Oppo Find N 8GB+256B Black

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Possibility to return:No
Length of warranty12 months
Warranty Extension:No
Dual SimYes
Rom:Original China Multilanguage (possible Google Apps)
Processing time for warranty service from4 weeks 6 weeks
Processing time for warranty repair to12 weeks
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Product description

New folding flagship
From early adopters to commonly used

Golden folding ratio

Small enough, big enough


Seiko 1 pseudo-vertical hinge

Make daily use easy


Multi-angle free hover

Folding screen has a new experience

Image and performance, a comprehensive flagship
Of course, there is the latest ColorOS 12
Folding large screen
Master 2
Taking ergonomics 3 as the design origin,
Feel, look, and face.

Golden folding ratio

Small enough, big enough

Center of gravity 4 is in the middle, so it's easy to handle.

Mild to 275 g 5 and lightweight large upgrade.

Customized carbon fiber parts, lighter and more tenacious.

Close up

Multi-angle free hover 6

Folding screen has a new experience


Embed exquisiteness

Floating light
3D micro surface
Seiko pseudo-vertical hinge
Thread into the button
Superb and mature hinge scheme,
Innovative hinge shape and fine and stable hinge components,
Make daily use more comfortable.

Hinge shape innovation

Make folding worry-free 7

Close up seamlessly and unfold like a mirror. June 4 on behalf of independent research and development 8 , OPPO special research and development team to create Seiko intends vertebral hinge, a further drop in the leading type of program, let folding screen experience worry-free.

Precision fit of hinge components

Like a spine, Strong

The hinge components have undergone 16 iterations of schemes, 7 sets of molds have been verified and optimized, and more than 136 components have been precisely fitted, achieving smooth opening and closing of the screen and stably supporting hovering at different angles.

Improved smoothness
75% 9
The machining accuracy of a single part is up to
0.01mm 9
* During the pre-research process, 6 versions were iterated, and the final solution was significantly improved in terms of reliability, durability, and user experience. 10

The world's first
Reliable Folding Rheinland Certification

Rheinland laboratory tests to restore consumer habits, relevant indicators have shown excellent Find N 11 .
Number of bending tests
200,000 times
Screen crease depth
Screen crease angle

Multi-angle free hover
Folding screen has a new experience

When Find N meets ColorOS 12
The software experience of the folding screen has a new angle,
From 0 degrees to 180 degrees, it is very useful.
Multi-angle, multi-purpose
Hover 12 to watch the movie
The built-in "touchpad" 13 is very stable and easy to use.
Watching a drama, like using a notebook, is more relaxed.
Supported functions: fast forward, reverse, adjust volume, adjust brightness, play, pause
Hover music
Can hear and see,
he record player that you carry with you is full of little sentiment.
Let Find N look up at the starry sky with you, and you don’t have to worry about filming.
Time-lapse shooting, everyone can get started instantly.
Superimpose multi-frame synthesis to brighten and reduce noise, and one-click into a film to reduce tedious post-work.

Complete parameter adjustment to control every detail of the film.
Delay rate 15x-1800x; timer 5m-240m-∞, 5 minutes each.
Normal mode
Professional mode
Traffic light line
Starry sky
120Hz mirror folding screen 17
Taking the characteristics of flexible glass to a higher level, the screen is almost as flat as a mirror 14 15 .
Compared with the 6.5-inch screen, the area has increased by 60% 16 .

Large screen expands immersive vision


The display effect of mainstream candy bar phones
The highest brightness is up to
Expand Size
7.1 inches
Adjust refresh rate adaptively
1Hz-120Hz LTPO
Screen dimming
8192 levels
OPPO’s exclusive gradient mesh matrix reduces screen stress by 30%.
10 layers of screen protection 18 , using higher strength, more wear-resistant UTG ultra-thin flexible glass as the main protective layer of the screen.
Under extreme high temperature and low temperature scenarios, the performance remained stable19 .
Multi-purpose on one screen
Solve multiple tasks in one step
Find N's window management and convenient gesture settings can efficiently handle multiple tasks.
One-click multiple search,
Search and compare, faster and more steps
Merchandise, tickets, hotels, information and other content 20 , just one search, search results can be presented simultaneously in the relevant app.
Two-finger split screen
Just one step
To use the application in the large screen state, swipe two fingers from top to bottom in the middle of the screen to realize the application split screen 21 .
Free drag 22
Efficient way to share content
Between the split screen combinations, you can share content by dragging; the proportion of the app in the screen can also be changed by dragging.
Focus on the big screen 23
Concentrate on doing one thing well
Comprehensively improve the use experience of various scenarios
Big screen game
Playing games on the big screen makes it effortless to line up troops.
Big screen viewing
When watching a video, the barrage moves up, making it easy to interact and watch the movie.
Big screen finance
The dense candlesticks can be seen clearly without dragging back and forth.
The pictures and content displayed on the screen are for illustrative purposes only, and this content does not constitute any offer, solicitation or suggestion for investment products
Big screen
There are two more details
Big screen typing and driving must be comfortable and rest assured.
Custom input method
OPPO and Baidu input method joint research and development 24
Open the bow left and right, input faster and more accurately.
Improved input experience: left and right layout, double G and double V, medical dictionary, continuous input.
Driving mode
Navigating frequently used applications are all on one screen
The first integrated driving mode on the folding screen, no need to switch interfaces,
Different tasks can be carried out on the big screen 25 .
Flagship image and performance
Find N's imaging system is good at producing blockbuster films and is very considerate.
In addition to battery life, startup, and chips, Find N is equally thoughtful.
Folding image
Front, rear, secondary screen, hover
Can make blockbuster movies
Multi-screen video experience
For different shooting scenes and hovering angles, Find N has carried out a new interactive design.
The shooting and preview interface will switch automatically, so everyone can get started.
Hover selfie 26
Take a selfie and take a group photo to liberate your hands, and your friends are all on the mirror.
Rear selfie
Use the best lens for selfies.
Secondary screen preview
Now you and the photographer can compose the shot at the same time.
Hardware Configuration
Main camera
50 million pixels
Support OIS
Full pixel omnidirectional focus
Wide angle
16 million pixels
123° super wide viewing angle
13 million pixels
2x optical zoom
Dual front camera inside and outside
32 million pixels
Performance 27
4500mAh 28
Large battery
33W 29
Super flash charge,
Charge to 55% in 30 minutes
Wireless flash charging
Reverse wireless charging
Snapdragon 888 mobile platform, 5nm process
CPU performance increased by 25%, GPU graphics rendering speed increased by 35%
Up to 12GB LPDDR5 + 512GB UFS3.1 high-speed storage
Side fingerprint unlock
Integrated side fingerprint, the unlocking speed is increased to about 200ms.
Audio technology
Equipped with symmetrical stereo speakers, left and right symmetrical, holding without blocking; NLC low-frequency algorithm, the sound is clearer; with the blessing of three mic recording tracking focus technology, the protagonist's voice is always the focus during recording.
Certification|Dolby Atmos
X axis linear motor
Custom accessories
Protective shell
ColorOS 12
Freedom without boundaries
Find N is compatible with ColorOS 12
Learn more about ColorOS 12
Folding screen window management
Four-finger floating window, active floating window, large and small screen relay, folding experience new ideas frequently.


Golden folding ratio,
multi-angle free hover,
Seiko pseudo-vertebral hinge
120Hz, mirrored folding screen,
hovering 4K time-lapse photography,
driving mode,
one-click multi-search


Cloud | Floating Light | Starry Night


Dimensions and weight


Approximately 132.6mm


Approximately 73.0mm


Approximately 15.9mm


About 275g

*Remarks: The weight may vary due to different configurations, manufacturing processes, and measurement methods



RAM capacity + ROM capacity

8GB + 256GB | 12GB + 512GB

RAM specifications

LPDDR5@ 3200MHz 4×16bit

ROM specification

UFS3.1 @ 2Lanes HS-Gear4

storage card

not support

OTG data transmission

Support (support reverse charging)

*The actual usable capacity is reduced and different due to many factors. Because the operating system occupies part of the memory (RAM), the actual usable space is less than the marked memory capacity, and the installed operating system and pre-installed programs occupy part of the flash memory (ROM). , The actual available storage space is less than the flash memory capacity.



Find N


Main screen:
18.04cm/7.1" (diagonal)

Sub screen:
13.94cm/5.49" (diagonal)

Screen-to-body ratio

Main screen: 87.7% (AA display area is larger than the shape of the whole machine)
Secondary screen: 90.7% (AA display area is larger than the shape of the cover)


Main screen: WUSXGA (1792 × 1920)
Secondary screen: FHD (1972 × 988)

Refresh rate

Main screen: up to 120Hz, optional (60Hz, 1-120Hz frequency conversion),
secondary screen: 60Hz

Touch sampling rate

Main screen: up to 180Hz (1 finger); default 135Hz (3 finger)

Secondary screen: up to 240Hz (5 finger); default 120Hz (5 finger)

Color gamut

Main screen: Default (Vivid/Vivid-Color) 100% P3; Soft/Natural 100% sRGB; Professional wide color gamut/Bright 110% P3

Secondary screen: Default (Vivid/Vivid-Color) 100% P3; Soft/Natural 100% sRGB; professional wide color gamut/bright 110% P3


Main screen: 16.7 million colors (8bit)
Secondary screen: 16.7 million colors (8bit)

Pixel density

Main screen: 370 PPI
Secondary screen: 402 PPI


Main screen: 500nit type/800nit HBM/local peak brightness 1000nit/automatic brightness level 10240 (automatic maximum brightness) 8192 level backlight adjustment (manual maximum brightness)
Secondary screen: 500nit type/800nit HBM/local peak brightness 1000nit/automatic brightness level 10240 ( Automatic maximum brightness) 8192 level backlight adjustment (manual maximum brightness)

Panel material

Main screen: AMOLED (soft)
Secondary screen: AMOLED (soft)

Cover material

Main screen: SCHOTT UTG
Secondary screen: Corning's seventh-generation Gorilla Glass




Main camera: 50 million (f/1.8); FOV 84°; 6P lens; support AF; use closed-loop focus motor, support OIS
ultra-wide angle: 16 million (f/2.2); FOV 123°; 5P lens; fixed focus
telephoto : 13 million (f/2.4); FOV 45°; 5P lens; support AF


32 million (f/2.4); FOV 81°; 5P lens

Shooting mode

Front shooting mode: night scene, video, photo, portrait, panorama, multi scene video, time-lapse photography
. Rear shooting mode: night scene, video, photo, portrait, professional, panorama, movie, slow motion, multi scene video, time-lapse Photography, hypertext, scan

Video shooting


Video mode: 4K @60fps/30fps, 1080P @60fps/30fps, 720P @60fps/30fps
Slow motion mode: 1080P @240fps, 720P @480fps
Video stabilization: Support EIS
video zoom: Support


Video mode: 1080P/720P @30fps, default 1080P @30fps (beauty is turned on by default)
Video anti-shake: support EIS
video zoom: not support



Qualcomm Snapdragon™ 888Product parameter map_cpu


Eight-core maximum frequency 2.84Ghz


Adreno™ 660 @840MHz



battery capacity

2355mAh/9.16Wh+2030mAh/7.89Wh (nominal value)
2415mAh/9.39Wh+2085mAh/8.11Wh (typical value)

fast charging


*Double batteries in parallel, equivalent total capacity 4500mAh




Side capacitive fingerprint

face recognition

Support face unlock



Geomagnetic sensor, under-screen ambient light sensor, back color temperature sensor, under-screen proximity sensor, acceleration sensor, Hall sensor, dual gyroscope, support step function


Cellular network

Whether to support dual cards


SIM card type

Nano-SIM card

Network frequency band

2G: GSM 850/900/1800/1900MHz
2G: CDMA BC0 (800MHz)
3G: CDMA2000 BC0 (800MHz)
3G: UMTS (WCDMA) bands 1/2/4/5/6/8/19
4G: TD-LTE bands 34/38/39/40/41 (194MHz: 2496-2690)
4G: LTE FDD bands 1/2/3/4/5/7/8/12/17/18/19/20/26/28A/66
5G NR: n1/n3/n5/n7/n8/n20/n28A/n38/n41/n66/n77/n78

*The full Netcom version of the mobile card can be used in any combination with Unicom cards and telecom cards. Both the primary and secondary cards support 5G, and any card can be used as a network card. When two telecommunications cards are inserted, the non-network card must enable VoLTE service and enable VoLTE high-definition calls. At the same time, the operator's network must support 4G VoLTE services to use dual telecommunications cards. Otherwise, the two telecommunications cards cannot be used at the same time.


Data function

WLAN function

Support Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax), Wi-Fi 5 (802.11ac), 802.11a/b/g/n/; WLAN 2.4G/WLAN 5.1G/WLAN 5.8G;
support WLAN Display; WLAN network sharing;
support Network overlay: Wi-Fi 2.4GHz 2×2 + Wi-Fi 5GHz 2×2 concurrent, support Wi-Fi 5GHz 160M support 2×2 MIMO; 8 Spatial-stream sounding MU-MIMO


Bluetooth 5.2

Bluetooth audio specifications

Support SBC, AAC, support aptX HD, LDAC, APTX

Data interface

USB Type-C

Headphone jack



Full-featured NFC
support reading and writing NFC cards (13.56MHz NFC cards)
support AndroidBeam point-to-point mode
support NFC-SIM (only support SIM1 card slot)
support eSE (support 300+ city subway bus rides, support OPPO Pay, access card, car Multiple functions such as keys. One touch, convenient passage and safe payment.)
Support smart card cutting


operating system

ColorOS 12 developed based on Android 11

*View more pre-installed apps



Satellite positioning

Built-in GPS, support A-GPS, Beidou, GLONASS, GALILEO, QZSS

Dual frequency dual antenna positioning

Support GPS: L1+L5, GALILEO: E1+E5a, Beidou: B1l+B1c+B2a, QZSS: L1+L5

Map software

Support third-party map navigation for Gaode maps, Baidu maps, and Tencent maps


packing list

Host × 1
Data cable × 1
Charger × 1
SIM cartoon pin × 1
VIP card × 1
Warranty card × 1
Warm reminder card × 1
Quick start guide × 1


In order to make the front view of the phone more concise, we made a hidden process for the light-sensitive hole on the top of the screen. Color, dark, and other poor light-transmitting films may block the photosensitive aperture and affect the normal use of the phone.
Official protective shell and film design reference drawing:
click to download


After-sales service

Since the date of purchase (subject to the purchase invoice), if there is a quality problem or malfunction, you can enjoy the return within 7 days, exchange within 30 days, and free warranty during the warranty period with the quality inspection certificate of the manufacturer's repair center or special repair point Wait for three guarantees service.

*Note: Users who purchase mobile phone accessories products separately, please keep the original accessories packaging and invoices in good condition. If you cannot provide the above proof, you will not be able to enjoy the three guarantees service. The content of the Three Guarantees service is subject to national regulations.

1.Refers to the size control of hinge parts (components), the highest precision requirement is 0.01mm.
2.One-handed grasping refers to the balance between the ratio data of the interaction specification and the ratio data of the user's comfort during the internal research and testing of the product, which serves as the design origin of the opening and closing width of the product.
3.Refers to the internal research results of OPPO Labs for the purpose of improving the user experience of the product. Including but not limited to the study of experience dimensions such as holding, interaction, and operation.
4.The data comes from the Rhein laboratory report.
5.The data comes from the OPPO laboratory. Without protective film, without card, without protective shell, the weight is about 275 grams. It is normal for the three colors to have slight differences.
6.Refers to the folding screen software experience solution that ColorOS 12 brings to this product. 180 degrees means that the product can keep hovering in a specific angle range within the range of 0-180 degrees, not the angle range that maintains the "hovering" state; multi-angle free hovering refers to the overall solution, including "freedom" Software optimization and software functions for different scenarios, such as hovering, focusing on the big screen, multi-purpose on one screen, and multi-screen video experience.
7.TUV Rheinland’s mobile phone folding worry-free (Reliable folding) certification is a comprehensive evaluation test certification for the folding performance of folding mobile phones, including basic physical performance tests, daily life scenarios tests, extreme folding life tests, and four major folding changes. Dimension. Among them, the test of tens of thousands of folding changes simulates consumer usage habits, and evaluates the physical changes of screen creases, screen performance changes, hinge force changes, screen touch changes, mobile phone function changes, opening and closing force changes, and hovering. 9 major items including functional changes. *The test environment comes from the Rhein laboratory.
8.Independent research and development means that the product hinge solution has undergone 4 years of research and development iterations, incorporating independent innovative thinking and design in multiple links such as lamination, component, and assembly.
9.The data comes from the OPPO laboratory comparing previous generations of hinge schemes and prototype test data.
10.The data comes from the OPPO laboratory comparing previous generations of hinge schemes and prototype test data.
11.The data comes from the Rhein laboratory report. There are the following highlights: the left and right hands can be switched at will, the center of gravity is centered; when closed, the gap is almost invisible to the naked eye, preventing foreign objects from intruding; 360,000 times of opening and closing, the screen performance, hinges, and functions are still at a good level; 200,000 times of testing: crease It is almost invisible to the naked eye (depth <0.15mm, crease angle <0.8°), the color deviation of the bending area changes very little, the performance is stable, the display change of the bending area is very small, the performance is stable, the change of the touch response of the bending area is very small , The performance is stable, the hovering function in the bending area changes very little, the performance is stable, and different folding habits can be taken into account (both normal and fast folding are stable).
12.It means that the product can maintain the hovering state of the phone when it is between 50-120 degrees. It is normal for the angle to change with various factors such as the use environment, use time, and product production batch.
13.It refers to the function of simulating the input device of a notebook computer through software optimization. Support gestures: slide, tap; support functions: fast forward, rewind, volume, brightness, play, pause, the scope of adaptation software will be gradually increased through subsequent OTA. *Hovering touchpad is a marketing term, the function is called "hovering touchpad" in the system
14.The inner screen of the product can clearly reflect the image of the item when the product is in the state of the screen, and the screen area above the hinge of the open state has no fold lines that significantly interfere with the use and visual experience. This is a subjective feeling, and varies depending on the test environment, product version, and production batch. different.
15.The data comes from the test report of the Rhine Lab, which refers to the fact that there is no obvious hard fold line at the fold of the screen area above the hinge of the mobile phone. After 200,000 tests, the crease depth is less than 0.15mm, and the crease angle is less than 0.8°. A higher level means that the OPPO R&D team uses a new laminated design and hinge scheme based on the leading UTG ultra-thin flexible glass to further reduce screen creases and improve durability.
16.The data comes from the OPPO laboratory, which means that the internal display area of ​the product is 60% larger than that of a 20:9, 6.5-inch bar phone when the product is opened. This is a comparison of theoretical values ​​and is obtained under a specific test environment. Actual use may be due to individual products. Differences The software version, use conditions and environmental factors are slightly different. Please refer to the actual use.
17.The data on the above page are theoretical values, all from the OPPO laboratory, obtained under a specific test environment. In actual use, there may be slight differences due to individual product differences, software versions, use conditions, and environmental factors. Please refer to the actual use. allow.
18.Refers to the protective structure of 10 layers of the 12-layer composite structure of the product screen.
19.Dynamic bending test refers to extreme low temperature (minus 20 degrees), high temperature and high humidity 6595 (65 degrees temperature, 95 degrees humidity); extreme scenes in static bending test, high temperature (75 degrees), low temperature (minus 40 degrees), high temperature High humidity 6595 (65 degrees temperature, 95 degrees humidity), temperature shock (cycle between -40 degrees and 75 degrees), OPPO Find N can guarantee normal use after 14 days of shutdown; the above test data and test environment are all tested by OPPO Provided by the laboratory, the actual situation may be slightly different due to individual product differences, software versions, use conditions, and environmental factors. Please refer to the actual use conditions; test samples are sampled and tested in a laboratory environment.
20.The entrance can be found in the negative screen of the product and the global search box. Search results and performance vary depending on the software version, and the scope of adapted software will be gradually increased through subsequent OTA.
twenty one.
Through the two-finger split screen function, two applications can be opened on the home screen. The scope of adaptation software will be gradually increased through subsequent OTA.
twenty two.
The two applications opened at the same time are a pair of "split screen combinations", which support some applications to drag text, pictures, files, etc. to another application. You can also drag from the sidebar to the center of the screen of the app you are using to open it to form a "split screen combination"; for the "split screen combination" APP, you can adjust the proportion of the screen occupied by the apps on both sides by dragging the middle handle of the screen; "Split screen combination" can be saved by clicking the entrance in the middle of the screen, and opened and used on the desktop at any time. "Split screen combination" cannot find the entrance in the system. The scope of adaptation software will be gradually increased through subsequent OTA.
twenty three.
Focusing on the large screen refers to the experience that the product is opened and flat, combined with software optimization, to bring users. Including but not limited to the following functions: big screen games, big screen movie watching, big screen finance, driving mode, customized input method. The scope of adaptation software will be gradually increased through subsequent OTA.
twenty four.
OPPO took the human factors research results as the design origin of the separate keyboard, and jointly developed this version which is more suitable for the internal screen input of the product with Baidu Input Method.
25.For the first time, it refers to the first appearance of this function in OPPO products. Integration means that in driving mode, starting an application in this mode interface will not switch the overall interface, avoiding the experience resistance caused by the overall interface switching. The scope of adaptation software will be gradually increased through subsequent OTA.
26.The gesture wake-up function needs to be set in the camera interface. Path: Camera interface-Settings-Shooting mode-Gesture photo.
27.The data comes from the OPPO laboratory. Contains (processor, side fingerprint unlocking, symmetrical stereo speakers, X-axis linear motor, battery life). Comparisons are all derived from internal model tests. The actual situation will vary slightly due to different test software versions, specific test environments, and specific versions.
28.OPPO Find N uses dual batteries in parallel, and the equivalent total capacity is about 4500mAh (typical value): 2415mAh/9.39Wh+2085mAh/8.11Wh (typical value)
29.33W, wired charging, charging to 55% in 30 minutes, 100% in 70 minutes, the displayed value is the highest power, it needs to be used with the official supporting charger of this product. The data are theoretical values ​​and come from the OPPO laboratory. The actual situation will vary slightly depending on the test software version, specific test environment, and specific version.
Some functions will be supported by subsequent software OTA.
The data displayed on the whole site are all OPPO laboratory data and are for reference only. The actual data will be slightly different due to the use environment, equipment status, software version and other factors. Please refer to the actual data.
The product interface content (including but not limited to UI and background) displayed on the whole site is only for function display. Each function belongs to different software versions. The online time and area of ​​different software versions are different. Please use the actual version of the function and interface Prevail.
We will continue to work hard on product function development. Therefore, the product interface content (including but not limited to UI, background), functional features, and functional data displayed on the entire site may change, and the OPPO official website may update all content on the entire site display page in real time. In case of the above situation, we will not give special notice. The final interpretation of the content of the above statement belongs to the company.
The color process may vary from country to country/region or from supplier.
Product appearance and product performance may vary in different countries/regions, suppliers, and production batches.
The screen of the machine may not support some applications, which may vary by country/region or developer.
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Hello, delivery dates are provided on every product page, below product name. When you'll click the dates, a calendar will appear.
If you want to speed up transaction you can use bank wire and ask us for speed up after payment is made in e-mail message after making your payment.
The OPPO FIND N is shipped from China.When crossing your country's border, tax may appear. VAT in EU for imported electronics is around 15-24%. I recommend contact with the local DHL/Fedex office to get know it exactly.

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