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How do you complaint a product purchased at

Confirm the Fault

If you have detected a defect in the electronic product purchased from us, we recommend firstly to reset the factory - it is in most equipment in the menu options under the name "Factory Settings", "Factory Reset". This option deletes user data but restores the state after the device exits the production line. Please check if the malfunction occurs after restoring the factory condition.

Check if you can complaint the product locally

If you have confirmed the defect, check whether your product comes from the domestic distribution - calling your local distributor, manufacturer and service of your equipment. If so advertise your product according to the information obtained in your country:

Complaint directly at

If the product can not be advertised under the warranty in your country, report the defect at! How to report the device to our service system? It is very easy!

1)     Register a service ticket: 
To register a device in the system you need to have an account in our store, you can register it by clicking on the "register" button at the top of the page. After logging in to your account, you can register your device - in the "Your orders" -> "Complaints" tab. After verifying your application, you will be given the address of the partner where the repair will be made.

2)     Send your goods: 
After registering the application, provides you with the address of the partner to which you must send the shipment with the equipment. Details of how to send the parcel will be sent in the next message. You must send the parcel at your own expense, we also do recommend you purchase a insurance for the package. Till it will be delivered to service center, responsibility for the package is on you or the company which you chose for delivery.

a)     Goods must be well protected before shipping, we recommend the factory packaging

b)     If possible, please attach factory accessories to it, if you replace the equipment, you will be asked to send it back

c)     Remove all safeguards from the device! The website is not obliged to repair the device protected by a password, code, scanner etc. If it is possible to remove the lock before sending the device

3)     Tell to give your product: 
on sending a shipment expects you to send a confirmation of sending a shipment to a partner, at which point the description of your complaint is translated and sent to the Partner. He is waiting for your parcel then.

4)     Expect for a repair: 
Here, unfortunately, our role is limited to the minimum, because the term and the repair itself depend on it. Only contact us in justified cases. Our experience shows that the average time for repairs abroad is between 4 and 12 weeks.

5)     Partner sends equipment to you: 
Once the partner has confirmed the fault and made the repair, the equipment is sent back to you at no additional cost. The exception is if the damage was caused by the user's fault or was not confirmed by the partner. The partner may demand the cost of sending the equipment back and expertise he made. Therefore, before sending the equipment, check carefully the terms of your warranty, exclude the occurrence of the fault due to the fault of the user and test your product for the occurrence of the defect.

6) does not use the policy of warranty cards : 
Detailed warranty conditions for a given device are described on the equipment manufacturer's website. If you do not find the warranty terms in your language on the manufacturer's website, please contact to present the warranty conditions of the manufacturer.

Repair takes too long? Do you want faster implementation? If you made the purchase of access - use our service programs! (if you purchased access when placing an order)