Wi-Fi environment, 45 nits screen brightness, using the standard headset volume of 10 divisions, watching the duration of iQIYI`s 480P locally cached video. The actual time may change due to the specific conditions of mobile phone use, please refer to the actual use.

9. 4000mAh battery: OPPO Reno4 Pro uses 2×2000mAh series double batteries, which is equivalent to 4000mAh battery energy. This model supports high-current super flash charging. To ensure user safety, the battery has been specially encrypted. The use of non-original batteries will affect the normal use of this product, including but not limited to slow charging. If there is a need for battery repair and replacement, please go to the official OPPO customer service center to repair and replace the genuine battery.

10. The test data of the super power saving mode comes from the test report of the German Rhein laboratory. In a 25°C constant temperature environment, Wi-Fi environment, 135 nits screen brightness, enter super power saving mode, and WeChat text chat time. The actual time may change due to the specific scenarios of WeChat text chat, please refer to the actual usage.

11. The screen of Reno4 Pro 8GB+128GB version comes from two suppliers: Samsung and BOE. Both screens have the same functional parameters and can reach a refresh rate of up to 90Hz. Due to the difference in technical solutions, the final display effect will be slightly different. .

*Supplement (added on June 11): The Reno4 Pro 12+256 version will use screens provided by Samsung and BOE. Both screens have the same functional parameters and can reach a refresh rate of up to 90Hz due to differences in technical solutions. , The final display effect will be slightly different. The source of the screen is clearly marked on the outer packaging box of the product to inform consumers, please rest assured to buy.

12. 6.5 inches is the diagonal length of the screen when the four rounded corners of the display are stretched to a right angle (the actual viewing area is small).

13. The screen refresh rate defaults to smart switching, which automatically switches the refresh rate according to the scene; the user can select smart switching, 90Hz or 60Hz mode in the settings.

14. The 180Hz touch sampling rate supports some 90Hz high refresh rate scenarios, and the 120Hz touch sampling rate is used in other scenarios.

15. Product pictures are for reference only, please refer to the actual product. Some product specifications and descriptions may change due to supplier replacement and other reasons. Please refer to the actual product. The data involved here are all derived from our company`s design technical parameters, laboratory and supplier test data. The actual situation will vary slightly due to the test software version, specific test environment, and specific version.

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