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How is warranty repair at Bludiode and what are my options for receive faster my device?


1. I want to repair my deice
- use your warranty to repair your device free of charge! specializes in rare, exotic, imported on special request devices. You usually wait 2 or more weeks for delivery of your order as our items usually comes from abroad.

The same happens when you want to sent your device to repair it. Usually it need to go for abroad service center. The minimum lead time of the warranty repair, including shipping is twice as initial delivery time. However, from our experience total average repair time is between 8 to 12 weeksGo to the section of this on the following page to find out how to register a complaint and return your device for repair:

Register repair of your device

Therefore, that we do not want you to long remained without your device we have a solution for you if you:


2. I got access to Bludiode service programs - Warranty Repair takes more than 8 weeks

If the repair of your device takes more than 8 weeks, and Bludiode has not received from our supplier information about shipping back your device, you can apply for a completely new device in place of your old device. We make the exchange of 1/1 model that you have purchased regardless of the degree of wear of the previous phone (as part of the regular management board). Unfortunately at this point is not allowed to change memory version or color of your device, unless model of your old device is not available.

As an alternative, you can use 100% of the value of your current device to exchange it for a different one**. We only consider prices available on our website
It is also possible to choose more expensive model if you'll decide to cover the difference, or choose a cheaper device and obtain a partial refund – however, this must not be more than 30% of the amount of your current device.

Remember - it is not possible the total refund. It is possible to Exchange only 1 on 1 device or use the current amount to get another device.

To make a declaration of willingness from the program:


Also remember that in order to use the program you need to deliver to address of service center all accessories and the box of your old device. If you already don't have those, you can cover the cost of those accessories or ask us to sent new device without accessories (if set is same).


3. I got access to Bludiode service programs - Equipment damage detected within the first 7 days from delivery date

If you have detected damage to your device within the first 7 days of receipt of the device and sent the appropriate notification to us within a maximum of 7 days of receipt of the device, you can apply for a replacement of the device with new one. The condition of receiving a new device is

  • Filing a complaint in our online system, which you must make within a maximum of 7 days after receive the device. (see point 1 of this page)
  • Make a clear note that you want to use 7 days exchange program

WARNING! In the declaration you must clearly indicate that you want to receive a new device in connection with the detection of a defect within the first 7 days of receipt of the goods
You must send back the equipment and all the accessories you received from us as soon as possible
The store must confirm the occurrence of the fault, it cannot be due to fault or neglect of the user - need always check if got newest version of the operating system, restore device to the factory settings, replace sim card with new one if necessary, don't use of non-original chargers.

After we receive the device and confirm the fault, Bludiode will order new equipment for you. Waiting for a new device should not take longer than for the first one. The warranty for a new device is calculated from the moment the new device is delivered.
Additionally, in order to use the above-mentioned program

* Normal management means that device keeps condition of 80% of the new device: don't that have no mechanical damage, i.e. cracked screens, dented before dropping the housing, damaged device sockets (USB, jack, sim, microSD, others), it were not flooded, it did not come into contact with any liquid.

** By the current amount of the device we mean the amount at which you can currently purchase the device in our online store - The net amount of the device without delivery costs is taken into consider. If the device is no longer available in our current offer, we use the depreciation indicator of 30% per year, and we apply it to the amount in which you purchased your device, we calculate depreciation from the date of issue of order "accomplished" status.