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Luxury Mate 30 PRO RS Porsche Design
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Luxury Mate 30 PRO RS Porsche Design

When it comes to price of the smartphones, those can be very high. Just to remind Galaxy Fold cost up to ~1900 USD at the moment of writing this article. In this example we know what we pay for – it’s newest technology foldable screen smarphone, bringing totally new design.

There’s also a branch of smartphone design, that don’t bring revolutionary technologies, but cost more. Those are devices to production of which a luxury material were used. Smartphone producers like to cooperate at this field with other non-smartphone brands to bring luxury product with recognizable emblem. We got Oneplus with Mclaren version of his smartphone, we were having Acer with Ferrari, Blackberry with Porsche, Samsung with it’s season version of smartphones (Batman edition, Avengers edition, Olympics edition) etc.

Today we want to present Huawei Mate 30 Pro designed together with Porsche. It’s basically rebranded Mate 30 Pro with larger memory, and different housing – rest – screen, processor, camera – remains the same. It also got little more rich set that comes with device – additionally we have 2 chargers in CN and EU standards, USB-C headphones, leather case. This mode also comes at standard with 5G connectivity, so he got little faster Kirin 990 version – have second NPU core, and little higher base clocks.

So, if you are Porsche fan, or you need fastest of the fastest on the market – take a look on the Huawei Mate 30 RS. You can already purchase it at our store.


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