IQOO 10 12GB+512GB Orange

SKU iqoo-10-12gb512gb-or
Possibility to return:Yes, within 14 days to warehouse in USA / UK or EU
Length of warranty12 months
Warranty Extension:At promotional terms, up to 24 months (during checkout)
Dual SimYes
Rom:Original China Multilanguage (possible Google Apps)
Processing time for warranty service from6 weeks
Processing time for warranty repair to12 weeks
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Product description

The first-generation Snapdragon 8+, the advanced performance has reached a new high; the self-developed chip V1+ brings dual evolution of gaming and video;
E5 super retina screen, the picture is eye-catching everywhere; the full-sensing control system 4.0 helps you win heartily.

The new flagship of technology of the year, built for you.

Pay tribute to the legend with the classic tricolor.

The ultimate showdown of speed and performance.

Orange fire ignites the engine.

first generationSnapdragon 8+

The first generation of Snapdragon 8+

Comprehensive evolution of performance

110 %

performance up to 4

Snapdragon 8+

Snapdragon 8

15 %

Platform Power Consumption Reduction 4

Snapdragon 8+

Snapdragon 8

Overclocked UFS 3.1

The access speed is upgraded, and the game/application is downloaded in seconds.

Enhanced LPDDR5

The retrieval and cache speed up again, and the game operation is one step faster.

The average frame rate of King of Glory for 3 hours
is 119.09FPS

One chip
doubles power

Self-developed chip V1+

The V1+, which has been polished and evolved by hundreds of people in October, has helped the core image
processing performance to be exponentially improved, achieved an equivalent PC-level 32MB cache, and
opened up a new situation for video and high-frame games. Higher computing power and energy consumption optimization
make night shots clearer, and play at high frames without pressure.

Gaming Core

High frame games
are smoother

V1+ supports ordinary game frame insertion to obtain 90 or
120 frames of high frame experience5 , and high frame games can
be played smoothly while saving power.

Image core

Give the night
a refinement

V1+ supports more accurate noise reduction and dynamic frame insertion in dark light, sports and other scenes , even if the algorithm requires high
real-time preview, it can be easily controlled.

A shallow charge,
quickly full of blood and then fight again.

120W _FlashCharge ultra-fast flash charge

It can be charged to 50% in as fast as 7 minutes, and it can be fully charged in 19 minutes7. Equipped with a gallium nitride material charger compatible with PD and PPS protocols up to 65W, it has high efficiency, small size, and is more portable. The power can be replenished at any time. A good travel partner.

  • coming soon

    19 minutes

    100% charge 7

  • Typical value

    4700mAh _

    big battery 7

A shallow charge,
quickly full of blood and then fight again.

120W _FlashCharge ultra-fast flash charge

It can be charged to 50% in as fast as 7 minutes, and it can be fully charged in 19 minutes7. Equipped with a gallium nitride material charger compatible with PD and PPS protocols up to 65W, it has high efficiency, small size, and is more portable. The power can be replenished at any time. A good travel partner.

  • coming soon

    19 minutes

    100% charge 7

  • Typical value

    4700mAh _

    big battery 7

excellent flow,

E5 Ultra Retina Display

The flagship screen that can stand the test of professional field is clear, gorgeous, smooth, and friendly to the eyes, which is naturally more conducive to the smooth control of the field. Upgrade to E5 luminous material, the picture quality is more natural, and it also saves power, even the exquisite picture quality of large-scale games can be well released.

It is a master of the game and a master
of temperature control .

Low temperature sense intelligent cooling system

The 3930mm² power pump VC soaking plate covers key heat sources; the intelligent temperature sensor cooperates with the self-developed intelligent temperature sensing algorithm to detect abnormal heating; the innovative low temperature-sensing aviation aluminum middle frame design further optimizes the thermal experience of the upper frame. Yes, the new generation of cooling system is more powerful than the naked eye.

  • Low temperature sense aviation aluminum middle frame

    Smart temperature sensor

    3930 mm²

    Power Pump VC Vapor Chamber

Senses, fast and accurate.
Control, fast and steady.

Full Sense Control System 4.0

Competition is not limited to the digital world, but also the sensitive coordination of physical functions such as sight, hearing and touch.
As an extension of the body function system, the mobile phone needs to
be , so that immersion can usher in a hearty victory.

Under the screen dual control pressure

Change two fingers to four fingers, one-click combo, surprising victory.

Dual X-axis linear motor

The attack is more directional, and the combined vibration is immersive.

Closed stereo dual speakers

The sound field is louder and more balanced, and it is easy to listen to the sound.

Detail optimization,
more immersive gaming experience.

In the game, WeChat, text messages, etc. appear in the form of barrage, which not only does not delay the game, but also avoids missing important information.
Bullet screen notification
The game is in full swing, and you can quickly complete WeChat and SMS reply through Jovi voice.
Game Voice Reply 9

Super sensitive imaging system

Let the ability to capture light and shadow
level with creativity

  • GN5
    super sensitive main camera

    50 million pixels

    1/1.57" oversized sole

    OIS optical image stabilization

  • Ultra Wide/
    Macro Lens

    13 million pixels

    120° super wide angle 10

  • IMX663
    professional portrait lens

    12 million pixels

    2X optical zoom

IMX663 Professional Portrait Lens

Get a skin-like look and feel experience with advertising image quality.

One-click replacement of super night scene night scene.

With the support of self-developed chip v1+ super computing power, night scene shooting has greatly improved. The self-developed AI
Deglare anti-glare algorithm and RAWHDR 3.0 algorithm can harvest
night scene images with pure pictures and delicate light and shadow, and it is a charming night scene when you take a shot.

More details to experience
the skills without overwhelming.

Infrared remote control You don't have to look around
for a remote control,
your phone can control your
TV's air conditioner. The phone can
unlock the vehicle, turn on the air conditioner, and start the car
remotely . car key Jovi Smart CarIn-vehicle screen projection, no need to search, WeChat one-click navigation, and enjoy immersive music cockpit. Exclusive fingerprintAssign an exclusive "key" to the atomic privacy system.

Bluetooth dual audio

Supports connecting two
Bluetooth audio devices at the same time,
one pair of earphones per person
, watching dramas and listening to songs with friends
Product color
 Legendary Edition
 track version
Physical Specifications
Height: 164.55mm
Width: 77.1mm
Thickness: track version: 8.37mm
legendary version, combustion engine: 8.46mm
Weight: Track Edition: 206g
Legendary Edition, Engine: 207g
CPU modelThe first generation of Snapdragon 8+
Number of CPU cores
Octa-core processor
CPU frequency
3.2GHz + 2.75GHz × 3 + 2.0GHz × 4
CPU bits
64 bit
CPU process
GPU (graphics processing unit) model
Running memory (RAM)
8GB/12GB (Since the mobile phone system and pre-installed programs occupy part of the storage space, the actual storage space is less than 8GB/12GB)
On-body storage (ROM)
128GB/256GB/512GB (Because the mobile phone system and pre-installed programs occupy part of the storage space, the available storage space is less than 128GB/256GB/512GB)
RAM type
LPDDR5 Quad Channel
ROM type
battery information
battery capacity
Dual cells, typical capacity: 2350mAh (7.74V), equivalent to 4700mAh (3.87V) Typical energy: 18.18Wh
Dual cells, rated capacity: 2275mAh (7.74V), equivalent to 4550mAh (3.87V) Rated energy: 17.60Wh

Charging Specifications
120W ultra-fast flash charge
Battery Type
lithium battery
OTG reverse charging
Theoretical standby time
Theoretical 4G single card standby time: up to 391.2 hours.
Theoretical 4G Volte talk time: up to 13.6 hours.

Remarks: The data are the test results under the standard environment of our laboratory. The actual standby time varies depending on the actual local network conditions and usage habit
screen display
Dimensions (inches)
6.78 inches
screen ratio
screen ratio
screen color
16.7 million colors, P3 color gamut
HDR technology
HDR support
screen material
touch screen
Capacitive multi-touch
refresh rate
up to 120Hz
Shooting function
front camera pixels
16 million pixels
Front camera aperture
Number of rear cameras
Three shots
rear camera pixels
50-megapixel GN5 super-sensitive main camera + 13-megapixel ultra-wide-angle macro lens + 12-megapixel IMX663 professional portrait lens
rear camera aperture
f/1.88 (rear main camera), f/2.2 (rear wide-angle), f/1.98 (rear portrait)
rear flash
Anti-shake type
Rear: The main camera supports OIS image stabilization, and all three cameras support video image stabilization
auto focus
All three rear cameras support AF
zoom mode
The rear supports 20x digital zoom
Shooting mode
Front: portrait, photo, video, micro video, dual-view video;
rear: night scene, portrait, photo, video, micro video, 50 million, panorama, slow motion, time-lapse photography, professional, ultra-clear document, motion capture , Dual-view video.
Video recording format
video recording
The rear supports up to 4K video recording
Network parameters
Network Type
Dual SIM Dual Standby Dual Access
*Dual SIM dual access function depends on the operator's 5G VoNR deployment and subsequent software upgrade support, and operators can be consulted in different regions.
network frequency2G GSM: 850/900/1800MHz;
3G WCDMA: B1/B4/B5/B6/B8/B19;
4G TD-LTE: B34/B38/B39/B40/B41;
4G FDD-LTE: B1 /B3/B4/B5/B8/B18/B19/B26/B28A/B28B/B66;
5G: n1/n3/n5/n8/n28/n40/n41/n77/n78.
SIM card type
dual nano
Instructions for using dual cards
1. Card slots 1 and 2 can be arbitrarily switched to data cards;
2. Support SA/NSA dual-mode 5G (5G services can only be used with operator network support), (the data card supports SA/NSA dual-mode 5G when dual cards are used , 5G without data card does not support SA, and can be supported by software upgrade later);
3. If the data card is a China Mobile or China Unicom card, the non-data card supports "Mobile 5G/4G/2G, China Unicom 5G/4G/3G/2G, Telecom 2G/4G 5G (VoLTE service needs to be activated)";
4. If the data card is a telecom card, the non-data card supports "Mobile 5G/4G/2G, China Unicom 5G/4G/3G/2G, Telecom 5G/4G (need to be activated) VoLTE service, when VoLTE service is not activated, the network cannot be registered)”.
music and sound
Fingerprint recognition
screen fingerprint
face recognition
Face Wake facial recognition
operating system
OriginOS Ocean based on Android 12.0
Support voice, smart vision and other functions
Data Connections
Support WLAN 2.4G, WLAN 5.1G, WLAN 5.8G frequency; support Wi-Fi 6.
Wi-Fi hotspot
Bluetooth transmission
Support Bluetooth 5.2
Bluetooth Audio Specifications
SBC;AAC;aptX;aptX HD;aptX Adaptive;LDAC
Bluetooth Apt-X
USB interface type
USB version
Headphone jack standard
Support (including Beidou/GPS/GLONASS/GALILEO/QZSS)
Ambient light sensor
Proximity sensor
Electronic compass
other sensors
Physical gyroscope
Infrared remote control
Built-in application
social contact
Film and television music
Common tools
Built-in application notes
Sina Weibo
Douyin short video, Youku video
App Store, iMusic, iTheme, iManager, File Management, Game Center, Cloud Service, Mutual Transfer
Tomato Free Novels, eBooks
Alipay, Mobile Taobao, Vipshop,, Pinduoduo
The above built-in application list is for reference only, please refer to the actual built-in application.
  • The mobile phone appearance diagram, mobile phone structure diagram and product effect on the page are for reference only. Please refer to the actual product.
  • The data and parameters on the above pages are the test results in the standard environment of our laboratory, and the actual situation of the data and parameters will be slightly different due to different test environments and test software.
  • Since some specifications, parameters and parts of the product may change due to supplier replacement or production batch, our company will update the description on the page in real time according to the adjustment, please check it carefully.
  • The running score data comes from our laboratory. The test device is iQOO 10 12GB+512GB version, and the AnTuTu version is V9.4.1. The data is for reference only, and the running scores of different memory versions and different test environments may be different; The related data and power consumption optimization data of CPU&GPU performance improvement are from our laboratory and Qualcomm official data, which are the results of comparison with the previous generation of the new Snapdragon 8.
  • The frame rate increase mode supported by the self-developed chip V1+ now supports many mainstream games including "Honor of Kings", "League of Legends Mobile Games", "Genshin Impact"; Phantom Tower and many other games, please refer to Use for details.
  • With the official standard charger + data cable of the product, it can support 120W ultra-fast flash charging. Among them, the charger is compatible with PD and PPS protocols, and can provide up to 65W charging power for laptops, mobile phones and other devices that conform to this protocol. ; The actual charging power will be dynamically adjusted as the scene changes, please refer to the actual usage.
  • The 4700mAh battery capacity that appears in all pages is equivalent capacity, this product adopts dual-cell design: dual-cell, typical capacity: 2350mAh (7.74V), equivalent to 4700mAh (3.87V) Typical energy: 18.18Wh; dual battery Core, rated capacity: 2275mAh (7.74V), equivalent to 4550mAh (3.87V) Rated energy: 17.60Wh. The charging data is obtained from our laboratory environmental test. Test environment: ambient and mobile phone temperature 25℃±1℃, test conditions: when mobile phone battery is 1%, turn off other mobile phone services and functions except calls, and in ultra-fast mode And when the screen is off, it is charged with the official standard charger of the product + data cable; the actual data may vary due to different test environments, different user charging scenarios, different initial temperature of mobile phone charging, and long-term battery wear and tear.
  • Currently, only "Honor of Kings", "Peace Elite", "Cross Fire", "Call of Duty" and "Genshin Impact" support the effective 1200Hz instantaneous touch sampling rate.
  • The path to enable the game voice reply function: Settings-Jovi-Voice Assistant-Light Send.
  • Ultra wide-angle 120°: The lens’s own viewing angle can reach 120°. After using the optical correction algorithm, the viewing angle is 108°; the pixels of different shooting modes may vary, please refer to the actual situation.
  • The above proofs have been cropped.
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