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Perhaps your product is no longer sold in the net?

Check it out-if the price of the item price of a commodity is a commodity NET = NET is no longer sold in the net price.

If not, read the following statement:

A Citizen Of The EU/EU COMPANY

To properly make their purchases at a price NET on the on the basis of the intra-Community acquisition of goods, the holder of the European VAT identification number, not a trader registered in the Polish economic area should:

  1. Enter your EU VAT in the VAT EU order in your cart.
  2. Attach evidence of giving EU VAT or for services rendered for the trader in the registration przedsiębortwa
  3. If you elect a different registration than the delivery address, this address should be the address outside the Polish economic area

In accordance with the provisions of the WNT deduction products purchased in the may not make entrepreneurs of Polish economic area!

Shop by hand validates documentation spline when you order and in some cases may refuse to deduct VAT without giving any reason.

Non-EU Company/Citizen

If you are a company or a national of a country outside the European Union, check out our Tax-Free:

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