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You have to wait a bit, but it's worth it. Goods in accordance with the description, very good conta ...
Apr 19, 2018
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The phone arrived, carefully packed, after a long wait. But it was worth waiting. SUPER !!! Exactly ...
Apr 18, 2018
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According to collected data, the scale of VAT fraud on the Polish market in the business of selling smartphone is ok. 30-200 million dollars per year only on the Polish market.

Some of the most common ways of scams:

  •         Not draining of the VAT by shops and retailers operating in the country
  •         Squeeze the customs value of the imported products
  •         Taking part in the shops. Carousel VAT

Causes include:

  •         Large retailers, auction portals shops you
  •         Unrealistic prices obtained by the part of the sellers-too good from the competition? Check out 2 times!
  •         No warranty in case of bankruptcy/forfeiture of the company that sold You the phone
  •         The possibility of a warning about where tax payable by the Customs office or the tax office after completion of the transaction (even many months after its implementation)
  •         The possibility of the origin of the phone with unknown/illegal source
  •         Theft of sensitive data you provide the store when making a sale

How can I protect myself against not honest seller?

  •         Verify the location of the seller – whether his company is legally registered in the country (you can confirm on or or in Europe (confirmation the legality depends on the then country, but you can for example. check out his NIP EU on the
  •         Verify whether the seller shall issue a full VAT 23% or fiscal receipts (Invoice VAT 23% need to verify even if you don't need
  •         Check how and where is the warranty on your phone
  •         Use the secure payment PayU TPay or PayPal (najbezpieczeniejszy)
  •         Check if other vendors, the existing long on the market, to obtain similar prices to the prices offered by the seller (misuse of VAT may suggest a reduction of up to the amount of tax to 23%)
  •         Avoid buying in companies with multiple entities eg. s.k. c. n. c, s.k. s.r.o, SP. z o.o. where is owned by another entity (often foreign)
  •         Avoid the stores with 100% positive feedback

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