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Terms and conditions of

Terms and conditions determine how to make purchase at shopping platform


Operator -

Partner – Seller of goods available on sales platform

Payment intermediary – Third party involved in receiving payments and transferring them to the operator

Terms and conditions – these rules

User – Natural person or legal entity making purchases on – A sales platform available at website

Item Card – Sales offer of the item, including it's specification and terms of delivery

Item – the product

Order – a purchase on Operator website

Service – An external service belonging to/referred to by a partner

Third-site service - a service center cooperating directly with the operator

Package - a package containing item or items you ordered at our store

Chapter I

I want to order something

1) In our platform you can order goods for 24 hours, 7 days a week for 365 days a year using the "Buy Now" button.

2) Your order requires confirmation of its correctness manually, by the operator staff.

3) On our platform you will find products shipped from all over the world. The place where the goods are shipped is always described in the item specification. All our items have  delivery dates provided on item cards.

4) We are doing our best to make the price, availability and description of the item to be as accurate as it's possible. If you got any doubts, or noticed an error please contact us!

5) After the purchase of item, we will start accomplishment of the order only after we book the funds. In some Cases, you will need additionally confirm your identity

6) In it is forbidden to:

  • Use of any automated scripts for ordering,
  • The use of personal data not belonging to user who is making an order
  • Ordering, contacting using false personal information
  • Use of payment methods that don’t belong to user (credit cards, debit cards, online wallet systems e.g. PayPal and similar)
  • Use of any of the services of by persons under the age of 18 years

7) In the case of items coming from outside the territory of your country, additional taxes may appear relating to the importation of the product – buy only if you are aware of these taxes and you decide that you will cover them when they will appear

8) The customs clearance at the time when the goods are sent from abroad is the responsibility of the user. can assist with providing every possible documentation regarding the goods, but does not make customs clearance for the user, does not contact the Customs office on his behalf as the user is the owner of the goods.

9) take responsibility to ship his ordered items in the condition described on the product card

10) Delivery of goods after payment is the responsibility of the partner, transmits all necessary details of user's order to the partner. 

11) guarantees the correctness of the dispatch of equipment according to the order submitted by the user, and if the dispatch is not possible in accordance with the order, refunds the customer all the funds for the order, or upon his request, exchange the goods to another.

12) User is responsible for customs clearance, after package comes into his customs zone

13) Derogation from point. 12) Chapter 1 is a situation where you purchase goods with a customs clearance service made by (check availability in your region)

14) If you have placed an order but do not want us to proceed, please do so before confirming it by the store service. Otherwise, it may happen that your item has already been sent for the Partner. Cancellations can be troublesome when item on the way.

15) Before making a purchase, make sure that the ordered device has the appropriate certificates and meets the requirements for this type of equipment in your country. The user is responsible for lack of appropriate certification. For example, on the territory of EU community mobile devices with radio antennas CANNOT be distributed without CE certification, so the user should check before ordering whether the item that he want purchase has such a certificate. Certification information can be found in the item details or through the contact form on the item card. Lack of proper certification, after ordering and shipping the goods, is not the reason for the cancellation of the order and reimbursement of costs.

16) If user is willing to cancel his order before shipment were made (before order goes into the "during accomplishment ....." stage) we shall refund whole transaction cost, excluding services already made. Costs of payment fees, in other words fees that were generated by payments by credit/debit card, or any other kind of fast payments are not refundable.

Chapter II

Item price and shipping costs.

1) Full table of fees resulting from the use of payment methods and methods of dispatch can be found on our site in the section "Fees and commissions"

2) We will proceed to the realization of your order only when the status of the order changes to "confirmed - initiation of execution". Posting your payment is not sufficient to start the order, as the store will in some cases require proof of your identity. If the identity cannot be confirmed, the store has the right to cancel the order.

3) If you make a purchase in a specific currency, please take a note on the payment type of your choice. Some payment types on our webpage have indicated specific currency that you need to transfer, ex. Bank Transfer (USD) require payment in USD, Bank Transfer (EUR) require payment in EUR. We allow customer choose payment type suitable for him, but if payment method is currency specific, and your basket shows different currency, you need to wait for the recalculation of the payment. We can continue with processing of your order, only when full amount in currency specific to the payment type is accounted on our account.

4) The costs of the customs fees user must calculate on his own, it is possible to provide user own customs declaration of shipment, if in the country of receipt of goods it’s legal.

5) The price of the goods stated on the product sheet contains

  • Price of goods
  • Fee of transaction support by (approx. 5-15% of total purchase amount)
  • The amount of warranty service of the goods (if any, to be checked on the goods card)

6) If you use credit/debit card payment, we might require confirmation of the card presence during transaction. This can be done by providing us correct authorization code, that can be get at your card issuer or by sending us card presence documents, if authorization code is not available.

Chapter III

Shipping your item

1) and the partner cares that your item is adequately secured before the transport – it is carefully packaged and insured if you'll buy insurance at checkout process, unless you report a different customs value which may override insurance value in some countries.

2) If you report another customs value, depending on the country of delivery, sometimes it will not be possible to cover his insurance for an amount higher than the amount of the customs declaration. If you have any doubts, please contact

3) Before delivery of item from outside the territory of your country, it may be necessary to make customs clearance and pay taxes for the item. If you have questions about the country fees, please contact

4) The amount of customs duties is not the basis for cancelling the order, neither not accepting the delivery of the item. Anyway, you can ask us what are costs of shipping back the product, to get rest of the amount of the paid amount back.

5) When you are accepting item from a courier or post for certainty, check its condition before signing the pickup, if it has an intact outer carton and it’s protective tape– if you got doubts, please refuse package and contact us.

6) If you have already received a shipment and you have doubts about the contents of the package, contact the company that delivered the parcel to make the damage protocol. The protocol is not necessary to make a complaint, but it accelerates it’s processing.

7) We highly recommend checking package contents with the delivery courier before signing the package delivery. If you will not do that, content of your package may not be protected against stealing during delivery. We are not giving any warranty on the package contents or it's delivery if you didn't bought package insurance during checkout process, it's only up to delivery company terms and conditions if and what kind of amount of compensation you'll have in package content will be lost.

8) Once your Goods have been collected and/or otherwise received by you, all risk of damage to, or loss of, the Goods shall pass to User

9) If you bought package insurance during checkout process, content of your package is protected, but you are required then to check package contents with the delivery courier to have him as independent witness before signing package delivery. If you signed the delivery, and didn't checked package contents before signing delivery, insurance protection do not work from that time due to responsibility took - look point 8) Chapter III. 

10) We also exclude insurance protection or any other protection of the contents of the package if delivery method you chosen is not delivered in the hands of the User at your area. In this case you need to ask delivery into the hands and have independent witness of the package opening process in person of the authorized worker (delivery man) of the company who delivers the package.

11) The delivery times provided on the product page suppose be accurate in most cases. Note, however, that we always describe them as indicative. This is because transport services, including those from our suppliers to us, may be delayed for reasons beyond our control. The term in a legitimate case may delay up to 30 working days in rare cases

12) Change of delivery address during the completion of the goods is not possible from the website of, but in some cases it’s possible after contacting the delivery company by User.

13) Deny to receive the package after it have been shipped or not to perform customs clearance or to respond to their inquiries within the deadline will not remove responsibility of the user over the costs of shipping, storage, customs services, tax and in some cases – even taxes that may appear at country of origin of the device (when it's returned to the country of origin). These costs dependent on the courier company, country of destination and/or the partner and are not refundable.

14) Please know that we don't ship to PO Boxes, mail forwarders with no exception. Please do note that we do not verify your address ad the moment of making order, but before we do ship package. To avoid time loss please provide physical address of the payer of the device. We might refuse to sent item to address different than the payer (especially when payment is done through the credit/debit card) due to the security reasons.

Chapter IV

I want to return my item because I don't want it anymore (it's not faulty or wrong)

The current return policy can always be found in the attachment to these Terms and Conditions available at:

1) We understand credit/debit card user to dispute the payment, and we respect that. There are some situations though, when to prevent a potential fraud, we'll automatically report disputed payment to the local police, that is:
- when your item is on the way, your tracking number is available, and you disputed payment
- when your item arrived, was signed as received, you didn't checked the contents together with the delivery man and you disputed the payment
- when you asked to return your item, and didn't returned item yet, but disputed the payment

2) Initially we cover up to 100% of the shipping prices for you!. Rebate is working only during purchase of the product. When you return it, you'll need to cover shipping cost which is listed in our fees and commissions section

Please note that we are not judging in any of these situations, if your transaction is fraud or not, but due to the possibility of the money loss of the operator, we need to act preventively and we are letting if transaction if fraud to the local authorities to make investigation.

Chapter V

I want to made complaint on my item under warranty

1) If you have purchased an item that appears in your’ s country local distribution or your item exists natively on your market, you can make complaint of your item at the manufacturer’s local office directly.

2) If you ordered item is not available natively in your country, ask for a free accomplishment of the manufacturer's warranty on your behalf (if the product were having included warranty). The instructions of this process can be found at

3) The length of the original item warranty-so-called the manufacturer's guarantee is not provided, but only brokered by is not responsible for it’s quality or processing time, it’s acceptance or denial. is the intermediary between the customer and the partner/producer in the country of origin.

5) After registering your application, provides you a partner address to which you should ship your equipment. You will find details about how to ship the item in the link specified in section 2. The shipment must be sent on your own expense, preferably with insurance as the responsibility until delivery of the item to the service belongs to user and the forwarder of his choice.

6) After you ship your item back, is waiting for you to send confirmation of shipment, after that, the description of your complaint is translated and sent to the partner. Partner waits then for your shipment.

7) After the repair has been made by the partner, he sends the shipment to you free of charge. The exception to this is the situation where the defect occur due to your fault, ie. Caused by the user's fault. For a list of the faults that can be caused by user, refer to section 14) of Chapter V of this Terms and Conditions. That list is supplemented by the manufacturer's warranty conditions.

8) If your goods are sent for warranty repairs, no customs duties should be charged on return, as the goods have already been taxed. The relevant explanations must be submitted to the Customs office in the country where you are located by user. However, is not responsible for the occurrence or not of these fees. The supplier shall give the package appropriate designation so that these charges should not occur.

9) The exception of poin 3) of chapter V is an additional guarantee (it is payable) purchased during in the cart process at This additional guarantee is implemented and provided by - this is the so-called extension of warranty. Is served to the customer, after the completion of the original manufacturer's warranty of its item.

10) From our experience, warranty handling time when repairing in the abroad countries can take up to 12 weeks.

11) does not support the guarantee card policy, therefore the acknowledgement of acceptance, repair status and any other information about repair can be found at the on-line warranty handling system. We store such information for 12 months after the end of the warranty protection of the equipment (maximum 5 years)

12) is not responsible for the speed and quality of the repairs, while working only with selected partners who ensure the safety of both supply and repair of your equipment.  

13) Your equipment is your property; we are not responsible for any user data stored on the memory of the electronic device and for their loss/damage. You need to back up your data yourself.

14) The manufacturer/partner will repair your item only if you have not damaged it yourself, so the warranty is void when:

  • Equipment bears traces of mechanical damage or the contact with liquids
  • The equipment has been opened or repaired by unauthorized persons
  • The hardware software was changed to a non-original or modified
  • Damage caused by operation in a manner inconsistent with the described in the user manual
  • The equipment has been damaged or destroyed due to force majeure or environmental influences
  • You made unauthorized software change at the device (Root, modified ROM etc.)

15) offers warranty extension services for 12/24 months under the manufacturer's rules and also screen and battery insurance. Both extensions must be purchased by the online store at the time of cart process. There is no way to purchase warranty extensions on other than sales channels. Unfortunately, you cannot also purchase a warranty extension after your order has been completed, i.e. After the moment you receive it.

16) In case of deliberate action to the detriment of, we reserve the right to terminate the free warranty handling service.

Chapter VI

I want to make complaint on my item due to inconsistency with the contract/purchase/order.

1) Sometimes our partner can make mistake in shipping, so we pay a cost up to $25 after presenting a confirmation of payment for the cost of the return of invalid item for replacement to a correct one. We will only refund the shipping amount if:

  • You received a product that is incompatible with the description, this applies to product type, it’s color
  • After the new - replacement device after warranty repair is also damaged at the time of arrival.

2) Electronics are sometimes unreliable, but we do not test it before shipping to you, it’s done by the manufacturer/guarantor each time item goes off the production line. That’s why so we do not reimburse the shipping and return costs if:

  • The device is damaged immediately after unpacking from the package (approx. 1% of the total sales) so-called DOA.
  • The device after returning from the service is not repaired and the fault still occurs

Chapter VII

We protect your personal information! They are important to us because it's your property!

1) processes your personal data and uses it only for the purpose of fulfilling your order (if not selected different during checkout process).

2) You have the right to access your personal data and to correct it - to do so, log in to your client account and make appropriate edits.

3) You can also request the deletion of your personal data from the database, report it via the contact form.

4) Please note that you are responsible for all personal data you provide, for those that are sensitive to the details of your order, financial information and other sensitive data. is not liable for any damage caused by the unauthorized use of such data by any person on your side.

5) The full privacy policy of your data, as used by, is provided in the "Privacy Policy" section

Chapter VIII

Trade offer

1) Despite all efforts to ensure that the information published on the website is up-to-date does not warrant that the data does not contain any deficiencies or errors. If you have any further questions, please contact

2) Due to the above, placing an order in is tantamount to accepting it. We need to verify it! We may refuse to accept the order, including without giving a reason within up to 3 working days from the date of submission. Our silence will not be considered as acceptance of the order.

Chapter IX

Limited responsibility

1) Due to the complexity of the items sold by us, and it's integration with your everyday life, business life, family life etc. have limited responsibility for the malfunction or any kind of the functioning of the devices, that misses your expectation or misses way you wanted it to work, or any another way of the device may cause loss or damage to you, your business, your family etc. in any kind - material, not material, reputation

2) We are not responsible for any data, data loss, data corruption on the devices sold no matter if they came in original state, in state with modified software, unlocked bootloader etc.

3) By any of these, you are not excluded from the customer protection guaranteed by the UK law.

Chapter X

1) Applicable Law is the Governing Law: If any dispute arises the website is subject to the laws of the United Kingdom. You and we both agree that the courts of the United Kingdom will have exclusive jurisdiction.


Valid from 04/07/2022