Refunds and return policy are part of our Terms and conditions that you need to accept before making a purchase at us.

I want to return my item because I don't want it anymore (it's not faulty or wrong)

1) Each time you have to check whether the return of goods is allowed. This is described on the item card in "More Info" tab.

2) Currently we are accepting returns from customers all over the world, we got 3 warehouses to where you can ship your item for a return or choose return it directly to the supplier address*. Our warehouses are located at:

  • Europe EU zone, Germany.
    (In case you'll like to apply as well for VAT, tax, duty** refund as EU customer you need sent to the item supplier address***)
  • UK, Warrington.
    (In case you'll like to apply as well for VAT, tax, duty** refund as UK customer you need sent to the item supplier address***)
  • Rest of the World (users can use either ours UK, USA or Polish address or supplier address***)

3) Return is available only when:

  • it didn't passed more than 14 calendar days from receiving your order
  • product don't have any sign of use on it, or it's accessories
  • you have all accessories that came with product and it's original box
  • you did not activate user-depending services in the product software like it's registration of the product on user e-mail, any of yours's data etc. and those are connected with device ID
  • You are not ordering in bulk (above 3 pcs of same item) - these kind of orders are subject for individual returns terms, set with our representatives

4) Return need to be reported to us by your account on our webpage at "returns manager" section at least one day before return time ends

5) Return package need to be sent as insured package, allowing package to safely reach our address. Package needs to be indicated as "return" at the post/courier company. You need to cover the return package cost.

6) After receiving your package, we got up to 7 calendar days to verify your return

7) If return is accepted, you'll receive:

  • Amount that you did paid for the product deducting possible return costs mentioned lower:

    Please mind that some cost will be not returned, and those are:
  • Shipment cost (shipping to you, and shipment back)
  • Customs clearance cost (tax, VAT, duty)
  • Transaction fees (if applicable, for example credit/debit card fees). Estimated transaction fees are:
    • Amazon Pay 0% (fee might be show during checkout, but Amazon refunds transaction costs fully)
    • Klarna Bank AB - variable fee 2.9-5% depending on payment type
    • Mollie B.V. - variable fee 0.2-4% depending on payment type
    • Viva Payments - 2.9% fee
    • HiPay Sas - variable fee 1.9%-2.9% depending on payment type
    • Bankwire - 0 - 7 USD - depending on bank payment was made from
  • Shipping cost (our shipping prices are including 0-100% discount, please check shipping cost you'll need to cover in full if you'll return the item in fees and commissions)

8) In most cases return amount will be issued to you in next 7 days after return acceptation, if possible, by the same form that you did paid for the item. In case your payment method do not accept returns, founds will be returned to your bank account, excluding bank costs - those will be deducted from the return amount (if they appear, if not sure, ask us before).

9) There's possibility to reject package before receiving it, after it was already shipped, but this is not recommended way of return as:

  • shipping back cost might be more expensive, than when you'll accept the package, and ship it back
  • we'll might not be able to keep mentioned 14 days since your package will come back to process your refund, as return of the package is long process
  • shipping back address, might be address of the freight forwarder, and it might generate additional cost of shipping it again to the supplier
  • rejecting package will not cause taxes correction to "0". Which might cause that we'll not be able to return to already generated tax, vat, duty, even if it was not paid yet. It might be necessary to pay it later, lowering your return amount by this tax.

For return under warranty, please check our warranty terms:

Rules and Conditions - chapter V


How to make a complaint

If you received product different than ordered, please check out:


* please before returning item to the supplier, confirm he's address first, as it might not be address presented on the package shipping label. Some suppliers are using freight forwarders, and your return might not be served by them, or package can get lost due to lack of the permissions for importation.

** there is a possibility of refunding paid VAT, duty, tax, when the device is delivered to an address in Europe or UK, but each time the customer must ask for such a possibility the courier company that delivered the product or the appropriate representative who will deal with the VAT, tax, duty refund procedure. does not provide assistance with refunding these taxes, nor does guarantee the effectiveness of the refund as it depends on the local law.

*** please return the item to the sender's address - please check the product details -> more information tab -> "Ship from"- there's indicated country or origin. For getting full supplier address, please contact with us. You'll need to send your item there at your own expense.